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Friday, 14 July 2017



WikiLeaks Helped Donald Trump Win US Presidential Elections: Study
London: Criticism of Hillary Clinton over documents posted by WikiLeaks played a key role in her failed US presidential campaign and successful ...
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CIA Highrise Android Malware Spies On SMS Messages: WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks is back with yet another batch of Vault 7 related documents detailing the CIA's (Central Intelligence Agency) hacking tools and programs ...
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Wikileaks Julian Assange Wants To Head Russian-American Cybersecurity Partnership
“WikiLeaks wants President Trump to put its founder Julian Assange in charge of his proposed partnership with Russia to combat “election hacking.”.
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Donna Brazile to Release Book on 2016 Election Hacks
Brazile replaced Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC chair last year after WikiLeaks released damning internal DNC emails that revealed the party ...
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Part Two: Amazon, war propaganda, and the suppression of free speech
After WikiLeaks had already published the Afghan and Iraq War Logs, numerous politicians had denounced the organization, with some calling for the ...
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The CIA's Secret 2009 Data Breach, Revealed For The First Time
Since March, the CIA has been reeling from the ongoing Wikileaks release of sensitive source code, a dump that US intelligence officials have ...
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Don Jr. angle proves Russia story is just a parody of itself now
... Democratic National Committee (DNC) or John Podesta emails or Wikileaks at all, but actually centered on a June 2016 meeting with Donald Trump ...
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GOP Activist Seeking Clinton Emails Who Claimed To Rep Flynn Committed Suicide
... that he was unable to authenticate the emails several hacker groups offered him, and therefore “told all the groups to give them to WikiLeaks.”.
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Corbyn gives credit to Sanders for election success
According to WikiLeaks, Trump won the November 8 US presidential election because Democrats rigged the system to have Hillary Clinton beat ...
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Ignore the Haters. Russia is Not Our Enemy
Democrat Hillary Clinton accused the Trump campaign of conspiring with Russia to "weaponize" leaked information against her with the WikiLeaks' ...
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People Are Getting Emotional About The Story Behind Chelsea Manning's Twitter Handle
Manning, who as an Army intelligence officer leaked more than 700,000 military intelligence reports and documents to WikiLeaks, was released from ...
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Humiliated Trump admits “the Russians must be laughing” at us
... nonprofit watchdog group sued the Trump campaign and longtime operative Roger Stone in connection with WikiLeaks' publication of emails stolen ...
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Why an open economy is good for Britain
This has had a profound impact on our society and economy, giving rise to Wikipedia and WikiLeaks as well as YouTube and Twitter.
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Artist uses Chelsea Manning's DNA to create 3D masks
Manning, 29, was released in May from a US military prison in Kansas where she had been serving time for passing secrets to the WikiLeaks website ...
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Hillary, Russia and the news media: The real collusion
During the 2016 presidential campaign, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on more than one occasion that dark revelations concerning Hillary ...
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Jodine Mayberry: 'Voter fraud commission' is all about Trump's ego
... hacking into emails, dispatching bots to plant fake stories, using WikiLeaks to release real and doctored emails, meeting with Trump operatives and ...
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New Study: The Communities Most Affected by War Turned to Trump in 2016
... among other factors, then–FBI director James Comey, The New York Times, sexism, Wikileaks, the DNC, Facebook, and “low-information voters.”.
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Trump calls Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian lawyer 'opposition research'
... tried to influence the election in favor of Trump by hacking Democrats close to Clinton and leaking stolen information to websites such as WikiLeaks.
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In the Thick of It
July 2016: After Wikileaks released some 20,000 emails from a breach of the Democratic National Convention's computers, which the DNC blamed on ...