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Saturday, 22 July 2017



CIA Chief: WikiLeaks Will Take Down America Any Way They Can
Hostility to WikiLeaks has been a mainstay in the US government, as every administration faces the prospect of their covert misdeeds becoming a ...
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WikiLeaks Release Documents on How CIA Uses 5 Different Malware
WikiLeaks has released a trove of data belong to the American intelligence agency CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) – The latest batch shows how ...
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Roger Stone Is About to Have His Time in the Barrel
“What was Stone's relationship with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks? What did he know and when?” asks Mike Quigley, an Illinois congressman and a ...
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Your Guide to Understanding the Trump-Russia Saga: QuickTake Q&A
WikiLeaks released almost 20,000 emails from inside the Democratic National Committee that showed, among other things, how DNC staffers had ...
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Cybersecurity Experts Anticipate Major Attack in the Next Two Years
... than 60 percent of survey respondents stated that Wikileaks is impacting the way corporations and government agencies conduct their operations.
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Newsweek Settles with Journalist Smeared by Kurt Eichenwald
Wikileaks had just dumped Clinton campaign director John Podesta's emails, and there was a mad dash among journalists and non-journalists alike ...
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Newsweek Takes Down Fabricated Sputnik-Trump Collusion Stories After Settlement
... “Golden Showers” dossier as proof that Trump was a Russian spy and, of course, accused Sputnik of being in cahoots with WikiLeaks and its staff of ...
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House GOP still trying to block military funding for gender reassignment surgery
... to national attention when Chelsea Manning — the whistleblower who leaked hundreds of thousands of military documents to Wikileaks and served ...
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What's on TV Saturday: 'Hacksaw Ridge' and 'Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio'
... Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. “The picture that emerges is complicated, unsettling and intriguingly ambivalent,” A. O. Scott wrote in The Times, ...
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Saturday's TV Highlights and weekend talk shows: 'Hacksaw Ridge' and more
Risk “Citizenfour” filmmaker Laura Poitras profiles controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in this 2016 documentary. 9 and 10:35 p.m. ...
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Aspen Security Forum: Foreign hackers will pay higher price
Whether the more than 19,000 DNC emails that Wikileaks dumped in July 2016 actually affected the election's outcome, Bossert said, is another ...
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TV highlights: 'Ballers' and 'Insecure' return to HBO
... from Academy Award-winning director Laura Poitras (“Citizenfour”), takes viewers deep inside the world of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.
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Politburo grills VP Mnangagwa
Sources said Mnangagwa's dossier includes Moyo's razor-sharp newspaper opinions attacking Mugabe and Wikileaks cables which reveal that Moyo, ...
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Hayden: Russia Meddling 'Most Successful Covert Operation in History'
When questioned further if Russia's release of the emails to WikiLeaks qualified as "honorable state espionage," Hayden drew a distinction between ...
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ABC's This Week to host Eric Bolling, a misogynistic, bigoted birther from Fox News
... Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's top aides released on WikiLeaks because Stephanopoulos used to work for former President Bill Clinton.
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MSNBC host: 'Alt-right' believes Vladimir Putin is 'advancing white Christianity'
“There are loud voices in conservative media who celebrate [WikiLeaks founder Julian] Assange, who praise just the brute strength of Putin.”.
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Why The Most Unpopular President In History Is Still More Popular Than Hillary Clinton
In an email with the subject header “Friday Strategy Call,” archived by Wikileaks, the Clinton campaign concluded that they “need[ed] to be elevating ...
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Julian Assange net worth
WikiLeaks founder and America's most wanted man, Australian Julian Assange has a reported net worth of $400,000. The son of John Shipton and ...


Julian Assange net worth

21st July 2017 by
WikiLeaks founder and America’s most wanted man, Australian Julian Assange has a reported net worth of $400,000.

The son of John Shipton and Christine Ann Hawkins, Julian Paul Assange was born in Townsville, Queensland, Australia on July 3, 1971. Christine married travelling actor Richard Brett Assange in 1972, before separating in 1979. She also had a son with Leif Meynell/Hamilton, before she split in 1982. After a nomadic life, she settled with her two sons in Melbourne.

Calling himself “Mendax”, Julian Assange formed the hacking group International Subversives (1987) with “Trax” and “Prime Suspect”. The group breached major organisations such as NASA, the Pentagon, the US Navy, MILNET and Australia’s Overseas Telecommunications Commission. Discovered by the Australian Federal Police (1991), Assange was charged (1994), but released (1996) on good behaviour.

How did he make his thousands?

In 1993, Assange was technical adviser to the Victoria Police Child Exploitation Unit and was also instrumental in creating Australia’s Suburbia Public Access Network.

After studying mathematics and physics at several Australian Universities, he ran a computer security website called Best of Security (1996), delved into cryptography (1997), and co-founded his first company Earthmen Technology (1998).

In 1999, Assange registered leaks.org and exposed a patent granted to the National Security Agency that August for voice-data harvesting technology.
Assange launched WikiLeaks in 2006, appointing himself editor-in-chief. WikiLeaks began publishing classified, anonymous information and by 2015 had become “a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents”. However, WikiLeaks came into prominence after publishing classified information furnished by former US Army personnel Chelsea Manning, prompting an FBI manhunt for Assange.

Although a majority deemed his activities “illegal”, Assange had some support that included the Presidents of Brazil, Ecuador and Russia, besides the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillai, film-maker John Pilger, linguist/activist Noam Chomsky, producer/director Oliver Stone, among others.

In 2010, he signed a $1.3 million deal for his autobiography. However, while in Sweden that August, working as a columnist for Aftonbladet, Assange got embroiled in a rape case, which dogged him to Britain calling for his extradition after being reopened. With the British Supreme Court too ruling against him, Assange jumped bail and sought asylum in London’s Ecuadorian embassy in 2012.

In 2016, he agreed to surrender to the US provided Manning “received clemency and was released immediately”, but Manning’s sentence was only commuted by President Obama in 2017.

The Swedish rape case was dropped against Assange on May 19, 2017, nonetheless investigation could recommence if Assange landed in Sweden before August 2020.

Assange’s awards include: Economist New Media Award (2008), Amnesty International UK Media Awards (2009), TIME Person of the Year, Reader’s Choice (2010), Sam Adams Award (2010), Sydney Peace Foundation Gold Medal (2011), Martha Gellhorn Prize (2011), Walkley Award (2011), Voltaire Award for Free Speech (2011), Big Brother Awards Hero of Privacy (2012), Global Exchange Human Rights Award, People’s Choice (2013) and Yoko Ono Lennon Courage Award for the Arts (2013).

He has contributed to Suelette Dreyfus’ book Underground (1997), and authored Cypherpunks (2012), When Google Met WikiLeaks (2014), and The WikiLeaks Files (2015).

Producing the documentary films Collateral Murder (2010), Mediastan (2013) and The Engineer (2013), apart from hosting the TV show The World of Tomorrow (2012), he is also featured in the documentaries The War You Don’t See (2010), Citizenfour (2014), The Yes Men Are Revolting (2014), Terminal F/Chasing Edward Snowden (2015) and Risk (2016).

source: http://www.spearswms.com/julian-assange-net-worth/