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Thursday, 27 July 2017



Wikileaks Pettiness Reveals What Might Be the Secret Amazon Account of Journalist Kurt ...
Well, this is ugly: On Monday evening, international secret-sharing website WikiLeaks, whose founder Julian Assange's behaviour of late has been ...
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WikiLeaks drops another cache of 'Vault7' stolen tools
The WikiLeaks “Vault 7” almost-weekly drip-drip-drip of confidential information on the cybertools and tactics of the CIA continued last week. The latest ...
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WikiLeaks releases documents provided to the CIA by Raytheon for developing malware
WikiLeaks has released five documents that private defense contractor Raytheon Blackbird Technologies provided to the CIA towards building the ...
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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, July 27, 2017
(I know what you are thinking: WikiLeaks, right? I will address that in a moment.) No evidence exists that Russia affected one voting machine or one ...
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One Year Later, Journalists Exposed By WikiLeaks Carry On As Before
Harwood has played a central role in his network's coverage of the first six months of the Trump White House. Harwood has — like much of the news ...
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LaRouche PAC Releases Call to Spread VIPS Statement on DNC Leaks
As is well-known, WikiLeaks did publish its DNC trove showing that Hillary Clinton and the DNC conspired to rig the Democratic Presidential primary ...
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Driving me round the bend! Glam Pamela Anderson erupts into giggles as her pet pooch clambers ...
... self-imposed exile - believing he will be extradited to the States for questioning over the activities of WikiLeaks if he left. She is thought to have made ...
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MAD magazine looks at what's on Vladimir Putin's desk
displays clutter on the Russian dictator's desk such as large drum of polonium, a gift from Mike Flynn, a Wikileaks report, and a Pussy Riot CD.
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DOJ: Ex-Manafort Associate Firtash Is Top-Tier Comrade of Russian Mobsters
Also in 2008, according to a State Department cable posted by WikiLeaks, Firtash told U.S. Ambassador William Taylor that he got his start in business ...
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Ukrainian oligarch's legal team fires back at Chicago prosecutors' 'innuendo'
The allegation, though, is echoed in a 2008 diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks, which detailed a meeting between the U.S. ambassador to ...
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Chelsea Manning Slams Trump Military Trans Ban As "Cowardice"
Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst who was imprisoned for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified government documents to Wikileaks ...
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Political Philosophy: Russian meddling a serious development
Last July, after about 30,000 emails of the Clinton campaign were released via Guccifer 2.0 and Wikileaks, the FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies ...
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LETTER: Justice Department, FBI need strengthening
WikiLeaks revealed the following: Hillary Clinton being paid for influence while Secretary of State; Bill Clinton receiving $500,000 for giving a speech ...
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Here is Chelsea Manning's emoji-filled response to the military transgender ban
... for the U.S. Army was sentenced to 35 years in prison after being convicted of leaking hundreds of thousands of military documents to Wikileaks.
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Mueller investigation must be quick, fair
Planting fake stories on social media, leaking WikiLeaks material? I also do not believe that we are innocent when it comes to elections around the ...
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Military, schools should get back to basic mission
... to 35 years in prison after disclosing nearly 750,000 military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks while serving as an intelligence analyst in Iraq.
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Report: Dems don't need to look any further for collusion than DNC aide who tried to flee US
... in possession of an iPad used by then-DNC Chair Schultz, a Florida representative, around the time that DNC emails were leaked to WikiLeaks.
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NBC News: DOJ Says Ex-Manafort Associate Is Linked to Russian Mobsters
A leaked cable posted by WikiLeaks showed Manafort was hired to give the party and "extreme makeover" to "change its image from... a haven for ...
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Chelsea Manning Slams Trump's Trans Soldier Ban: 'Sounds Like Cowardice'
... Manning came out as a trans woman the day after she was sentenced to 35 years in prison for sending thousands of classified records to Wikileaks.
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Trump: Master of Diversion
Strangely enough, within an hour of the release of the “pussygate” tapes, Wikileaks began dumping embarrassing emails hacked from the computer of ...
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