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Friday, 1 September 2017

Open Minds UFO Newsletter - New Mysterious Signals From Space & Jets Chase UFO Over Yugoslavia - 1 Sept. 17


Open Minds
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Open Minds


New mysterious signals detected by Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project

New unidentified signals from deep space have been detected by the Breakthrough Listen project, an attempt to detect evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization. Similar signals have been detected before, but more signals than ever were recorded recently, and, according to the Breakthrough Listen project, an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization has not been ruled out as a potential source.
The type of signals recently observed are called fast radio bursts (FRBs). They are extremely short bursts, but also extremely bright. Most of the FRBs detected thus far have been singular events, which is not so mysterious. Scientists often discover mysterious radio transmissions, but they are typically due to cosmic events. What makes the newly discovered signals mysterious is that they repeat, unlike a cosmic event which sends out one large signal when the event takes place.
Read this story at OpenMinds.tv here: New mysterious signals detected by Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project

Regularly occurring UFO outran jets says former Yugoslav General
On several occasions in 1975, Yugoslav Air Force jets saw a strange multi-colored glowing orb, but every time they tried to investigate, it would outrun their jet fighters. Finally, after failed attempts to get a closer look, and facing ridicule for reporting the incidents, they chose to ignore it.
This is according to General Zvonimir Jurjevic, former commander of the Air Force and Air Defense of Yugoslavia. The story was first revealed in 2011 in a book on the 172 Aviation Regiment, which was lead by Jujevic. He recently discussed the UFO encounters again in an interview with Sputnik International.
Read this story at OpenMinds.tv here: Regularly occurring UFO outran jets says former Yugoslav General

Travis Walton


Tickets are going very fast, so we already know we will have a packed house! Register now!
We have only listed a few speakers, but we have been working hard behind the scenes. This year we will have some surprises you are sure to enjoy, including great speakers! It is always hard to pick from the amount of hard working people who do great work in this field, and, as usual, we are super excited for the people we have lined up for you in 2018! We will be posting more names shortly. This is going to be a great year, and, like every year, we will delight attendees with information they have not heard anywhere else before. We take pride in bringing information to the forefront others do not have the ability or courage to present.
Attending the International UFO Congress is like visiting family for the holidays, in this case a UFO and ET holiday. The fellow attendees, the IUFOC staff, and the beautiful Arizona desert all play a part in providing an experience like no other. We are honored to facilitate such a unique and important gathering, and humbled by the large amount of people who choose to come back. We eagerly await seeing old friends and meeting new ones!
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We have had a lot of GREAT presentations. Most presenters either meet or exceeded our expectations, and we are very excited to share their important research.
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Rich Hoffman discusses the Cloverdale UFO Mystery on Open Minds UFO radio!
Rich Hoffman has been investigating the UFO phenomena for over 52 years. He grew up in Dayton, Ohio, the home of Project Blue Book, the US Air Force Project that was in place from 1952 to 1969. At age 15 he appeared on a Phil Donahue show in Dayton and became known as the local UFO expert which quickly propelled him into presenting to associations, churches, and many other organizations and appeared on TV and radio. When the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) first formed, he quickly joined and held numerous positions, including the State Director for Alabama, Director of MUFON Strategic Projects and served on the MUFON Science Review Board’s Top 10 case review committee. Rich is also a member of NARCAP, the Planetary Society, and although he is no longer with MUFON, he continues UFO investigations on his own and with the Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU). The later is known for their thorough report on a UFO video captured by Homeland Security in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Rich is an IT professional working for a defense contractor firm supporting the Army Materiel Command HQ located at Redstone Arsenal, in Huntsville, Alabama.
One of Rich’s current projects is the investigation of mysterious balls of lights that appear in Alabama. In this interview, we talk to Rich about this light phenomenon, its history and Rich’s ongoing investigation.
Listen to the interview here: Rich Hoffman – Cloverdale UFO Mystery – August 22, 2017

Glen Gregory Means discusses his personal Air Force UFO encounters on Open Minds UFO radio!
Glen Gregory Means has spent many years as a UFO investigator, and has had several UFO sightings of his own. Some were over seas as a child in a military family, and some were while he served in Air Force Special Operations. We will talk about his sighings and those of his colleagues in the military.
Listen to the interview here: Glen Gregory Means – Air Force UFO Encounters – August 25, 2017

Watch scientist Jeffrey Bennett's talk at the 2014 UFO Congress online now!
Is there really life beyond Earth? Astrophysicist and author Jeffrey Bennett talks about why this question has become a hot topic of scientific research, and discuss how scientists are searching both for microbial life and extraterrestrial intelligence. Along the way, we’ll also see why the possibility of life beyond Earth has profound implications for the future of our species, even in the unlikely event that we are alone in the universe. This talk is based in part on Dr. Bennett’s award-winning book Beyond UFOs.
Jeffrey Bennett holds a B.A. in biophysics and a Ph.D. in astrophysics. He has taught at every level from preschool through graduate school, and may well be the only person to have written leading college textbooks in four distinct subjects: astronomy, astrobiology, mathematics, and statistics. He is also author of On the Cosmic Horizon and Math For Life, and of the a ward-winning children’s books Max Goes to the Moon, Max Goes to Mars, Max Goes to Jupiter, and The Wizard Who Saved the World. Through his “Max Goes to Schools” science literacy program, he has donated his children’s books to more than 10,000 public elementar y schools. Among his other major endeavors, Dr. Bennett served two years as a Visiting Senior Scientist at NASA headquarters, where he created numerous educational programs for the Hubble Space Telescope and other space science missions. He also proposed the idea for and helped develop both the Colorado Scale Model Solar System (on the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus) and the Voyage Scale Model Solar System on the National Mall in Washington, DC.
Watch his lecture here: Jeffrey Bennett presents Beyond UFOs: The Scientific Search for Extraterrestrial Life and Its Astonishing Implications for Our Future

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