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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: MIKE TODD R.I.P. and the compromised 2003 TRIBUNAL HEARING - JUNE WILLIAMS, STALKER 24 OCT. 2017 + ARCHIVE

 The very latest as I write on the 24/10/17 is that the yob stalking neighbours at Carol's location have taken to continual banging on her abode windows, at separate times, and also throwing objects at them too, to cause distress and grief as things like that ultimately would. Carol can't go to any authority about any of this as, it is very strongly alleged - it is these very agencies that are employing these criminal yob neighbours, responsible for far more than throwing things at Carol's windows, in the 1st place, eg. continual ID frauds, and so much more after receiving her misdelivered mail - which has been complained about so many time to R. Mail's CEO, but nothing is ever done!!

Background: this is just one video from the list of very informative “IMPORTANT VIDEOS” shown below, with the UK Column’s Brian Gerrish interviewing Carol Woods, from March 2016. The video sees Carol explaining in detail, amongst other subjects: a] the failed “supercasino” project, which was an epic episode in irregularities in itself [also described by Carol here:  York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC   http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.ae/, b%5D – b] the death of elderly Sheila Bridges, who died after a heart attack, [very strongly allegedly] caused by the actions of recruited and bullying yobs connected to the “supercasino ” project c] the death of former Greater Manchester police chief constable Mike Todd, who deceased after a judge David Williams, connected to the then Social Service’s Upper Tribunals department, was given a file of Carol’s evidence, d] certain Lancs. Social Services irregularities which saw Carol being hounded out of her job for refusing to alter records of vulnerable children connected to Lancs. Social Services, and e] Carol’s move to Lewes, Suffolk, under the advice of MP Norman Baker, which brought on much hostility aimed at Carol, including arrests by police, and the wrecking and theft of Carol’s home = Child Stealing By The State – A Social Worker Speaks”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3noOtwoNo4Q  – please see the other videos listed for more background on the atrocious targeting of Carol, which began in 2006 and continues daily now.

Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC   http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.ae/ you will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo. More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire” http://criticalreader17.blogspot.ae/2017/02/harassment-as-punishment-for-whistle.html.Carol Woods Ms.”

More found out: serious org crime; MIke Todd GMP  23 Oct. 17

carol woods 
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 I am Carol Woods Ms under duress at 28 Fell View LA2 9RP. The attachments show another reason 28 Fell View was wanted for me and why the elderly, lone tenant was bullied to death to get her out so I could move in. I have sent out many reasons as to why it had to be 28 and why Fell View and not one agency has troubled themselves about the SHIPMAN POLICY in Lancashire found out by me with at least 3 victims I know of. That aside, this is one MAIN reason. It is now well recorded how serious fraudsters and bullying lowlife in 30 and 26 Fell View were recruited and were to be said to be me with major police in-put to aid and abet that. Everything goes back to my time of whistle-blowing and ALL the court cases involved with the MURDER OF GMP MIKE TODD WHO WAS PROSECUTING; anyone can ask; the original file he had copied from me is safe. Thus as with all whistle-blowers in work they are bullied out one way or another, their work called into disrepute, records altered and so on. (You will see how the Gestapo alters their records when I send out PROOF of that later. And forgery of my signature.) All events are to claim I am a liar or just make things up and they are all wonderful people hurt at what I say!

I blow the whistle, 2001 see Internet, told I am right, “Yes, you’re right, keep your mouth shut or else” and then that in writing to me (all safe). The bullying and detriments start and I leave work under the 1974 Health and Safety at Work legislation which does not demand a GP note for sickness. LCC had hysterics: no one had ever done that previously: I knew the law and do know the law; they can never be accused of knowing anything except the masonic mantra. TONY BRADSHAW inept, inefficient, negligent and stupid area manager of social services based in Greenbank St Preston harassed me by phone trying to force me back to be bullied and demeaned some more. After a week I went to see my GP who signed me of sick for one week due to stress related illness; Bradshaw insisted I send the GP to him and NOT to HRU which was policy. He disposed of it; they wanted to pretend I was not off sick. My GP signed another 2 over 3 more weeks and I returned to work after receiving the usual hate mail. (All kept safe.) I finally surrendered end Aug 2001, locked out of ISSIS I could not do my job and was therefore constructively dismissed.

In the tribunal claim 2406569/01 Manchester, case never registered in public records, has never been legally heard and thus a FRAUD, Mike Todd saw that as well. One chairman told me to have my GP offer a statement which she did and for which I paid. It was submitted in the main bundle. (The whole bundle is kept safe.) By the time the farce was to start, 18 March 2003, the chairman had been planted by LCC (one the Bar Council told me had never been registered even as a barrister so see the other link to GMP thuggery, below) a Mr RUSSELL. He suggested that my GP had back dated my GP notes to collude with me, I told him that was SLANDER. LCC had destroyed my GP notes and when Bradshaw et al were found out, they had to cobble something together by generating their own junk proven beyond all doubt it was junk but submitted as proper documents by LCC.

Fast forward: Williams in 30 Fell View ONE from many who claim to be me and she a Manchester bankrupt is mainly why but her health problems of alcohol and smoking abuse are apparently MY health problems as she is me. That is why I have lowlife with their alcohol when I shop and they rush to check out when I do as that is proof somehow I drink so am her! Others just plant cigarette packets by my car and lighters as proof I smoke. Jackson in 26 Fell View is also me and she has health problems via drinking and smoking. Remember that the Gestapo gave Mrs June Francis Williams in 30 Fell View ID as if she was me so she could work as “volunteer” in HMYOI Lancaster Farms in the education dept, obviously it had to be volunteer as she has no qualifications. I found that out soon after I was moved to 28 Fell View and have it camera; she with the ID tag in my name thus she had to ‘resign’. Her repulsive old fool of a husband has spent over 3 years pestering me and even tonight prior to typing this, I had been out of my rear door to my shed and he has to leave the rear of 30 to pretend he was leaving 28 as I opened the door; the lunatic then places a small piece of paper in his bin so he can bleat that he had a real reason to go outside. He is Mr K Williams aka Mr C Woods. She has had MY typed data from March 2014 via illegal devices piped into 30 to pretend my typing is hers thus she is me. I found that out with proof in June this year and have typed nothing in 28 since. I sit in my car after driving miles away and type there; they have had 5 FIVE cars in my name. My electricity supply is linked via sockets to 26 along the party wall to Jackson so she had free supply until I found out in Aug 2014 and Williams have had free supply along the party wall to 30. Thus my mains is off most of every day; I have no fridge or washer so manage. The use of Williams was all planned so the elderly lone tenant had to go: it was too good a chance to miss in making someone into me.

The Gestapo cover for Williams and aid and abet them in such lunacy as this: he is to go outside on a day I decide not to go out: he is to open the doors of their sheds and make sure I know then walk off so that I see the doors open, they walk off to the CAR THAT IS PARKED AND WHICH IS IN MY NAME which is out of sight, the Gestapo cruise along, he waits to confirm he sees the lowlife by the car and thus no one could see if I sneaked to their sheds! What that pair of deranged old parasites have that I or anyone would want escapes me. They have done that with the shed door, I exaggerate not and it is all on camera, at least 4 FOUR times EVERY WEEK FROM SUMMER 2014. Occasionally the Gestapo hover overhead in the helicopter YOU pay for so they can get a clear view: I get clear photos. WILLIAMS is the supposed link to Manchester from her bankruptcy and pub work there and why GMP are involved. No, this is the FACT and why GMP are involved.

Justine Curran, Divisional Commander made a note of the perjury, extortion, fraud and more in Manchester Employment Tribunals and appointed Inspector Mark Bell to oversee the matter. (All this is from memory so anyone who claims to be me will have to have a good memory unsullied by alcohol abuse). Bell appointed DS ANDREW RIGBY of BOOTLE ST. Lancashire Gestapo had to put a stop to that so did; bribery is always the quickest, surest method. Thus Rigby then has to “see me off” BUT cover for RUSSELL in M.E.T. and he does that by threatening me and claiming Russell, not even ever a barrister, is DISTRICT JUDGE RUSSELL. (I will be scanning to send out the drivel from GMP thugs a.s.ap.) and to cover for that “error” the Gestapo have to invent a crime I have committed and lure me to PRESTON in the plan to claim I am someone else MRS CAROLE WOODS of their invention and on a day when District Judge RUSSELL is presiding in Preston Crown Court. They managed to find he was listed for 18 March 2010 and lured me there but I know the system, went to Crown Court saw DJ Russell listed to PoCA cases but nothing in my name. I went to the Magistrates and it was agreed by the clerk, there was nothing in my name. The Crown Court staff gave me a copy of the listings and days prior to and after the 18th to be sure. What are PoCA cases? They are PROCEEDS OF CRIME CASES where a judge can seize assets if they are bought via the proceeds of crime and that was what the lunatics tried to claim was MY HOUSE THEFT. Apparently I had bought it via the proceeds of crime so “lost” it that way. I am drawing up a document of all the ways I “lost” MY house and some even have “court documents” to show it was “legal” and that was what Mike Todd saw; the bogus bankruptcy of 2006 yet my house was not seized until late 2008; the thugs wanted my files and thought I’d ask for my house in return for the files; they underestimated me. Mike Todd was murdered in March 2008; then see when I send out a.s.a.p., the junk I was to think was REAL court data generated AFTER that. The INTENTION was to get my files; the MOTIVE was to hide the reason for Mike Todd’s murder.
The Manchester detail being from Williams and another detail that WILLIAMS and JACKSON “fitted” was MY GP. I found the bit from 30 blowing about after the bin men had been months ago and thought nothing much of it and then it was in my shed, just left. More recently, the high winds brought the proof Jackson went to a GP in the same practice (remember that PCSO PETER WOOD kept me talking in 28 on 9/9/14 while Jackson went to the GP as if she was me; obviously had I gone out she could not have claimed to have been me). I found one letter from my GP from the tribunal in the last few days and BINGO! The GP surgery has a branch in Caton, I found the bit of paper from Williams and it is the right GP practice. I have checked, there is no other GP practice in Caton; all the lowlife attend there and that will be how they ALL claim to be “carers and drivers” of me registered there BUT I have not been registered in LANCASTER since 2009 and have never registered in Caton.

There is another aspect to this. The usual inversion lunacy of extortionists and gangsters in Lancashire and they reversed the M.E.T. decision document (I intend to send out a.s.a.p. proof) to be more to their favour and in that of course, the PERJURY was a serious issue as LCC had not one single document that I did not prove was perjured. “You are getting people struck off; you are getting people sent to prison” Mr. Russell told me. “I didn’t ask them to commit perjury” I said and all that has its corruption with CPS which I will also be sending out. Thus the deranged decided to find that I COMMITTED PERJURY and to do that they flogged the dead horse but thought of my GP statement and my statement paragraph where I say that I had always had highly stressful jobs (witness statements sworn and tested all confirm this) but had never before needed sick notes for stress related illness; thus the thugs decided if they could get my medical records they could find that I had and then claim I committed perjury. They employed many to ask me for access to my medical records; for what reason? So they could help me with my case. I refused to give it.

In my Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim 2007 RICHARD GACHAGAN the usual recruited bully started to write to me, threatening me if I did not give him access to my GP records: they did not need the full records, they had what I was obliged to offer. Gachagan I would say was bribed; he was a nuisance and then my GP sent this attached; someone (Gachagan I found out) had written to her with a form for consent to my records SIGNED BY ME. She knew I had not signed any form and she saw the form was back-dated by 2 TWO YEARS to 2005 plus it had incorrect information: it was to be linked to any appeal I had made in the EAT which false court documents and proof of them being false will also be sent out a.s.a.p. LCC intended to rewrite the EAT documents anyway they could.   My GP then sent me this which is what she sent to Gachagan. The Gestapo just bribed the practice manager to give access to my records which she did and which proof I have of that also. That manager left the practice and that is why I have no GP and have not have from May 2010. It is interesting to note that EWAN McGREGOR of the IPCC took his brown envelope and deserted his post as well after falsifying the matters then which was also part of why Mike Todd finding out had to be silenced. The CICA case? ANOTHER with no formal records, another I have “made up” and with MOHAMMED ASIF clerk from Cobden House Chambers posing as chairman HARRY NARAYAN with pre-prepared documents which was proved and when he nearly had hysterics in telling me and my witness that I could never tell anyone what went on: I will tell anyone anything I damn well like.

The photos I add to the base of that document are more fraudsters used: see Mr K Williams and the Gestapo use DAVID JACKSON most conveniently of 28 Regent St Lancaster as he is a type; bloated and white haired and I have good reason to believe he is “on the take” and forged my signature on a Lloyd’s bank account. His wife SUSAN JACKSON is horrendous like Mrs Williams, Susan is also long term mentally ill and has been posing as me as if I am married to David Jackson to somehow make me Agnes Jackson in 26 Fell View. They are not related but used to hope that the fraud is hard to unravel.

Archive continues:

The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: ICELAND, Tracy Kennedy, ID Theft, Lancs. Corruption 21 Oct. 17 + archive

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