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Friday, 10 November 2017


  • Right as it joined the Trump campaign, this data firm reportedly contacted WikiLeaks
    The Week Magazine

    The Wall Street Journal reports that while Federal Elections Commission records show that Cambridge Analytica was not paid by the Trump campaign ...
  • Data firm CEO: Reached out to WikiLeaks about Clinton emails

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The CEO of a data firm that worked for President Donald Trump's campaign says he reached out to WikiLeaks during the ...
  • As the Russiagate Investigation Builds Momentum, Trump's Allies Attack the CIA
    The Nation.

    ... that the Russian government, under the direct supervision of Vladimir Putin, hacked into the DNC system and released its contents to WikiLeaks and ...
  • Mueller Probing 2016 Flynn Meeting With Pro-Russia Rep. Rohrabacher: Sources
    NBC Boston (blog)

    ... of Russian investigators and prosecutors and reportedly offered Trump a deal that would have protected the creator of WikiLeaks from legal peril.a ...
  • UK Lawyers Deleted Emails Regarding Assange Case
    teleSUR English

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange makes a speech from the balcony of the Ecuadorean embassy, in central London, Feb. 5, 2016. | Photo: Reuters.
  • Prince Andrew's words are a royal slap in the face to thousands of young people
    The Canary

    In 2010 Andrew was named in the WikiLeaks cache. And this revealed his criticism of a Serious Fraud Office investigation of arms giant BAE Systems.
  • 'Coup d'Etat': As RussiaGate Probe Staggers On, Legal Fees Drown Trump Advisers
    Sputnik International

    Stone, whose contact with hacker Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange before the election has come under scrutiny in the ...
  • Subscribing to the Correct Conspiracies in the Age of Trump
    Mintpress News (blog)

    ... the official story, which is that Russian state actors were deployed to capture the DNC/Podesta communications and hand them over to WikiLeaks.
  • The VICE Morning Bulletin

    The UK's Crown Prosecution Service admitted on Friday to deleting emails with Swedish prosecutors relating to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, ...
  • Twitter suspends verification as furor swirls over its meaning
    PR Daily

    Other controversial figures have been denied verification or had their badges temporarily removed, including Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
  • Spanish Gov't Finds No Data on Alleged Russian Meddling in Catalonia's Affairs
    Sputnik International

    The statement comes after the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, has blamed Bloomberg for spreading propaganda on the alleged Russia's ...
  • Vault 8: WikiLeaks starts releasing source code of alleged CIA cyber weapons
    Help Net Security

    ... looking at the communication of the malware with other servers on the internet,” WikiLeaks says. “Digital certificates for the authentication of implants ...
  • Twitter's Authentication Policy Is a Verified Mess

    They noted that controversial figures like Wikileaks leader Julian Assange has not been verified despite his requests and that Twitter took away the ...
  • How Twitter outrage hatches in tiny fringe groups on 4chan and Reddit
    Naked Security

    It started with hacked emails on WikiLeaks… which got scoured for political wrongdoing in the Clinton campaign staff by a popular Reddit forum ...
  • UK prosecutors admit destroying key emails in Julian Assange case
    The Guardian

    The Crown Prosecution Service is facing embarrassment after admitting it destroyed key emails relating to the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who ...
  • WikiLeaks oskarża CIA o podszywanie się pod Kaspersky Lab. "Certyfikaty zostały sfałszowane"

    WikiLeaks publikuje dziś dokumenty dotyczące szpiegowskiego oprogramowania stworzonego przez CIA. By oszukać komputery ofiar miało ono ...
  • Irish American winners and losers in the US election 2017

    He was left red-faced after WikiLeaks published classified cables in which he had expressed an unflattering opinion of Chancellor Angela Merkel.
  • WikiLeaks: CIA leveraged 'innocent' domains to control malware on devices

    WikiLeaks has come out with its monthly dose of exposés, with a familiar suspect, the Central Intelligence Agency. The autonomous organization has ...
  • The Paradise Papers: 7 things to know about the latest global corruption scandal
    Shout Out UK

    ... in tax evasion schemes and maintain secret links with questionable financial deals around the world. With Panama Papers and Wikileaks setting the ...
  • The profession's lone constant

    SENIOR Journalist Idrees Bakhtiar seen at work in the 'special' newsroom that was set up at Dawn to select and redact Wikileaks material for ...
  • Kaspersky Lab Confirms Software Firm's Certificates Were Forged
    Sputnik International

    In Wikileaks newest Vault 8 series of CIA-linked revelations, the whistleblower website exposed source codes for the agency's secret malware ...
  • The Trump Effect

    ... US voting population into pushing the lever for Trump, but very little “forensic” evidence that shows a Russian handprint on the WikiLeaks materials.