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Monday, 11 December 2017


12/10/17  #934
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This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such chilling tales as:

 How Will Humanity React to Alien Life? -   
-  Bizarre Events in Cuba Changed Embassy Workers’ Brains  - Woman Gives Up on Men — Prefers Sex With Ghosts -

AND: Beware of Horny Fairies

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Project Magnet:
The Lights in the Sky Are Not Stars

Wilbert B. Smith was a Canadian engineer responsible for the technical aspects of broadcasting between the United States and his country during the late 1940s and Fifties. Because of the number of sightings of unidentified flying objects over Canadian air space, Smith convinced the Canadian government to establish a UFO monitoring system, which eventually did detect anomalous phenomena in the sky which Smith felt certain was of an off-world origin.
Dying of cancer, Smith made arrangements with his wife to hide his “sensitive” files so they would not fall into the hands of those who would use his findings for their own unscrupulous ends. “They will be coming to ransack all my work,” Smith proclaimed. And he was right! As predicted, Canadians, Americans and Soviets approached his widow, requesting she turn over her husband’s work as it would help to further expedite their unprincipled labors.
Smith’s proposal to set up a serious, semi-official UFO study group was accepted by the Canadian government’s Department of Transport and a “station” was set up at Shirley Bay from which observations could be made, recorded and examined to see if there were any repeatable patterns in the reports which were being collected. On one occasion, an unknown aircraft came within close range of the station. Its presence could be felt!
When Smith questioned the Americans about the possibility of UFOs, he was told that the subject was of the uppermost concern in the US and was considered more top secret than the testing of the atomic bomb.
He believe the UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin. “It is my opinion that the people from elsewhere choose all sorts of methods to make contact with us, and their technology and understanding being much better than ours, they can use methods which we find quite incomprehensible" Most of the contacts of whom I have knowledge are ‘mental’ in one form or another, directly or indirectly, but they do seem to range through almost all sorts of means, right down to personal face-to-face contact.” Smith even set up a committee or review board among those who claimed repeated contact, physical or telepathic, with space beings. His intentions were to see if any of the claims made by these individuals could be considered comparable or if there was little or no agreement among them at all. The results proved positive in that many of these “contactees” were having identical experiences. He later in life experienced his own contacts but spoke little about them.
This volume breakthrough includes an “official” historical dossier of Canadian “humanoid and critter” sightings and encounters compiled by amateur astronomer John Musgrave with a $6,000 grant from the Ottawa seat of government.

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How Will Humanity React to Alien Life? 
By Ben Guarino

Germs stuck to the outside of the International Space Station are not from around here, cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov said in an interview last week with Russian state-owned news service Tass. Microbes “have come from outer space and settled along the external surface,” Shkaplerov said. “They are being studied so far, and it seems that they pose no danger.” Russia's space agency, Roscosmos, has not weighed in on this extraordinary claim.

The odds are not on the side of aliens. If microorganisms are tucked away within the space station hull's crannies, as Shkaplerov says, they probably hitchhiked the 250 miles from our planet's surface.

But imagine if scientists found alien microbes. How would humanity react to the news?

Michael Varnum, a psychologist at Arizona State University and a member of its new Interplanetary Initiative, is trying to anticipate this response. “One of the initial questions [of the initiative] that we're curious about is how might we respond if we discover evidence of extraterrestrial life,” he said.

The moment when humans meet E.T. is a staple of fiction and speculation, as well as armchair science and conspiracy on YouTube. No one has predicted the psychological reactions to extraterrestrial microorganisms in a “systematic, careful way,” Varnum said.

Varnum teamed up with planetary scientists and conducted three experiments. The study, published online in November on a preprint server, is still under review, Varnum said. Two psychologists not involved with this research told The Washington Post that the study's methods were robust.

The psychologist and his co-authors “make a critical distinction between reactions to the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence and finding evidence for microbial life beyond Earth,” said Douglas Vakoch, president of the nonprofit group Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence, who was not part of the study. This work is unusual, he said, as studies past have focused on intelligent life.

In the first experiment in the study, Varnum and his co-authors analyzed how the media covers extraterrestrial discoveries. They looked at five events: the discovery of pulsars in 1967, which were not immediately recognized as natural; Ohio astronomer Jerry Ehman's detection of the “Wow!” radio signal in 1977 (the signal's source remains disputed); the 1996 announcement of fossilized microbes in a Martian meteorite; the strange behavior of Tabby's Star reported in 2015; and 2017's discoveries of exoplanets that exist within distant habitable zones.

The psychologists fed 15 articles — by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Post and others — through a program that analyzes written content for positive or negative words. Journalists described these events using words with “positive affect” significantly more frequently.

“The reaction seemed to be much more positive than negative,” Varnum said.

Gordon Pennycook, a Yale University psychologist who studies beliefs about religion, health and fake news, said the technique was solid but argued that the results were not particularly illuminating. “I’m not sure that the language analysis reveals anything special,” Pennycook said, because “there is some evidence people do use more positive than negative words generally.”

The researchers also paid online participants to respond to announcements about extraterrestrial microbes. The scientists asked 500 people to describe their reactions to a hypothetical discovery of alien microorganisms. Respondents also had to predict how humanity at large would react. Like the journalists, people in the study used positive words. There were no characteristics that set responses apart, not a person's income, ethnicity, political orientation or traits such as neuroticism or agreeableness. But people felt that the rest of the country would be generally less agreeable.

That may be because “most Americans tend to think, on any desirable trait or ability, that they're better than the average person,” Varnum said.

In a follow-up poll, the researchers presented more than 250 people with a 1996 New York Times article, stripped of its date, reporting evidence of fossilized nanobacteria in a Martian meteorite.

The meteorite was a piece of Mars that had been knocked off its home planet and landed in Antarctica. Researchers reported in the journal Science that they found complex organic molecules in the meteorite and impressions of what they thought looked like tiny cells, among other potential signs of fossilized Martian life. The claim was so explosive that President Bill Clinton issued a statement, saying, “Like all discoveries, this one will and should continue to be reviewed, examined and scrutinized.” Over years of scrutiny, the claim of fossils in the Mars meteorite was dismissed. The consensus now is that the suggested signs of life were simply natural mineral deposits. The participants in the new study weren't told that, however.

As a control, another group of participants read a New York Times article about the creation of synthetic life in geneticist Craig Venter's lab in 2010. Venter and his team created a bacterial genome from scratch and popped it into a cell membrane, essentially forming a new organism.

Participants in both groups described their reactions positively, though the “positivity bias”  — the proportion of pleasant to unpleasant words — was stronger regarding the fossils.

Given these results, Pennycook said he would be “pretty confident” that, if NASA announced the discovery of alien microbes tomorrow, Americans would react positively.

“Results of this new study mirror a survey conducted by theologian Ted Peters, who explored the impact of discovering extraterrestrial life on a person’s religious beliefs,” Vakoch said. Most people responded that their own religious beliefs could withstand the announcement — but other believers would struggle. “It looks like we don’t need to be worried about others not being able to handle an announcement of extraterrestrial life,” he said. “They’ll do just fine.”

Planetary scientist Lindy Elkins-Tanton, who is the director of Arizona State University's initiative but was not directly involved with this study, said that “getting ready for what we might find” in space is the first step. That Americans respond positively, she said, is “quite hopeful.”

Varnum cautioned that these results do not reflect how the rest of the world might respond. Vakoch echoed that sentiment. Past research on extraterrestrial civilizations suggest that Americans tended to view aliens in a more black-and-white way than residents of China, for instance, he said. “Chinese participants were able to imagine contact would lead to both risks and benefits,” whereas Americans either thought the discovery would be “all good or all bad, but not both,” he said.

It is also critical to acquaint people with ambiguity, Elkins-Tanton said. She cited the long debate around the Martian meteorite. Even in the event that a retrieval mission to Mars obtained a sample and brought it to a lab, and observers witnessed the organism reproducing, consensus would not be sudden, given the possibility of Earth contamination. Under what scenario, would the scientific community be most swiftly convinced? “Unless we go to Europa and find a giant skeleton,” Elkins-Tanton said. “Really, it’s not going to happen.”

Teeny E.T. is not such a far-out idea. For 2.9 billion years, all life on Earth was microscopic. If evolution works the same way elsewhere in the universe, the average alien will be smaller than a little green man. Much smaller.

“It’s more likely that we're going to find microbes or viruses rather than, say, intelligent civilizations living on Venus,” Varnum said.

Vakoch was not so quick to relinquish the radio telescope to the microscope when it comes to searching for aliens.

“While it’s no doubt true that there are more planets in the galaxy with microbial life than with intelligent life, that doesn’t mean we’ll detect 'bacteria' beyond Earth before we pick up a radio signal,” Vakoch said. He predicted that, as long as the money doesn't dry up, surveyors will listen to a million stars in the next decade, looking for noisy extraterrestrials.

Source: The Washington Post
https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/12/04/how-will-humanity react-to-alien-life


Bizarre Events in Cuba Changed Embassy Workers’ Brains
By Avi Selk

For those of you who are regular readers of Conspiracy Journal, you know that right from the very beginning of the weird events in Cuba, we have been saying that rather than a "sonic" device being responsible, this was more than likely a EM or microwave attack.  Finally, the mainstream media is catching on to what we have been saying all along. This recent article from the Washington Post relects the recent realization that it was not a sonic weapon being used in Cuba, but no one as of yet will admit that secret electromagnetic technology is the culprit. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration is using these events to further hostilities with Cuba, rather than acknowledging that another country is probably to blame.


They would sometimes wake in the night to hear a disembodied chirping somewhere in the room, or a strange, low hum, or the sound of scraping metal.

Sometimes they felt a phantom flutter of air pass by as they listened. Others in the room would often not notice a thing, the Associated Press reported, and the noises would cease if the person moved just a few feet away.

And then, usually within 24 hours of these bizarre events, bad things happened to those who heard the noises.

What exactly two dozen Americans experienced at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba — in incidents last year and then again in August — remains a mystery to science and the FBI. They have alternately been blamed on a high-tech sonic weapon or a mysterious disease, and have caused a diplomatic crisis because U.S. officials blame Cuba for the attacks.

Now physicians are preparing to release a report on what happened to the people who heard the sounds, the AP reports, including physical changes in their brains.

Workers and their spouses at the U.S. diplomatic compound in Havana began complaining of maladies in late 2016, as Anne Gearan wrote for The Washington Post, after hearing strange, localized sounds in their homes.

Their symptoms included a loss of hearing or sight, vertigo and nausea. Some people struggled to recall common words.

For lack of other explanations, U.S. officials initially blamed a “covert sonic weapon,” the AP reported. Although medical experts largely dismissed the theory, the United States continues to blame the incidents on the Cuban government and has recalled many diplomatic workers, and considered closing the embassy, which opened in 2015.

[All the theories about what’s happening to the diplomats in Cuba]

Meanwhile, the AP reported, physicians at the University of Miami and the University of Pennsylvania have been treating the victims and trying to figure out what happened to them.

While what caused the phantom sounds is still unknown, tests have revealed at least some of the workers suffered damage to the white matter that lets different parts of their brains communicate with each other.

The physicians are planning to publish their findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association, according to the AP, which quoted several unnamed U.S. officials who aren't authorized to talk about the investigation.

The discovery only deepens the mystery, and makes the possibility of a sonic attack even less likely in the eyes of medical experts. As The Post has written, other theories include an electromagnetic device, chemical weapons or a hitherto unknown disease.

[Was a spy’s Parkinson’s disease caused by a secret microwave weapon attack?]

“Physicians are treating the symptoms like a new, never-seen-before illness,” the AP wrote, and expect to monitor the victims for the rest of their lives, although most have fully recovered from their symptoms by now.

The physicians are working with FBI agents and intelligence agencies as they look for a source, and U.S. officials have not backed down from their accusations against the Cuban government, which denies any involvement despite a history of animosity between the two countries.

“What we've said to the Cubans is: Small island, you got a sophisticated security apparatus, you probably know who's doing it, you can stop it,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said at a news conference at NATO on Wednesday.

He said he’s told U.S. officials to withhold any personal information about the victims from the Cubans — and “not to provide whoever was orchestrating these attacks with information that is useful to how effective they were.”

Source: Washington Post


Scientists Detect Mysterious "Hum" Undersea

A strange hum that has baffled people all over the world for decades has been recorded in the ocean for the first time. The low frequency hum has been known about for nearly half a century- but its source remains a mystery.

Scientists claim the sound is inaudible to humans, but thousands of people still insist they have heard it. A website, called ‘The Hum’, has reports about the noise dating back as far as the 1960s.

Theories about what causes it range from mating fish, a secret project to tunnel under the Earth and the presence of aliens. Now, by measuring the sound using underwater seismometers positioned across the globe, scientists may be able to finally figure out what it.

Scientists are not entirely sure what causes the hum, however, and a range of hypotheses – from atmospheric turbulence and the mass movement of bodies of water to as-of-yet uncertain geological processes – have been touted. Now, a new study in Geophysical Research Letters has successfully detected and analyzed the hum after sneakily placing some seismic instrumentation on the seafloor.

“Since its discovery, the hum has been observed at a large number of terrestrial stations,” the authors explain in their paper. However, “no one has observed the Earth's hum at an Ocean Bottom Seismometer during periods of seismic quiescence.”

Until now, that is. The team’s recordings suggest the hum is between frequencies of 2.9 and 4.5 millihertz. This means that, at its lowest frequency, the hum causes vibrations at a rate of 0.0029 times per second, which means you only get one vibration every 345 seconds.

As a point of comparison, the average human heart has a frequency of 1.17 hertz, which is more than 400 times higher. The hum, then, is at an unfathomably low frequency, and detecting it is no small feat.

The hum – technically a type of tremor known as a “microseism” – is often drowned out by a plethora of other natural phenomena, including “hums” created by the migration of marine life.

Determining the frequency of it has actually been considered by some to be a thankless task, but a new team, led by the Paris Institute of Earth Physics, decided to give it a shot. Eschewing a solely land-based detection method, they also looked to the depths of the Indian Ocean.

The array of seismic sensors co-opted for their research were originally designed to visualize hot spots – upwelling plumes of superheated mantle material – emerging in the middle of tectonic plates. Picking out the most high-resolution data, removing as much excess noise as possible, and combining it with several subaerial seismographs in Algeria, the team were able to isolate and identify the hum.

The first attempt to detect this hum was made in 1959, but it wasn't until 1998 that scientists had conclusive proof it exists.

Many observations of the hum have been taken since then from land-based seismometers. And many people have reported hearing it on The Hum website, although scientists claim this is impossible.

Glen MacPherson says that most people find his website because they are searching for the source of an unusual low-frequency sound.

"The classic description is that it sounds like there is a truck idling outside your home. For some people, it is a deep and distant droning bass tone. Some people perceive the sound as a rumbling noise.

"The sound is louder indoors than outdoors, and louder late at night than during the afternoon. It can suddenly appear or disappear for days or months.

"People of all ages can be affected, although the incidence among children is very low. In the more serious cases, the Hum can affect people’s quality of life. In a number of documented cases, the torment of the noise has been life-altering."

Experts have previously suggested the hum is caused by the constant pounding of waves on the ocean floor, or by currents whisking over continental shelves.

Other studies have suggested the noise is the result of atmospheric turbulence, as it is stronger in the northern hemisphere's Pacific Ocean during the northern winter, and southern oceans during the southern hemisphere's winter.

The researchers found that the amplitude of the hum did not match up with seasonal changes, meaning atmospheric turbulence can only partially explain the sound.

'The Earth's hum is the permanent free oscillations of the Earth recorded in the absence of earthquakes,' the team, led by Dr Martha Deen, wrote.

'The hum was proposed to be induced by acoustic resonance between the atmosphere and the solid Earth, but this can only explain part of its [loudness].'

The researchers say studying the hum via ocean floor seismometers could help to determine its origins, particularly if currents or waves are responsible.

They also say their technique could help map Earth's interior, which is usually done using sporadic seismic data from earthquakes.

Source: IFL Science

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By Lon Strickler

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania native Donnie Decker's life has been surrounded by a phenomenon that remains unsolved to this day. It started after his grandfather's death when he was a teenager in February of 1983. Unknown to everyone within the family, Don had been carrying a secret about his grandfather since the age of 7 years old. Donnie Decker alleges that his grandfather had been repeatedly physically abusing him.

Don was disturbed by the reverence shown to his Grandfather at the funeral and afterwards, spending the night with friends, the Keefer's, those feelings erupted in a way that could never have been foreseen. Who knows what emotional turmoil that unleashes within the mind and spirit of an adolescent but there are those who say Donnie Decker allowed it manifest in a series of strange paranormal events.

As he sat quietly with his friends the air around him suddenly turned cold, and at the same time, water started to drip from the living room walls. Don fell into a eerie trance like state. The tenants of the property immediately called the landlord, Ron H. Van Why to report that water was now dripping from the walls and the ceiling.

When Ron arrived he was mystified as to what was happening. As the landlord he knew where the plumbing pipes were located and there were none anywhere near the vicinity of the room. The plumbing was all at the rear of the building and the water was pouring through one room only where no pipes were located. Ron quickly realized that water wasn't simply travelling downwards from the walls and ceiling...it was pouring up out of the floor as well. At this point he called in the local police.

Patrolman John Baujan couldn't believe his eyes and was taken aback enough by what was unfolding before him to call in his partner Patrolman Richard Wolbert. Together they stepped into the one room which was affected by the water and immediately both were drenched through. Both observed droplets of water travel horizontally between them and move out of the room in mid air.

Police advised the family and Donnie leave the premises and go to a nearby cafe while they investigated, but Ron elected to stay. As the Keefer's and Donnie Decker left the building, suddenly the water stopped pouring. Ron surmised that somehow one of them was responsible for causing the 'indoor rain'...but which one?

It had now been almost a full 24 hours since the indoor rain started and as they sat in the local cafe Donnie still appeared 'trance like'. Cafe owner Pam Scarfano who had earlier witnessed the rain in the house thought out loud that maybe Donnie was responsible and that maybe it was the Devil's work and that Donnie was possessed. No sooner had Pam, the Keefers and Donnie seated themselves around a cafe table than the seemingly impossible happened...it started to rain inside the cafe. Alarmed Pam rushed to her cash register where she kept a crucifix and placed it around Donnie's neck...it immediately turned black and burned Donnie on the neck.

The Keefers and Donnie decided to leave the cafe and as they did so once again the 'rain' stopped. It was at this point the concensus appeared to be that Donnie was the cause. Back at the house the rain had started again and accusations towards Donnie started to fly. At this stage the pots and pans on the stove started to rattle and without warning Donnie suddenly levitated and was thrown across the room. The police chief was called in but he put the whole incident down to 'plumbing issues' and ordered his men to leave...though he also ordered his men to say nothing of the incident and not to file a report.

The following day Lieutenant William Davies of the local police became yet another authoratative witness to the events in the house. He and Lieutenant John Rundle witnessed the seemingly impossible happen again...Donnie Decker was levitated off the floor and hurled across the room. When they rushed to his aid they found three claw marks upon his neck. It is worth bearing in mind at this point that we now have four experienced, respected and completely trustworthy officers of the law who have witnessed the seemingly impossible happen. Rarely does any paranormal event have such authoratative testimony.

Three nights later the rain was still pouring down inside the house. An exorcism for Donnie seemed the only possible answer...but every Catholic priest and Protestant minister turned all request down. Eventually an Evangelical preacher was found who agreed to perform the exorcism. Although Donnie convulsed during the ritual, things appeared to calm down and the rain stopped. The results however were temporary.

Soon after Donnie was sentenced to prison for a theft and was placed in a maximum security cell. Once again the 'rain' started. Startled guards removed Donnie from his soaking wet cell and accused him of throwing water from the sink around his cell. He pointed out to the guards 'I can make it happen anywhere, and I can control it'. The guards then taunted him with the challenge of making it rain somewhere like the warden's office. Lt. David Keenhold was acting warden and sitting in his office oblivious to the events going on with Donnie when a guard came into the office to explain what was happening. Upon standing up the warden only then became aware that his shirt was saturated with water. He hadn't felt it happen to him as he had been focussed on writing a report. When the guard explained that Donnie had said he would make it rain in the warden's office the warden was mystified and in his own testimony states that he and the guard were both scared.

The warden called in a local clergy, the Reverend William Blackburn. The Reverend accused Donnie of making things up and a rattled Donnie replied by raising his fingers and instantly causing rain to fall. The shocked Reverend realized Donnie did harbor the power to make it rain and reached the immediate conclusion that he was possessed. Performing some religious rites the Reverend appears to have dispelled the ability Donnie had. Since then it seems Donnie has never been able to recreate the phenomenon. - planet-flipside.com / profilingtheunexplained.com / unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com

NOTE: A television segment first ran on Unsolved Mysteries in the February 10, 1993 episode. The case was also featured on an episode of Paranormal Witness on SyFy Channel. Most likely this was a thought-form manifestation resulting in poltergeist activity. These situations are normally resolved when the oppressed individual is removed from whatever stimulated the activity or is able to control those emotions that feed the manifested entity...Lon

Source: Profound History


Woman Gives Up on Men — Prefers Sex With Ghosts
By Paul Seaburn

One woman in England has seen her future with men and the new guy of her dreams is … a ghost! And not just one … this spiritual guide claims she’s had sex with over 20 spirits who have satisfied her the way men never could. What’s their secret? Does this medium prefer a large?

    “I had sex with the ghost. You can feel it, it’s difficult to explain. There was a weight and a weightlessness, a physical breath, and stroking, and the energy as well.”

Amethyst Realm, a so-called spiritual guidance counselor from Bristol, England, came out this week about her ghost encounters of the bed kind in an appearance on the ITV show, This Morning, where she revealed that she was initially hit on by a ghost 12 years ago when she was already engaged to a flesh-and-blood guy. They had just moved into a new house and her fiancé was away. After the initial shock of feeling the ghost’s presence, it was love at first fright.

    “It started as an energy, then became physical. There was pressure on my thighs and breath on my neck. I just always felt safe. I had sex with the ghost. You can feel it. It’s difficult to explain. There was a weight and a weightlessness, a physical breath and stroking, and the energy as well.”

Oh my. It’s a good thing she’s a “spiritual guidance counselor” and not a politician or a Hollywood actor. With that kind of behavior, perhaps the spirit was a ghost of one. She doesn’t say, but she does disclose that the ghost was visible … because she eventually married her husband and he came home early one day to see them in the act. That was the end of their marriage and the beginning of her sleeping exclusively on the dark side of the bed.

But not exclusively with one ghost. Realm’s psychic cell phone is filled with at least 20 numbers (or whatever means she uses to set up haunted hook-ups), and she says she’s looking for more shadowing sex partners … including a Mister Right Fright who she can have a ghostly baby with.

    “I’ve done a bit of research into phantom pregnancies. There’s a possibility that it is a ghost in you, but people don’t know how to carry it to full term.”

Is this the future of relationships? Is there anything a human male can do to woo Amethyst Realm? One way might be to find out why she’s so stressed out. This sounds like classic case of hallucinations induced by sleep paralysis, and a new study in Sleep Medicine Reviews found that stress is a leading cause of this condition, which psychologists believe is a leading cause of visions of ghosts, monsters, demons and even extraterrestrials and alien abductions.

Should Amethyst Realm attempt to find the cause of the stress that may be sending her to seek sex with spirits? Why? She admits that whatever it is she’s experiencing has led to orgasms. It’s not a problem in her workplace … she’s a medium!

Women aren't the only ones who have done the haunted hanky panky. One man known as "John" in Wales claimed that he was driving back from a date that hadn't gone as planned. John said that he saw a beautiful woman on the side of the road and he picked her up. The pair then went to a a public toilet where they engaged in "graphic" sex - before something terrifying happened.

"Then I started to smell something strange," said John. "At first I thought it was like a cigarette smell.

"I was choking, and I thought I was going to die. I was crying and everything. I was passing out.

"I just wanted a policeman to start banging on the window and save me.

"I pushed her back with all my force and there was not a pretty girl on me but some haggard, disgusting old woman with some kind of awful skin condition.

"I just screamed and screamed and she just vanished."

Perhaps the best approach here is to let sleeping ghosts lie.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Beware of Horny Fairies

A new book by Dr Simon Young, "Magical Folk: British & Irish Fairies" has created the first ‘fairy map’ of Britain – and found some fairly eyebrow-raising encounters with the little people.

One couple who were having sex against a tree suddenly found themselves surrounded by fairy lights as the ‘little people’ took an interest – in an encounter which could be described as supernatural dogging.

Another pair of witnesses described an ‘erotically charged’ encounter with two three-feet-tall sex fairies.

The pair described an ‘amorphous greyish shape’ that turned into two female fairies ‘each about three and a half to four feet tall. One with long blonde hair, one with long black hair’.

Another encounter involved a ‘mudman’ and some very sexy dancing, with a witness saying, ‘‘Two beautiful, lithe, otherworldly, females appeared, and were dancing facing each other, smiling and laughing. The drumming became intense, as did the dancing. Some time later a being (what I can only describe as a ‘mudman’) appeared outside the large circle of dancers… the three other all greeted ‘mudman’ with squeals and grunts.’

Dr Simon Young’s team found that belief in fairies is still very widespread – with 44% of respondents to an online survey of 1,062 people saying they had actually seen one.

Fairy sizes varied from leaf-size to 15 foot giants.

The researchers write, ‘The researchers said, British fairies are not necessarily nice tutu-wearing butterfly sized creatures.

‘Respondents who encountered British and Irish fairies reported that they were angry (particularly Essex and Scotland) and mischievous. Some respondents reported that their encounters were sexually and erotically charged (Essex, Hampshire and Somerset).

The British isles are not the only place where the wee folk enjoy having the occasional romp with people. According to Hallgerdur Hallgrímsdóttir, the elves of Iceland are especially hot-blooded and all too willing to have a bit of fun with the islands population. 

Hallgerdur claims many Icelanders have been doing elves in secret for centuries. There's even a myth covering the inter-hominid couplings. Hallgerdur receives a lot of flack from her countrymen for spilling the beans on elf sex, something that they want to keep to themselves.

Although Hallgerdur has a boyfriend now, she has claimed that "sex with humans is boring". In her blog she goes into great detail about her experience sexing it up with elves. Here's an excerpt: "Elf sex is possibly the safest sex on earth. They don't carry sexually transmitted diseases and you cant get pregnant or make an Elverine pregnant unless you both want to, which is not unheard of. And YES there are female elves, elverines. And they're HOT HOT HOT, even to girls. That reminds me: All elves are bisexual, but guys and girls not ready for some same sex action don't worry, no elf will do anything you don't want to. They can sense your longings and not-longings."

Source: Metro News

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