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frank zappa: “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Arvest wikileaks pandoc Arvest wikileaks • • • • • • • • • • • Arvest wikileaks Arvest wikileaks —————————— Arvest wikileaks Jul 1, 2001 . Dr Wang says that after another team had removed the TEENneys, he arrived to harvest the victim's skin, only to find that "the prisoner was still breathing and his ...

  • Pablo manriquez wikileaks

    The latest WikiLeaks release has revealed the former broadcast media director for the Democratic organization to be disruptive and insubordinate – and a whole lot of fun. Aug 11, 2016 Pablo Manriquez, a former booker at the DNC, suddenly became Internet famous after WikiLeaks released 20000 ...
  • News

    Anonymous: NASA Is About To Announce The Discovery Of Intelligent Alien Life · News WikiLeaks - June 23, 2017. 0. Latest anonymous message in 2017 just arrived with a huge announcement about the Intelligent Alien Life! NASA says aliens are coming!
  • Wikileaks vault 7

    Julian Assange has claimed the documents are the biggest intelligence release 7 Mar 2017 WikiLeaks publishes massive trove of CIA spying files in 'Vault 7' release. The trove of documents, code-named Vault 7, represents the most comprehensive release of US spying files ever made public, ...
  • WikiLeaks

    Austalia, who has ignored the achievements of Wikileaks' and the plight of editor Julian Assange. And now, Australia with its breakfast tv propaganda -- pushed by the ever-sinister Julie Bishop, and eager moron David Koch to get us a little closer to the event horizon of a full blown dystopia. Do you have ...
  • 'Presstitutes' Who Colluded to Hide Clinton's Crimes

    WikiLeaks List Exposes At Least 65 Media 'Presstitutes' Who Colluded to Hide Clinton's Crimes ∞ dcclothesline · New York Times Op-Ed by Iran's FM Refuted by Paper's Reporting ∞ thetower · GUEST SLAMS CNN: 'People Don't Trust You Guys' Because You Tell Them They Are Wrong, Stupid, And ...
  • Tanzania's anti-corruption government is stifling the “Swahili Wikileaks
    Ilwareed Online

    Ilwareed Online - Dar es Salaam Maxence Melo is a man who knows the insides of Tanzania's courthouses all too well. In 2017 alone, he has appeared in court about 51 times he says, accused of obstructing justice, operating an unregistered website, and refusing to reveal the identities of users who ...

    FUCKING HAPPENING!!! WIKILEAKS ON HILLARY'S HEALTH!!! - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events.
  • Three Trump-Russia Stories The Media Totally Botched
    Point of View Radio

    On Friday, CNN peddled an incorrect report about Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks. They allege that the then-presidential candidate, his son, and other folks within their inner circle received an email that contained a decryption key to a trove of documents from Wikileaks. The problem was ...
  • Saudi Arabia To Finally Lift Movie Theater Ban From 2018

    Saudi's ministry of culture and information said it will start issuing movie licences from today and that the first theaters will begin opening from March 2018. “This marks a watershed moment in the development of the cultural economy in the Kingdom,” Minister of Culture and Information Awwad Alawwad ...
  • BREAKING: Loud "Explosion" At New York Bus Terminal

    The explosion is reported to have happened on Monday morning at the Port Authority Bus Terminal near Times Square. Police have said they are responding to reports of an “explosion.” “The NYPD is responding to reports of an explosion of unknown origin at 42nd Street and 8th Ave, #Manhattan,” ...
  • CNN corrects report about Trump campaign and Wikileaks tip

    NEW YORK (AP) — CNN has corrected a story that suggested the Trump campaign had been tipped off early about Wikileaks documents damaging to Hillary Clinton when it later learned.
  • WikiLeaks
    Almost Interesting

    Home Tags WikiLeaks. Tag: WikiLeaks. Media's Wikileaks Trump Jr. email date screwup still unexplained. Almost Interesting - December 11, 2017. 0. POPULAR CATEGORIES. Quotes1203 · Bizarre419 · Amazing406 · Unexplained223 · Almost Interesting2. Must Read. Global Pixels Feature of The Day ...
  • BUSTED: Wikileaks Proves Hillary Disclosed Classified Secrets To Foreign Leaders For Cash
    SGT Report

    Political art illustrator David Dees returns to SGT Report to discuss the ongoing battle between the forces of good and evil on planet earth. Support David by purchasing Vol.3 of his new book of political artwork, available exclusively at Ddees.com. http://ddees.com/. BANKERS FREAKING OVER BITCOIN ...
  • CNN refuses reveal the names of “multiple sources” who spread Wikileaks-Trump fake news story
    The Duran

    CNN refuses reveal the names of “multiple sources” who spread Wikileaks-Trump fake news story (Video). by Alex Christoforou December 11, 2017, 13:06. FacebookTwitter · Google ...
  • Media's Wikileaks Trump Jr. email date screwup still unexplained.
    Almost Interesting

    Donald Trump Jr. in Vancouver, British Columbia on Feb. 28. Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images. Referring to erroneous reports that the Trump campaign received a file of hacked emails ten days before it was posted on Wikileaks in September 2016, the Intercept's Glenn Greenwald wrote this weekend that last ...
  • Inside Wikileaks by Daniel Domscheit-Berg

    Newly bought book in good condition with no ripped pages. An interesting book to read.
  • Wikileaks

    Features · Best of · Get Familiar · Bubblin Up · Real Talk · Labels We Love · Interview · Trainwreck · Photos · TV · Podcasts · Downloads · Reviews · Gear · In the Studio · Artist Tips · Studio Essentials · Ask The Experts · Events · TICKETS EU · SUBMIT EVENT · XLR8R. Features · Best of · Get Familiar ...
  • Download When Google Met Wikileaks 2014
    All Clear Restoration

    The download When Google Met WikiLeaks died that the Jews published Limited Political individuals in use but claimed agreed using classes before their God, the valid God that did equated them through the hub of the British discovery, Cyrus. below a philosophique as were leadership, the research ...
  • Exclusive: Email shows effort to give Trump campaign WikiLeaks documents
    Debate Politics Forums

    Originally Posted by zimmer All their multiple, major FAKE NEWS stories have been aimed at Trump. None at Hillary, none at Democrats. Not surprising.
  • Kushner Testified He Did Not Recall Campaign Contact With Wikileaks; Senators Say Kushner ...
    Player FM

    Senators Say He Did Receive Email About Wikileaks Contact; Kushner in July Told Congress He Did Not Recall Any Contacts; The President Takes A Pass; Roy Moore's Wife: He Will Not Step Down; Poll Of AL Women Voters: Moore Trails Dem Opponent By 26 Pts;...
  • Chelsea Manning, convicted in WikiLeaks case, hospitalized after reported suicide attempt

    Washington Post Chelsea Manning, convicted in WikiLeaks case, hospitalized after reported suicide attempt Washington Post Chelsea Manning, the U.S. soldier sentenced to 35 years in prison for her role.
  • Wikileaks—Podesta Warned Clinton Staffers: 'She's Down and Needs to Stay Down'

    Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta warned staffers that Hillary would be unavailable to personally address a controversy in the campaign.
  • Report: CIA knows who leaked stolen DNC docs to Wikileaks
    The National Sentinel

    It's pretty unusual for the CIA to make a threat to WikiLeaks so publicly"
  • Comey: Wikileaks Crosses A Line When It Becomes 'intelligence Porn'
    Huỳnh Lưu

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange makes a speech from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy, in central London Thomson Reuters. Republican Sen. Ben Sasse asked FBI Director James Comey during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday why Americans should not treat the ...
  • Trump campaign was offered access to WikiLeaks documents: report

    Trump campaign was offered access to WikiLeaks documents: report.
  • This is CNN: More Fake News on Wikileaks, Trump, Jr.

    Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement in response to a sensational story from CNN creating misleading narrative that Donald Trump, Jr. retweeting a story about FBI FOIA document releases had something to do with “hacked” Wikileaks ...
  • WikiLeaks Archives - AlbertMohler.com

    Dr. Mohler serves as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary — the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world. He has written nine books and authored thousands of articles on a wide range of topics.
  • Fake News: WikiLeaks, Trump, Russia Connection...

    The Post reporter, David Weigel, had earlier tweeted a photo of the crowd gathered at Pensacola Bay Center for Trump's speech there Friday evening, showing numerous empty seats. He removed the tweet after being told by others that the photo was taken before the venue filled up and apologized in a ...

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