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Saturday, 24 March 2018

MASSIVE COVERUPS + MI5's SERIOUS CRIMES: "Did Elite Pedophiles Fake Nerve Gas Attack In Salisbury? "

Did Elite Pedophiles Fake Nerve Gas Attack In Salisbury?
24/03/2018 by Mark Anthony Taylor, @Shyreman:

• All of the heads of the UK judiciary are involved in a paedophile ring.
• Parliament covered it up.
• Theresa May arranged it.
• The same judiciary covered up Russian money laundering.
• The Skripals may have been poisoned on the orders of paedophiles to cover up the crimes of the judiciary.
Illuminati Gay Peter ‘Mandy’ Mandelson, Commissioner of EU, allegedly had his rent-boy murdered and butchered
There is a suspicion that MI-5 blackmailed Donald Trump to stop him taking down the DNC via the scandal of Pizzagate. Pizzagate via its various nodes links into the British aristocracy. It is thus unsurprising that Theresa May and MI-5 appear to be at the very top of the Pissgate conspiracy – our government controlled media are still peddling the Russian election-rigging narrative. When Parliament expresses concerns that the Russians rigged Brexit, it is to give credibility to the notion that the Russian recidivists rigged the US general election. There is hardly ever a bad word to be said of the Clintons by the BBC, and never so from Parliament. While the relationship between George Dubya Bush to Tony Blair is often visited, Blair’s stronger and more personal relationship with the Clintons is blanked out. In British politics, the Clintons are the paedophile elephant in the room.
British Intelligence is certainly capable of blackmailing the American political class because they have lent GCHQ to the CIA for information gathering on the American people. GCHQ would of course preserve a copy of its databases for the British State’s own use. Britain not only has political secrets, but military secrets, such as the efficacy and vulnerability of American weapon systems. Each half in the special relationship is in bed with each other’s military industrial complex. So Trump is not necessarily personally compromised, in fact he could be doing what he perceives to be in the USA’s best interests.
But while politicians have dithered for the past year, distracted or embarrassed by these and other concerns, failing to yield hasty action, good folk worldwide have not rested. The paedophile scandals are paramount, and so we must endeavour to bring down the global cabal.
A keystone clue emerged last year, in November 2017 – a member of the elite, caught off guard, gave us a little titbit. The elite responsible is one Sir Terence Etherton, one of the three judges in the Gina Miller lawsuit, whose ruling could have easily evolved to disrail Brexit. At the time the Daily Mail posted an infamous hit piece with an epithet to the three judges as ‘Enemies of the State.’ The epithet has proven entirely prophetic as I hope I will show below.
Our titbit is a public endorsement from Etherton, reported on a few insider websites – “It appears that the only club of which our new LCJ is or has been a member is the Pizza Express Club.”
The endorsement was laid on the shoulders of the newly appointed Lord Chief Justice Sir Ian Burnett, who replaced the former Lord Chief Justice, Baron Thomas, in October of 2017.
One would think that with Pizza being known globally now as a codeword used by paedophiles for ‘child sex victim’ that Etherton would be more careful with his words. Etherton associates ‘pizza’ with ‘club.’ The suspicion should occur to any intelligent man that Etherton is bragging that Burnett is a member of a paedophile ring. Do we really believe that a judge of the Court of Appeal, who recently saw his mansion sold for $3,000,000 has a diet of take-away Pizza? Burnett is 59. Most 59 year old men do not have the digestive systems that can handle a regular diet of pizza.
Etherton is famous in the judiciary for being married to a man. As you can see in the photograph the wedding was a Jewish ceremony, and indeed it took place at the West London Reform Judaism Synagogue.
Neither of the pair look particularly effeminate so one must speculate whether they get their kicks by working together on a vulnerable third person. Indubitably Etherton is part of the gay sex culture in which such deceptive slang as Pizza was invented.
Now Terence Etherton is not just a frequent visitor to the West London Synagogue, he was director of it, from November of 2014 to November of 2016.
A notable memorial service was undertaken in the synagogue on the 20th May 2015, for Sir Leon Brittan. Mr Brittan was accused of burying a dossier of elite paedophiles handed to him by MP Geoffrey Dickens. Conveniently Britain died just before he was due to give an explanation, however some of the documents he had hidden emerged the day after his death.
Sir Leon Brittan, A Destroyer of Dossiers
Overseeing Terence Etherton is the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman, headed by Paul Kernaghan. Kernaghan, in his previous occupation as police chief is alleged to have covered up paedophile rings by two separate police officers, and is named as having taken part in Satanic ceremonies in the RAINS list (Ritual Abuse – Information Network & Support). The list named Ted Heath and Cyril Smith belonging to the same cult. The RAINS datum suggests Kernaghan was not just covering up paedophile rings, he was active in them.
(The RAINS list also alleges that Peter Mandelson, Commissioner of the EU, one of the architects of mass immigration in the UK, conspired to torture and murder a boy called Kevin and have his body dumped at sea).
Whoever put Kernaghan into power had to know his background. Recently it was disclosed that Theresa May had covered up the investigation against Cyril Smith. So we can figure Kernaghan’s appointment is probably May’s handiwork yet again. Insiders tell me May has done what Brittan did – destroy dossiers on elite paedophiles, and this is entirely consistent with the article linked above. It is a fact that the MI-5 knew that MPs and prosecutors had lied to protect Smith and the MI-5 did nothing. The MI-5 ultimately answer to the Prime Minister. Theresa May also put Elizabeth Truss into position as Lord Chancellor. Truss covered up a paedophile training programme in the judiciary that resulted in the abduction, rape and murder of children. Though his name is not mentioned in the exposé of that, Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas would have to have signed off that programme. Following Truss came Lord Chancellor David Liddington who appointed Sir Ian Burnett to become Thomas’s successor.
With May, Truss, Kernaghan and Thomas all covering up the abduction, rape and murder of children, then they needed someone as compromised as Thomas to take Thomas’s spot. Thus our eye must narrow upon Burnett. The pizza reference was most certainly spot-on. Gay-cultured Etherton knew what he was talking about.
Serving as senior rabbi at the West London synagogue was Julia Neuberger. She is sister-in-law to Baron David Neuberger who was President of the Supreme Court in the UK at the time of the Miller hearing in November of 2016. David Neuberger’s wife states on her website that she makes videos for the EU Commission. Neuberger, as head of the Supreme Court, handled the government’s appeal against the High Court’s verdict, so that it could avoid having to consult Parliament to advance the Brexit process. There was obviously a conflict of interest with Neuberger’s family profiting from the EU and indeed his wife was exposed for tweeting a Remoaner stance.
Prior to Miller’s hearing I had written a letter of complaint directly to Etherton and Truss, exposing that the Miller hearing was rigged by Baron Thomas and the Attorney General, Jeremy Wirght, with the intention that the government should lose. I did not know at the time that Truss had been involved in the paedophile programme. When I wrote of the duplicity to President Neuberger, I had no idea Neuberger’s sister-in-law was effectively under the power of Etherton, since Etherton was her boss at the Synagogue. I would guess that Neuberger is a regular attendee of the West London Synagogue and probably socializes with Etherton in that venue. Neuberger had the paper trail from me showing Etherton had covered up Thomas’s corrupt links with the Attorney General.
There is also the case of Jeffrey Epstein providing Lolita services to the British elite. Epstein is Jewish and the evidence tells us that Epstein’s Island was Mossad’s blackmail operation. There is the real possibility that Epstein’s network in London would have been routed from the West London Synagogue. The result of that network was the appointment of Jes Staley to the CEO of Barclays. The FOIA referred to in that link proves the UK Treasury Select Committee covered up Epstein’s lobbying by lying to the press about it. My constituency MP, Jeremy Lefroy, has not denied any of it and he has had months to investigate.
The speaker of the House of Commons, one of the most powerful men in Britain, John Bercow, is set to leave office. Replacing him has been fielded a most impious candidate, Harriet Harman. Harman was disgraced some years ago when it was discovered she ran an advocacy group that included PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange, that lobbied for the same freedom to be found in Saudi Arabia – the freedom to marry anyone of any age. PIE was set up by a homosexual man, and its existence and agenda was held secret by a circle of gays, in other words it was a homosexual paedophile ring and advocacy group. Harman remains unapologetic to this day. Also in Harman’s group was Lord Justice Fulford, who, when quizzed on the matter gave a pitiful defence that he had no memory of the events. For a man who spent all day listening to litigants and suspects under oath it was hardly a decisive statement. It seems Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas was surrounded by men and women involved in paedophilia and things have got worse under Burnett, the pizza-lover.
Burnett also covered up Deutsche Bank’s money laundering for ISIS and the Russian Mafia, with the help of the Attorney General, Jeremy Wright MP. Deutsche Bank laundered $10 billion and the FCA (the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority) fined it in secret and failed to identify a single recipient of the money. This was part of a bank cartel laundering £65 billion from oligarchs illicitly transferring money from Russia into London. The cartel also included Barclays, RBS and HSBC. The laundering operation appears to have been kept secret with the help of Barclays’ Jes Staley – Epstein’s man once again.
The Conservative Party has received something close to £850,000 in donations from the Russian oligarchs. Thus the FCA, with their secret fines and useless investigation, supervised by the Conservatives, helped the banks get away with money laundering, and in return the Conservatives were paid off. Katheryn Hudson, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, refused to discipline those responsible, on the basis that it was legitimate for an MP to be bribed through party donations.
Just as the Russian bribery scandal is exposed, as if by magic, a Russian inteligence officer, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter are alleged to be poisoned by a mysterious substance in their home at Salisbury, England. The substance was allegedly identified as one of the Novichok agents. The lethal dose of a Novichok agent is estimated to be about 1-2 milligrams, or about the mass of two grains of salt. When physicist Andrei Zheleznyakov was exposed to the substance he fell ill and died six years later of complications resultant of the exposure. Reportedly 40+ people were diagnosed with Novichok poisoning in Salisbury and were well enough to be sent home. Not exactly a consistent narrative from the British government. I have sent a FOIA to the Home Office to clarify a few issues.
It is thought Skripal has Spanish bank accounts and enumerates Russian oligarchs amongst his friends. Could it be he was killed to stop him exposing who in Parliament took the bribe to cover up the Russian money laundering scam?
Gangsters generally have a high disposition for paedophilia – it goes hand-in-hand with sadism and psychopathy. One wonders if the Russian gangsters in and around the West London Synagogue, have been supplying children to child trafficking groups in that area. Perhaps Sir Ian Burnett knows the answers, and perhaps Skripal knew that Burnett had the answers and for that reason Skripal and his daughter were poisoned.