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Friday, 16 March 2018

O NO! What Are SCP Creatures? (Heart Attack Warning!) + THE 1994 ZIMBABWE UFO INCIDENT [true!!] VIDEO

What Are SCP Creatures? (Heart Attack Warning!)

Published on Mar 15, 2018
What are SCP creatures? (Heart Attack Warning!) Because of the hazards associated with long time exposure to the briefing itself, all content must be learned, and all instructions must be followed carefully. Do not stop watching this video. You are watching Special Containment Procedure briefing number 2525. Please do not watch this video more than once. Do not stop watching this video. The SCP Foundation oversees special containment procedures, for the restraint of entities, objects, locations and human individuals, that violate the natural laws of physics. The foundation is a secret organization, entrusted by governments around the globe, to isolate and study anomalous threats to humanity, or threats to our sense of reality. Those foundation files which have been leaked to the public, can be found at scp-wiki.net. Item number SCP-3128 is a game set of Monopólio, manufactured in Portugal in 1937. When this game is played, it exerts an anomalous effect upon global financial markets. Completed turns taken by players of the game, will be mirrored by events in reality. This playset is credited with the economic recovery of Italy, under Mussolini. Testing by foundation researchers was suspended in 2018, after they introduced a dangerous instability to the US stock market. Item number SCP-3315 is an ice pick, such as those used for climbing. Its manufacturer is unknown. The object is abnormally cold, having a temperature of only three degrees above absolute zero, requiring its handler to wear insulated gloves. When an investigator takes hold of the handle, he will vanish from sight, and his GPS position will be lost, but he will still be able to communicate by radio. The investigator himself will be teleported to the crest of a mountain range, which is surrounded by low fog. The fog does not dissipate, which suggests that the mountain range is not located on this earth. The ice pick will not return the researcher to the starting point, until the researcher falls asleep. The first investigator suffered considerable frostbite, before sleep was induced during hypothermia. Fortunately on his return, a lab assistant was able to revive him. Later researchers, using cold weather gear, have attempted a descent from the peak, but none yet have reached the base of the mountain, before succumbing to sleep and exhaustion. Item number SCP-1131 is a subspecies of the common mosquito. When the female insect bites a human being, the person begins a physical transformation. The victim will first lose consciousness. Alterations begin with a darkening of the skin, and progress inward, adding bulk to the muscular structure, and then enlarging the skeletal anatomy. The victim will regain consciousness within 24 hours. All victims take on the same physical attributes, that of a 46-year old human male, by the name of Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal. Oddly, the reactions of the bitten subjects to this life changing transformation, are divided 50/50. Half of the victims become inconsolably worried. The other half are willing to reserve judgement, until they decide whether or not they wish to seek a medical remedy. Do not stop watching this video. Some viewers have reported hallucinations, connected with traumatic events from the viewers' past. This will pass, when SCP briefing number 2525 is complete. When the briefing is complete, please forward a link to this video, to a friend... or to someone you do not like. Do not stop watching this video. MAY I INTEREST YOU IN SUBSCRIBING TO THIS CHANNEL? IT'S FREE! CLICK HERE: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClL9b... THANK YOU, BILL MADON License links may all be found at https://creativecommons.org

The Zimbabwe Incident (Zimbabwe UFO Kids TODAY)

Published on Feb 15, 2018

The Zimbabwe Incident occurred a generation ago. The many kids who met a matched pair of extraterrestrials, have since grown into adults. What are they saying today, about their close encounters as the Zimbabwe UFO school children? A very remarkable UFO visitation took place in 1994, in front of more than sixty witnesses... between the ages of five and twelve. On a playground outside their school, the children all stopped playing at the same time, to watch a large flying saucer, hovering over distant scrubland. That sight, however, was only the beginning of their nightmares. The Ariel Primary School is located a short distance from the capital of Zimbabwe, in the rural township of Ruwa. Grades one through seven are still taught there. The close encounter took place on September 19th, three years after the school was founded, and one week after the start of the third semester. Tuition at the Ariel School is expensive, and all the students came from wealthy families. The children represented many different races, Asian and African and English. They had no exposure to the internet, little exposure to television, and no prior awareness of UFOs. Salma Siddick was one of those 62 kids. She was eleven years old. In an interview last year, she recounted flashing lights coming from small hills nearby. There was little supervision on that playground during the mid-morning recess, because all the teachers were in a staff meeting. The only adult supervisor, a mother of one of the students at Ariel, was inside the candy concession stall. She could not see the entire playground. She could see only that part of the playground reserved for the youngest children. The other kids crowded towards the direction of the hovering craft, stopping where the end of the playground was marked by tree trunks, where some huge Eucalyptus trees had been cut down. They later described the UFO as a silver disc. Salma had a close encounter with one of the aliens. Suddenly a small alien was standing in front of her, on the other side of the felled tree trunks. The features of its face were minimal, its expression was unchanging, and its skin reminded her of unblemished porcelain. Salma says it wore something resembling a scuba suit. Other youngsters described the suit as black, and shiny. After the encounter, the children ran as a mob, to tell the woman at the concession stall, but she turned them away, not willing to pick up and leave with all the food and money. They ran together to interrupt the staff meeting, where they were also told to calm down and be quiet. Classes then were held as normal. However on the next day, the school switchboard was inundated with phone calls from parents, who wanted to know why their kids were so scared. Then the teachers got scared. After the police were not able to help, one of the teachers thought of consulting a well known UFO researcher from the capital, Cynthia Hind. Hind was so convinced by the witnesses, that she contacted a psychiatrist, the Harvard Professor John Mack, who soon arrived to interview the young witnesses. Emily Trim was one of those 62 kids. Her age was eight. Speaking at a public event three years ago, she remembered how she and her friend were already at the tree log boundary of the playground, when they heard a high pitched noise, like the sound of a flute. They saw a flash, and a spacecraft. They saw two aliens heading towards them, hopping over the hills, without touching the ground. Abruptly the aliens appeared before them. One of them attempted to communicate with her, while staring into her eyes, and the message was telepathic. Emily perceived a rapid display of images in her mind... hundreds of mental pictures, perhaps thousands. She said the alien told her, "There is a good way of using technology. There is a bad way of using technology. You can do better." Different messages were relayed to different school children, but there was a common theme... to be a better caretaker of the environment on Earth. Before any investigators arrived on site, the kids were encouraged to draw pictures of the things they had seen. The artwork was remarkably similar. They drew the alien with an oversized head and large, slanted black eyes. The mouth was only a slit. The pictures were all of a type of alien, that is now classified as a grey. License links may all be found at https://creativecommons.org MAY I INTEREST YOU IN SUBSCRIBING TO THIS CHANNEL? IT'S FREE! CLICK HERE: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClL9b...