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Sunday, 22 April 2018

MUFON 2018 SYMPOSIUM JULY 27-29 - the 1994 Zimbabwe Ariel school UFO encounter VIDEO + DAVID PAULIDES [Missing 911], TRAVIS WALTON + more!

The 2018 MUFON Symposium speakers are the top minds in the UFO community today! They will reveal the newest findings, answer your questions, and most of all - they will stretch your mind and bend your reality to the limit.
Exploring the Ariel School Event of 1994

Filmmaker Randall Nickerson and former Ariel School student Salma Siddick offer an informative presentation about the mass-sighting of an unidentified craft in Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994 at Ariel School, and the forthcoming documentary about the event and its aftermath. Nickerson has been investigating this subject for over ten years for his feature-length documentary, Ariel Phenomenon. 
On September 16, 1994, more than sixty schoolchildren reported seeing an unidentified object land outside their schoolyard; some reported witnessing beings come out of the craft, and still others recalled a wordless message that was transmitted to them. Nickerson has tracked down and interviewed many of the students around the globe, as well as researched corresponding events that took place in the surrounding area in the days leading up to the event. His investigation also focused on BBC reporter Tim Leach who was the first news reporter on the scene and whose life was touched by the event, and on Dr. John Mack, the Harvard psychiatrist and alien abduction expert who traveled to Zimbabwe to conduct interviews with the children; Mack's interest in the subject nearly cost him his career.
Randall Nickerson has been working in the film industry since 1987, first as a stage and film actor and then transitioning into cinematography and ultimately into directing. Nickerson has shot for many news agencies and for several documentary films. “Ariel Phenomenon” is his first feature length documentary after much practice in short form documentaries. Nickerson is also a professional commercial and nature photographer who has had highly reviewed galleries in Manhattan and Massachusetts. His photos have also appeared in several books including NY Times Best Seller “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record”. His photography can be viewed here: www.randallnickersonphotography.com. Nickerson's film, video and photographic production company, String Theory Films, LLC, can be found at www.stringtheoryfilmsllc.com

Zimbabwe School UFO 1994 - interviews with the children:

Published on Feb 24, 2013

Ariel School Encounter Witness, Salma Siddick + Filmmaker Randall Nickerson, 10-18-17

Streamed live on Oct 18, 2017

Salma Siddick (Ariel School Encounter Witness) brilliantly tells her story during the Ariel School encounter on September 16, 1994. Randy Nickerson discusses his film of the event Ariel Phenomenon. Host Martin Willis, Podcast UFO: http://podcastufo.com Show notes: http://podcastufo.com/show-notes/salm... Help fund the completion of this important film: https://igg.me/at/arielfilm/x/10708920 What happens when you see something so extraordinary that no one believes you? Filmmaker Randall Nickerson is exploring this question through his upcoming feature-length documentary, Ariel Phenomenon. The film explores an event in 1994 when sixty school children claim to have seen an unusual space craft land near their primary school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe and witnessed an incredible event that, to this day, they can hardly comprehend themselves. Nickerson has become the foremost investigator into this unusual event. After eight years of investigative journalism, filming, and editing, the project has momentum to reach completion by the spring of 2018. The film seeks to change the conversation about a topic that is often taboo by highlighting the struggle with the stigma that the witnesses still struggle with from this event. This much-anticipated documentary explores the sighting - of whatever it was - and its aftermath in the lives of those who witnessed it. After hundreds of hours spent recovering archival news footage from news crews who were first on the scene after the event to researching other sightings in the region and reaching out to former Ariel students across the globe to re-tell their story, the film is in its final fundraising stages and nearing a final edit. A new trailer that showcases footage from the most recent production trip to Zimbabwe, and features Dan Aykroyd’s supportive comments about the film and event in an exclusive interview, has just been released and is being used as part of our current Indiegogo campaign which runs through November 3 Salma Siddick was at grade seven attending Ariel School in 1994 and was a witness to the event.  Arielphenomenon.com https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ar... https://StringTheoryFilmsLLC.com https://www.facebook.com/arielschoold... https://Randallnickersonphotography.com