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Sunday, 29 April 2018

WIKILEAKS UPDATES 29 APRIL 2018 - THE U.S. + SYRIA, Trump, MP Smeeth + the U.S. cable "strictly protect"


  • John Podesta Pushes Conspiracy Theories on Season Premiere of Ancient Aliens

    Among the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks during the 2016 campaign were several from Blink-182 front man (and UFO activist) Tom DeLonge referencing “Classified Science,” “DOD topics” and Roswell. What is unusual about the latest Ancient Aliens episode (“The UFO Conspiracy”) is Podesta's ...
  • Today's Sunday Times front page makes the BBC mocking up a 'Russian' Corbyn look balanced
    The Canary

    A WikiLeaks cable exposed that the US wrote about the anti-Corbyn Labour MP Ruth Smeeth followed by the words “strictly protect”. WikiLeaks says the description means the Labour MP is a US “informant”. Yet the mainstream media has barely acknowledged this. Smeeth responded in 2011, saying ...
  • This Week in Bitcoin: Amazon Wants to Track You and TD Ameritrade Plants a Flag
    Bitcoin News (press release)

    On Wednesday it was revealed that Wikileaks has switched its store to Canada's Coinpayments and that its publishing arm has expanded its own bitcoin and privacy system. The organization also attacked its former service provider: “Coinbase has become an unreliable and even dangerous service, ...
  • What's really going on with bizarre duo Pam Anderson and Julian Assange
    Page Six

    On March 28, it was announced that the Ecuadorean embassy in London — where the WikiLeaks mastermind has been holed up since 2012 — had revoked Assange's visitor privileges and Internet access. Ecuador's government, which granted him citizenship in January, chalked it up to Assange ...
  • Editorial cartoons for April 29, 2018: Cosby convicted, Pruitt grilled, Macron embraced

    ... Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt defending his spending in congressional hearings; a mass shooting at the Nashville Waffle House stopped by an unarmed bystander; the Democratic National Committee's lawsuit against Wikileaks and others alleging interference in the 2016 ...
  • Suit against Trump campaign stirs memories of Watergate
    News Item

    Last week the Democratic Party filed a federal lawsuit against President Trump's 2016 election campaign, along with his family members and inner circle, Russia, Wikileaks and others, over Russia's theft of important e-mails and tons of other data from the Democrats' headquarters.The multimillion-dol.
  • Did Donald Trump Jr. Admit to Violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act?
    Lawfare (blog)

    We learned back in 2017 that Trump Jr. had been exchanging direct messages on Twitter with the Wikileaksaccount. We knew that Wikileaks had sent Trump Jr. a message that included guessed login credentials of a default account on an anti-Trump website. But we didn't know if Trump Jr. or anyone ...
  • Seoul: N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un says Trump will get to know he's 'not a person' to aim ...
    Yahoo News

    ... check back later. Seoul: N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un says Trump will get to know he's 'not a person' to aim missiles at US. Associated Press • April 28, 2018. SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Seoul: N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un says Trump will get to know he's 'not a person' to aim missiles at US .
  • Mark Lister: The truth about Chinese economic growth
    New Zealand Herald

    Unfortunately for him, a transcript of that private conversation was released in 2010 by Wikileaks. I'm not sure if we should be concerned or comforted that the Chinese authorities are as cynical as we are about their data. Regardless, Li said he instead watched three things to take the pulse of the ...
  • Litecoin Update: WikiLeaks, Lee Joins DMG Blockchain and Collaboration With TokenPay

    Independent media company WikiLeaks announced it would start accepting Litecoin (LTC) as a payment method on its online marketplace. The announcement comes after WikiLeaks has called for a boycott of popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase following the termination of its bitcoin merchant ...
  • The new US 'solution' for Syria has to be one of the worst ideas ever
    The Canary

    And while the ideology isn't the only driving force behind terrorism, both al-Qaeda and Daesh subscribe to it. One senior Qatari official has actually claimed the latter began as “a Saudi project“ (Qatar's 'project' was allegedly al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra). High-level US leaks published by WikiLeaks ...
  • WEB

  • Wikileaks

    North and South Korean leaders sit down for historic summit talks today (Korean time). Here is the US Marines North Korean (DPRK, 1997) invasion guide published by WikiLeaks replete with a pocket guide to the Korean language and DPRK clothes and culture: ...
  • I need to know about Julien Assange and WikiLeaks
    Charles Aulds

    All I need to know about WikiLeaks is that if it wasn't for WikiLeaks, we would never have known about the US military attempt to hide an incident in which civilians (including two journalists) were machine-gunned from helicopters while the gunners laughed. That attack occurred three years before ...
  • Cryptocurrency firm Coinbase suspends WikiLeaks' bitcoin account
    Freedoms Phoenix

    Coinbase says Wikileaks was "in violation" of its terms of service.

  • Amazon & JP Morgan blockchain services. Wikileaks boycotts Coinbase. XRP + ETH are ...

    Amazon web services has launched “blockchain templates” to make it easier to build Ethereum or Hyperledger based… by cryptsheets.
  • seekintoo/Chimay-Red

    Reverse engineered from the "Vault 7" WikiLeaks publication. http://blog.seekintoo.com/chimay-red.… mikrotik exploit security security-vulnerability reverse-engineering hacking hacking-tool hacking-code exploit-development exploit-kit debugging toolkit framework pwned cia wikileaks vault-7.
  • Sputnik - Is crypto sphere really behind Wikileaks and...

    Is crypto sphere really behind Wikileaks and Julian Assage? WikiLeaks Might Not Exist Without Bitcoin Now - Cryptography Consultant. Coinbase, the world's biggest bitcoin brokerage, has blocked Wikileaks from using the service prompting Wikileaks to call for a global boycott of Coinbase. According…
  • Kim Dotcom

    You know it would be one thing for him to just own up to the fact he's personally profited off of giving free shit to others through piracy. It's quite another when he is very blatantly and shamelessly trying to rip off the most gullible fuckheads on the internet. I mean, I've thought before how easy it must be to ...
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  • WikiLeaks taunts DNC by tweeting EPIC cartoon on lawsuit
    DML News

    Last Friday, the Democratic National Committee filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the Russian government, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks, alleging a conspiracy between the three entities to disrupt the 2016 presidential campaign in order to get Donald Trump elected.
  • Wikileaks Store States Coinbase Has Shut Down Its Bitcoin Account

    Wikileaks, a leaked documents depository that was central to a long string … Apr 21, 2018 · Wikileaks Claims Coinbase Has Shut Down Its Online Store's Bitcoin its account with Coinbase has Bitcoin as a way to donate to WikiLeaks WikiLeaks has had to find choice solutions for its online shop. In 2016 ...