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Monday, 21 May 2018

Gangstalking: Saturday 19 May '18

As part of an ongoing gangstalking program here I myself am being gangstalked by neighbours and assorted strangers because, I strongly allege, I am reporting on the appalling goings-on occurring to one Carol Woods, of Caton, Lancs., who has been the target of, it is very strongly alleged, certain agencies in Lancashire. Why? The basics of her londrunning targeting which continue to this day can be found in her reports, here:  York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC   http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.ae/. More is described here:   “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire” http://criticalreader17.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/ These articles an be found in the many updates with Carol’s reports in the archive of 120+ posts here, beginning in Feb. 2016 – https://butlincat.com/?s=carol+woods
Monitored every time I go out, to anywhere, stalkers always turn up – some make it obvious, others don’t. On Saturday 19 May 2018, they decided to make it obvious – to me anyway. Saturday 19 May 2018 – diary entry: 
2 stalkers already today while I wait for the bus to the nearby town – they are calling their handlers on their mobile phones to tell them I am active waiting for a bus. Often they use dog walking as an excuse to watch, as this first character did. When I get to the nearby town there will be some ready to watch me.
[footnote: and I really don't care who believes anything i say, and who doesn't - the people who count believe me, and that's all that matters. The rest's opinions aren't even noted, let alone listened to. Only if something like gangstalking happens to anyone will they understand - and these characters who think things like this aren't happening are, to me, the equivalent of characters who believe the Earth is flat, which speaks for itself].
No. 2 
The above pics of these 2 stalkers, taken within minutes of each other, were immediately  sent to Carol [Woods] while i was waiting for the bus – I emailed her as all this began around 10.20BST – Carol  replied a few hours later after reading my messages:
“Data Analysis
13:50 (13 hours ago)
to butlincat
This is EXACTLY what they do to me and have done for months, probably longer than I worked out what was going on, first half wit today was not very old, they use YOUNG PEOPLE who I ignore then either change my destination or delay or drive around a bit and that spoils all they do. I have not taken a bus for over 2 years now to cut all that down. C” [ends]It’s a 30 minute bus ride to the nearby town – plenty of time to get their recruits in position.
No 3 stalker turns up after 10 mins of my arrival  in Poole = 
Earlier on a site, an activist wrote as a comment to my showing the above: “Camera is the best form of self defence.
Expose, expose, expose. They are not unbeatable, when the law is on your side”.
I replied: “totally agree..But even when the law is “on your side” still things can go pear-shaped but yes, photographic evidence can be vital to enforce one’s case[s]. Earlier i stated that neighbours – at least 6 who live alongside me – were recruited stalkers, I v strongly allege, connected to the agency responsible for C Woods harassment, plus a similar seperate male residing a bit further in a nearby street issued a death threat to me in Nov.’17 for which i got a crime number, but the subsequent police investigation was appalling and little was done about anything – myself having to send a complaint to IOPC about this appalling lack of proper investigation, and then that being allocated to a local resolution officer by the IOPC who upheld the complaint and finding my favour that there was no proper investigation. But by then – 4 months after the initial threat – little could be done as the perpetrator of the threat could not be traced even though I gave his address nearby to the original investigating officer 2 weeks after the threat was made, but little, or nothing was done throughout, which it wouldn’t be if things were connected to C Wood’s Lancashire harassments etc. Also around the same time other death threats began to be received in written form from a separate source which were also met with the decision that no further action was to be taken either. Very odd when there was overwhelming evidence for those threats too, which continued up till April 2018. Now i’m taking everything to the CPS in an attempt to get the perps stopped from issuing such malicious threats to kill. – i refuse to live “on alert” 24/7 because of these maniacs and if it takes everything, i will continue. A well known barrister told me a short while ago one is unable to bring the police to book via a prosecution against them when I asked about doing just that to the Northern force who, it is very strongly alleged, are responsible for much happening to Carol Woods. I replied that i believed the statement that “noone is above the law” to be a truthful and valid statement – he didn’t reply. Even so, look at what happened to a certain citizen who succeeded in bringing an action against a law enforcement agency – it cost him dear, as it is proving for Maurice, who has / had over 30 civil cases against a certain force, although i’ve read recently that figure was 60+ cases – all blocked by authorities, if only temporarily.” [ends]
The commenter continued: “There are 2 parts to this issue,
1) The problems and injustice you face.
2) The wider issue of misfeasance in Public Office.
So you have to do all u can within the established channels, to obtain justice, and at the same time, fight the ISSUE, by getting the public to act in numbers, like Windrush”
I replied: “I totally agree, but 1) people don’t understand about what stalking is – even the apologists cops who turned up after the police complaint was upheld could only reference America and stalking – obviously he’d made attempts to inform himself about the subject but it’s hardly as rife here nor publicised as much as it is in America (eg on YouTube) so he knew little as most people don’t I’ve found.  2) people think you’re mad or have an ulterior motive when trying to explain what’s happening. Even the cop who came round last June, when my continuous messages to the CC of Dorset finally got attention asked a few times “do I have or have I ever had a mental illness” – she found everything I said about Carol’s harassment or mine extremely dubious, plus of course she would do as little as she could to get anything done about her Lancs. colleagues crimes (alleged) anyway. It’s an uphill battle but former disbelievers have had to change their attitude after witnessing stuff when they’ve been with me when out, thankfully.”
The commenter continued: “The public and the press are slowly waking up”. He is correct.
Went to Lancaster town centre during my 2 day visit to Carol up in Lancashire last July [see the report here:  “The Visit – July 2017” https://butlincat.com/2017/07/10/the-shocking-carol-woods-coverup-lancs-compromise-agreement-falsified-archive-10-july-17/ ]  – we saw a cop who had previously stalked Carol 2 years previously with another stalker, and a whole parade of stalkers turned up during the couple of hours we were there – they knowing exactly where she was by the illegal tracking device in her car – this is why the device is there so as they can track and harass her and gangstalk her when she’s out, especially when she’s at the University library using the internet there [hacking and her electricity being hacked by criminal neighbours at C’s council flat denies her having and using a computer or phone there so she has to go to the Lancaster University to use the computers there]. The stalkers sit right by her at the computers and hack the computer she’s on openly and brazenly via their mobile phones. The Uni library’s public wifi is very easy hack and these paid yobs interfere with all she does on the computer, which is mostly sending out updates about what’s happening up there – sending the updates to not only myself but to government figures, and many others, as her updates show. . I then blog those updates, hence the harassment to myself for reporting it all, and her longstanding attacks continue also as punishment for reporting anything in the 1st place. Scores of complaints and notifications have been sent for years before I began reporting anything in Feb, 2016 – to the HMIC [Inspector of Constabularies], ACPO [police chiefs], NCA_UK [ Nat. Crime Agency], MPs, chief constables – any and everyone worth writing to has been written to but noone will bring to book anyone responsible for anything, including the numerous murder attempts upon Carol, or the massive amount of ID frauds, and all the rest of the serious crime that has taken place, and is taking place all the time. Very top cops are involved and a mason will not see another mason in distress – they will protect that mason at all costs – which is why the harassment has continued for years to Carol with nothing being done about anything. Every agency up there is controlled by the police, it is very strongly alleged, including the city council, and all the rest. Greater Manchester chief constable Mike Todd was handed a file on CW’s cases by a judge years ago – MT was meant to investigate what Carol had discovered whilst employed by the county council there, and more, and also what was happening to her but he didn’t get a chance and met a swift and untimely end, and that is not the only death to happen since 2001 regarding it all. What was in that file? “
Other related episodes I have been bothered to write up are: 

Stalking that fails: the Postman – 11 Oct. 17

Update: Video, 2018: “Gangstalking: Police Misuse of databases and infiltration of confidential information” 

– see more comments: “and in the UK too. The rogue police involved in my targeting liase with my GP, the DWP, the local hospital where i have appointments compromised….and a whole lot more. Formal local police deny everything re: gangstalking, but it’s really because they dont want to know about their officers operating their own agendas, mainly because it is criminal activity!” 


2] Video, 2018: “Policing 1” 

– this video describes how, allegedly, a smear campaign can be enacted against a person – false rumours are spread about a citizen [who then becomes a “stalked victim” aka a “Targeted Individual”] to his neighbours in his community, along with others he interacts with eg. his GP, his hospital, his local council etc. – any agency or anyone he/she interacts with – even the staff at any restaurant the T.I. frequents are told "smear stories" to discredit the victim - their "body language" says it all. It is a smear campaign against, in my case, a law abiding citizen who has no current criminal record. I have been told by one of my stalkers who was “befriended” that he was [allegedly] told by a certain individual [or by one of his colleagues] to monitor me at all times or whenever he could [as half a dozen other neighbours were also told who became stalkers too, judging by their behaviour towards me, some of which stopped but much continues] as I was “involved in criminal activity”, even though I most definitely am not and my last arrest [on a minor drug offence of “possession”] was in 1984 – 35 years ago. I firmly believe this character in an authority position is responsible for instigating my stalking beginning in 2010. Apart from [unreplied to] letters of complaint regarding this harassment and victimisation already sent to the Chief Constable [to now ex-Chief Constable Ms. D. Simpson] regarding the harassment suffered during the past couple of years an 8-page letter to the Home Secretary and 5 other high-up government personnel [including eg. 2 local MPs and the local council’s head solicitor] was sent on 06 Nov. 2018 informing them all of this black op. and longstanding gangstalking happening here, including the identity of the character I strongly allege originally instigated this black op. harassment originally way back in 2010 [who may or may not be still at where I reported my email a/c being hacked – my local police station] – my letter was acknowledged by most of those sent to, but this unwarranted and illegal surveillance upon myself continues unabated, in varying degrees unsurprisingly. After all, no police force or government agency is going to readily admit black ops of this kind are happening – clandestine surveillance of law abiding citizens who aren’t involved in any crimes at present goes against Article 8 of the Human Rights Act [right to a private life] anyway, especially when the person targeted is most definitely not involved in crime of any sort and having no current criminal record – in any shape or form – either. The simple fact emerges that if one highlights particularly horrific crimes against another [perfectly law abiding] citizen as has occurred with my highlighting the chronic and highly illegal harassment one Carol Woods has been forced to endure since at least 2001 one will receive payback in the form of gangstalking and other sometimes severe harassment perpetrated by those supposed to PROTECT us from exactly this type of thing. Fact. 

SHOCKING: SNOOPER'S CHARTER IS NOW LAW Nov. 2016: "Britain has passed the 'most extreme surveillance law ever passed", SNOWDEN, GCHQ #massurveillance - VIDEO 

Gangstalking is much more prolific in America – simply go to Youtube and see the huge amount of subject matter there by using the search term “gangstalking” – but even in the UK, this horrific subject is growing:      https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gang+stalking+uk
This above is just one day in the life, referring to a couple of hours on a Saturday – it would take days to report all I have, with pics / film + audio – all stored in various safe locations.

My Stalkers and the smear campaign they're made part of - Saturday 15 Dec. 2018 + archive UPDATED + more targeting + "the "snooper's charter" ruled illegal" + "Gangstalker Wars: Security Industry Specialist Tells All"

I am a T.I. [Targeted Individual]: My mobile phones, and other things:- by J. Graham [butlincat] – 31 Oct. 2018
short video, 1 / 3 -  BEING KEYLOGGED IN 2016:  

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Gangstalking: Saturday 19 May ‘18

​​​​​​​ STALKING THAT FAILS: [My local postman’s involvement in my targeting]: The Shocking Carol Woods Coverup: UPDATE 03 July 2018 + Stalking that fails: the Postman – 11 Oct. 17

SHOCKING: SNOOPER'S CHARTER IS NOW LAW Nov. 2016: "Britain has passed the 'most extreme surveillance law ever passed", SNOWDEN, GCHQ #massurveillance - VIDEO 

ANDY COLES - #sackandycoles #spycops + JANET ALDER + UNDERCOVER COPS: "The Women Activists Who Fell In Love With Police Spies And Are Still Waiting For Justice" VIDEO

Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance: Spycops Inquiry: Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall - 26 Feb. 2018 + UNDERCOVER COPS

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