In most cases, when a person is guilty of an unspeakable crime, people want to see the perpetrator brought to justice; whether it’s through the death penalty, life in prison, or a long enough sentence that they’ll end up dying the day before being released. What people don’t want to see, is that same guy who raped and nearly killed a woman start serving them a Happy Meal at McDonald’s in the next ten years or less. Without justice, there is no order and no sense of safety. 
But one judge in Germany is practically doing that very thing. A Muslim migrant (Hussein H. 20) took a mistress that was ten years his senior and brutally beat, tied, cut and tortured her. He now stands in court and is accused of assault and deprivation of liberty. Great, he’s being put on trial for his crimes, so what’s the problem? 
The problem is that the judge refuses to let anyone attend the court hearings and won’t allow anyone to release his picture and full name. When asked to give a reason, the judge simply stated it wouldn’t be right to compromise the “intimate and emotional life of the defendant” and didn’t want to “jeopardize his later resocialization.” 

The official sentencing day is set for the first of June, but it sounds like this guy is just going to get a slap on the wrist with an offer to help get reintegrated into society afterward.
Allegedly, the migrant would often tie the woman’s (whose name remains anonymous) arms and legs, cut practically every inch of her body with a razor blade, and then rub salt and lemon juice over the open wounds. He pleasured himself as she screamed from the pain.  
Had the criminal been a white German man, everybody would know his name, his whole life’s story, and nobody would have ever wanted to see him function in society again. But because the rapist is a Muslim immigrant, everything is all hush hush and plans are already being made to reintroduce him to society. If the people don’t accept him and think he should still be in prison, they will likely be labeled as racists and possibly even jailed for hate speech.   
What this migrant has done is sickening, the punishment needs to match the crime. The law-abiding citizens of Germany deserve peace of mind, and they deserve to know that they will never see this man again. We have to wait a month to find out, but right now it looks the score is Muslim migrant:1 German people: 0. We can only hope this will change come June first. 


Pedophile Who Raped Girl Spared Jail: 'My Religion Doesn't Condemn Child Sex' 

Adil Rashid, 18, was taught that women were "worthless" at the Islamic faith school he attended, also claiming that he was not aware it was illegal for him to have sex with a child because his education had left him 'ignorant' to British law.Judge Michael Stokes handed Rashid a forgiving suspended sentence, saying: ‘Although chronologically 18, it is quite clear from the reports that you are very naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters.’

 Nottingham Crown Court heard such crimes usually result in a four to a seven-year prison sentence According to The DailyMail: Despite Rashid escaping jail, Nottingham Crown Court heard such crimes usually result in a four to a seven-year prison sentence. 

The judge said that Rashid was ‘passive’ and ‘lacking assertiveness’, and sending him to jail might cause him more damage than good.Rashid, who lured girl via Facebook to the Premier Inn hotel in Nottingham UK, had sex with her for two hours before returning home to a mosque to pray. He was arrested the following week after the girl confessed what had happened to a friend, who then informed the teachers.Rashid claimed he was 'reluctant' to have sex with the girl, even though he spent months seducing her over social media. 

Later, the court heard that Rashid had ‘little experience of women’ due to his Islamic education. © press Rashid says he was taught that ‘women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground’. He then confessed to a psychologist that he was unaware that having sex with a 13-year-old was against the law, only finding out it was illegal after a family member told him.Rashid says he was taught that ‘women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground’. Defence lawyer Laban Leake said reports suggested Rashid had a ‘degree of sexual naivety’.‘

The school he attended, it is not going too far to say, can be described as a closed community and on this occasion, this was perpetuated by his home life.‘It is not too far to say that he may not have known that having sex with a 13-year-old girl was illegal.’ Judge Stokes sentenced Rashid to nine months youth custody, suspended for two years, along with a two-year probation supervision order.

The judge said: ‘He’s had an unusual education, certainly in terms of the sexual education provided. Comparing women to lollipops is a very curious way of teaching young men about sex.’‘It was made clear to you at the school you attended that having sexual relations with a woman before marriage was contrary to the precepts of Islam,’ he said.

Addressing Rashid, the judge added: ‘I accept this was a case where the girl was quite willing to have sexual activity with you. But the law is there to protect young girls, even though they are perfectly happy to engage in sexual activity.’