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Monday, 7 May 2018

OUTRAGEOUS! "Pervert policeman who downloaded more than 1,600 indecent child images is spared jail" - WHY? + DOMINIC MCKILLIGAN MURDERER OF 11-year-old TO BE FREED - WHY?

Pervert policeman who downloaded more than 1,600 indecent child images is spared jail

A PERVERT policeman who downloaded more than 1,600 indecent images of children has been spared jail after telling a judge how "sorry" he is.

pervert police man pc clive hansenSWNS
A policeman who downloaded more than 1,600 indecent child images has been spared jail
PC Clive Hansen, who has since been sacked from his role, was investigated by his own colleagues after they received a tip off that one of their officers was looking at child abuse images.
They found the huge haul of pornography after raiding the 53-year-old's home and seizing his laptop.
A court heard how on the computer, they found 17 images at category A, the most extreme abuse, 26 at level B and 1,576 at level C, as well as another prohibited image.
But despite the married father initially refusing to comment on the find, he later admitted he "had a problem for a long time."
ipswich crown courtGETTY
PC Clive Hansen, who has been sacked from his role, told the judge how ‘sorry’ he was
Representing himself at Ipswich Crown Court, Hansen admitted he had been looking at images for about 11 months.
He said he not contesting the prosecution case and he was aware by accessing the images he was "perpetuating the abuse which is going on at the other end".
He said: "I am so ashamed of what I have done. There is no excuse.
"I am so sorry for everybody that has been involved in this sad situation.
"I would be so grateful if the sentence could be suspended to allow me to put right the wrongs I have done and allow me to make a contribution, the best I can, to the community.
"I fully understand the consequences of my actions. I did not at the time."
He was investigated by his own colleagues after they received a tip off
Hansen, of Benfleet, Essex, admitted three counts of making indecent pictures and one offence of possessing a prohibited image of a child.
I am so ashamed of what I have done. There is no excuse
PC Clive Hansen
The court heard how Essex Police received a tip off on November 2 last year that one of their officers was downloading child abuse images.
Officers went to his home and, when he returned from shift, arrested him and seized a laptop.
Judge David Goodin referred to the Essex Police officer's "exemplary" conduct previously and urged him to stop looking at this type of "stuff".
computer going onlineGETTY
The married father initially refused to comment on the find
The judge told him: "In my judgement there are not very many of these category A images but here they are.
"Bearing in mind your background of exemplary character, any sentence I make I know must take that into account.
"All the indications are your remorse was real and there were particular factors that seem to have pushed you in this unhealthy direction."
Hansen was handed a four-month jail sentence, suspended for a year, ordered to carry out 80 hours unpaid work and given a sexual harm prevention order for seven years.
He was also placed on the sex offenders' register for the same period and ordered to pay £365 in costs and charges
Judge Goodin also gave Hansen 60 days of rehabilitation activity requirement so he can have "face to face help to deal with, and support, to ensure you are not tempted to go back to all that stuff".
Following the hearing, Hansen was fired in a special case hearing chaired by Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh, at Chelmsford County Court.
ipswich crown courtGETTY
He later admitted he ‘had a problem for a long time’
Mr Kavanagh found Hansen, who was based at Canvey police station, had breached the standards of professional behaviour in the area of discreditable conduct.
He was dismissed without notice.
Mr Kavanagh said: "The protection of public confidence in policing is vital if we are to face the scourge of child abuse imagery and other crimes in the modern age.
"Police officers should as part of their professional duties commit to the protection of the weak and the innocent.
"Every abuse image of a child re-victimises that vulnerable individual and is abhorrent to society. 
"Those in positions of power are rightly expected by the public and colleagues to adhere to appropriate standards of behaviour.
"The creation and storage of such a large number of child abuse images by someone sworn to protect the public demands a clear message that I am confident will be supported not just by senior colleagues but all colleagues in Essex Police."

Newcastle psychopath McKilligan [..kill-again]

"He is a monster I don't want him out": Mum's fury as killer who snatched her son off the street may be released
11-year-old Wesley Neailey


Family's horror as evil child killer Dominic McKilligan could be released from jail in THREE months

Dominic McKilligan lured 11-year-old Wesley Neailey to a derelict garage near his home in the Arthur's Hill area of Newcastle