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Wednesday, 2 May 2018



  • Cambridge Analytica is shutting down

    Per Vox's Andrew Prokop, Nix contacted Julian Assange of WikiLeaks during the summer of 2016 to discuss hacked Democratic emails. Mueller is also interested in broader questions about whether Trump's digital operation collaborated with Russians in some way. And even when Cambridge Analytics ...
  • Progressives Pounce on Clinton Adviser for Calling Sanders a Hypocrite
    Washington Free Beacon

    He compared the fanaticism of Sanders' supporters on social media to "Assange minions"–supporters of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange–and clarified the comparison wasn't "a compliment." Reines also expanded on his criticism of the democratic socialist by citing he was "Pro-Gun," "Pro-Russia," ...
  • Pamela Anderson defends Julian Assange: 'He's so misunderstood'
    The Hill (blog)

    Pamela Anderson is claiming Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is "misunderstood" and has been defamed by the biased media. "He's so misunderstood, especially in Hollywood, and really hated, because of the Clinton monopoly on the media," Anderson told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview ...
  • Pamela Anderson: Julian Assange is hated 'because of the Clinton monopoly on the media'
    Washington Examiner

    Former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson said her controversial relationship with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is deeply rooted in their personal connection and her belief in his work. "He's been wrongly accused of so many things," Anderson said of Assange during an interview with the Hollywood ...
  • Voters are savvier than Trump believes
    Washington Post

    ... again and again, despite well-reported episodes such as the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, outreach to Russians by campaign aides George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, and his own efforts to egg on more hacking of Hillary Clinton and to trumpet memos released by pro-Russia WikiLeaks.
  • You Know I Can Just Subpoena You To Answer My Questions

    Still, while the lawsuit filed against Trump, Russia, and Wikileaks by the Democratic National Committee is a total joke, a fundraising ploy to fill the coffers of a cash-strapped party apparatus, this is why they're doing it. They want to get Trump deposed in some way. That's fine, but everyone says it's time ...
  • Chelsea Manning: Google and Facebook deliberately use biased algorithms

    A former U.S. Army private, Manning was convicted of leaking more than 700,000 government files to WikiLeaksand received a 35-year prison term which was commuted by U.S. President Barack Obama in the final days of his presidency in January 2017, 7 years after Manning was imprisoned.
  • How Western Meddling and a Dust Bowl Drought Ignited Syria's Civil War
    Mintpress News

    This trickery dates back to at least 2006, when a WikiLeaks cable exposed U.S. political treachery at its very worst; calculated meddling designed to harm the government and population of Syria. In this article we will review false revelations and calculated moves undertaken by politicians to undermine ...
  • Playmate to Politico: How Pamela Anderson Became an International Woman of Mystery
    Hollywood Reporter

    By far the most controversial relationship in her life at the moment, however, is with Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, the website that released hacked Democratic emails at strategic points during the 2016 elections that many believe may have helped swing the election to Donald Trump. How the ...
  • The DNC Lawsuit and First Amendment Sensitivities
    Just Security

    Conversely, the First Amendment would not shield WikiLeaks, much less the New York Times, from criminal liability if it made a corporate decision to hack the Democratic National Committee in order to publish its contents. For example, the Fourth Circuit held that the First Amendment did not shield ...
  • Just How Far American Dollars Go to Finance Iranian Terror
    Clarion Project

    Iran is heavily invested in South Africa, which is considered a beachhead for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Iran's military force that reports directly to the “Supreme Leader,” Ayatollah Khamenei, himself. A 2006 cable exposed by Wikileaks says Iran smuggled Congolese uranium through ports ...
  • Trump's game of leaks: Is he playing the New York Times the same way the Russians did?

    Those leaks were likely the work of Russian agents, who fed the information to the newspaper (by way of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks) in order to feed a false narrative that Clinton was duplicitous and untrustworthy. “[N]othing hurt worse than my own colleagues calling me a de facto instrument of ...
  • Whistleblower and former political prisoner Chelsea Manning speaks to WSWS
    World Socialist Web Site

    Eight years ago, in May 2010, then 22-year-old Pvt. Manning was arrested and charged by the Army under the Obama administration for leaking internal military documents to WikiLeaks, including the video of a deadly Apache attack released in a video entitled “Collateral Murder.” The footage showed ...
  • Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson: What's Really Going on There?

    It is causing speculation over whether or not the pair is in some way romantically involved of if Anderson has ulterior motives for her interest in the WikiLeaks mastermind. Assange has been holed up in London's Ecuadorean embassy since 2012 and it was announced in March that they had revoked his ...
  • Media attacks US Green candidate Stein over her non-existent collusion with Russia

    Those views include her positive opinion of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and her distaste for the concept of 'American exceptionalism' and illegal US military operations overseas. Herb's framing of his comments makes it sound almost as though the Kremlin is the only other place where people are ...
  • The DNC Tests the Meaning of Trade Secrets in the Political Arena
    Trade Secrets Trends (blog)

    The Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) filed a lawsuit against Russia, Wikileaks, the Trump Campaign, and several individuals (including Julian Assange, Jared Kushner, and a hacker named “Guccifer 2.0”) on April 20, 2018 in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York. The DNC ...
  • Trump Could Be Charged With Conspiracy To Defraud The United States

    But he's talking about Roger Stone and Wikileaks and whether President Trump knew that Mr. Stone had these connections with the Russians. Again, Trump is right. Collusion by itself is not a crime. You know what is a crime? Conspiracy to defraud the United States. Mueller's already charged people ...
  • MSNBC Host: I Don't Think We'll Find Proof Of Russian Collusion

    There was the infamous email from a Trump donor who emailed the Trump team, including Donald Jr., and the then-candidate at the time, which included a decryption keyto a trove of documents on Wikileaks from the DNC and John Podesta. CNN said the email was sent on September 4, 2016.
  • Oh Please: April Ryan Wonders to Sanders If Comey, Russia, Porn Star Make Trump Presidency ...
    NewsBusters (press release) (blog)

    “Payoffs, hush money, Russia trolls, Facebook, WikiLeaks, DNC hack, Comey e-mail investigations on the eve of the election, allegations of collusion. Do these issues give support to those who say, who offer questions about the President's legitimacy,” Ryan wondered to White House Press Secretary ...
  • WEB

  • Wikileaks Office. Wikileaks Office E

    Wikileaks Office. E. Nerve Centre: Super-servers Which Act For Storage Many Companies Are Also Used. Daniel Brühl (right) Portrays Domscheit-Berg In The Film That Was. D. This Scary Looking Office Is A Datecenter Built Inside Decommisioned Nuclear Shelter In Stockholm. WikiLeaks Was Hosted ...
  • lendaAmota
    Twitter en Español

    lendaAmota - Impotenz Wikileaks Founder Mis - Twitter en Español es la nueva forma de comunicarte en tu idioma. Conoce gente nueva, comparte tweets, fotos, links, videos. - Twitter en Español.
  • Pamela Anderson Believes WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Is in Danger
    Usa online news

    Pamela Anderson is opening up about her relationship with Julian Assange — and why she's concerned about the safety of the controversial WikiLeaks founder. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published Wednesday, the 50-year-old Baywatch star recalled first meeting Assange “years ago” ...
  • Pamela Anderson
    Ohnotheydidnt - LiveJournal

    New @THR : This sexy photo (and profile) of Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange is quite surreal. https://t.co/jZ492EipOs pic.twitter.com/6Hsq7mGCuD Matthew Belloni (@THRMattBelloni) May 2, 2018 Pamela Anderson is happy to be away from California. She says she'd never return again if it…
  • Will the First Amendment Protect WikiLeaks?
    The World Without Fake News!

    Its 66-page complaint names various defendants that can be grouped into three broad categories: Russians (Russian government operatives and entities), Trump associates (Trump campaign officials and informal advisors), and WikiLeaks (the organization and its founder Julian Assange). The theories ...
  • pol/ - Wikileaks bombshell that alt-right and Richard Spencer were paid by the Clinton Campaign

    Wikileaks bombshell that alt-right and Richard Spencer were paid by the Clinton Campaign - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events.
  • WikiLeaks

    WikiLeaks is entirely supported by the general public. Donate Today! WikiLeaks specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption. It has so far published more than 10 million documents and associated ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki

    live leaks wiki conservative outfitters news tagged wikileaks page 2 cia director calls wikileaks hostile intelligence agency white house says wikileaks undermined us security cia leak bradley manning sentenced to 35 years in wikileaks case the washington post pushes leaked dnc voicemails trump calls ...
  • Fake News Attacks Julian Assange's Wikileaks For Exposing Obama's Iran Deal with Hillary

    Fake News Attacks Julian Assange's Wikileaks For Exposing Obama's Iran Deal with Hillary Please Donate if you can. Thank You for Watching, Please Consider Donating To Support Voice America. https://www.paypal.me/VoiceAmerica Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/VoiceAmerica1/ ...
  • Wikileaks Office. The Pionen High-security Computer Storage Facility Of Swedish Bahnhof, One ...

    Wikileaks Office. The Pionen High-security Computer Storage Facility Of Swedish Bahnhof, One The Companies. The Meeting Room At Pionen. All Photos By Emil Nordin S. #ReleaseTheMemo Is Trending Online And Now Being Taken To The Streets. This Was Scene In San Diego At Democrat Susan ...
  • Wikileaks: “The kind of typo that starts wars?”
    Infinite Unknown

    WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) May 1, 2018. * * *. PayPal: Donate in USD · PayPal: Donate in EUR · PayPal: Donate in GBP. Categories Global News, PoliticsTags Global News, Government, Politics Post navigation. Chinese firms use 'mind-reading' devices to monitor workers' emotions · “We Know It's Going ...
  • trump said

    trump said "I love Wikileaks" But if someone else says it, then watch the f* out https://sputniknews.com/us/201805011064045655-randy-credico-thrown-out-white-house-press-dinner/
  • The Bitcoin News Show #77 - Users suing Bitcoin.com, Coinbase cuts off Wikileaks, LN Debate

    The World Crypto Network Podcast. The World Crypto Network is an independent media organization that keeps you up to date with the latest news on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The WCN is at the center of a rapidly growing community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and is always focused on bringing ...
  • DNC lawsuit against Wikileaks poses grave threat to Democracy
    Google Groups

    FPP wrote: > On 5/1/18 11:13 AM, BTR1701 wrote: >> In article , FPP >> wrote: >> >>> On 4/30/18 12:18 PM, BTR1701 wrote: >>>> In article , FPP >>>> wrote: >>>>
  • Live Leaks Wiki
    Essay And Cover Letter

    live leaks wiki wikileaks disappoints conservative media hoping for a hillary a message to wikileaks and other sites that expose secrets era watch new julian assange wikileaks interview about hillary video wikileaksannounces beginning of phase 3 another batch emails drops assange blasts ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki
    Essay And Cover Letter

    live leaks wiki wikileaks saudi arabia has bailed out failing middle east media wikileaks emails show clinton camp tipped off on cnn poll and wikileaks admits limiting julian assange s internet national leader went to un proof of ufos according wikileaks cable sony response publishing hacked emails ...
  • Jon Hopkins – Singularity [2018]

    Дата релиза: 04.05.2018. uploaded by TheNine, рогиг85 & sandland. Список треков: 01. Singularity 02. Emerald Rush 03. Neon Pattern Drum 04. Everything Connected 05. Feel First Life 06. C O S M 07. Echo Dissolve 08. Luminous Beings 09. Recovery. Скачать и обсудить альбом здесь · Музыка ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki
    Essay And Cover Letter

    live leaks wiki wikileaks emails show clinton camp tipped off on cnn poll and wikileaks publishes thousands of what it says are cia documents things i should come clean about before the next wikileaks release sony response to wikileaks publishing hacked emails business insider julian assange cut off ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki
    Essay And Cover Letter

    live leaks wiki what the wikileaks emails tell us about hillary clinton la times trump calls for investigation into obama after latest wikileaks bradley manning sentenced to 35 years in wikileaks case the a message to wikileaks and other sites that expose secrets era the whistle blowing decade top six stories ...
  • UK government sent out a media suppression instruction ("DMSA notice" aka "D notice")

    Post with 914 views. WikiLeaks: UK government sent out a media suppression instruction ("DMSA notice" aka "D notice") for Skripal's MI6 handler living nearby according to UK's Channel 4. Skripal's handler was historically reported to be "Pablo Miller"--more recently connected.
  • Wikileaks Office. Wikileaks Exposes New CIA Tool Office

    Wikileaks Office. Wikileaks Exposes New CIA Tool. Masked Intruders Have Broken Into The Madrid Office Of Baltasar Garzón, Head @wikileaks Legal Team. No Money Taken. Security Cameras Taped Over.. A Protest For Bradley Manning (leaked Iraq Info To Wikileaks In 2010) Outside The Home Office ...
  • wikileaks
    Somali Spot

    bohol whats going on Wikileaks: #wadaniParty exposed! [MEDIA] :farmajoyaab: Thread by: draco, Today at 3:31 PM , 9 replies, in forum: Somali Politics. Showing results 1 to 1 of 1. Somali Spot | Forum, News, Videos. Tags >. Somali Spot | Forum, News, Videos · News · Forums; Videos; Menu.
  • WikiLeaks is a whistleblowing platform... - NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

    WikiLeaks is a whistleblowing platform founded by Julian Assange. It was established to obtain and disseminate classified documents and data sets from...