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This blog is for regular updates + info connected to the ILLUMINATI, 911, 7/7, recent UFO sightings, CHEMTRAILS, MORGELLONS [98% OF WORLDS POPULATION HAS MORGELLONS DISEASE, they claim - see "Morgellons & SmartDust Infect Individuals to be Tracked via Satellite" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Baua4QzgAjc - MIND CONTROL {MK ULTRA, MANNEQUIN etc.}, ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE, JOHN LEAR, ALEX COLLIER, PROJECT CAMELOT, PROJECT AVALON, MICHAEL TSARION, JORDAN MAXWELL, PRESTON NICHOLS, AL BIELEK, STEWART SWERDELOW, DUNCAN CAMERON, WILLIAM COOPER, PHIL SCHNEIDER, David Wilcock, FRITZ SPRINGMEIER, BILLY MEIER, MAX IGAN, STEW WEBB, "Democracy Now!", Henry Makow, Linda Moulton-Howe, Dan Burisch, Webster Tarpley, Brother Nathanael, Timothy Good, Miles Johnson, Jim Marrs, John Hutchison, Wikileaks, Julian Assange #FreeAssange #FreeManning #FreeHammond, Dr. John Hall, Edward Snowden, Vladimir Putin, John Lennon, Bob Zimmerman [Dylan], award winning journalist John Pilger's site is www.johnpilger.com + many more who can only be described as heroes...

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frank zappa: “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

Sunday, 6 May 2018



  • Cindies closure, CIA leaks, and the self-destruction of the West?: Brunch Briefing – Week 2
    Varsity Online

    This week in Cambridge saw alumni win seats for the Lib Dems in the local elections, Edward Snowden appear in Cambridge (via video link), and some furry new arrivals at Lucy Cav. Sign up here to get Varsity's Brunch Briefing delivered to your inbox every Sunday morning (we don't spam!). Make sure ...
  • Success gave Cambridge Analytica its sizzle — and its fizzle

    Nix already acknowledged reaching out to WikiLeaks for hacked Hillary Clinton-related emails. Also, Brad Parscale, who is now Trump's 2020 campaign manager, worked closely with the Cambridge company on the last Trump race. Mercer has since cut ties to Bannon. Now there's talk that Cambridge ...
  • How about defending Trump for a change?
    Greensboro News & Record

    It's absolutely amazing that your editorial (April 24) makes a huge deal of the McCrory Committee Legal Defense Fund (apparently unjustifiably, but so far legally) accusing some citizens of multiple voting, yet makes no mention of the DNC's filing suit against Donald Trump, Russia and Wikileaks over the ...
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    The Democrats are suing @WikiLeaks and @JulianAssange for revealing how the DNC rigged the Democratic primaries. Help us counter-sue. We've never lost a...
  • Live Leaks Wiki
    Essay And Cover Letter

    live leaks wiki how podesta got hacked password email revealed in wikileaks wikileaks videos at abc news video archive at abcnews com white house says wikileaks undermined us security cia leak the whistle blowing decade top six wikileaks stories hillary started a witch hunt on after publishing story ...
  • wikileaks

    WIKILEAKS. There are no products to list. Continue. Welcome to GadgetBucket.in, The Best destination to shop Gadget, Electronics, Mobile Accessories, Computer Accessories, Home & Kitchen and Health & Fitness etc. We launched our online initiative in retailing to consumers across India.. +91 83569 ...
  • Wikileaks Exposes Zionist Treachery

    URL, Last Checked, Seeds, Peers, Downloaded. http://concen.org:6969/announce, 5 min 26 sec ago, 3, 1, 2. udp://tracker.coppersurfer.tk:6969/announce, 1 hour 23 min ago, 4, 5, 4. udp://9.rarbg.to:2710/announce, 1 hour 23 min ago, 3, 2, 0. udp://tracker.tiny-vps.com:6969/announce, 1 hour 23 min ago ...
  • Wikileaks Exposes Zionist Treachery

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  • Wikileaks Exposes Zionist Treachery

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  • Wikileaks Exposes Zionist Treachery

    Announce, http://concen.org:6969/announce. Created By, ruTorrent (PHP Class - Adrien Gibrat). Creation Date, 2018.05.06 05:36. Info Hash, a69e8341394590e378a56a2b56df5ed59939e431. Name, David Duke - WikileaksExposes Zionist Treachery.mp4. Node ID, 34979. Number of Files, 1. Number ...
  • Wikipedia Leaks

    wikipedia leaks swiss leaks wikileaks walks back assange claim on hacking trump tax returns file wikileaksflag png julian assange living in s embassy business insider wikileaks exposes med files rape victim identities report new york post modal social media central thursday 25 2013 private lives are ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki
    Essay And Cover Letter

    live leaks wiki i love wiki leaks wikileaks julian assange reporters erecting a demon by cia director calls wikileakshostile intelligence agency nsa helped cia outmanoeuvre europe on torture today monday 20 at 1800 cest publishes evidence of national security agency spying german foreign minister ...
  • Wikipedia Leaks
    Essay And Cover Letter

    wikipedia leaks rep jason chaffetz wiki image wikileaks bio news photos washington times rapists digital journalismwikileaks or toxic leaks the ethics behind wikileaks data dumps nene leakes us is pressuring not to block fmct negotiations wiki has issued new documents this sunday which contained ...
  • Wikileaks Exposes Zionist Treachery

    This video concerns some of the Wikileaks documents and specifically refers to references to the Zionist State. It shows how Mossad Chief Dagan is trying to effect regime change by increasing ethnic identities of minorities in Iran. That is the Zionist divide and conquer strategy in a nutshell and it has ...
  • Arvest wikileaks today 11\/1\/2016

    Nov 8, 2016 . Julian Assange operates from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where his internet connection was recently cut off. But that has not stopped him from being one of the most significant and unusual players in the 2016 election campaign in the United States. His WikiLeaks platform has ...
  • Live Leaks Wiki
    Essay And Cover Letter

    live leaks wiki u s again weighing charges against wikileaks com the inherent peril in trusting whatever wikileaksdumps on us nsa helped cia outmanoeuvre europe on torture wikileaks releases over 1 000 clinton war emails ahead of chilcot report hacked reveal more about s once private wall street ...
  • Wikipedia Leaks
    Essay And Cover Letter

    wikipedia leaks luxemburg leaks wikileaks vault 7 explained forbidden knowledge tv one big reason the wikileaksemails aren t as damaging for hillary the edward snowden leaks part one l neil smith s libertarian enterprise working to fulfill promise of american revolution since 1995 wikileaks exposes ...
  • Some Tweets from WIKILEAKS
    The Common Ills

    WikiLeaks added,. Sen Dianne FeinsteinVerified account @SenFeinstein. A free press is essential to speaking truth to power, to hold governments accountable for corruption and abuse. Our democracy wouldn't exist without journalists free to do their work. Fight fake news this #WorldPressFreedomDay ...
  • WTF! New email from Hillary Clinton released by State Department talking about WikiLeaks ...
    Godlike Productions

    New email from Hillary Clinton released by State Department talking about WikiLeaks exposing her ordering US diplomats to steal DNA and pass. Did she want to clone herself some UN replacement minions? Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75708546. More likely that she uses data like that to off her ...
  • WikiLeaks on Twitter
    Hillary Clinton - Trendolizer

    New FOIA docs show that FBI lost chain of custody for five weeks of Hillary Clinton's server. Say they lost the chain entirely and created a new one. https://t.co/enxNv8h9sl” (via: trendolizer.com)
  • Wikileaks
    Hillary Clinton - Trendolizer

    New email from Hillary Clinton ("hdr22@clintonemail.com") released by State Department talking about @WikiLeaks exposing her ordering US diplomats to steal DNA and passwords from UN leadership... (via: trendolizer.com)
  • lendaAmota - Impotenz Wikileaks Today Relea
    Twitter en Español

    Impotenz Wikileaks Today Releases Indigestion After Eating Almonds Everyday Math Resources . Posologie Arnica Montana 9ch Franг§ais Authentique Mp3 Converter Sympathetic Reflex Dystrophy Syndrome Rsdsaofamerica Hives And Honey Jewelry Armoires Reviews On Garcinia Burn Amazon ...
  • WikiLeaks exposes stunning new revelation on Hillary email server
    Reclaim Our Republic - WordPress.com

    May 5, 2BY ANNETA GRIFFEE Saturday afternoon, WikiLeaks announced on Twitter that new documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act prove that the FBI lost chain of custody on Hillary Clinton's email server for five weeks. Chain of custody (CoC), in legal contexts, refers to the ...
  • Where Is the Outrage About Julian Assange39s Silencing WikiLeaks

    Donate Today! WikiLeaks specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption. US based journalist Elizabeth Lea Vos, Editor-in-Chief of Disobedient Media, who was one of the panellists at an online vigil ...
  • Arvest wikileaks video stream

    Arvest wikileaks video stream. Arvest wikileaks video stream. An Army private accused of sending reams of classified U.S. documents to the secret-spilling website WikiLeaks was kept in tight pretrial confinement partly because another prisoner had recently. The South Korean rapper behind YouTube's ...
  • Wikileaks Calls For a global Blockade and Boycott of Coinbase
    Prestige Motor Haus

    More specifically, Coinbase has blocked WikiLeaks from accepting Bitcoin payments through its store, although the real reason for that decision remains unclear. Introduction. WikiLeaks in a separate tweet from their official Twitter account unleashed their anger saying they were going to call for a ...
  • 魔ニア: "WikiLeaksやめろ"

    魔ニア is a user on mstdn.kemono-friends.info. You can follow them or interact with them if you have an account anywhere in the fediverse. If you don't, you can sign up here. 魔ニア@legacy_of_00s. WikiLeaksやめろ. May 5, 2018, 4:24 AM · Tootle for Mastodon · 0 · 0. mstdn.kemono-friends.info powered ...
  • Wikipedia Leaks
    berrynthonail | How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay Example Unique Persuasive Essay ...

    why is julian assange still inside the embassy of telegraph more than three years ago wikileaks. Suchi Leaks Become More Popular To Wiki Leaks Another Star. suchi leaks become more popular to wiki leaks another star suchi leaks become more popular to. Leaks Bedding Leaks Duvet Covers Pillow.
  • Wikipedia Leaks
    Essay And Cover Letter

    wikipedia leaks the edward snowden leaks part one the wikileaks vault 7 explained forbidden knowledge tv wikileaks john podesta s satanic dinner warning graphic content donald trump uses wikileaks emails for attack on hillary clinton com the cia has been spying apple users since 2008 graph of week ...
  • Wikipedia Leaks
    Essay And Cover Letter

    wikipedia leaks bradley manning sentenced to 35 years in wikileaks case the hillary clinton s bleak week emails show response to wikileaks vault7 home file wikileaks rally iv jpg julian assange living in s embassy business insider exposes med files rape victim identities report new york post idiocracy ...

    Brazile is a lying, self-serving faux-liberal douche-nozzle who wouldn't grasp true democratic principles if they bit her on her chubby butt. She's a ...
  • WikiLeaks on Twitter
    Iraq - Trendolizer

    On Friday Obama endorsed California Senator Diane Feinstein. The Senator, with her billionaire husband, made of millions out of Iraq, has been the chief proponent of mass spying in the Senate, and has pushed for WikiLeaks to be prosecuted since 2011. https://t.co/iUGfGQSi1c” (via: trendolizer.com)

    BREAKING: WIKILEAKS DIGS UP MORE DIRT – ALARMING DOCUMENTS ABOUT CIA News about Russia hacking US elections have been going around for a long time But would Russia really go to such lengths? Well Wiki | Everything you want to know just here you will find.