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Friday, 1 June 2018

MUFON Newsletter - MUFON SYMPOSIUM JULY 2018 - speakers include Travis Walton + Dr. Lynne Kitei [Phoenix lights UFOs] + more 01 June 2018

$50 OFF
The 2018 MUFON Symposium speakers are the top minds in the UFO community today! They will reveal the newest findings, answer your questions, and most of all - they will stretch your mind and bend your reality to the limit.
Dave Paulides
Unexplained Disappearances in Rural Areas- Missing 411

People have been disappearing since humans first walked the planet. Until just recently, people who have gone missing in parks, forests and rural areas were never studied and the data emanating from those cases was never analyzed. David Paulides was given information from United States National Park Rangers that led to a comprehensive study of the topic of missing people.
After reading over 5000 cases and vetting information from search and rescue reports, law enforcement case files and archived news articles, specific profile points found in a select group of cases have repeatedly replicated themselves. In the same way an FBI profiler analyzes a serial criminal, David has applied those skills to the study of missing people. The result is the identification of 1500+ cases that have similar profile points and are geographically clustered in 59 areas of North America and nine other countries. The Missing 411 presentation on missing people will show that small children have covered phenomenal distances and are also found at unbelievable heights from the point they were last seen. The presentation on these facts will leave you wanting more information.
David Paulides holds two degrees from the University of San Francisco and has a professional background that includes twenty years in law enforcement and senior executive positions in the technology sector. David is now the director of the CanAm Missing Project (www.canammissing.com).
Information David received from national park rangers led to him researching missing people in parks, this evolved into national forests and open spaces and the formation of a research team that has reviewed over 5000 cases. The investigation led to the publication of six books about unusual disappearances that have matching profile points. This ground-breaking investigation led to the discovery of 59 geographical clusters of missing people in North America, with the largest being Yosemite National Park.

David has authored the best selling series of books on missing people, all titled, Missing 411:

Missing 411- Western United States
Missing 411- Eastern United States
Missing 411- North America and Beyond
Missing 411- The Devil’s in the Detail
Missing 411- A Sobering Coincidence
Missing 411- Hunters
Missing 411- Off The Grid
David has been on countless radio and television shows and has made his missing person presentation at MUFON chapters across the United States and Australia. He is the executive producer of “Missing 411- The Movie”, a documentary about missing people that a former NBC movie critic called, “The best documentary of 2017.
David is a level 5 USA Hockey Coach, coached hockey for 8 years and has been a scout for the North American Hockey League. He enjoys running, hiking, fishing, skiing, and resides in Denver, CO.
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