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Saturday, 21 July 2018

I AM A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL by butlincat + My Stalkers and the smear campaign they're made part of - Saturday 15 Dec. 2018 + archive + "the "snooper's charter" ruled illegal" + MICHAEL FITZHUGH BELL - ELECTRONIC HUMAN TARGETING - VIDEO


When I look around and see the rank malfeasance and even corruption that's undertaken by those put in positions of responsibility and integrity in say, the police, or town councils, and other government departments, it's truly disgraceful how these characters get way with their unspeakable behaviour - all defended and condoned by equally dubious government employees higher up this unspeakable chain who turn a blind eye to their despicable actions of ganging up en masse on perfectly decent members of society whose only sin, it seems, was to stand up to these besmirched individual's unspeakable  dishonesty. So be it, but they shouldn't expect those who stand up to their outrageous corruption to simply lay down and die, because these who  stand up to this corruption have more valour and guts in their little fingers than all the corrupt's useless bodies put together - and that is a fact. These corrupt should hang their heads in shame for the deceit and other indecent acts they alone are responsible for - but that will never happen, and they will carry on acquiring the wages the taxpayer gives them, wrongly, while they deprive those who really deserve what they are due.

In the USA, and maybe here in the U.K. they're using implanted chips in Targeted Individuals to monitor them and cause them endless grief but they don't have to go that far - numerous neighbours residing by me are and were used to gangstalk me over the past couple of years, with a whole lot of other strangers too who would be there at whichever location I would travel to just to take note of what I was doing and who I was meeting [if anyone]. Local police and other authorities, I contend, are working together to harass targeted individuals 24/7 all the major areas of their lives, with myself concerning whatever I do. My targeting began in 2010, when I reported a certain child abuse case to my local plod, who then told me to go to the police force involved in my complaint and not them - a waste of time and why I went to my local force in the first place, hoping they could help when the original force wouldn't ]. I cannot be alone either with what I am experiencing and there must be many more individuals who are suffering varying degrees of these abuses of power by these characters in "authority positions" - these puppets being GPs, or police, or DWP employees, or NHS hospitals, or even employees in private companies or anyone who will do these rogue government lackey's bidding, who make up fake stories and blacken one's character so the said puppets of these neer-do-wells are only too happy to go along with the rogue op's bidding and stalk the targeted individual endlessly - all paid for by the taxpayer. I have taken many photographs of many of the stalkers I have noticed and even spoken to over the past 2 years - they don't like it when you record them - and who would when working for a rogue clique who work outside the law? I have even a statement from a recruited stalker of mine, who told me much, but a lot of which I knew anyway [stalkers being contacted by their "handlers" via mobile phone SMS messages, etc.]. They go much further than hacking one's phones and computers, or mail, or bank account, and they want much more from their targets than that - as if that wasn't enough of a breach of one's privacy..[continues below at the foot of this post].  Still can't work out what "gangstalking is? Try this - Shane Gibbs, T.I., [UK] -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvec6b7lBoU

I film stalkers almost every day + have done on my phone for years, but my mobile was destroyed recently after constant attacks, losing all contacts, messages etc etc – a real drag, but that only lasted until I got a new phone shortly after – now I’m much more careful and use numerous temporary PAYG sim cards in £5 2ndhand old phones . Now I’m a lot wiser. Loads of retards are involved, – the stalkers include old women, homeless people, teenage girls, prostitute-looking women who accost me on the street, or some who just stand and stare at me. All age groups are used too as well as locals and I had 7 or so close neighbours stalking me chroniclly daily a few weeks ago – even strangers knocking on my door in the guise of making out they were looking for the elderly junkie female who lives next door – a regular stalker. I often contemplate what these idiots are told about me. I filmed the characters who knocked at my door – about 6 different times – for reference later before they scuttled off. Others involved in it all inc., i contend, my local plod [who aid and abet that northern force who are guilty of so much], my local council, my GP, the DWP, the hospital i use and many more – even bus drivers have been used in the past [prob. still are] – and yes, they hate being filmed or pics taken – i have a folder with stacks of pics in it ready to go for when the court hearings begin in the future – everything is on memory sticks away from my home and stored safely. Everything is hacked too – I filmed being keylogged also, but the Vimeo a/c that and other stuff was in they closed down, along with DMotion vid a/cs and youtube + OneTrueMedia site + others, but of course i have the originals. 
They program people too beforehand if, say, i have an appointment to get my eyes tested – yearly, but i can tel by the way these characters wherever act that something is wrong – most just act very weird. I have stacks of audio too of interference during phone calls. But it’s very hard to tell infiltrators from genuine citizens a lot of the time – another problem to it all. And what I am forced to experience is nothing compared to that which Carol has to go through – for 16 years now. See my post on when i visited CW last September – “The Visit” https://wp.me/p1SLRi-4Em  – these retards were on the coach on the 8 hour trip up, and on the return journey also – many of them – by the time i hit home there were 3 sitting around me on the coach, 2 alongside me and 1 in the seat directly behind – insane. I filmed a courier delivery person today too, who called months ago delivering a parcel – he disappeared for months but has returned just to be seen by me – twice recently – all very much filmed. They use anyone they think can be got at – it all must cost a small fortune over the months – see my post about my local postman too “Stalking that Fails” https://wp.me/p1SLRi-4Rm – insane =- and now they act as if nothing happened, but unfortunately for them my memory is excellent. Absolutely nothing here has not been compromised – even throwing stones up at my 1st floor window at 3 or 4am in the night – that went on for months too – i just got used to ignoring it as i do 99% – but i still film etc daily, because i know they’ll disappear if i do that, usually. You can see the worry in their faces when i stand there openly filming them on my phone,- it’s great!
 I know they’ve been promised that they will always be safe from the long arm of harassment laws, and not to worry if they see me talking pics or filming them but i know inside they think “well if these characters who are supposed to be police can act so oddly and can stoop so low as to stalk someone like this, are they going to be as honest as they make out they gonna be with me about me never having to account and answer for my stalking actions for them?”. I can see the doubt in their eyes about that part when they walk, trying to get away, and, of course, they’re 100% right, as who can trust a bent cop? They can’t even trust each other or themselves, lol….

"Phone Hacking Psy Op" RICHARD D. HALL + "I AM A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL": the hacking of my mobile phone, past and present: butlincat - VIDEO 

See the video of my computer being hacked - keylogged - on 2 occasions from many in 2016:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7amQNgNjgc&feature=youtu.be

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Published on 19 Jul 2018
I interview author and researcher, and targeted individual,, Michael Fitzhugh Bell. He shares the latest news and info about the technology behind surveillance. KERRY CASSIDY PROJECT CAMELOT