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Tuesday, 7 August 2018


8/6/18  #966
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This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such nail-biting stories as:

 Meteor Explodes Over U.S. Air Base -   
- The Great Pyramid Might Focus Electromagnetic Energy 
North Korea's "Clone Army" Program -
Politics and Sexy Bigfoot Stories

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Secret Government Findings Claim There Is A Valid "Alien Threat"

Here is irrefutable proof that UFOs could be perilous to your health, your well-being and even your life – and in an extreme case scenario could doom all of humanity.

In a series of rather astonishing disclosures, the New York Times revealed in a provocative front page article that the military had spent upwards of $22 million dollars in recent years on the study of UFOs and the creation of an “advanced aerospace threat identification program.” Sightings have persisted long after the official closure of Project Blue Book – something UFO researchers have long suspected but could not prove.

Part of this multi-million dollar “Black Project” bundle was spent on an exhaustive study of the physiological and psychological effects of UFOs on witnesses. And while this hush-hush scrutiny of observers has to date never been released, an independent study indicates there is a PATTERN OF HORROR – that UFOs are no laughing matter and represent a TERRIFYING THREAT TO US ALL!

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Meteor Explodes Over U.S. Air Base
The U.S. Air Force failed to report a major meteor explosion near a military base in Greenland earlier this summer, leading to concern and confusion. 

The explosion contained 2.1 kilotons of force and occurred just above an early-warning radar at the Thule Air Force base in June, according to Hans Kristensen, the director of the Nuclear Information Project for the Federation of American Scientists. Mr Kristensen confirmed the explosion in a tweet on Wednesday, suggesting the meteor could have been mistaken by some as a “Russian first strike”. 

However, the US Air Force did not release a statement regarding the meteor, or even tweet about the phenomena. 

When contacted for comment, a representative for the secretary of the Air Force public affairs told The Independent: "We’re not providing any comment on that, except that it didn’t impact operations at Thule."

Reporting meteor explosions is not typically a job of the Air Force, though it would be considered commonplace for any military branch to at least acknowledge an incident of this magnitude near one of its bases. 

The Thule Air Base public news site includes no information surrounding the meteor whatsoever, along with all other web domains associated with the base. 

Still, the incident was confirmed in part by data published by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which showed an object travelling nearly 24.4 kilometres per second over Thule on 25 July around midnight. 

Had the space rock broken through the Earth’s atmosphere at a slightly different angle, there could have been potentially fatal consequences. 

For example, a large meteor struck Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013, causing damage to nearly 7,000 buildings and injuring 1,500 people. 

It remains unclear why the Air Force did not release a statement regarding the meteor last month. The military branch contacted its “space command” during the incident, the Military Times reported in a piece debunking claims about the explosion. 

Those claims, which suggested the Air Force base was destroyed by the meteor, may have been exacerbated by a lack of public information surrounding the incident. 

Source: The Independent


The Great Pyramid Might Focus Electromagnetic Energy 
Theoretical research by an international team of physicists has discovered that the Great Pyramid of Giza can concentrate electromagnetic energy in its internal chambers and under its base.

And although the ancient Egyptian's probably weren't aware of this weird design quirk, the study could be important for nanoparticle research in the future.

"Applications of modern physical methods and approaches for investigations of pyramids' properties are important and productive," the researchers wrote in their paper.

"It could allow [us] to make new discoveries or get new information motivating new interests [in] the pyramids."

Electromagnetic radiation, including visible light, radio waves and microwaves, is radiating waves of oscillating electric and magnetic fields. And it's all around us all the time.

"Electromagnetic energy is very important in everyday life, and we actually use and experience different kinds of electromagnetic energy every day," Antonija Grubisic-Cabo, a physicist from Monash University who was not involved in the research, explains to ScienceAlert.

"For example, sunlight is one form of electromagnetic waves, but also things commonly used in our homes, such as microwaves and radios rely on the electromagnetic energy."

In fact, your whole house is filled with electromagnetic radiation, whether it's from the light we see, or the Wi-Fi letting you read this article. And as we all know, Wi-Fi has a bad habit of being exceptionally weak in certain areas.

Perhaps we should all be building our houses a little pointier at the top.

To test how the pyramids acted with these waves, researchers first estimated how resonances (sound prolonged by reflection or vibrations) caused by radio waves might be induced.

"We had to use some assumptions," says Andrey Evlyukhin, senior researcher from ITMO University in Russia.

"For example, we assumed that there are no unknown cavities inside, and the building material with the properties of an ordinary limestone is evenly distributed in and out of the pyramid."

Then they made a model of the pyramid and its electromagnetic response. By calculating something called the extinction cross section, the team were able to estimate how the wave energy is scattered or absorbed by the pyramid.

Using a special type of analysis called a multipole analysis the researchers found that the scattered fields were concentrating in the pyramid's internal chambers as well as under its base.

Although you could make many assumptions about how the ancient Egyptians were organising their pyramids to create the best AM radio set-ups for the dead, it's highly unlikely that the ancient Egyptians knew about these properties, and it's just an interesting coincidence of how the pyramids stand.

"Although this research seems unconventional, modern physical approaches have been previously used to study the Great Pyramid, and led to a discovery of a completely new structure," said Grubisic-Cabo.

"As this research is completely theoretical, it is difficult to say what we can expect it to lead to, or if it is even possible to do this in real life."

All of that aside, the researchers are hoping that they can create a similar concentrating effect on a nanoscale size.

"Choosing a material with suitable electromagnetic properties, we can obtain pyramidal nanoparticles with a promise for practical application in nanosensors and effective solar cells," says Polina Kapitainova, a physicist from ITMO University.

Source: Science Alert

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TTSA Announces Launch of the ADAM Research Project
By Tobias Wayland
To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA) released a statement on their website recently announcing the creation of a new research project.

Known as Project ADAM, an acronym for Acquisition & Data Analysis of Materials, the project is "an academic research program focused on exotic materials for technology innovation" and "will focus on the collection and scientific evaluation of material samples obtained through reliable reports of advanced aerospace vehicles of unknown origin."

Bigelow Aerospace, part of the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), reportedly modified buildings held in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that former Department of Defense (DoD) intelligence officer Luis Elizondo and program contractors claimed were recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena. Elizondo is currently employed as TTSA's Director of Global Security and Special Programs.

The project has, in part, been created to examine those anomalous materials, if they exist.

"As soon as TTS Academy is notified that materials are available, a thorough effort will be made to document their origin and credibility, followed by the establishment of chain-of-custody procedures and ownership protocols," the statement said. "In addition to reviewing the materials for their potential significance as evidence of exotic origin, the analysis will evaluate materials for such characteristics as exceptional strength, lightweight build and any unusual advanced properties that potentially could contribute to the development of exciting new technologies in the future."

TTSA has contracted with EarthTech International, Inc., a research think tank in Austin, Texas, to evaluate the materials.

EarthTech is run by Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, a former senior advisor and subcontractor to AATIP and current VP of Technology for TTSA.

Source: Singular Fortean


North Korea's "Clone Army" Program

Dictator Kim Jong-Un wants to create an army of super soldiers who will obey his every command. Genetic scientists have spent billions on a secret cloning programme started by Kim’s grandfather more than 30 years ago.

Now intelligence experts believe the 35-year-old tyrant wants to create perfect copies of both his father Kim Jong-il, grandfather Kim II-Sung, the founder of the modern state, and other family members – which could include himself.

MI6 believes the secretive Communist state has already cloned cats, dogs and horses – and has been experimenting on human embryos for at least 10 years.

Senior spooks working alongside the US intelligence agency the CIA have uncovered information suggesting human cloning has taken place at two secret laboratories.

One lab is based outside the North Korean capital Pyongyang and the other is thought to be on a Caribbean island.

A senior intelligence official said that North Korean scientists have been conducting genetic experiments on humans for years.

The source said: “Prisoners have been used in cloning and other terrible experiments for years. Kim is obsessed with human cloning. He has been attempting to grow human tissue, organs and clone embryos. He believes he can live forever by making clones of himself.

“Human cloning is very advanced on the Korean peninsular. Both the North and the South have been experimenting for decades. What we don’t know is whether they have had any success.

“Kim Jong-Un is obsessed with the idea of recreating his grandfather. He wants to bring him back to life to demonstrate to the people the enormity of his power.

“Human cloning is probably the only area of science where North Korea leads the world but it is very secret.

“Almost all of the intelligence comes from people who worked in the labs and managed to defect.

"For all we know, they may have already achieved it.”

In theory, human cloning could produce an identical copy of a living person whose body parts could be used to replace organs such as heart, liver and kidneys.

There is no worldwide ban on human cloning although in at least 70 countries around the world, including the UK, it is illegal.

Both South and North Korea have a controversial history with cloning.

Laboratories in South Korea will clone family pets, such as dogs and cats for around £80,000.

A spokesman for the North Korean embassy refused to comment.

In 2015, Wire news service AFP reported that China may soon have technology advanced enough to clone humans. This, according to a Chinese scientist behind the world’s biggest cloning factory in Tianjin, China.

The giant cloning plant was reportedly being built by Boyalife Group and its partners and was said to be ready to go into production by 2016.

The news generated concern that cloning “super soldiers” – from battle-tested gene hosts — may still be the stuff of science fiction and Hollywood, but that it may become a reality within this generation, according to forward-looking scientists.

In the pipeline for Boyalife are cattle, thoroughbred racehorses, pet and police dogs, said chief executive Xu Xiaochun’s ambitions.

From there, “it is a short biological step from monkeys to humans – potentially raising a host of moral and ethical controversies,” said AFP.

“The technology is already there. If this is allowed, I don’t think there are other companies better than Boyalife that make better technology.”

Xu said that the firm is not currently engaged in human cloning, social values can change in time giving people an added option in having children like via cloning.

“Unfortunately, currently, the only way to have a child is to have it be half its mum, half its dad. Maybe in the future you have three choices instead of one,” Xu said.

Source: Daily Star


The Cursed Delhi Purple Sapphire

A gemstone ‘stained with blood and dishonour’ haunted anyone who owned it.

Some 34 years ago Peter Tandy, a young curator at the Natural History Museum, happened upon a jewel while working among the great lines of mineral cabinets. From a scientific perspective, the stone was nothing special, though its setting was rather bizarre, bound by a silver ring decorated with astrological symbols and mystical words with two scarab-carved gems attached. It was a typewritten note that accompanied the jewel, an amethyst known as the Delhi Purple Sapphire, that caught Tandy’s eye.

“This stone is trebly accursed and is stained with the blood, and the dishonour of everyone who has ever owned it,” said the note, which had been written by Edward Heron-Allen, a scientist, friend of Oscar Wilde and the amethyst’s last owner. It carried a curse and had left a trail of bad luck and tragedy.

Heron-Allen claimed to have been so disturbed that he had surrounded the amethyst with supposedly protective charms and sealed it inside seven boxes before leaving it to the museum in his will. His letter concluded: “Whoever shall then open it, shall first read out this warning, and then do as he pleases with the jewel. My advice to him or her is to cast it into the sea.” While they were sceptical, Tandy and his colleagues agreed to keep quiet about the curse.

The jewel might have remained hidden if its remarkable story had not caught the imagination of staff working to relaunch the museum’s public mineral gallery, the Vault. On Wednesday, the Delhi Purple Sapphire will go on permanent display at the museum, complete with a label declaring its reputation as “trebly accursed”.

A supernatural tale might seem to sit a little uneasily in one of the world’s great scientific institutions. But according to Alan Hart, head of collections in the mineralogy department, such narratives give the collection a cultural dimension that appeals to visitors.

“People ascribe precious stones with all sorts of legends. All it needs is for one owner to declare it to be cursed or lucky and the story will remain with the stone as it is passed from person to person through history,” he says.

But that the Delhi Purple Sapphire was cursed was never doubted by Heron-Allen’s family. Ivor Jones, his grandson, a 77-year-old former naval officer, refuses to handle the jewel.

“My mother certainly wouldn’t touch it and she recommended that we didn’t either because of the curse,” he says. Heron-Allen was one of the most remarkable individuals ever associated with the Natural History Museum. Independently wealthy, he trained as a solicitor while simultaneously learning the art of violin-making – his book on the history of the instrument, published in 1884, is still in print. He studied Persian and wrote a prose translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. But it was as a scientist that he forged the strong bond with the museum that would ultimately see the cursed amethyst wind up in South Kensington.

He had a lifelong fascination with foraminifera, single-celled aquatic organisms that create exquisite, shells and by the time he died in 1943 he had already given the museum the world’s finest library of works on the subject.

But later that year a box arrived that nobody had been expecting. The accompanying note, written by Heron-Allen told the story of the Delhi Purple Sapphire. It had, Heron-Allen said, been brought to the UK by a Bengal cavalryman Colonel W Ferris after being looted from the Temple of Indra in Cawnpore – now Kanpur – during the Indian Mutiny in 1857. The soldier thereafter lost money and health, his son doing likewise after inheriting it. A family friend who possessed it for a short time committed suicide.

Heron-Allen was given the stone in 1890 and was immediately beset by misfortunes. He twice gave the stone to friends who had asked for it – one “was thereupon overwhelmed by every possible disaster”, the other, a singer, found “her voice was dead and gone and she has never sung since”.

He even claimed to have thrown the amethyst into Regent’s Canal only for it to be returned to him three months later by a dealer who had bought it from a dredger.

In 1904 he had had enough. He declared: “I feel that it is exerting a baleful influence over my newborn daughter”, had it shipped to his bankers with instructions that it be locked away till after his death. It might sound farfetched but even scientists are not immune to the story’s power. Seven years ago John Whittaker, former head of micropalaeontology at the Natural History Museum, took the amethyst to the first annual symposium of the Heron-Allen Society, an organisation founded to discuss the man’s life.

On the way home, he says, “the sky turned black and we were overtaken by the most horrific thunderstorm I’ve ever experienced. It was so bad we considered abandoning the car and my wife was shouting, ‘Why did you bring that damned thing?’ ” Whittaker was taken violently ill with a stomach bug the night before the second symposium and he missed the third when he developed a kidney stone. The fourth symposium, in 2004, was held at the museum. “We were all a bit apprehensive on the eve of that meeting,” he says.

Source: The Sunday Times


Politics and Sexy Bigfoot Stories
By Tom McKay

A Republican candidate for a House seat in Virginia would like everyone to know that an old Instagram post of his featuring a drawing of a very nude and very well equipped Bigfoot does not signify his erotic interest in cryptids.

Per Vox, Fifth Congressional District candidate and retired Air Force intelligence officer Denver Riggleman, who is running for vacating Representative Tom Garrett’s seat, is clarifying his position on Bigfoot’s dick after Democratic opponent Leslie Cockburn dredged up one of his Instagram posts featuring the drawing with the caption “Cover art for #matinghabitsofbigfoot almost complete. I hide nothing in this magnificent tome. Don’t erase the censor box...” That book appears to be fictional, though Riggleman is the co-author of “a self-published 2006 book called Bigfoot Exterminators, Inc.: The Partially Cautionary, Mostly True Tale of Monster Hunt 2006” that was on Amazon, Vox wrote.  

"My opponent Denver Riggleman, running mate of Corey Stewart, was caught on camera campaigning with a white supremacist. Now he has been exposed as a devotee of Bigfoot erotica. This is not what we need on Capitol Hill. pic.twitter.com/0eBvxFd6sG
    — Leslie Cockburn (@LeslieCockburn) July 29, 2018"

Virginia newspaper the Daily Progress reported that Riggleman insists the image did not originate with “Bigfoot erotica” (doubtful!) and that it was a practical joke by his military friends playing on his Bigfoot-related writings. In a video interview with right-wing network CRTV on Monday flagged by Vox, Riggleman dug the hole a little deeper by claiming he’s fighting for “the freedom to believe in any type of Bigfoot you want,” apparently including one with a huge schlong.

In the clip Riggleman, who appears to be now very much on the defensive about Bigfoot’s penis, explained his interest in cryptids is strictly academic. He proceeded to rattle off a list of pseudoscientific theories about Bigfoot’s origins as well as ones that do not appear to take into account science whatsoever:

    It’s thought that, um, listen I love to pander to Bigfoot voters but we’re gonna, we’re gonna talk about him right now... I’m skeptical. Um, just to let everyone know, I’m skeptical, but there’s you know almost like this religious war between Bigfoot believers, yeah, the BE’s... I came up with this myself, again, the biological entity believers who believe that Bigfoot’s either descended from gigantopithecus blacki, and that, you know, which is the big ape, or homo erectus, which is, you know, it’s a man, baby. So you know you have, you know, these, you know these different ones and even they hate each other because you know Bigfoot can attack you with infrasound, like an elephant, I’m just gonna let you know. Or psychic terror vibes, right, to make you run through the woods and crash into a tree so they can drag you into the woods and create baby Bigfoots.

That bit about forcibly creating baby Bigfoots with people captured by its “psychic terror vibes” isn’t exactly reassuring, but okay.

Riggleman went on to explain that he finds the Bigfoot believer community “incredible” and emphasize that the whole controversy really shows his free-speech credentials:

    "And then you have, um, the people who believe in the mythical Bigfoot... who’s protecting from the Dracos in the 264, 264 million year war. And they’re like interdimensional long jumpers, right. They can jump in and out, you can’t see ‘em. Then you have the Magic Man theory which is sort of the Native American mythology that he can take you with his eyes and lead you into the woods. It’s the protector of the environment. And then you have the interstellar theory, which UFO is like a Bigfoot hitchhiker, right. They drop him off, he’s here like “Hey what’s going on.” And he could beam up or down so you can’t kill him. So you have all these Bigfoot belief systems and I just found it incredible that they actually believe this.

    "And I think that, I love the fact that I’m fighting for the freedom to people, that I fought for that freedom that you can believe in any type of Bigfoot that you want. You know, what is the true Bigfoot?

Glad that’s all settled, then. Though as flagged by the Daily Beast, Riggleman’s book does have some passages that seem uncomfortable in the current context:

    "In the short epic, written with Don Barone, a former writer for ESPN, there are passages including the narrator touching 'Bigfoot Balls” with a walking stick; Denver getting an 'ass massage;' a reference to baiting Bigfoot with “menstrual blood;' and an assertion that 'Bigfoots like sex too.'"

Less funny than the fact that Riggleman is now explaining at length that his love of Bigfoot is strictly PG-13 are his politics.

Cockburn has emphasized how Riggleman dodged questions about whether he plans to campaign alongside the Republican candidate for a Virginia Senate seat, Corey Stewart, who happens to be a far-right neo-Confederate who denies the Civil War was primarily about slavery. Cockburn has also called attention to the time Riggleman was caught campaigning with white supremacist Isaac Smith, who co-founded the racist Unity and Security for America think tank with Jason Kessler, the organizer of the notorious neo-Nazi and white supremacist rally in Charlottesville in 2017.

On Monday, it was revealed that Stewart’s spokesperson Rick Shaftan also forgot to delete a number of old posts, namely racist tweets about “crazed black people” and calling majority-black cities “shitholes.”

According to Vox, Riggleman has largely been relying on just having “Republican” next to his name on the ballot in the midterms, with a campaign site that does not have an issues section and a Twitter account full of vague posts supporting Donald Trump’s tax cuts and agriculture. Though the district he is running has historically voted GOP, Vox wrote, Republicans are facing a tough midterm year thanks to how they’ve governed the country since consolidating power in 2016 and Stewart is likely to prove a drag on the GOP ticket across the state.

In any case, this is a good reminder that if you don’t want to have to record a lengthy video explaining that you do not find Bigfoot sexually desirable, delete your old social media posts before running for Congress.

Source: Gizmondo

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