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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Hospital staff who refuse flu vaccine could be banned from treating patients - Echo 23 Sept. '18

Hospital staff who refuse flu vaccine could be banned from treating patients

By Diarmuid MacDonagh
flu jab
flu jab
The NHS wants all front-line healthcare workers to have a flu jab this winter, warning trusts that staff refusing the vaccine could be banned from treating patients.
Last winter almost a third of front-line NHS workers at the Dorset County Hospital Trust were not vaccinated - during the worst flu season in a decade.
Public Health England figures reveal that 729 front-line healthcare workers at the Dorset County Hospital Trust did not get the flu vaccine between September 2017 and February 2018.
Of the 2,437 doctors, nurses, clinical staff and support workers at the trust with direct patient contact, 1,708 did get the vaccine - an uptake rate of 70%.
That's just above the England average of 69%, but still below targets.
In a letter to trusts earlier this month, the NHS praised trusts which surpassed 90% coverage last year.
However, vaccine uptake varied considerably between trusts. Wye Valley Trust in Herefordshire and East Lancashire Hospital Trust reported the highest rates, with 92% of front-line workers vaccinated. At the Essex Partnership University Trust, the uptake was just 39%.
The NHS said making vaccination "near universal" is to protect patients in higher-risk clinical environments, like neonatal intensive care and cancer wards, and limit their exposure to unvaccinated staff.
Up to 50% of people with the flu may not even know they have it - but for patients with weakened immune systems or respiratory problems, the flu can be life-threatening.
The NHS said that trusts should "take appropriate steps to maintain the safety of the service", including transferring unvaccinated workers away from high-risk patients.
It outlined several reasons why healthcare workers with direct patient contact should be vaccinated, including recent NICE guidelines outlining a link between lower rates of staff vaccination and increased patient death.
It also said that flu-related staff sickness puts pressure on other staff members.
Public service trade union Unison, which represents healthcare workers, said that the NHS should encourage staff to get the flu jab, but not make it compulsory.
Unison head of health Sara Gorton said: "We need to understand why vaccination rates vary so much between different health organisations.
"Some struggle to get teams who are trained to administer the jab to staff working in remote or varied locations."
She added: "Healthcare staff may choose not to get the jab for fear of allergic reactions, or a phobia around needles."
Chief nurse for NHS England Professor Jane Cummings said that "myths" persist around the flu vaccine, with the "big one" being that it gives people the flu.
She said: "By getting vaccinated against flu, healthcare workers can protect themselves, their families, colleagues and patients, making sure we have a healthy workforce and helping to reduce the pressure on services over winter."
Public Health England said that it encourages action from professional health bodies to increase vaccine uptake.
PHE medical director Professor Paul Cosford said: "There is a dual responsibility on trusts and healthcare workers to get rates as high as possible."

butlincat2Simple blackmail to force citizens into line to take the government's dictates! Unacceptable!

source:   https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/16895653.hospital-staff-who-refuse-flu-vaccine-could-be-banned-from-treating-patients/?action=success#comments-feedback-anchor