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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

What they did to Tommy Robinson whilst in prison 12 Sept. 2018

Ezra Levant’s NEW interview with Tommy Robinson!

Tommy Robinson is the last lion of the United Kingdom. What he tells us in this exclusive interview is heartbreaking, enraging, inspiring, desperate…
But a little bit hopeful, too.
That was edited version of our conversation. We actually spoke for more than two hours — if you want to see the extended cut, we have posted it, below.
Tommy has to go back to court — the Attorney General is insisting on a re-trial for contempt of court, for that same incident back in Leeds, in May. They actually want to convict him again, maybe to throw him back in prison again.
Just yesterday I received a new invoice from Tommy’s law firm, Carson Kaye. They’re a good firm who won at the court of appeal. But now they have to prepare for his second trial. It will cost tens of thousands of pounds — and I’m sorry to ask you again, but if you are at all moved by Tommy’s case, please help us continue to crowdfund his legal defence, by going to Save Tommy.com. (Any surplus after the lawyers are paid will go to Tommy’s family to take care of them.)
You saw just now how grateful he is for your support.
We will be there at his next trial in London, and we’ll keep telling the truth about Tommy as long as the mainstream media keeps lying about him.
PS: Here is the full, unedited version of the interview, which runs just over 2 hours long:
  • Support Tommy Robinson on the 27th Sept. at the Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7EH. 10.30am + archive

    Tommy Robinson
    07 Sept 2018
    4 hrs · 
    Look at the inscription above the Old Bailey. ‘Defend the Children of the poor & punish the wrongdoer’
    Quite ironic then that they are continuing the persecution of Tommy there on the 27th.
    Tommy has spent the last 10 years highlighting the rape, persecution and cover up by the establishment of those poor children it speaks of! Support Tommy on the 27th at the Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7EH. 10.30am 👊
    Image may contain: text
    Tommy Robinson
    Public Figure

    Thursday, 16 August 2018

    WHAT A LOT OF TOMMY ROT”: How “change.org” earnt thousands on the back of Tommy Robinson’s jailing recently –Private Eye

    What a lot of Tommy rot
    Change.org, Issue 1476

    Tommy Robinson, whose release from jail has proved a goldmine for the social justice warriors at Change.org
    WHEN the appeal court released Tommy Robinson from prison, the social justice warriors at Change.org must have been almost as jubilant as the Anglo-American far right.Change.org calls itself “the world’s platform for change”, but it seems just as keen as Facebook to use fake news to generate revenue: the 631,000 people who signed its “Theresa May MP: Free Tommy Robinson” petition produced tens of thousands of pounds for the right-on Silicon Valley hipsters.
    Everything about the petition was phoney. Its author was anonymous, and its 81 words included several hefty howlers.
    Grooming gangs
    “Tommy Robinson,” it began, “has been arrested and jailed for reporting on Muslim grooming gangs.” No: he was jailed for breaking a court order of the type regularly imposed by judges to protect fair trials. The appeal court did not overturn the verdict because it was a dictatorial suppression of free speech – it said the case should be reheard because of a “muddle over the nature of the contempt being considered”.
    The anonymous petitioner continued: “Robinson [was] reporting on issues that our mainstream media are too afraid to speak of.” Wrong again. The Times has led the way in investigating grooming gangs, while all journalists will be free to report the alleged crimes in Leeds once the risk of prejudicing juries has passed.
    Real goldmine
    Finally, the petition asserted Robinson had been jailed because he had informed “the public of all the wrongs committed in the name of Allah”. Change.org’s guidelines ban petitions that “attack or malign an entire class of people” because of their religion. But it had compelling and profitable reasons to ignore its rules. Like all petitions on its site, the Robinson one concluded with a jolly appeal to signatories to hand over their dosh: “You’re a hero. Help this petition reach its signature goal! Every £25 will advertise this petition to 833 extra people.”
    However, the real goldmine for the company is the signatories’ personal data, which it can sell on to paying sponsors. It tells users: “We display advertising in the form of sponsored petitions, which are similar to sponsored videos on YouTube, sponsored links on Google, or sponsored tweets on Twitter.” The Italian magazine L’Espresso published a price list showing that Change.org charges “€1.50 per email if a client buys less than 10,000, up to €0.85 per email if the number goes above 500,000”.
    Tapped for donations
    Meanwhile, posing as the brave dissident “reporting on issues that our mainstream media are too afraid to speak of” has brought Robinson five-figure donations from American right-wingers. The publicity his stunt generated has driven viewers to his videos on the Rebel Media site and given him a cut of the revenue generated by the traffic, while the 853,300 people who have been drawn to his Facebook page can be, and are, tapped for donations. Fear not: if fake news about Robinson leads to trouble on the streets and attacks on British Muslims, Change.org will be happy to help you protest with a petition.
    More top stories in the latest issue:
    Despite a damning Charity Commission verdict on the sleazy antics of the Presidents Club, its three wealthy trustees go on the warpath against the FT.

    Eyebrows are raised as the Sun calls in Cheryl Carter, Rebekah Brooks’ former PA and co-defendant, to help with the paper’s half-century celebrations.

    Twitter launches a new set of paid advertising tools to target users based on the topics they are discussing. So nothing to worry about there then…

    Wildly misleading claims abound as ex-BeLeaver Darren Grimes raises cash to launch a legal challenge to the Electoral Commission’s finding against him.

    How Clarence House hopes to rehabilitate Prince Brian after his toe-curling letters to a disgraced bishop are made public at the child sexual abuse tribunal.

    Rescue is as far away as ever for the sadly neglected Georgian assize court now ‘in a state of slow decay’ in Devizes.

    As radical preacher Anjem Choudary’s expected release from jail looms, his supporters are out and about talking nonsense at Speakers’ Corner.
    To read all the latest Private Eye news, get the latest edition – you can subscribe here and have the magazine delivered to your home every fortnight.
    Next issue on sale: 21st August 2018
    Wednesday, 8 August 2018

    Tommy Robinson interview on Tucker Carlson on the outrageous abuse suffered recently VIDEO + archive

    Chilling interview: Tommy Robinson with Tucker Carlson

    Published on 3 Aug 2018
    Wednesday, 1 August 2018


    totally true “all the media do is lie”

    Tommy Robinson released from prison on bail

    Published on 1 Aug 2018

    LIVE: Outside Royal Courts of Justice following Tommy Robinson’s appeal win

     RT UK Streamed live 6 hours ago

    Tommy RobinsonImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
    Image cap
    tionTommy Robinson founded the English Defence League in 2009 but quit the group in 2013

    Tommy Robinson bailed after Court of Appeal win

    Far-right activist Tommy Robinson has been bailed after winning an appeal against a finding of contempt of court.
    Robinson, 35, from Luton, admitted the charge and received a 13-month jail term in May over a film outside Leeds Crown Court during a trial.
    At the Court of Appeal, Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett ruled there had been technical flaws by the judge who jailed him and quashed the finding.
    Robinson’s solicitors said everyone has the “right to a fair hearing”.
    Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon, was not present for the ruling and is expected to be released from prison later.
    In his written judgement, Lord Burnett said: “We are satisfied that the finding of contempt made in Leeds following a fundamentally flawed process, in what we recognise were difficult and unusual circumstances, cannot stand.
    “We will direct that the matter be reheard before a different judge.”
    Supporters and protesters outside courtImage copyrightPA
    Tommy Robinson supporters and protesters gathered outside The Royal Courts of Justice
    A film involving people in a criminal trial that was subject to reporting restrictions was recorded and the footage broadcast on social media.
    The footage, lasting about an hour, was watched 250,000 times within hours of being posted on Facebook.
    A statement from his solicitors said: “The rule of law and right to a fair hearing are fundamental to every individual and this ruling is an example of the safeguards of our system.”
    Robinson will attend the Old Bailey for the Leeds allegation to be reheard.
    He had challenged two contempt of court findings but Lord Burnett said a suspended sentence he was given relating to a trial in Canterbury in May 2017 should stand.
    The former English Defence League (EDL) leader was given 10 months for contempt of court in Leeds and a further three months for breaching the suspended sentence handed to him in Canterbury.
    Lord Burnett, in his written judgement, said Robinson attended Canterbury Crown Court during a rape trial and filmed on the steps of the court and inside the building.
    Presentational grey line

    Analysis: By Dominic Casciani, BBC home affairs correspondent

    This morning, the Lord Chief Justice’s ruling in Robinson’s appeal underlined that the rule of law – the rules that apply to us all – must be applied fairly in all circumstances.
    And that’s why the Court of Appeal ruled that Robinson’s second conviction in a year for contempt of court was flawed. In essence, the five hours from arrest to sentence at Leeds Crown Court was rushed.
    Robinson wasn’t told what specific parts of his activity at the court had been potentially prejudicial to a jury – meaning nobody to this day knows exactly what he did wrong.
    Further, he immediately removed the offending video from Facebook on the court’s order and the judge should have then adjourned the matter to give him longer to prepare a defence.
    Tommy Robinson is still convicted of contempt in relation to his behaviour at Canterbury last year where he received his three month sentence for potentially derailing a fair trial.
    Today, the Court of Appeal said that very same right to a fair hearing means Robinson should have a full opportunity to put his case without rushing to judge.
    Presentational grey line
    At an earlier hearing, Robinson’s QC argued that procedural “deficiencies” had caused “prejudice” in Leeds.
    Lord Burnett said the judge should not have commenced contempt proceedings the same day he was arrested.
    He explained “no particulars of the contempt were formulated or put to the appellant”, and there was “a muddle over the nature of the contempt being considered”.
    Rival groups of Tommy Robinson supporters and “Stand Up To Racism” protesters gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice and swapped chants.
    Both groups of about 30 people were outnumbered by watching police.
    Presentational grey line

    Who is Tommy Robinson?

    Tommy RobinsonImage copyrightAFP
    Born in 1982, Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, describes himself as “a working-class man from Luton”.
    • Aged 20, he joined the far-right British National Party but soon left saying “it was not for me”
    • In 2009 he set up the English Defence League (EDL) – an organisation set up to counter what its members saw as the threat of Islamic extremism
    • The EDL organised street marches and demonstrations which often clashed with anti-racism campaigners
    • He married in 2011 and is the father of three children
    • He left the EDL in 2013 expressing concern that he no longer felt he could keep extremist elements within the organisation at bay
    • Talking to BBC Radio Five Live, he said: “I don’t want to lead the revolution against the Muslims. I believe that the revolution needs to come from within the Islamic community and they need to stand up.”
    • source:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-45029755
    • Sunday, 27 May 2018

      “Tommy Robinson supporters say he is in ‘grave danger’ in Hull Prison” + the arrest – 27 May ’18 VIDEO


      Tommy Robinson supporters say he is in ‘grave danger’ in Hull Prison

      The former EDL leader was taken to the Hedon Road jail after being arrested on Friday
      Supporters of former EDL leader Tommy Robinson are urging people to write to him in Hull Prison – where they say he is in “grave danger”.
      Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, was taken to the Hedon Road jail after being arrested in Leeds on Friday.
      He had been filming men entering Leeds Crown Court, where a grooming trial is taking place.
      Robinson was arrested for allegedly breaching the peace after an hour of broadcasting.
      As he was being bundled into a police van, Robinson was heard to say: He said: “This is ridiculous. I haven’t said a word. I’ve done nothing. This isn’t contempt of court. You are allowed to do this, aren’t you?”
      Contempt of court is a criminal offence that can see people jailed for speeches or publications that create a “substantial risk that the course of justice in the proceedings in question will be seriously impeded or prejudiced.”
      Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson
      Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson
      Supporters say he was taken into the courtroom and jailed for 13 months.
      Posting on Facebook, Helen Lel Gower wrote: “Due to the reporting restrictions set down by the Judge I am unable to report on anything said or done in the Court room other than Tommy was given 13 months for Contempt of Court and immediately taken to Prison.
      “Tommy’s Solicitor is meeting Tommy on Tuesday to discuss what next steps can be taken, if any, she was deliberately mislead by the Police who informed her on the phone that he was being released and when she asked for confirmation that he would be released and that there was no need for her to travel to Leeds they informed her that was correct.
      “The Police immediately took Tommy to the Court and appointed a Court Solicitor who was useless.”
      HMP Hull in Hedon Road
      HMP Hull in Hedon Road (Image: Jack Harland)
      She urged people to contact Robinson to send “messages of support, money for postage stamps, phone calls and food/toiletries”.
      She added: “Tommy is okay so far.”

      Another supporter wrote on YouTube: “TOMMY will be well looked after in hull prison he knows all the top boys from Grimsby who know all the top lads in hull it’s our local jail rest assured TOMMY will be treated as a legend.”

      Tommy Robinson speaking in Leicester
      Tommy Robinson speaking in Leicester
      Mr Robinson was serving a suspended sentence for committing contempt of court during a gang rape case last year when he was arrested on Friday.
      He was handed a three-month jail sentence last May, but saw it suspended for 18 months.
      He has also spent time as the joint party vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party, and has more recently worked with think tank Quilliam to discuss alternative ways of tackling extremism.

      source: https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/tommy-robinson-supporters-say-grave-1612735

      See more:

      I am trying to recall a legal case where someone was convicted of a ‘crime’ which cannot be reported on. Where he can be cast into prison without it being possible to report his name, offence, or place of imprisonment for fear of contempt of court. Can anyone remember such a case

      Tommy Robinson supporter empties can of Stella on top of Downing Street gates 

      Calls to go to Downing Street, 3pm Sunday 27th May “Tommy Robinson arrested outside child grooming trial for ‘breaching the peace’ 



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