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Monday, 29 October 2018

Conspiracy Journal #977 - Embracing ghosts, Buildings on the Moon

10/28/18  #977
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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such ghostie and ghoulie stories as:

 Congress Taking an Interest in UFOs -  
- Photo Could Show Ghosts Embracing -
A Village Of Curses? -
 Ghosts Use Cell Phones to Call Friends

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True Sexual Encounters With ETs


The Bible says it in a “civilized way.” But the truth is that since the beginning of time otherworldly entities – no matter how you wish to identify them – have been pillaging and plundering our planet, raping our women, probing our bodies in an ungentlemanly manner, and ostensibly creating a “master race” of alien hybrids by removing the fetuses from artificially inseminated females who have been abducted by UFO occupants around the globe. The aliens then raise the “children” as their own.

The molestation's go on, and, despite the credible nature of a large percentage of such encounters, these sensationalist events are perhaps the most closely guarded secret of the UFOlogical community, for fear that such disclosure will lead to ridicule on the part of skeptics, the scientific community, the media, and a large portion of the general public, who have not been privileged to scrutinize the available data – much of which is presented in the pages of this book for the first time.

THIS IS NOT “FAKE NEWS!” But One Hundred Percent Documented . . .
These are the anal probes, the kidnapping and removal of men, women and couples from the planet for evil, inhuman purposes that often involve molestation and torture.

Some of those abducted have literally been branded and physically scarred for life. “Tattoos” have been placed on their skin, and horrific scratch and claw marks can be found on their chests and stomachs, arms, legs and breasts. Some of these markings can only be seen under florescent lighting; others can be viewed with the naked eye because they are so obvious.
Here are historical as well as some of the most recent cases of copulation with Reptilians, the handsome Nordic “Space Brothers,” the Greys, insectoids, and a host of other intergalactic stalkers – the real invaders from “Mars” – as taken from the files of some of the top researchers of our time. To paraphrase Cindy Lauper’s 80s smash pop single, there are a few space aliens who it seems are coming here because they “just want to have fun!”

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Congress Taking an Interest in UFOs
By Nick Pope

There’s renewed interest in the UFO phenomenon and it’s coming from an unexpected source: the United States Congress.

The Senate Armed Services Committee is looking into a 2004 incident where US Navy pilots flying with the USS Nimitz strike group encountered, chased and filmed fast-moving unidentified objects. Reliable sources say at least two of the military pilots involved have already been interviewed, and a radar operator was subsequently invited to get in touch.

In parallel, the House Armed Services Committee is taking an interest. Records from April show the committee received a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) briefing on the Pentagon’s UFO project, the cryptically-named AATIP. We know so little about AATIP that there’s even dispute over whether the acronym stands for Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program or Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. The very existence of the project caused a sensation, because until the New York Times broke the story in December 2017, the US government claimed it had not investigated UFOs since the 1960s when sightings were looked at in a study called Project Blue Book.

As noted in the Guardian recently, data from two civilian UFO research organisations show that the number of reported sightings has fallen in recent years. However, there’s no single, global focal point for reports (the Ministry of Defence stopped investigating UFOs in 2009) and statistics will never tell the full story.

It would be better if the phenomenon were assessed and judged not on numbers alone, but by focusing on cases where we have compelling evidence: independently submitted reports from pilots on different flights; visual sightings corroborated by radar; photos and videos regarded as genuinely intriguing by intelligence community imagery analysts. Irrespective of the methodology we use to assess the phenomenon, how can we do so in an even-handed way when the subject has so much pop culture baggage?

A first step in reframing the debate might be changing the language. The term “UFO” has become as obsolete and baggage-laden as the now largely-defunct “flying saucer”. Both are widely, but wrongly, regarded as being synonymous with “extraterrestrial spacecraft”, when self-evidently all the phrase should mean is something in the sky that the observer cannot identify. When the question “do you believe in UFOs?” is misinterpreted as “do you think we’re being visited by aliens?” then we clearly have a problem.

We addressed this in the MoD in the 1990s by replacing “UFO” with “UAP”, for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. It got us increased funding and made a few senior officials take the matter more seriously, because they felt we were looking at a science problem, not a science fiction mystery.

Years later, in 2011, I was one of the briefers at a private gathering in Washington DC, chaired by Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff John Podesta, who has a longstanding interest in the issue. It was reminiscent of an episode of The X-Files and there was even a former CIA director sitting at the back, playing no part in the discussion, but silently taking notes. I briefed attendees on the MoD’s use of the term “UAP” and the message clearly hit home.

During Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, for which Podesta was the campaign chair, she occasionally discussed UAPs and in one interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show she corrected the host for using the term “UFO”. We have yet to learn what Donald Trump thinks about UAPs, but his enthusiasm for a Space Force has certainly created a few conspiracy theories.

When it comes to UAPs, truth really is stranger than fiction. It turns out that AATIP was largely the brainchild of the then Senate majority leader Harry Reid, and that much of the work was contracted out to Bigelow Aerospace, run by former budget hotel magnate (and believer in extraterrestrial visitation) Robert Bigelow. A 2009 letter from Harry Reid about AATIP reads like science fiction in places.

Now, some of the people formerly involved with the project – including the DIA official who ran it, Luis Elizondo – have joined a Public Benefit Corporation called To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, fronted by Tom DeLonge, the former vocalist/guitarist and founder of pop punk band Blink-182. Their mission statement talks about creating a consortium “to explore exotic science and technologies … that can change the world”.

If current US Congressional interest evolves into formal hearings, either specifically on AATIP, or on UAPs more generally, I hope they can get past debates about terminology, and avoid getting bogged down in statistical analyses. I have made clear my willingness to testify on the basis that my experience with the MoD might be relevant.

Focusing on the quality of reports and not simply the quantity should result in a far more meaningful assessment of the phenomenon. Irrespective of the outcome, these might turn out to be the most fascinating Congressional hearings in history.

Source: The Guardian


That Time When "Mind Readers" Spied on the Soviets 
By Sarah Pruitt

During the tense period of the Cold War, the U.S. government sought to deploy a potent new weapon against the Soviet Union: mind-reading.

In a highly classified project conducted first in a California research lab in the 1970s, and later at an Army base in Maryland, the CIA, Army and Defense Intelligence Agency recruited men and women claiming to have powers of extrasensory perception (ESP) to help uncover military and domestic intelligence secrets.

In 2017, the CIA declassified some 12 million pages of records revealing previously unknown details about the program, which would eventually become known as Project Star Gate. By the time the program was shut down in 1995, psychics known as “remote viewers” had taken part in a wide array of operations, from locating hostages kidnapped by Islamic terrorist groups to tracing the paths of fugitive criminals within the United States.

The roots of Project Star Gate go back to 1972, when a classified report made waves within the U.S. military and intelligence communities by claiming that the Soviet Union was pouring money into research involving ESP and psychokinesis—the ability to move objects with the mind—for espionage purposes. In response, the CIA began funding its own top-secret research, headquartered at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California.

Psychic Uri Geller led ESP investigations.

Late that year, the research team at SRI invited Uri Geller, an ex-Israeli paratrooper who had become internationally famous for his psychic powers, to Menlo Park for testing. Though Geller was best known for his alleged ability to bend metal cutlery with his mind, the CIA was much more interested in another of his professed skills: the ability to read other people’s minds, and even control their minds with his own.

As Annie Jacobsen writes in her book Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis, the declassified documents show that CIA analysts wanted to probe Geller’s abilities in the area of “mind projection” and its possible use for national security purposes.

According to Jacobsen, Geller played a key role in setting into motion the U.S. government’s investigation into ESP and psychokinesis. In the winter of 1975, she writes, Geller even took part in a series of classified psychokinesis tests at a lab in Livermore, California, where scientists were developing advanced nuclear warheads, laser systems and other emerging weapons technologies.

The CIA shut down its work with ESP in the late 1970s, and the program moved to the U.S. Army’s Fort Meade in Maryland, where it was funded by the Defense Intelligence Agency. Over the better part of the next two decades, Congress continued to approve funds for the remote viewing program.

“It seems to me a hell of a cheap radar system,” Rep. Charlie Rose of North Carolina told fellow members of the House Select Committee on Intelligence during a meeting about psychic research in 1979. “And if the Russians have it and we don’t, we’re in serious trouble.”

Psychics helped with top-secret programs.

Army veteran Joseph McMoneagle stood out among the remote viewers who worked with the government’s top-secret program. As he later told the Washington Post, McMoneagle was involved in some 450 missions between 1978 to 1984, including helping the Army locate hostages in Iran and pointing CIA agents to the shortwave radio concealed in the pocket calculator of a suspected KGB agent captured in South Africa.

Another remote viewer, Angela Dellafiora Ford, was asked in 1989 to help track down a former customs agent who had gone on the run, she recounted recently on the CBS News program 48 Hours. She was able to pinpoint the man’s location as “Lowell, Wyoming,” even as U.S. Customs was apprehending him 100 miles west of a Wyoming town called Lovell.

Publicly, the Pentagon continued to deny it was spending money on any kind of psychic research, even as reports leaked out in the 1980s of the details of the government’s experiments. Finally, in 1995, the CIA released a report conducted by the independent American Institutes for Research, which acknowledged the U.S. government’s long-rumored work with remote viewing for military and intelligence purposes.

The report also declared Star Gate as a failure, arguing that “it remains unclear whether the existence of a paranormal phenomenon, remote viewing, has been demonstrated.” Though the analysts acknowledged that some trials had been successful and that “something beyond odd statistical hiccups is taking place,” they concluded that any information remote viewing had provided had been too “vague and ambiguous” and did not produce “actionable intelligence.”

'Spidey sense' was investigated among Marines.

The shutdown of the program that year did not mark the end of the government’s interest in psychic phenomena. In 2014, Jacobsen writes, the Office of Naval Research launched a four-year program (costing some $3.85 million) to explore the use of premonition or intuition—what is popularly known as a “sixth sense” or even a “Spidey sense,” in honor of the web-throwing superhero—among sailors and Marines. And Dr. Edwin May, the former Star Gate research head, has continued to argue on behalf of ESP as a legitimate tool for military and domestic intelligence long after the program was shut down. In 2015, May told Newsweek that his most recent ESP study, funded by the non-profit Bial Foundation, “is probably the best experiment in the history of the field.”

Whatever its use for espionage purposes, belief in the powers of ESP has a long-running history of support among ordinary Americans: According to a 2005 Gallup poll, 73 percent of Americans at the time believed in some kind of paranormal phenomena, with 41 percent of those polled saying they believe in ESP specifically.

Source: History


Photo Could Show Ghosts Embracing
By Josh Saunders
Ron Bowers, 60, could have caught the real life ‘Romeo and Ghouliet’ while on a paranormal investigation at Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire.

Shortly before taking photographs of the building, he claims to have heard noises behind him that made him uneasy.

He initially believed he had captured mist, but within seconds noticed two figures and believes they could be a couple hugging.

The father from East Anglia, who took his first photograph of a spirit in 2003 was overwhelmed by the affectionate shot taken last weekend – and believes it could show love carries on after death.

Ron, an electronics engineer, said: “It’s one of the best photographs I’ve ever taken.

“When I first arrived and walked into the rear of Revesby Abbey I sensed the presence of two ladies. Soon after also a dog.

“Before taking the photograph there was a noise that I thought was behind me, which was a bit off-putting.

“I thought I could hear a rustling in bushes behind me before the capture of what looks like an embracing couple which lead me to think it could be someone in the physical.

“At first, I thought it was one figure, but within a few seconds I realised it could be two – one with an arm around the other.

“The arm is very prominent, and it looks like two people embracing, it looks like they are in love.

“It’s nice to believe that love continues. It’s a lovely picture and who knows maybe there is a love story there.

“For me it’s a little more of a confirmation that our lives continue or that our energies can return to our favourite places.

“If it is possible that we are energy, it could return to our favourite places, like homes, pubs, maybe schools and other locations.

“I don’t believe I have ever had something so intimate as that picture.”

Ron explains that he uses black and white photography as it helps to show anything that may have been captured on camera.

But he said he never expected to capture such a moment.

Ron said: “I always stake picture in black and white because it’s night time so anything that’s possible visible is more visible in its white form.

“I was just taking a picture of the building, hoping I would capture something in the window.

“I had to use flash to bring the building out, some things can be dismissed as moisture or raindrops, but for this I have ruled out the moisture theory.”

Ron claims this was not his only encounter with the supernatural world on this investigation.

He added: “I also photographed a great white line, it was like a white streak of light and one of the Cambridge Ghost Hunters team said she could feel something too

“During the evening with Cambridge ghost hunters I felt there was quite a lot of activity going on.

“The time electronic balls moved was fascinating to watch when members of the group were asking spirit to move them.

“The presence of horses was felt and even heard at one stage by several of us. I don’t believe the owners have them where we were.”

Ron admits that while he expects there to be suspicion around his photograph, he adamantly vows the photograph is real.

He said: “I am pleased and a little overwhelmed by the reaction, I’m very apprehensive of the abuse that’s bound to come but this is real.

“I would like to think the spirit couple once were lovers and lived or at least one of them did at Revesby and this was their favourite place.

“Unfortunately, I know nothing of the history in that sense, but wouldn’t that make a lovely story.”

Ron accompanied Cambridge Ghost Hunters on their investigation of Revesby Abbey, which was formerly a medieval monastery that was founded in 1143.

While none of the abbey is visible today, the isolated spot has been documented for several ‘hauntings’ and supernatural experiences.

Craig Jones, 27, said: “It looks like two people hugging and is pretty amazing to have captured something like that.

“It could show that true love does last forever or it could be a replay of someone who was very scared and being hugged for comfort.”

Matt Wood, 47, said: “Ron has very spirited senses. It’s one of those images which is unbelievable to have caught.

“It’s very interesting. A lot of photos you think it could be this or that, where you can see human shapes in banana skins and other things.

“But this seems actually there and doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see at all.”

Source: Story Tender

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Karl Wolfe, Who Claimed NASA Had Photos of Structures on Moon, Has Died

Karl Wolfe, a former U.S. Air Force Sergeant, who claimed that in 1965 he saw top secret NASA photographs showing "alien structures" on the moon has died in a bike accident.

On October 10, Wolfe, 74, was cycling in Lansing, New York, when he was hit by a tractor trailer.

He was rushed to nearby Cayuga Medical Centre but later died from his injuries.

Wolfe went public in 2001 with revelations of seeing top secret satellite photographs of the surface of the moon in 2001 during the Sirius Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Wolfe worked for the Director of Intelligence at Headquarters Tactical Air Command, Technical Group and he was stationed at Langley Field, Virginia.

Langley Field was center for information received from the Lunar Orbiter Project. Satellite receivers from around the world waited for information from the Orbiter, and it was then channeled to Langley, where the information was transformed into photographic images, and other top-secret data.

The photographic imaging was done at a secure military lab ran by NSA. In an interview for UFO magazine, Wolfe asserted that he was one of only two technicians at Langley with high enough security clearance to work with the high-tech photographic equipment which processed info from U-2 spy planes, and other military intelligence hardware.

Wolfe, in his own words:

"... At any rate, I was in a color lab one day when my boss, Staff Sergeant Taylor, came over to me and said that they were having a problem with some equipment on the base an it was the first lunar orbiter program, where they had a mission to pretty much locate the first landing sites for the 1969 lunar mission for the astronauts.

So he said they were having some problem with equipment over there. it was similar equipment to what we had- it was computerized contact printing equipment. He wanted to know if I would go over and take a look at it. He said to me, It's an NSA facility. At the time, I didn't Know what the NSA was--I was pretty naive.

I thought he said NASA. So in my mind, for a long time I thought it was a NASA facility that I had gone to, but I remembered him saying NSA and converting it in my own mind to NASA..."

Wolfe claims that one day when NSA photographic equipment failed, he was called in to assist them with the critical repair work needed to keep the machines on the job. Coincidentally, Wolfe was the only individual available at the time trained in the type of equipment that had failed. He normally would be crossing lines by venturing into NSA territory.

His security clearance status was raised to enable him to even enter the highly secure laboratory.

Wolfe's heart raced as he entered the here-to-fore forbidden hangar that day, and he was shocked to see the frantic activity in the lab, activities carried out by individuals of many different nations.

Wolfe had naturally thought that only American citizens would be in the NASA lab, but there were many individuals with guest name tags on, and obviously from foreign countries present this day, inferring that they were there on a temporary basis for some special occasion.

He felt a sense of panic as to his mission. Whatever he was called in for was of the utmost importance. He was told that the equipment in question was in a nearby dark room.

As he was led into the room, only the red glow of a safety light greeted him at first, but in a moment, he could make out the figure of one airman who manned the dark room.

Wolfe knew that the image processing equipment would have to be removed to be repaired, and he also knew that the diagnostics on this type of equipment would take some time to finish.

Arrangements were quickly made for the photographic equipment to be taken to another secure location for Wolfe to begin the painstaking task of troubleshooting the problem. As Wolfe waited for transport to arrive, he began to chat with the other airman. Wolfe carefully asked why the NASA work was being done at Langley and not NASA in Houston.

It was then that he was told that all of the NASA image information was downloaded to Langley, enhanced and made into the finished photographs that were then studied by different branches of the Armed Forces. The dark room attendant began to explain to Wolfe just what all the secrecy was about.

Wolfe was told that recent enhanced images had surprisingly, yet clearly shown structures on the surface of the dark side of the Moon. Structures that definitely were not created by natural means, such as meteors, or ancient collisions with other heavenly bodies. The structures were created by intelligent beings.

"We discovered," the airman said, "a base of the back side of the Moon."

Wolfe was obviously stunned by this extraordinary disclosure. He remembers literally "shaking" trying to take in the enormity of what he had been told. Seeing Wolfe's disbelief, the dark room attendant continued;

"Yes, a base on the dark side of the Moon."

Although the attendant had not actually said that the structures were not created by inhabitants of Earth, it seemed to go without saying. Wolfe was still in amazement as he was now looking down at the very photographs he was trying to envision in his mind.

Bending down under the red glowing lamp, he was seeing what so very few would see. He could clearly make out geometric shapes, well organized, and well designed.

Most noticeable to him were what looked exactly like radar antennas, very similar to what one could see on Earth.

There was no doubt now in Wolfe's mind why the odd complement of scientists and investigators were in attendance at this place on this day. They had arrived to see and study what he was looking at now; structures made by intelligent beings on the Moon.

Questions flooded his mind now; Could Russia have made these structures, putting the first flag on the lunar surface? Could this be a joint venture of some kind? If so, by whom? Americans and aliens? Whomever was the creator, Wolfe felt like he had been caught stealing, or with his hand in the cookie jar. He was NOT supposed to see these photographs.

He could be arrested, or worse. He just wanted to do his job, leave, and never mention it again. Wolfe did finish the job he was commissioned to do, keeping the memories of that day dormant in his mind, and went on with his life.

Wolfe, however, was haunted by the images he saw that day for many years to come. After he left the active service, his security clearance prohibited him from leaving the United States for five years, and he was sworn to keep what he had seen to himself.

It would be thirty years before he told anyone about that unforgettable day.

For the year that Wolfe saw the remarkable structures on the dark side of the Moon was 1965, four years before Neil Armstrong put the first footprint on the lunar surface. Or was it the first?

Source: UFO Casebook


Spooky Sights, Sounds

Glenn Wershing says he believed his house in New Jersey was haunted the moment he moved in with his wife and three children in 1961.

"On the third floor, we would hear footsteps going from the back of the house to the front of the house, then a big thump," Mr. Wershing explains. "I think I must have run upstairs a hundred times with a flashlight to see who or what was there, but I never found anything."
Mr. Wershing, 76, and his wife, Jackie Wershing, 71, live in the Thomas P. Hunt house, a three-story farmhouse built in 1835 that runs along Bear Creek, which adjoins the property.
The couple has noted numerous incidents that suggest the lingering presence of a ghost or some unearthly being. One Christmas, for example, Mrs. Wershing took a photo of her three children around the living-room Christmas tree. When the photo was developed, it appeared that the dismal figures of three other children — in shadowy form — were present, as well.
The couple is among the 40 percent of Americans who believe that a place can be haunted. According to a Gallup poll in 2001, this percentage is up from about 29 percent 10 years earlier.
"You never know when these weird things will start happening, but the change in seasons is usually a good indication" Mrs. Wershing said. "It was bitter cold one night, and I awoke at about five in the morning. There, standing in front of Glenn's dresser was a lady with extremely long hair, wearing a nightgown of some sort. I just barely opened my eyelids, straining to try and see a face, but absolutely nothing was reflected in our bedroom mirror."
Mr. Wershing suggests that the people who lived in the house prior to them just weren't ready to go yet: "It wasn't like there was a murder here or anything like that. Years ago, it was commonplace for people to die in their homes. I've said I don't believe in ghosts, but something is happening in this house."
The Wershing household is one of dozens of eerie phenomena compiled in "Weird U.S.: Your Travel Guide to America's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets." The new book collects tales of the unexplained from across the country — including such Washington-area legends as the Goatman and "Crybaby Bridge."
Joe Nickell, investigative columnist for the Skeptical Inquirer, says this belief in the paranormal taps into the hopes and fears of the American people.
"Psychic power lets us look into the future, aliens and UFOs reassure us that we are not alone in this universe, and ghosts give us the message that there's something to look forward to after death," Mr. Nickell said. "There's no objective or scientific evidence for ghosts. I've come to believe that it's not the places that are haunted. It's the minds of the people."
Haunted sites like the Martha Washington Inn in Abingdon, Va., however, continue to attract ghost-believing visitors each year, asking about the haunted history of the Inn, and the supposed ghost of a young nurse named Beth who haunts the Inn's premises. Pete Sheffey, a bellman at the inn, claims to have seen a lot of strange things throughout his 40 years of employment there.
"Our guests sometimes hear the sound of violins coming from the upper floors, but there is no one playing," said Mr. Sheffey, 63. "This is the ghost of Beth, who lived here during the Civil War, when the inn was a hospital. Last week, one guest saw [Beth's] feet moving down the hall ... then, they just vanished right in front of her. Some guests don't believe in the ghost stuff when they arrive, but by the time they leave, they do."
D.C. resident Steve Cupo, 50, said he had his own personal encounter with a ghost sighting. Mr. Cupo was a lead actor in "Give My Regards to Broadway" at the Circuit 21 Dinner Theatre in Rock Island, Ill., in 1981 when he saw the ghost of a deceased janitor sitting in the balcony.
"It was during rehearsal, and I had just run up to a very high platform on the stage," Mr. Cupo said. "We had to stop the performance for some reason, and as I was glancing around the auditorium, I saw a strange Portuguese man in overalls sitting in the balcony. I looked away for a minute, but as soon as I looked back, he was gone. One week later, people were talking about this ghost of a Portuguese janitor, who accidentally killed himself in the theatre in 1922, and now he haunts the place."
"Weird U.S." also highlights stories of "bizarre beasts," including the infamous Goatman of Prince George's County.
The Goatman is described as a half-man, half-goat creature, whom local lore blames for attacking cars left near the road and throwing dogs off Interstate 495 overpasses near secluded areas.
Since the late 1950s, the Goatman has left his mark on the front page of two issues of the Prince George's County News. The Nov. 10, 1971, edition carried a front-page banner declaring "Residents Fear Goatman Lives: Dog Found Decapitated in Old Bowie" with a photo of the remains of the mutilated pet. The canine victim's owners reportedly had heard strange noises and saw an "animal-like creature" moving in the dark right before the dog disappeared.
According to some area residents, the Goatman lives near a notorious Prince George's County site, Crybaby Bridge in Upper Marlboro.
At Crybaby Bridge, passing motorists say they have heard either the shrill cry of an infant ghost — local legend says it's the spirit of a baby who was thrown over the bridge by her ashamed, murderous mother — or the Goatman, stealthily awaiting his next victim.
Mark Moran, co-author of "Weird U.S.," said he and co-author Mark Sceurman took about a year to travel nationwide to investigate and research these, and many other, haunted places nationwide, many of which were "tips" from readers. After they published "Weird NJ" — a compilation of spooky tales from New Jersey — in 2003, the authors began receiving letters from across the country, telling them strange tales from their home states.
"What we do is listen to what people tell us is weird about their own hometown," Mr. Moran said. "I don't know if these stories are fact or fiction, but what I do believe is that the people who tell us their story truly believe it."

Source: The Washington Times


A Village Of Curses?

Supernatural Stories Lure Curious To Colonial Site.

In the far upper corner of northwestern Connecticut, not far from the historic town of Cornwall in the shadow of three mountains, lies a place where only the bravest of hearts tread.

Once a colonial village called Dudleytown, it is said to be the site of mysterious deaths of residents in the 1700s and 1800s, unexplained madness in the 20th century and tales of strange noises and wraiths in the past 50 years. Through word of mouth and the reach of the Internet, Dudleytown has become something akin to Connecticut's "Blair Witch" forest.

"The story has all the makings of a really great horror story: historical figures, mysterious happenings, ghosts, a curse," wrote author Gary P. Dudley in his 2001 book "The Legend of Dudleytown."

Still, these days, about the only thing any supernatural investigator or curious teenager will encounter is a burly state trooper and road barriers, meant to prevent people from entering the private property. The residents of the Dark Entry Forest - near the Dudleytown site - are tired of paranormal investigators, writers, hikers and people interested in the supernatural trespassing on their property.

After the popular movie "The Blair Witch Project" opened in 1999, more people started hosting campfires and loud drinking parties up in Dudleytown, which is now little more than rocks and a few old foundations.

Teenagers would try to find the site, then get lost deep in the woods. And the local police kept getting call after call to either rescue people or bust up the parties.

As a result, the residents of Dark Entry closed all the paths leading to Dudleytown six years ago. Anyone who attempts to find it without permission of the association faces arrest or a hefty fine.

"It's unfortunate," said resident David Colbert. "I liked it when the woods were open. I wish there didn't seem to be an association with looking for ghosts and drinking beer and making garbage."

While it's harder to get to Dudleytown, it's easier than ever to learn about it.

The folklore of Dudleytown is featured in several books and on dozens of websites with pictures of strange lights and blurs. There are references to a cursed family of Dudleys who settled the area in the early 1700s.

Besides an allegedly cursed founding family, Dudleytown is linked to stories about Native Americans invading the village and killing an entire family; lightning fatally striking the wife of Revolutionary War Gen. Herman Swift on her doorstep, which caused him to go mad; various epidemics; and finally, in 1872, the wife of New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley committing suicide there. By 1880, all but one man, John Brophy, had abandoned the place, and he even was said to occasionally be seen walking out of the woods with torn clothes, muttering things about demons.

"Basically, these authors put a bunch of random happenings together and came up with a story," said Dudley, who is not related to the Dudleytown settlers. "There are no reports of anything mysterious in the town records, no indication of anything out of the ordinary. People lived off the timber for charcoal, and when the Bessemer process of steelmaking came along, they just kind of left.

"I was there in 1998, and the most mysterious thing that happened to me was that I got more mosquito bites in 15 minutes than two hours in Texas."

Today, Dudleytown is mostly deserted, except for the curiosity-seekers and tourists, who come looking for thrills. The Dark Forest Entry Association still owns most of the land the village once stood on.

There are a group of homes on Bald Mountain Road that are very secluded from the main roads and they belong to the closest residents. These locals maintain that nothing supernatural takes place in this region and perhaps they are right. It seems unlikely that the "curse" on Dudleytown ever really existed but on the other hand, there is something strange about such a small area with so many disappearances, unusual deaths, suicides and cases of insanity. The stories of a "curse" had to have gotten started for some reason and perhaps this was why.

As far as we know, the ghostly tales began to surface in the 1940’s. It was at this time that visitors to the ruins of the village began to speak of strange incidents and wispy apparitions in the woods. Even today, those who have visited the place boast of paranormal photographs, overwhelming feelings of terror, mysterious lights, sights and sounds and even of being touched, pushed and scratched by unseen hands.

Some researchers refer to the area as a "negative power spot", or a place where entities enter this world from the other side. They say this may explain the strange events in Dudleytown’s history, like the eerie reports, the strange creatures and perhaps even the outbreaks of insanity and madness. The place is often thought of as "tainted" in some way, as if the ground has somehow spoiled here, or perhaps was sour all along.

Lack of actual proof of hauntings or paranormal activity hasn't dented interest.

At one point, the faith-based entertainment studio Good News Holdings, whose founder, David Kirkpatrick, once headed Paramount Pictures, joined with a local production company to make its first horror movie about Dudleytown. But the studio recently parted ways with Massachusetts-based Red Barn Productions over "spiritual differences," according to the Religion News Service.

Despite all the interest, many Cornwall area residents roll their eyes at the notion of a local haunted forest.

"Sure, bad things probably happened. I think a woman committed suicide, and a man fell off a ladder and died because he was drunk, but those kinds of things can happen anywhere," said Nick Jacobs, a longtime resident of Cornwall who throws a big Halloween costume party with a bonfire and ghost story re-enactments every year. "Was Dudleytown cursed? No. It's just one of those places that just became abandoned. It's dark, the soil is bad, and it's way the hell on top of a mountain. Sure, people would leave."

So, while the presence of state police and the pathway barriers may have deterred visitors, fascination with Dudleytown shows no sign of waning.

In 1999, shortly before the gates and warning signs went up, a group of paranormal investigators with an organization called Seeker went to Dudleytown to snap pictures. Upon leaving, their car was hit by a truck.

To this day, the website asks: "Coincidence or curse? We'll let you decide!"

Source: courant.com


Ghosts Use Cell Phones to Call Friends 

A paranormal expert in Britain has claimed that ghosts are trying to contact the living through mobile phones, with the number of mystery calls attributed to them rising by 43 percent in the last four years.

Phil Hayes, a spectre investigator from Paranormal Research UK, believes a third of all haunting are now through mobile phones.

"There is evidence to suggest that ghosts can use phones to communicate, with reports of people receiving phone calls from deceased relatives," the Sun quoted Hayes as saying.

According to him, the calls often feature heavy static and the voice sounds faint and distant, and nine in ten show as "withheld number" or "000000000000" on caller ID.

Statistics show two thirds of all paranormal phenomena feature sounds, with just 20 percent being actual sightings of ghosts and 15 percent based on smell.

The study by Tesco Mobile revealed Paranormal Research UK have seen a 70 percent upsurge in paranormal evidence in the last year due to people using their phones.

"We'd recommend those brave enough to capture any spooky sightings should MMS or email their pics to the paranormal society for investigation," Lance Batchelor, CEO of Tesco Mobile said.

"Keep your camera phone on the highest quality resolution setting and use the recorder to capture the noise of any spectral sounds," he added.

There have been quite a large number of reports of mysterious phone calls that some paranormal experts believe were made by discarnate entities. Some phone calls are just so strange they defy all explanations.

Consider these true stories from people who have had unexplained, puzzling and sometimes downright unnerving experiences with their phones. These stories are from the article "Freaky Phone Calls" from About.com-Paranormal Phenomena.

The Impossibly Cloned Call
Many years ago, when married to my first husband, I received a telephone call at about 4:20 a.m. It was my elder brother telling me he had just gotten married. The call woke up my husband and I spoke with my brother for about five minutes. I hung up and went back to sleep. About a week or so later, I was visiting at my mother's home and this same brother was there with his wife. I thanked him for calling me... and I got this odd stare and his mouth fell open. He told me he had called our mother, but he had never called me at all. I turned to my mother and she related the entire conversation she had had with him, and then I related the entire conversation I had had with him - and these conversations were literally identical and at the exact same time. - Barbara

The Phones That Called Each Other
This strange incident happened in our home at Christmas. My husband had his cell phone on our dining room table and it was turned off for the evening. My purse was in our library, where my husband was playing a computer game with our daughter. In my purse I had my cell phone turned on. As my husband and daughter were playing, my cell phone rang. My husband picked it up and it said the incoming call was coming in from his cell phone! He thought our son was playing a prank on him and ran into the room we were in and told our son to stop messing around with his cell phone. We laughed at him and asked him what he was talking about. He said, "Your phone just rang and it said the call was coming in from my phone!" This is where things get weird! My son and I were both in the same room together talking and neither one of us had left the room. We weren't even in the same room as my husband's cell phone at all. My husband checked his phone and sure enough it was off just as he had left it. We can't figure out how a call came into my phone from his phone when his phone was off and there was certainly no one in the room with his phone! Strange indeed. We were all pretty mystified over the whole incident for sure! - Janine T.

The Phone Call That Never Was
My mum usually picks me up from work and she doesn't work far from me. One Tuesday night, we were driving home when I asked her how my dad's computer classes were going. My dad usually attended the computer classes every Tuesday night. She said she didn't know as she hadn't spoken to him about it. She asked me why. I replied, "Well, when I was speaking to him he said he was having some trouble. They had been given three assignments to complete, but he couldn't finish assignment number two as the computer wouldn't 'save as.' I think he eventually managed to do them all though."

"Oh, right." she said. That night, with the conversation with my mum forgotten, I was sitting watching TV, when my dad knocked on my door. He said, "I was speaking to mum earlier about the conversation you had about my computer class. How did you know we had three assignments and I had trouble with the second one?"

Confused, I said, "You told me that on the phone."

"No, I didn't. There is no way you could have known that because I have just come from my computer class. You had the conversation with mum before I went, and what you told mum happened tonight. I couldn't have known we had three assignments as I missed last week's class."

We both just sat there looking at each other trying to figure out how I knew what was going to happen before it did. I was sure we had spoken on the phone about it, but how could we if it hadn't happened? The strange thing is, I can remember my dad telling me what happened on the phone, but I can't recall how, where and when. - Cian B.

The Call from Grandfather
Sometime in 1999, our phone was out. My mother was at work and I was asleep when the phone rang and woke me up. I answered the phone, but didn't hear anything. I listened and then this man said something that I did not understand. I said, ''What?'' Then the man repeated himself. He said, "Is this the barber shop?'' And I said, ''No.'' Then I didn't hear anything else. The phone sounded dead, so I hung up. But I soon realized that the person sounded exactly like my grandfather, who had been dead for four or five years. The phone wasn't even working at the time it rang, because after it had rung I picked it up and the phone was still out! I'm convinced it was my grandfather. - Judy W.

The Message from the Afterlife
My sister has had some pretty interesting activity on her answering machine and phones. I have heard messages from the other side left on her answering machine. We know someone or something is trying to communicate with her using electronic energy as the mode. What we both want to know is how we can better receive these messages. The messages are sometimes hard to make out, yet some of the words are very clear. These messages are not left by human vocal chords (that much we know). We do not know where to go for this. I mean, it is not like we can call Ghostbusters or anything! She recently has had a good friend pass away, and I also have had a friend pass. It could be one of these two ladies, or it could be any lost soul in need of assistance. Today's message said (as far as we could make out), "I'm calling from the afterlife. Pick up the phone." - Patrice T.

The Anniversary Call
I was asleep one Sunday morning and heard the phone ringing. I tried to wake myself enough to answer it and when I did... it was my father. I was stunned. He had a big voice, like James Earl Jones, so there was no mistaking who it was. He asked me how I was doing. I'd just had major surgery a few weeks earlier and was in recovery. He asked me if I'd heard about the death of two people. I told him I hadn't. He told me that things would get better and to hang in there, he loved me and he had to go. When I hung up the phone, it was as if I stepped from another level back into this one. I immediately called my siblings to tell them daddy called! My father called on September 13 - the second anniversary of his death. - Michelle

The Call That Got Back at the Telemarketers
I worked as a telemarketer to earn a little money before fall quarter started for nursing school. A friend was a manager there and got the temporary position for me. I had been working there for a couple of months. There was a dialogue on the monitor in front of us to read from while talking with people. The computer dials the number, so I had no say in who I call. I cannot remember the last name of the folks I called this one day, so I'll just use the name Smith.

The phone rang and a man answered the phone. I asked to speak to Mr. or Mrs. Smith, please. The man very nicely said, "It depends on what you want." So I went into my spew of mailers for donations for the particular charity we were doing that day - spew being the number of letters they would have to send and what to do with any money they should get back. I asked if I was speaking to Mr. Smith. He answered with a chuckle, "Yes. And just how much in postage would I have to pay? I'm on Social Security, and my wife and I have to watch our money pretty close." I think it was like $3.40 in postage.

As I was explaining the amount of money and options to mailing, a woman comes on the call and says, "Hello." I said, "Excuse me, I was talking to Mr. Smith." The woman said, "Miss, I'm sorry, Mr. Smith has been gone for three years now. He passed away."

I asked, "Is there someone else there I could have been talking to?" She said, "No, honey. I'm here by myself. Can I help you with something?"

By her voice, I believe she was being sincere. Stunned, I said, "No, thank you, ma'am. You have a nice day."

When the call was disconnected, I looked at the girl sitting beside of me. She said, "Terrie, are you okay?" I guess my face was pale and I had a vacant stare on my face. I went out to a break right then, and proceeded to tell my friend, who was also the manager of the floor. She went in and called the main office and asked them to pull my operator number calls for the day. I told her the name and the next day she called, concerned someone may have been in the house with the woman and she didn't know; she sounded elderly to me. The answering machine came on and sure enough, she sounded like an elderly woman to my boss. Shelly left the number to our office and asked that the woman call back and reverse the charges. The woman called back a few hours later and just said she was fine. She recalled the phone conversation and thought maybe I was a prankster. - by Terrie

Source: Sify


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