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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Maurice Kirk: Police interference in the denied parole release now / medical treatment + S Wales police cover-up 17 Oct. ’18 + archive

Received:  Maurice is supposed to be out + free on parole, as of 1 August, but those unspeakables in S Wales police have pulled all kinds of strings, including MAPPA, to stop MK’s release – a bit harsh considering he shouldn’t even be where he is in the first place and the entire conviction is a serious miscarriage of justice which, of course, they all know about. Maurice says he has received at least some of the previously withheld medical records from the Caswell Clinic that have proven so notoriously difficult to obtain for many years since  2009. He has also changed wing in the prison, which is the equivalent of changing prisons entirely, as the ambience and everything is different, even the karzi –  and it’s excellent that he’s been moved from our Neanderthal-like coloured friends with a record low IQs who were threatening 73-year-old Maurice…as if.  If these f###tards had more brains they’ed be idiots…
1]  Letter to IOPC, 14 Oct. ’18
2]  Letter to No. 1 Governor, MoJ, lONDON
3] Note re:  medical position

1]  Letter to IOPC, 14 Oct. ’18
2]  Letter to No. 1 Governor, MoJ, London, 15 Oct. 18
3] Note re:  medical position
Archive: Maurice is serving a highly questionable 2 year sentence, beginning on 14/12/2017 in HMP Parc, Bridgend, Wales – the archive of posts here with MK’s updates from HMP Parc:


Maurice’s site is http://www.mauricejohnkirk.com

his email address is: maurice@kirkflyingvet.com