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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Wikileaks Updates 04 Oct. 2018 - Chelsea Manning discusses Wikileaks scandal in first UK appearance, Clinton's exaggerations, Wikileaks Will Bring 'Hillary Clinton' Down By October 21?,

Hillary Clinton compares 9/11 to Russian interference in 2016 presidential race
Recalling the race two years later, Mrs. Clinton claimed that a combination of factors including Russian efforts, WikiLeaks publishing stolen documents ...
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Special counsel may use Roger Stone's past to squeeze him for information on Donald Trump
Dissemination of that information via WikiLeaks damaged Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and helped Republican nominee Donald Trump. Stone ...
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New Book Fills In Gaps On Meeting That Sparked FBI's Trump-Russia Probe
The investigation was opened on July 31, 2016, a week after WikiLeaks released emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee. After the ...

1 day ago
Published at : 2018/10/02

 A US intelligence worker who was jailed for leaking thousands of documents to Wikileaks has defended her actions in her first UK public appearance. Chelsea Manning, who has since been released from prison, has spoken of the 'struggle for survival' living as transgender through her seven years behind bars. Manning leaked official government documents known as the Afghan Logs, which included hundreds of thousands of classified military reports about the Afghanistan conflict from 2004 to 2009. 

Her 35 year sentence was cut short after being released from prison by Barack Obama in his last few days in office.While serving in the U.S Army in Iraq, Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, was confused about her gender.In an interview with Channel 4 news, she told of her 'struggle' after being jailed for 35 years, and her transition to becoming a woman.She said: 'It really has been for me more of a struggle for survival, that was what those seven years were.  'Especially as a trans person in prison and as somebody who, you know, I see what's happening and I want to do something about it.  Ms Manning said: 'It was probably having to fight every single day for just basic necessities like health care or I fought for hormones, I fought for surgery. 'We would often have to band together to defend ourselves from often very intense scrutiny by guards.'She was involved in leaking the diplomatic cables, the largest set of confidential documents to be leaked into the public domain, which were uploaded onto WikiLeaks, a disclosure portal for whistle blowers in 2010.

The diplomatic cables were confidential cables written by the U.S embassies around the world from 1966 to 2010, which were made public.Her actions divided opinion, with transparency campaigners praising the leaks, while critics insisted she weakened the US.   The whistle blower said: 'It's one thing for you to be seen as a human being, and it's another for somebody to tell you on a piece of paper that you have access to some rights but not others. 'That is one of the reasons why whenever I wasn't given a guarantee that was going to get access to surgery that I eventually went on hunger strike because that was me asserting myself and my humanity and my identity and being like no, I'm not just a piece of paper, I'm not just a name and a number. 'I'm a human being and I need this.' 

Chelsea Manning laughed off Donald Trump's claim she should still be in jail at the at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London today, where she spoke to artist James Bridle.When asked about the tweet at the arts institute in London today, Manning replied simply: 'Well I'm here now.'  Hitting out at President Trump in the Channel 4 interview, she said: 'I often ask myself why do we even have a president? 'Why do we put so much unrestricted power and authority into a single individual and expect them to be not a malevolent figure?