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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Wikileaks Updates 15 Oct. 2018 - Assange partly back online -LEAKED: Here Are the Demands Ecuador Has Given Julian Assange in Order to End His Isolation


Ecuador partly restores internet access for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
Ecuador has restored partial internet access to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who took refuge in the country's London Embassy more than six ...
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WikiLeaks's Julian Assange Regains Partial Internet Access in Ecuadorian Embassy
The move comes nearly six months after the Ecuadorean government suspended Assange's communications after he discussed issues on social ...

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  • Ecuador partly restores internet access for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

    Ecuador has restored partial internet access to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who took refuge in the country's London Embassy more than six ...
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  • LEAKED: Here Are the Demands Ecuador Has Given Julian Assange in Order to End His Isolation

    Despite numerous reports claiming that the communications of Julian Assange have been restored, they are not yet — and there will be a severe regime of penalties and sanctions on his speech and writing when they are.

    The team at WikiLeaks was informed on Friday that his communications would be restored on Monday, October 15, but so far there has not been any change. In a grave violation of free speech, Assange was also presented with a nine page document that includes outlining limitations and restrictions on what he will be able to do and say online.
    The protocols Assange will be forced to agree to in order to end his isolation have been leaked online in Spanish.
    The draconian document demands that he avoids any activities that could be political or would interfere in interior matters of other states — essentially squashing his freedom of speech and his ability to publish. It also provides new rules for visitors.

    The document begins by outlining the new rules for visitors. It says that any person outside the Embassy or the ecuadorian Government, without exception, that wishes to visit Assange will need to request prior authorization in writing addressed to the Chief of the Embassy of Ecuador. They will need to include their full names, nationality, copies of identification, reason for the visit, their profession and workplace, email accounts and links to their social media, and serial numbers for any phones or tablets they wish to keep with them during the visit.
    Additionally, the IMEI of visitor’s cellphone chips is also required for their intelligence collection operation. This must be sent through email, a return email obtained, and that must be printed and brought to the appointment.
    For frequent visitors, Ecuador is willing to make exceptions and give them a letter of identification which they will only have to renew every three months.
    Should the embassy refuse to allow someone access, they will not be providing a reason why. It says that they reserve the right to decline or cancel any authorization at any time, even for those who have been previously authorized as a frequent visitor.
    When this reporter visited Assange in the days prior to his isolation, all details were worked out with staff working for Assange. The embassy simply checked my passport and held my phone at the front desk.
    The new protocol also asserts that the embassy will be keeping a record of all visits made to Assange and the data that they provide. This information will be sent to the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other unnamed agencies.
    Assange will also only be allowed to have up to three visitors at once, unless cleared by the head of the embassy.
    Ecuador also wrote that people who violate the rules of their visits or display a lack of “appropriate behavior” during the visit will be reported to British authorities.
    The section regarding Assange’s communications begins by saying that when his internet is restored he will be liable for any costs for WiFi. It says that he may only use his own tablets, phones or computers except in exceptional cases and only with written permission from Ecuador.
    Assange must also provide the brand name, model number, and serial number for any devices he has in the embassy.
    While the document asserts that Ecuador shall not be liable for the contents of his communications, statements, documents or messages on social media — it goes on to place severe limits on his freedom of speech.
    It says that Assange, while “exercising his right of communication and of freedom of expression,” is prohibited from activities that could be considered political or interfering in the affairs of other nations or that may damage the relationship between Ecuador and other states.
    Ecuador says that disobeying this rule can lead to termination of asylum or placing him back into isolation.
    Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno has previously stated that speech restrictions include opinions critical of US or Spanish policies — such as criticism of Spanish police brutalizing peaceful voters.
    The document says that Assange must submit to the quarterly evaluations with medical specialists at his own expense.
    The results of any examinations will be kept private.
    In case of a medical emergency or at the express request of mr. Assange, the Head of the Mission will authorize your transfer, as soon as possible, to receive care from physicians outside the Embassy,” the document says.
    The UK has repeatedly denied Assange safe passage to a hospital after doctors who examined him called for himto be allowed to go and be treated for his deteriorating health. If he was to be transported to a hospital, it is extremely likely he would be arrested.
    Additionally, Ecuador is threatening to kidnap Assange’s embassy cat and bring him to an animal shelter if they deem it is not being properly cleaned up after.
    On March 28, Ecuador caved to pressure from the United States and Spanish governments to isolate Assange by revoking his right to have visitors, make phone calls or use the internet.
    The WikiLeaks founder entered the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on June 19, 2012. He was soon granted political aslyum.
    The UK has long refused to acknowledge the findings of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD), which found that Assange is being arbitrarily and unlawfully detained and must be immediately released and compensated.
  • The new rules also promise to potentially use the UK police against visitors or to sieze communications equipment.