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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Wikileaks Updates 17 Oct. 2018 - Those Amazon Data Centres, Assange back online - but when?, Tax evaders leaker Rudolf Elmer cleared of bank secrecy charges


Swiss Court clears Rudolf Elmer on bank secrecy charges
Cayman Compass

  • Rudolf Elmer, a former chief operating officer with Julius Baer in the Cayman Islands who handed internal bank data on tax evaders to WikiLeaks, ...

Putin's Favorite Congressman Denies Russia Hacked the DNC, Because That's What Julian ...
Mother Jones

  • ... based on a denial offered by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The congressman's belief is contrary to the public conclusion of United States law ...


WikiLeaks Releases A Detailed List Of All Amazon Web Services Data Centers Ahead Of DoD ...
Activist Post

  • WikiLeaks has published an alleged “highly confidential” document outlining the addresses and operational details of Amazon Web Services (AWS) ...

/pol/ - Assange/Wikileaks timeline https://img42.com/FA1v_ - Politically Incorrect - 4chan

  • Assange/Wikileaks timeline https://img42.com/FA1v_ - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current ...

Pacifica stands with Wikileaks and Julian Assange

  • News that are related to the article sfbayview.com: «Pacifica stands with Wikileaks and Julian Assange» from papers and blogs.
1 day ago


Ecuador to Assange: Look after cat, clean bathroom if you want internet
The Hill

Ted Hearne's Political Soundscapes

  • The libretto, cut and pasted from primary materials by the novelist Mark Doten, employs excerpts from the text of the documents released to WikiLeaks ...

Ecuador orders Julian Assange to mind his own affairs and look after his cat, report says
Calgary Herald

Washington Post Saudi Link; Assange Has Partial Wi-Fi; Harvard Lawsuit
Sputnik International

  • WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange is back online — well, partially. It's been six months since the Ecuadorian government suspended his internet ...

Who's Worse: CBS or Donald Trump?
Sputnik International

  • The government of Ecuador yesterday reinstated internet connectivity for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has been in the Ecuadorian ...

Carter Page files defamation lawsuit against DNC, Perkins Coie
Washington Examiner

  • According to the dossier, Page was the Trump campaign's intermediary to Russia and proposed disclosing stolen DNC emails via WikiLeaks, among ...


News from Julian Assange: founder of WikiLeaks BANNED of political statements

  • Under the new rules, the founder of WikiLeaks may have guests, but must be approved by the diplomatic staff three days in advance. The founder of ...

WikiLeaks meme
San Francisco Bay View

  • Search SF Bay View. donate or subscribe. Follow Us Twitter · Facebook. Topics. News & Views · Africa and the World · California and the U.S. · Haiti ...

WikiLeaks: Indict Hillary Clinton by October 21 or WE will Reveal All her crimes publicly

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Something strange is happening with WikiLeaks' DNC Emails
Emma Best

  • The strange happenings on WikiLeaks' server, which seem to have begun the day before Assange stepped down as editor in chief, continue to appear ...

The Mix: Wikileaks Week

  • Welcome to It's A Free Country's The Mix, where we take some of the notable clips and other voices found ...

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is BACK ONLINE after 7-month communications BAN
John Barleycorn

  • The Best in uncensored news, information, and analysis Source: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is BACK ONLINE after 7-month communications ...

BREAKING: Russia Today Shut Down, WikiLeaks
Blacky's Burrow

  • This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Blacky's Burrow. Welcome to the Burrow! Burrow Days. October ...

Ecuador Embassy Sets Rules for WikiLeaks' Assange Asylum
News Front

  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange must follow a set of rules to stay in the Ecuadorian embassy in the United Kingdom, which wants to arrest him for ...

Oy. Wikileaks getting desperate.
Democratic Underground

  • Wikileaks getting desperate. Ecuador has presented Julian Assange with a list of demands if he wants his internet-access back: Stop talking politics, ...

Wikileaks 2018

  • wikileaks 2018 5% of WikiLeaks’ releases are the result of confirmed or potential leaks. " He has been there six years, in an attempt to avoid ...


  • Greek President Pavlopoulos on a formal visit to Cyprus. He will attend the joint meeting of members of the Greek Parliament and the Cyprus ...

Wikileaks wait for news on Assange isolation

  • Wikileaks is still waiting for confirmation that Ecuador is to partly restore communications for its founder, Julian Assange. The organisation said on ...

Ecuador Fails To Keep Promise Allowing Assange Partial Internet Access
Era of Light

  • Ecuador claims it will partially restore the WikiLeaks founder's communications with the outside world from its London embassy, according to reports.

Wikileaks waits for news on Assange

  • WIKILEAKS is still waiting for confirmation that Ecuador is to partly restore communications for its founder Julian Assange. The organisation said on ...

Wikileaks published AWS DC addresses
Svelte Hacker News

  • while this is not public knowledge, i don't think it is difficult to find out. And i don't see how big a security risk is for people to know the addresses.

Wikileaks Pdf wikileaks. To get started finding wikileaks, . wikileaks

  • wikileaks - official site - tor. tor is an encrypted anonymising network that makes it harder to intercept internet communications, or see where ...

Julian Assange allowed partial internet access by Ecuador: Wikileaks

  • "Ecuador rolls back @JulianAssange isolation," WikiLeaks said in a message on Twitter on Sunday, and indicated that Assange's communications via ...

A media report says Ecuador has formally ordered WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to steer clear ...
PCH Frontpage > Article

  • FILE - In this May 19, 2017 file photo, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange greets supporters outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has ...

Wikileaks dumps Amazon data center locations for all to see

  • Wikileaks has decided to publish the addresses and select operating details for over one hundred data centers. A documented entitled Amazon Atlas ...

WikiLeaks Says it will Bring Hillary Clinton Down by October 21[MERGED]

  • We are a social, political, conspiracy, and fun web based community. Feel free to discuss anything that you like at our forum and feel free to engage ...

Are the Wikileaks true or fake? - Politics and Other Controversies

  • I was made fun of at work today because we were talking politics and I ask someone in the group if they had read the Wikileaks they all laughed and ...

Soul Position

  • Zero Hedge 4/23/2018 WikiLeaks has hit back against a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), announcing ...

Ecuador pledged WikiLeaks founder Assange conditions for renewed Internet access
Voice Of People Today

  • UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – Ecuador put forward WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a list of requirements that he must fulfill in order to ...

Wikileaks spokesman: Ecuador switches Assange off the Internet

  • WikiLeaks spokesman Julian Assange once spread explosive information over the Internet, and now the Ecuadorian embassy in London denies him ...

WikiLeaks Releases A Detailed List Of All Amazon Web Services Data Centers Ahead Of DoD Decision

WikiLeaks has published an alleged “highly confidential” document outlining the addresses and operational details of Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers called Amazon Atlas.
The international whistleblowing organization claims to have published the document as an attempt to shed light on the “largely hidden” locations of cloud-based servers.
“While one of the benefits of the cloud is the potential to increase reliability through geographic distribution of computing resources, cloud infrastructure is remarkably centralized in terms of legal control,” WikiLeaks wrote in a statement. “Until now, this cloud infrastructure controlled by Amazon was largely hidden, with only the general geographic regions of the data centers publicized.”
AWS’ global infrastructure page details Amazon’s geographical locations for its servers in terms of “regions.” For example, U.S. East has six locations in North Virginia and three in Ohio, while Europe has Frankfurt, Ireland, London and Paris —  with three zones, or data centers, in each country.
WikiLeaks notes:
Currently, Amazon is one of the leading contenders for an up to $10 billion contract to build a private cloud for the Department of Defense. Amazon is one of the only companies with the certifications required to host classified data in the cloud. The Defense Department is looking for a single provider and other companies, including Oracle and IBM, have complained that the requirements unfairly favor Amazon. Bids on this contract are due tomorrow.
Prior to the release, WikiLeaks turned the document into a puzzle game called the Quest of Random Clues.
The goal of the WikiLeaks game was to “encourage people to research these data centers in a fun and intriguing way while highlighting related issues such as contracts with the intelligence community, Amazon’s complex corporate structures, and the physicality of the cloud,” according to the organization.
This comes as Amazon has been openly working with law enforcement, which caused an astounding 20 groups of Amazon shareholders to send a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos urging him to stop selling the company’s facial recognition software (Facial Rekogntion) to law enforcement.
This is all further evidence that Amazon, once known for online shopping, is now a key company aiding the police state and helping shape the future of surveillance with biometrics. Additionally, the company has previously taken a $600 million contract with the CIA for cloud computing developed by its subsidiary Amazon Web Services.
If that’s not enough — as Activist Post has previously reported, Amazon is also taking a nose dive straight into retail with Amazon Go, which will utilize cashierless stations and likely biometric security cameras for anti-theft purposes. Exactly like what is being planned by hundreds to thousands of other retailers.
Amazon’s fifth transparency report revealed earlier this year that the company provided more customer data to U.S. law enforcement in the first half of last year than in its history with a shocking 1,936 different requests between January and June 2017, ZDNet reported.
Amazon didn’t state why there was a spike in U.S. government requests during the first half of the year, but for a company that openly has a partnership with the CIA for $600 million worth of cloud servers, with a pending possible $10 billion dollar contract with the Department of Defense, this information should be troubling.
This also comes as Google has been facing months of backlash for its own shady contracts with both U.S. and Chinese governments.
In 2013, the U.S. Intelligence Community spent $8 billion on information technology, according to budget documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.
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