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Monday, 8 October 2018

Wikileaks Updates 8 Oct. 2018: 12th Year Anniversary celebrations outside Assange Embassy VIDEO, 4Chan: the cryptic code posted by Wikileaks #QuestOfRandomClues

WikiLeaks supporters gathered outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Sunday, to mark the 12th birthday of the publishing company and demand freedom for its founder Julian Assange.


Watch more


Wikileaks posts strange cryptic code #QuestOfRandomClues

Wikileaks posts strange cryptic code #QuestOfRandomClues. Submitted by alexmark on Sun, 10/07/2018 - 13:35. Tags: CURRENT EVENTS ...
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pol/ - Wikileaks quest, autists assemble.
Wikileaks quest, autists assemble. - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events.
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Wikileaks quest, enriched autism needed. - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events.

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    Wikileaks quest, enriched autism needed. - "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating politics and current events.
  • Wikileaks posts strange cryptic code #QuestOfRandomClues

  • >1st clue
    >2nd clue
    >3rd clue
    >4th clue
    >Not numbered clue
    >5th clue

    The first three clues lead to coordinates of data centers.
    Tokyo: 35°43'03.2"N 139°32'05.7"E
    Dublin: 53°24'00.5"N 6°13'04.9"W
    California: 37°43'27.0"N 122°23'53.5"W

    Two first have been confirmed by wikileaks.

    4th clue leads to phrases from 4 cables on wikileaks:




    5th clue seem to be in the same fashion as 4th, just released. Haven't dug, get to it.

    Not numbered clue leads to 'Null Island'
    File: quest of random clues 2.jpg (31 KB, 777x243)
    31 KB
    File: quest of random clues 3.jpg (27 KB, 870x245)
    27 KB
    File: quest of random clues 4.jpg (54 KB, 805x462)
    54 KB
    File: 0125436525.jpg (4 KB, 160x160)
    4 KB
    File: Quest of random clues 5.jpg (55 KB, 733x405)
    55 KB
    File: Quest of random clues booyo.jpg (113 KB, 841x881)
    113 KB
    All points lead to OP's dick which is heavily sucked by faggots.
    >>188491383 (OP)
    >wikileaks resorting to larp

    It's over for them.
    Suck A Goose Egg
    Of course the first thing you think of is his dick
    Shouldn't you be posting "Trump Colluded With Russia" again?
    suck a goose egg
    This reminds me of Cicada.

    I only got so far in that as finding the duck.

    Good luck have fun!
    >>188491383 (OP)
    what do glowniggers mean by this?
    >suck a goose egg
    Don't you mean suck emu dick you aussie cuck?
    >Trump Colluded With Russia
    I don't have that many chromosomes to think that
    Yeah, I don't want CP on my PC.
    >suck a goose egg
    You know what I mean.
    Post your "Trump Colluded with Russia" thread again.
    And then ban me again because "Suck A Goose Egg" violates global rule 7.
    Admin being this stupid.
    Watch this post vanish quick smart.
    Slide threads, I wonder who could REALLY be behind them.....
    >Implying I believe a Jewish lie
    I'm not retarded.
    Just a bit autistic like you
    This is not unusual for wikileaks. They usually do this ahead of new leaks dropping.

    Or they could be alerting people to the perpetrators of the '16 DDOS.

    "º" is what that means, degrees. Funny.
    Another theory is that it means it'll drop in 4 nights and 3 days, monday?
    This guy has another theory again
    >It could be a series of full moons as shown in farmer's almanacs. The circles might indicate a shared date of a full moon. Full moons on the 29th in both April and May (O-O), followed by June 28th, July 27th, Aug 26th (* * *), and a shared date, the 24th, in both Sept and Oct.
    Putting the drop date on Oct 24th.

    Someone else pointed out that Canon, the owners of the building in the first clue will be attending/hosting some tech conference about data security around that time.
    yeah this here

    You can pick one:
    >be a serious distributor of leaked information
    >do a LARP/ARG for attention
    It's something a game publisher would do.
    You wouldn't expect the New York Times to go and publish a quiz for their readers to uncover breaking news about some nuclear disaster in india or something.
    This one was repeated, first was jpg, second png. At which point people reasonably pointed out it's about colors. As of shapes, what can have 7-bit information???

    Why is WL playing QAnon garbage anyway tho?
    >>188491383 (OP)
    If you didn't think wikileaks has been compromised by the spook department, it should be obvious by now.
    File: qanon.jpg (61 KB, 828x425)
    61 KB
    Is wikileaks trolling Q?
    All these fucking newfags.
    Wikileaks have done this ahead of almost every single leak being dropped. It's how they build hype and prime people to dig, as they don't get exposure in MSM about upcoming leaks, they gotta create it themselves.

    To build hype for an upcoming leak. Wikileaks have done this years before Q-Anon was ever thought up by the Mormon intelligence service.
    this. newfags and shills kys.
    >It's how they build hype
    Yeah and that in turn makes them look like amateurs.
    Just drop the info, if it's so important.
    Maybe post an announcement prior to it, stating that you are preparing a big leak and people should be ready.
    >can you find the clues ?? xD
    is just silly
    >look like amateurs
    No it makes you look like the amateur.
    This is how they've done it since the start, yet now all of a sudden they are amateurs? Get a grip Hans, go buy a kebab and stop being bitchy.
    File: 1537405061764.jpg (2 KB, 125x95)
    2 KB
    It's equally lame ass garbage.
    Seems like they're posting where data centers are. Wow I'm so not excited...
    Like there's something I could do about it...
    "that's how they've always done it" is an absolute shit argument to justify something.
    File: jewish_youth.gif (2.45 MB, 405x405)
    2.45 MB
    Gotta use your imagination

    At least one of the centers have been confirmed to be an Amazon center. After they partnered with CIA this upcoming leak can prove to be very juicy.
    Turn off your memeflag Moshe.

    I shouldn't expect a neu-german to understand traditions.
    You seem really bothered by this. You can just leave the thread you know. But then you'd not get those sweet, sweet shekels.
    File: flag-nonargument.png (79 KB, 922x431)
    79 KB
    >Turn off your memeflag Moshe.
    Give me a break, vpnfag.

    I'd think any respectable data center today is EMP-proof, at least for memory banks, so to speak.
    What troubles me is that, we all know they gather and analyze data, since before Snowden (he only confirmed what we all knew).
    Now these "revelations" even if being a bad PR for some, won't change a thing.
    How do you even fight hidden corpocracy, when they hold all capital, and control all NPCs?
    File: BC.jpg (77 KB, 695x520)
    77 KB
    Lol wut, "vpnfag". If I used a VPN it wouldn't be from Norway.
    Hæstkuk sugende ballesleikende langnese, gå og legg deg.

    >How do you even fight
    Exposure, you know, let the goyim know.
    That picture is just straight up retardation. Go create another golem.
    File: 1538639987632.gif (2.85 MB, 200x234)
    2.85 MB
    So, Terry isn't dead after all.
    File: Oak Island Morpheus.jpg (37 KB, 500x303)
    37 KB

    But did you ding the golden egg?
    >the absolute state of boomers
    >>188491383 (OP)
    wew lad are we gonna find more stuff planted by russians and the super secret way to find the bombshell that will take the US down?
    File: 425364758.jpg (135 KB, 1456x1108)
    135 KB
    >>188491383 (OP)

    Vladimir strikes again, id like to see the dak fags try to explain this one
    File: good pussy.jpg (32 KB, 600x337)
    32 KB
    File: 4E7EE1AB-3760-468D-8824-F(...).jpg (105 KB, 1280x936)
    105 KB
    >Exposure, you know, let the goyim know.
    That's what Snowden did, and nothing happened. The ruling elites will always be paranoid about losing their power.
    We're already past the 'mark of the beast' moment.
    The world is so complicated the individual person, unless extraordinary genius, is irrelevant. This is also the reason you have so many wackjobs and looneys around. The feeling you're replaceable is like losing ground under your feet, it's causing constant stress and anxiety.
    Don't get me wrong, I speak from the point of view of 'forever-alone' person, so ofc I'm biased. But even if you have a big group like-minded people, you also need a capital to even do anything. And to do anything you can only use tools made by those corporations you're fighting (e.g.hardware backdoors).
    They're always at least one step ahead.

    What will 'the goyim know' change? At the end we all need food and shelter, and we will do what necessary to provide those.