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Saturday, 3 November 2018

I am a T.I. [Targeted Individual]: My mobile phones, and other things:- by J. Graham [butlincat]

My mobile phones, and other things:  I am a T.I. [Targeted Individual] - by J. Graham [butlincat] 

UPDATE 04 Nov. = 
Royal Mail to my home address has now ceased, and that means letters from Maurice. I am receiving no Royal Mail because the postman can’t enter the building to deliver the mail because the electronic timing connected to the street door entry system on the street door has been altered as of last weekend making entry impossible, which is unacceptable as important letters cannot be received, such as the ignoring of a long drawn out police complaint made originally to the IOPC, and serious matters pertaining to DWP dishonesty, including the losing of my medical assessment files, which I was told was being investigated, but now is being refused to be addressed with all communications from myself being ignored for many weeks by DWP staff and also MP Esther Mcvey directly at both parliament and her other office.
My previous notifications to the local  council, who control my accomodation took weeks to correct a similar fault not so long ago, getting it wrong more than once too by failing to correct matters, so contacting the council would be a long drawn out and exhausting exercise, and anyway, the postman telling me about the fault told me he would be contacting whoever to inform them of the situation when telling me about the fault. So, until the door entry system is back to normal, post for myself cannot be delivered, as my only letterbox is on my front door, away from the street door where the entry lock isn’t working. We are now in Week 2 of mail being undeliverable.  Other hostilities continue re: their targeting program.  

Maurice Kirk: “G4S actively stopping my medical care” coverup + S. Wales police misconduct 04 Nov. 2018 + archive


I am targeted and stalked daily.
One feature of the targeting / gangstalking I am and have been experiencing for ages [since 2010 after i reported the Hollie Greig case to my local plod] is that my mobile phone was hacked for months on end at various times in the past, and even recently. Calls would constantly be cut off mid call, also sounds of an "office" could be heard in the background often during calls [people talking, and odd noises that shouldn't be happening at where my call taker was eg. the sound of persons using a keyboard or typewriter] - even those very persons I was calling noticed this and commented on it more than once and we would discuss it as it was happening, and "beeps" would be heard at regular intervals during calls [also audio recorded by myself at the time] and many other strange events occurred that never happened before 2010 or since this period of intense surveillance, when the stalking was at an intense level. My laptop and desktop computers were also hacked mercilessly with items disappearing completely or being rearranged, or keylogged even, [when they record what you're typing on the keyboard, eg. in emails you're creating before they're even sent so they get immediate intel on anything - before even the recipient of the email gets the info!] or things would appear in my pc files or folder that weren't put there by myself, or even appear in my bookmarks bar, or desktop screen, where the icons are shown. I  was lucky enough to have my mobile phone with it's video capturing service close at hand a couple of times around 2016 or so when I was fortunate to film events happening as they occurred eg. this example of keylogging on my pc - not Oscar-winning footage as it was filmed unprepared but I was able to record what was happening - the event only ever lasting for a few minutes, but this time I was lucky to capture enough of the event as it happened a few years back, and this type of thing only ever happened 2 or 3 times in total, and hasn't happened since, I might add:  "Hacking: Being Keylogged in 2016" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7amQNgNjgc&feature=youtu.be

By the way - having VPN doesn't   work either, as any VPN can easily be hacked, especially by any hacker worth his salt. Very weird behaviour when trying to speak with the "customer services" of a popular VPN provider gave the game away that this particular firm I was with were surely compromised by the neer-do-wells who are paid to protect us, not surveille us. I shut down my subscription with the VPN firm and erased all signs of it minutes after realising what was going on - and hang the months I had left in the subscription - it had become worthless as the VPN paid for wasn't stopping the hacking in any way I had been noticing a number of times, but the tech guy simply reiterated time after time that VPN stops such hacking. I am reliably informed our UK govt. uses the hackers in the UK military for such indiscretions as hacking any Big Shot's computers, whereas little minnows such as myself get their trained employees when slaughtering any law-abiding citizen's human rights.

 More recently my phone was made inoperable many times, my having to do a "factory reset" each time on numerous occasions, losing all messages, contacts and call history and most of everything else on the phone until i learnt, too late after about the 2nd hack, to back up everything. I still have lost much info through backing up everything way too late. Finally, I had to get a new phone a few months ago as the final hack made the phone inoperable. I still have this phone, and it will turn on, but nothing comes up. When the follow-up phones were broken in, the hacking still continues to lesser or higher degrees. I resorted to getting 2ndhand used Nokia or similar phones that can be got from a well known site for even £5, if one is lucky. These, coupled with PAYG sim cards from the many outfits available, which can be got for free, and worked on a £5 or 10 "bundle" and can be used if need be, for, say. meeting arrangements with one's partner, or not use them at all - if one is going to be harassed by these "f-cktards", as Tim Rifat would label them, then make them work for their wages! I just hope that something like they're inflicting on people happens to them one day, as we know how their controllers act, and throw their own villainous workforce under the bus time after time - that's old news and will never change...

It is truly shocking how these characters controlling and committing these crimes are paid luxurious salaries from OUR public  funds made up of taxpayers tax money and how they get away with their constant criminality against lone vulnerable citizens who can't even get an honest solicitor to help them counter anything - it results in a very real public scandal that no one in so-called "authority" will do anything about as they should! See what happened to Arnold MacCardle, for example - who died after discovering a drugs ring connected to a certain police force [allegedly]:  http://www.butlincatsblog.com/2017/06/andy-arnold-...

As well as my phone being hacked much hacking has taken place in many other areas - eg. my computers, the electricity to my home also, my  snail-mail ["Royal Mail"], my being followed about when i'm out, or characters already in place waiting for me at locations I go, pre-arranged appointments are compromised with the persons I'm to interact with being fed  often totally false info about myself beforehand [eg. that i'm a troublemaker or insane, or whatever] and much more - everything created to intimidate or provoke or whatever by these characters who are able to do this type of thing, eg. rogue elements in our authorities, especially in the police, as who else has the power or ability to do such hostile and antisocial surveillance as is happening? Only the police, I contend, working with others such as the local town council who use - for their surveillance - down-and-outs, teenagers [and even younger I've witnessed on occasion] "loose women", elderly male and female characters and more who they've "recruited" - identical to the types who stalk and harass Carol Woods so often up there in Lancashire. My folder is  full of pics of these recruited around here - especially the 6 or so close neighbours who live by me, who have ignored me for 12 out of the 14 years I've been at this address, but all of a sudden became part of my daily life - overnight - a couple of years back, acting so bizarrely one couldn't help but notice the strangeness, and when it was realised what was going on, everything was recorded as best I could in the folder - audio recording as much as I could, or video recording, or simple snapshots being taken. That folder is now thick with data, and kept in half a dozen safe locations with trusted confidantes.
 And what really did happen to David Kelly, the weapons expert who mysteriously died because he had - it is claimed so often - unfortunately given too much info away on a certain subject to a "popular rag" reporter? Because if the subject of poor Kelly's death is anything to go by, anything could happen to anyone of us. Is anyone saying the authorities weren't involved in the passing of this man, because the circumstances and aftermath tell a very different story? Normally whenever a high-ranking "government man" - such as the weapons expert Kelly was - meets his death in such bizarre circumstances as is claimed [again] everything is rigorously investigated to the hilt - but all we have here is one big nothingness and a gag order placed upon the case for SEVENTY YEARS, with not much being done about anything, it seems.The only thing we can be certain of is - in my humble opinion only, of course - is that multifold villainy is afoot - and if they can do what occurred at Harrowdown Hill, close by Kelly's Oxfordshire home, and passing, then they can do literally anything to anyone at anytime, especially tiny minnows in the pond such as myself, and other even massively bigger fish amongst us I am very well aware of who have also had their lives turned upside down by these monsters...and with little or no justification whatsoever for the outrageously hostile actions by these "f-cktards", as superwizard Tim Rifat might put it...


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