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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Islamic State [ISIS] threatens US & EU cities with drone attacks in chilling new poster + GATWICK DRONES - VIDEO - RT

Islamic State threatens US + EU cities with drone attacks in chilling new poster after Gatwick chaos

Islamic State threatens US & EU cities with drone attacks in chilling new poster after Gatwick chaos
The post, circulating on social media, shows a photoshopped image of a drone carrying cargo with the terrorists’ logo, ominously flying over New York city, with five separate scenes of carnage at the bottom, seemingly the aftermaths of attacks on Western cities carried out by IS.
Attached is the tagline: “Sender: The Islamic State.”It comes on the back of travel chaos that has brought London’s Gatwick Airport to a standstill due to drones hovering in the skies above. All departing flights had to be grounded and incoming planes diverted to other airports, including Dublin, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Paris.
The airport finally reopened on Friday morning after the runway had been closed for more than 24 hours.
The Guardian reports that police have identified “persons of interest” in the hunt for the drone operator. There were reports earlier on Friday that an ‘eco-warrior’ could be behind the incident. According to the Telegraph, Whitehall sources said police were investigating the possibility of a ‘lone wolf eco-terrorist’ being responsible for the drones.

| We are appealing for information to help us identify the operators of the . If you know who's responsible or have any information please call 999 and quote ref 1350-19/12. Please RT

The motivation for such a perpetrator may stem from plans to expand the Sussex airport. Gatwick is currently seeking permission to use its standby runway in conjunction with its main runway, to increase its capacity, it says, from 20 to 30 percent.
It comes as the British Airline Pilots’ Association claims that their worries over the incident have not been eased, adding they are not aware of any special advice that has been given to pilots flying in or out of Gatwick.
They say they are “extremely concerned at the risk of a drone collision” and understand that “detection and tracking equipment has been installed around the perimeter of Gatwick.”

BALPA is not aware that any special advice has been given to pilots operating into or out of Gatwick and so we have this morning ensured that all our UK pilots have BALPA’s advice on what to do if they see a drone while flying. (4/7)
BALPA remains extremely concerned at the risk of a drone collision. It is possible that the rogue drones may go undetected around the perimeter or could obstruct the flight paths outside the immediate detection zone. (5/7)

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said the military and police “genuinely don’t know” who the culprit is, reports the Daily Mirror.
Asked by BBC Radio 4 if a foreign power could be responsible, Grayling replied: “We genuinely don’t know who it is or what the motivation was. I think it’s unlikely to be but at the moment I’m not ruling out anything.”

Drones shut London Gatwick Airport, delaying thousands

Published on 20 Dec 2018

London's Gatwick Airport remains closed during the busy holiday season while police and airport officials investigate reports that two drones were flying over the airfield. To read more: https://www.cbc.ca/1.4953410

VIDEO: Drone or a possible UFO over Gatwick Airport, London, UK

This video was shot on 19th December 2018 at around 9 PM over Gatwick Airport in United Kingdom. What do you think it is?