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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Melanie Shaw: Update Jan. 15 '19 + letter for MPs, media etc. + Single person protest outside parliament 18/12/2018 VIDEO – 09 Jan. 2019

Received, [thanks to PO].  
The following  factsheet can be sent to MPs, media etc:

See the latest update: 15 January 2019 court report [have heard since Melanie has been committed to Rampton hellhole [google it]  https://butlincat.com/2019/01/15/melanie-shaw-update-court-report-14-jan-2018/

See the archive  here https://butlincat.com/?s=melanie+shaw

Justice for Melanie Shaw on facebook:

Single person protest outside parliament 18 Dec. 2018

On 18th December 2018 a protest to raise awareness of political prisoner and child abuse victim Melanie Shaw took place on the green opposite the Houses of Parliament. 




Free Melanie Shaw #FreeMelanieShaw

Here is a quote from the UK column’s report on the matter: Members of the public present at the hearing in Nottingham Crown Court on Friday 25th July 2014, described a muddled hearing in which the prosecution simply failed to present evidence, despite the Judge prompting them with references to a finger or palm print. In what was described as a fumbling statement to the Judge, the prosecution excused the lack of evidence and promised it would be available ‘shortly.’ Despite the absence of evidence against her, her status as a vulnerable abuse victim and her importance as a key witness to widespread child abuse, the Judge was happy to place Melanie on remand, at a prison in which she has already suffered bullying, strip searches, denial of her NHS medication and disorientation through repeated relocation between cells.
The rest of the report can be read here:
Considering the fact that Melanie Shaw has not been charged with anything, and is vulnerable, leaving her in prison, where she is being bullied and is in fear, is completely unjust and uncalled-for and is putting her at risk and harming her mental health.
There are widespread concerns that this shaky and unrealistic trial and imprisonment have been put together because Melanie is an abuse survivor and witness of abuse at Beechwood Children’s Home in Nottingham.
And, if she is left in prison and continues to suffer, her deterioration may be used against her to discredit her. It is inevitable that a vulnerable adult will be frighted and under stress in an environment such as the one she is in, and as a result will deteriorate, especially as it appears she is not being treated well or well cared for, and the reality is, she should not be in prison for months when she hasn’t been charged with anything.
It is extremely common for police and authorities to have little understanding of the distress and trauma that abuse survivors go through and to use such distress against the survivor and treat them as if they are seriously mentally ill and label them as such. I understand this may be what is happening or will happen in Melanie’s case, and this may be why the police and courts excuse putting her in prison without charge, but the reality is, even if she was seriously mentally ill, prison is NOT a suitable environment for someone who is seriously mentally ill to the point of needing to be locked in, it is a place where any such illness would only get worse, and, mental illness is not a crime to be punished in such a way.
There is no excuse for Melanie Shaw’s imprisonment and there is no excuse for the way the police and authorities have treated her. She is a vulnerable abuse survivor not an evil offender, and she needs to be released and return to some normality in her life before the harm done becomes irreparable.
Here is another article on Melanie’s case, written by ‘We are change Edinburgh’:
There is no doubt in the eyes of the public that things are very amiss with the handling of this case, and that as a result, a vulnerable adult is imprisoned, suffering at risk, when if she has not been charged, the best place for her to be, for her own wellbeing, is at home.
Please join us in asking for Melanie Shaw to be freed. Please sign the petition.
Thank you.

Melanie Shaw: “Robert Green’s letter to the Chris Leslie, Labour MP of political prisoner Melanie Shaw – WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?” 25 July 2018 + TIMELINE + archive VIDEOs

Robert Green’s letter to the Chris Leslie, Labour MP of political prisoner Melanie Shaw – WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?

From: Robert Green 
Sent: 23 July 2018 14:05 
To: chris.leslie@parliament.uk 
Subject: Melanie Shaw 
Dear Mr Leslie, 
I have contacted you, as have many others over the years, about the disgraceful ongoing plight of your constituent Melanie Shaw. 
I do not propose to go through the details of this case, as I feel confident that you have been fully informed about the state`s unrelenting persecution of this poor, defenceless and acknowledged victim of multiple sexual abuse, committed whilst in the supposed ‘care’ of the Nottinghamshire authorities. Indeed, one local authority employee, Andris Logins, has been convicted of multiple rapes committed at the very care home in which Melanie was placed. and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. His wife , Helen Logins, another Nottingham council social worker, has also been convicted for aiding and abetting her husband. 
We now know, due to recent revelations, that the British government is perfectly capable, not only of being complicit in torture, but also even prepared to publicly lie about it, as demonstrated by the misconduct of Jack Straw. At least, one excuse, weak though it is, was that such torture was used on suspected foreign terrorists operating outside the United Kingdom. 
Melanie Shaw, on the other hand, is a Nottingham woman and UK national who has apparently been tortured in British prisons because of the evidence she is prepared to put before the IICSA, in providing details of serious crimes committed at Beechwood Home that may implicate high-ranking public individuals , including, I understand, a person formerly a colleague of the current Prime Minister. 
As Melanie is clearly an absolutely crucial, high-profile witness in the IICSA investigation into widescale child sexual abuse in the Nottingham area, I found it shocking that the Inquiry has not already interviewed her, regardless of the incarceration that can only be explained rationally as a means of silencing her. 
I have therefore sent key details to the IICSA`s current head, Professor Alexis Jay and her deputy, Liz Long, has written to me to confirm that these details have indeed been read by Professor Jay. 
There can now be no further excuse for the failure to interview Melanie. 
As her elected parliamentary representative, what are you going to do about it? 
Yours sincerely, 
Robert Green 

Archive:  https://butlincat.com/?s=melanie+shaw


News Feed
August 12 2018 at 11:44 AM
Timeline of key events relating to Melanie Shaw.
•Born October 1971.
•3-4 years old – raped and abused by own family.
•Abused by foster family.
•1987 – Year she went to Beechwood Children’s Home, Nottingham.
•Circa 1989 – was allowed to leave Beechwood.
•No help by any services so a life on the streets and drugs.
•Met partner.
•1991 – had a son.
•2003 – had a second son.
•August 2010 – Melanie was in a stable, loving relationship and now had the courage to report Beechwood to the police.
•Other people also came forward.
•2011 – police investigating child abuse do so under one banner – Operation Daybreak.
•By May 2015 – more than 130 people had made allegations which are being investigated by the Operation Daybreak team.
•A total of 12 people – not all of whom worked at or had any connection with the home – have been arrested in connection with the allegations and two people have been charged with serious sexual offences.
•2014 – Melanie continuing to fight stating that even though numerous care homes have been shut down the cover up by the police and council has been going on for over 40 years and is protecting people in Westminster.
•2014 – Melanie discovered that Nottingham Police had lied about the conduct of the investigation (lied about the interviewing of witnesses).
•2014 – ongoing police harassment.
•2014 – child taken by social services.
•10.7.2014 – unknown police action.
•11.7.2014 – secret court hearing.
•25.7.2014 – 17.10.14 – held on remand in Sodexo high security prison, Peterborough on charges of ‘Arson reckless and criminal damage’. During this time she was held in solitary confinement and claims she was sexually assaulted. 
•30.10.2014 – after a 3 day trial at Nottingham Crown Court found guilty of arson reckless and criminal damage.
•6 weeks bail for psychiatric assessments and sentence. 
•November 2014 – met with her MP, Chris Leslie, who she claims has been supportive for the past two years. 
•11.12.2014 – sentenced to 3 years probation in Nottingham. 
•December 2014 – becomes more outspoken of which MPs assaulted boys from Beechwood.
•2015 – Sent to HMP Peterborough for ‘false imprisonment of a paramedic’. Held in solitary confinement. 
•22.6.2015 – released from HMP Peterborough. Details unclear but was told she had ‘served her sentence’.
•3.7.2015 – arrested by Devon and Cornwall police after visiting Plymouth to take a break from the harassment by Nottingham Police.
•4.7.2015 – released by Devon and Cornwall Police.
•22.7.2015 – arrested by Nottingham Police – Melanie suffers PTSD – supposedly Melanie is harassing Superintendent Chamberlain, Melanie’s original police contact when she blew the whistle. 
•23.7.2015 – released after 27 hours in custody.
•Circa 25.7.2015 – interview with Anna Bragga (video available on YouTube).
•Ongoing police harassment. 
•Circa 26.7.2015 – unlawfully held for over 24 hours by Nottingham Police (reason unknown).
•3.10.2015 – posts video message on Facebook questioning what exactly has she done wrong. 
•11.1.2016 – given a two year custodial sentence in a secret court hearing – appeared via video link from prison (reason for being in prison unknown).
•Since end of May 2016, Melanie has been in prison (first Foston Hall, then Eastwood Park then moved to Styal where she remains).
•HMP Styal, Cheshire. Most of Melanie’s incarceration has been in solitary confinement. 
•2.6.2018 – due to be released.
•Release did not happen.
•June 2018 – Linda Lauderdale sent letters to Chris Leslie (Melanie Shaw’s MP), Equality and Human Rights Commission, Lord Glenarthur, and the Secretary of State for Justice. 
•7.8.2018 – 1 charge of sexual assault and 3 charges of arson dating from February 2017 at Leeds Crown Court.
•Case adjourned for 6 weeks.
•Melanie remains in prison in HMP Styal.


THE SILENCING and TARGETING OF MELANIE SHAW: court non appearance – 03 July 2018 + archive

7 July, 2018 
To: Amnesty International UK, 
Human Rights Action Centre, 
Dear Amnesty International, 
Open letter: Melanie Shaw
With reference to your office’s telephone conversation last week with former Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Robert Green, I am concerned that he received no assurance that you are willing to take up Melanie’s case with the UK government. 
I note an item on your website detailing the persecution of Ola al-Qaradawy, in Egypt, and find myself comparing her treatment with that meted out to Melanie in England. 
Ola is condemned to 365 days of solitude.  Melanie has already suffered some 600 days of solitary confinement in various UK prisons. 
Ola will pass her sentence in a small cell without bed, ventilation or toilet.  Melanie has already spent months of incarceration in a small cell, without privacy even when she goes to the toilet. 
Ola will be denied visits from friends and family.  Melanie has been denied contact with friends and family, including her lay legal advisor and a social worker calling to ensure that she was being treated decently.  Worst of all, soon after she became a whistleblower her young son was taken from her and put into foster care.  Since then she has rarely been permitted to see him. 
Ola will be allowed no pen, no paper, no books.   It is difficult to know whether Melanie is allowed these luxuries, as despite the many cards and letters sent to her by friends and supporters scarcely a reply has been received over the past couple of years. 
For 365 days Ola will hear the screams of other prisoners.   Melanie would sympathise with her situation.  She too has been exposed to screams from neighbouring cells during her time in various prisons, where, she states, fellow prisoners have been raped and mistreated.  But Melanie has not only been forced to experience such attacks vicariously:  she has herself been repeatedly strip-searched, and threatened and assaulted by rogue prison staff decked out in riot gear. 
Ola will face 365 days of “limiting her food intake, because she will be limited to a 5-minute use of the toilet daily”.  Again, I do not know how much food Melanie is permitted.  What I do know is that she has been denied the medication which she needs to keep on an even keel since suffering repeated rape and abuse as a child and adolescent, both at the hands of her parents and foster-parents and while in State “care”, and, in addition, witnessing the rape, torture and murder of other children at Beechwood children’s home in Nottingham.  Melanie has a photographic memory, and without this medication she is subject to appalling nightmares, daytime terrors, and unpredictable behaviour.  During her first term of imprisonment she was even denied medication for an infected boil on her leg (see photograph attached).  The infection became so virulent that when she eventually appeared in court, after months on remand, she could only walk with the aid of crutches. 
However brutal Ola’s treatment, she at least enters her ordeal as a woman who has apparently always enjoyed the support of a close and loving family.  Melanie, by contrast, endured an early life in which those to whom she would naturally look for love and support not only failed to provide these basic essentials but repeatedly destroyed her trust with physical attacks and violations.  I think you will agree that she is every bit as deserving of your support as her Egyptian counterpart. 
Perhaps you are unwilling to back Melanie because you do not consider her to be a political prisoner.  Those who have followed her case over the past four years are convinced that she is.   After succumbing for some years to the petty crime and drug abuse which are the frequent legacy of time a children’s home, she somehow, with the help of a loving relationship and the birth of her second son, pulled her life together, and lived for many years as a useful and well-respected member of her local community.  It was only after she plucked up courage to report her experiences at Beechwood to Nottingham Police, and complained when they failed to investigate her allegations thoroughly, that she drew the attention of the authorities.  Since then she has received severe sentences for a succession of questionable or trivial offences, and no account has ever been taken of her inherent vulnerability: indeed, the authorities appear to be going out of their way to unbalance her fragile equilibrium, presumably with a view to silencing her well-evidenced allegations of high-level establishment involvement in crimes against children.  Members of the government, including Theresa May herself, both during her time as home secretary and as prime minister, have been fully informed of Melanie’s case, and have taken no steps to help her, even when she was kept in solitary confinement for more than eighteen months, in direct contravention of the guidelines of UN Special Rapporteur Juan E Méndez and of the UK’s own prison regulations regarding vulnerable women. 
On 31 May this year I sent an open letter (attached) to the present minister for justice, Rory Stewart.  It contained the following passage: 
You, Mr Stewart, as Minister of State for Justice, must brush aside the data-protection fig leaf and answer the questions I have been asking in relation to Melanie’s in-camera conviction if I, and many others asking those same questions, are to be convinced that we are still living under the rule of law.  Unless you give me some credible answers, I can only conclude that;
    • no reasonable justification can be offered for Melanie’s prolonged incarceration and inhumane treatment;
    • that she is, indeed, a political prisoner; and
    • that the Government is hiding behind the Data Protection Act in order to protect interests other than those of law-abiding British subjects.
If I receive no response from you which offers a reasonable challenge to these conclusions, I shall assume that you, personally, admit them to be correct. 
The minister did not respond. 
In a further open letter on 20 June (also attached), this one to the secretary of state for justice, Lord Chancellor David Gauke, I duly noted: “The justice minister, Rory Stewart, has admitted, by default, that there is no reasonable justification for Melanie’s prolonged incarceration and inhumane treatment;  that she is, in fact, a political prisoner; and that government ministers are hiding behind the Data Protection Act for the benefit of interests other than those of law-abiding British subjects.”  Mr Gauke, like Mr Stewart, has not questioned the accuracy of these statements.  One can only assume that although he is unwilling to tell an untruth he is equally unwilling to tell it like it is.  It seems, then, that the UK government is only interested in upholding human rights in cases where it can preach to other nations from a position of fraudulent superiority. 
There is widespread indignation against Amnesty among those who are shocked by your apparent indifference to Melanie’s treatment at the hands of the British State.  In particular, the question of State funding is repeatedly mentioned.  Although you claim complete independence, you admit that you receive regular contributions from the government for “human rights education”.  These appear to be sizeable sums and, whatever use you put them to, must surely compromise your impartiality.   After all, your employees in the field concerned will be reliant at least to some extent on this bounty, and you may naturally be reluctant to bite the hand which feeds you. 
Please prove your lack of bias by looking again at Melanie’s case.  As previously stated, she is every bit as deserving of your intervention as Ola. 
Gillian Swanson  MA (Oxon) 
Sent to Amnesty International UK website: 
Anyone seeking the truth is open and honest. They go where the evidence leads them. They refuse to compromise their ideals and integrity. 
History attests to the fact that individuals and organisations whose original mandate was to reveal the truth and expose government wrongdoing, have often been compromised through infiltration by agent provocateurs. 
My first question is : is Amnesty International a much reduced and compromised organisation that has lost its “without fear or favour” badge? 
As you will know better than me, there are legislative standards for the care of prisoners in this Country set out in documents known as Prison Service Orders. These Orders are very specific and relate to the proper humane treatment of prisoners, both to protect their physical and mental welfare and uphold their dignity in the pursuit of their future rehabilitation back into society. In addition, you will be aware that there are Prison Service Orders which are specific to the particular needs of female prisoners. A perfect example is the set of rules related to female prisoners who exhibit the tendency to self harm. 
As I understand it Melanie Shaw is a child abuse victim, survivor and whistle-blower who has exposed the abuse she both saw and received whilst in the “care” of Nottingham’s Beechwood Children’s Home. 
With the direct involvement of the Home Office, the Judiciary, Nottinghamshire Police and the Prison Service, Melanie Shaw has been incarcerated without charge for more than 2 years. A large part of this time she was held in solitary confinement that constitutes torture under International Law. She has been denied her basic human rights; something the Government are quick to denounce when the perpetrators are some foreign power. If only the wider British public knew what was being done in their name !! 
The evidence is overwhelming, yet Amnesty International appears to be silent on the issue. My real question is : why is Amnesty International silent on this issue that shames the British people and would bring Parliament into disrepute? 
It is said that you can find out who controls you by looking at who you are not allowed to criticise. Food for thought.  [ends]

See earlier posts here:


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