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Friday, 1 March 2019

Maurice Kirk put back in prison the day before important court hearing – denied medical treatment etc. 01 March 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk put back in prison the day before important court hearing – denied medical treatment etc. 01 March 2019 + archive

Received the letter below from Maurice Kirk, 73, telling that 7 days ago, whilst having a bath at the Cardiff M.A.P.P.A.  hostel, where he had been since December 18th, he was arrested and taken to HMP Cardiff and no one will tell him why the day before an important hearing in the Cardiff courts – the “machine gun damages claim submissions” hearing. Access to a lawyer has been denied, and also medical treatment denied also, with, presumably, the medication he badly needs, along with the other things usually denied him. The Probation service was supposedly looking into and correcting the false contents of their “4th Dec. OASysis Probation History” which lists 100+ false allegations fabricated by a “previous female offender manager” who he can’t name, to do with Maurice’s 2009 “machine gun pre-trial” – these 100+ false statements being used to imprison Maurice – he says “I am described as seriously mentally ill”.  So, the evil Welsh injustice system rears it’s ugly head yet again while they all run and hide. Disgusting!

The archive :

Maurice Kirk – the outrageous targeting continues – 08 Feb. 2019 + archive

 Above:  28 Jan 2019  Maurice Kirk February 5 at 8:24 AM ·  My new probation officer is told by my last summer one in Parc Prison, I visited yesterday, that it is he to explain to me, how is it I … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: “Complaint of Substantial Fraud” 27 Jan. 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk 7 hrs ·  Cardiff Bay Police Station 27th January 2019 Dear Sir, Complaint of Substantial Fraud Further to my 101 telephone call today, your ref 423/27/01/19, seeking assistance in the arrest of the ring leaders rumoured to be appearing … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: Police Machine-gun Fraud trial 28th Jan 2019 Cardiff County Court 10.30 – 26 Jan. 2019 + archive

Police Machine-gun Fraud trial 28th Jan 2019 Cardiff County Court 10.30 by mauricekirky M5 ROUGH DRAFT IN THE CARDIFF COUNTY COURT  CASE NO. 1CF 003361 B E T W E E N:  MAURICE JOHN KIRK Claimant -and- THE CHIEF CONSTABLE OF SOUTH … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: “28th Jan Police Machine-gun Fraud in Cardiff County Court” 18 Jan. 2019 + archive

28th Jan Police Machine-gun Fraud in Cardiff County Court Posted on January 18, 2019 by mauricekirky Clerk of the Court Cases no BS614159etc  &  County Court  Cardiff 1CF03361/D00CF279  18th January 2019                                                                                                                                                                    Maurice Kirk v The Chief Constable of South Wales Police   Claimant’s … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: released from custody, and hunger strike – 15 Dec. 2018 + archive

Former vetinerary surgeon and pilot Maurice Kirk, 73, has been released on parole from prison to a Welsh bail hostel after being outrageously barred from residing in the land of his birth – England. I visited him yesterday and was … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk calls 13 Dec. ’18 – the persecution continues in hospital – he is in a locked hospital ward although his release date is today and denied even calling his family! 13 Dec. 2018

Maurice Kirk calls 13 Dec. ’18 – the persecution continues in hospital. Maurice was sent to a local Cardiff hospital for an examination and treatment a couple of days before his official release from prison – the 13 December. He … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: when they attempted to put radioactive isotopes in his brain over the totally bogus “serious brain damage” diagnosis, + more 09 Dec. 2018+ archive

Received:  the outrageous victimisation and persecution by S. Wales police and their cronies continues, which shows them to be totally unfit to be in the positions of “authority” they are – a complete and utter public scandal! There is no … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: Police intercept Rule 39 letter to prison doctor, + more 07 Dec. 2018 + archive

Received: Maurice [still on hunger strike for many weeks] tells that the prison doctor, who has had many dealings with Maurice before in previous totally unjust sentences spoke with him and offered to contact his family, as communications to his … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: hunger strike continues – 13th Dec. to be released to the hospital / Cardiff bail hostel? 30 Nov. 2018 + archive

Received:  It appears MK is still on hunger strike –  and he will have lost 4 stones by the date of his supposed release on the 13th December, as he states in his latest, below. He states also that writing … Continue reading 
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Maurice Kirk: Imminent release denied? 28 Nov. 2018 + archive AND “Man sentenced to months in jail is still behind bars 10 years later under sentence that no longer exists – D. Mirror 19 Sept. 2016”

Received:  From what can be made of the most recent notes received from MK  today it states that his imminent release on the 13th / 14th December has been postponed as he is deemed “a risk”, and anyway, it is … Continue reading 
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