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Saturday, 3 August 2019

OUTRAGEOUS! Maurice Kirk: now 31 days on hunger strike in HMP Parc - Recorded Delivery mail now stopped completely + other outrages 03 August 2019 + archive

Maurice Kirk: now 31 days on hunger strike in HMP Parc – Recorded Delivery mail now stopped completely + other outrages 03 August 2019 + archive

Received:  One thing is for sure, and call me picky but everyone I’ve spoken to also finds it unspeakable regarding how Maurice, 74 is being treated in HMP Parc [from mid-Feb. 2019 until now], and in HMP Cardiff before that [from 18 Dec. 2017 to Dec. 17 2018]. Maurice has been on hunger strike now for 31 days approx. since 04 July in an attempt to get his withheld “Caswell Clinic” medical records which he has not only been promised but also has every right to have. What can only be described as seriously vindictive treatment includes his medication for serious stomach ailments being denied very often – the failure for him not receiving the “Omerzaparole” medication being that he is put in great stomach pain, enough for him to need a wheelchair to be able to move around – BUT that wheelchair is removed often, for some reason known only to the G4S prison “staff” and the situation is so bad that he’s stated that he doesn’t get out of this wheelchair once he’s got one in case it is stolen by screws or inmates alike when he’s not in it – as has happened recently. A recent update from Maurice recently told how he didn’t leave his cell for 5 days – perhaps because he couldn’t walk and had no wheelchair and couldn’t get out of the cell. When the prison doctor did come he  took one look and left, and wasn’t even aware that Maurice was on hunger strike. Does anyone else reading this think there is something seriously wrong regarding this place? Another example of his particularly poor treatment by the Parc regime includes his constantly being prison “arrested” [and punished] for various things, eg. ringing his bell too often when trying to get medication, or for not leaving the hatch where they dish out the medicines because they’ve refused yet again to give him his prescribed medication.  He was ringing his bell because no one came as they’re supposed to – he was duly punished subsequently by having his canteen reduced to the ridiculously low amount of around £4 / week, as his updates recently told, when everyone else gets £15+. Totally barbaric.
Apart from having many letters denied being sent by the prison for many weeks now, particularly recorded delivery letters to the RCJ etc., we are told now that ALL recorded delivery letters are now being barred from being sent [see note below received on 1 August].  Maurice has a new hip injury flare up again after a fall, and treatment for that is denied by the prison too, Maurice tells, and a phone call to the police on 101 is denied him also, he tells in earlier updates. Many notes and files have been received and are titled and shown below, and that note from Maurice stating that all recorded delivery mail is now banned as “we [the prison] has a responsibility how you spend you spend your own money” – hilarious – is here.

More alarmingly, Maurice tells that his cell was descended upon by police  during the week, as it is alleged he sent the Class A drug “heroin” to 3 locations – Maurice’s sister recounts:
“Police came to his cell on Thursday (HMP Parc)   and interviewed him under caution (I think) It was filmed but no copy given to M. They told him that they believe he sent 3 letters out to various places (including Taunton) with heroin in! This was from Cardiff Prison. He had had his cell overturned by drug squad searchers (SWP) in Cardiff . I think there was mention that Alun Cairns had received a letter from M with white powder in. M told me he used toothpaste …was it to make a point or seal the letter? I am not sure.
The South Wales Police did not show him any of these ‘letters’ nor any evidence during the interview.
He is mystified.
(In Cardiff of course they took any medication he had which was not replaced for a very long time!)” [ends].

Truly outrageous and you couldn’t make it up. Note they took his medication – by which he would’ve suffered – again – anything to cause alarm and distress. Maurice mentioned prior to his being moved to HMP Parc on the 28 June that he’d heard allegations that he’d “sent the Welsh Secretary Mr. Cairns the Class A drug”, but that was before he was moved to another prison about a week after that, over 4 weeks ago, and it’s not sure whether Maurice took this revelation seriously, and rightly so. Because: how come it took so long for the police to raid his Parc cell during last week – over a month after his move to Parc from Cardiff, and  a]  drugs are notoriously expensive in prison and we’re told Maurice has been forced onto a ridiculously low canteen amount – as low as approx. £4 – where did he get the shedload of money from to buy this alleged “heroin”? and
b]  Maurice’s mail both in and out of  either prison are checked to an outlandish degree – how come the screws missed these drugs at the time of the letters attempting to be sent? They have sniffer dogs also, or were they on a sabbatical too?  It beggars belief and is just another very poor barbaric attempt to target Maurice and give him grief, in my humble opinion. 
 Finally, c]  why on earth would Maurice do such a thing as to send a Class A drug from a prison, or anywhere, come to that? – something that could see him imprisoned for years on end?Answer – he wouldn’t – he is not an idiot and to suggest he’s done something like this is really scraping the barrel – even by HMP’s standards. BUT it is yet another excuse to target and harass him, as seems to be the norm forever now. Scandalous.

Other docs. received are below and titled which make for interesting reading, showing just how wrong official government documents can be – especially the [highly illegal] adding on of numerous non-existent charges to his criminal history – something he’s paid for dearly over the years beginning in 2009 when these false charges were allegedly added to his history by S Wales police – Maurice has served 6+ years in sentences in HMP since 2009 and his “Machine Gun Trial” then [which went dramatically wrong for the police who tried so very hard to get Maurice locked away forever in a closed mental hospital – even going as far as painting the airplane’s antique “machine gun” a different colour in an attempt to fool the jury – something that failed miserably, by the way. These many fake charges were added to his Probation history then, allegedly, during his “Machine Gun trial” but these lies, manufactured by allegedly the S. Wales police at the time were only seen by Maurice 10 years later after he got sight of his Probation OASystem report earlier this year – shown below also. An absolute scandal that needs properly correcting and Maurice rightly compensated. As scandalous also is Maurice being made a MAPPA subject too, with all that entails, which needs correcting immediately – these fake charges surely adding to his being made a MAPPA subject in the first place. Maurice is registered as one of the most serious MAPPA classifications too – a “Category C” subject, of which there are fewer than 200 subjects in the entire country – the classification being reserved for the more seriously charged – violent rapists and terrorists etc.. The P+P Service 4 page document regarding these fake charges and what is “to be corrected” [allegedly] is shown below too – see  Zammit let JG 15July19 – whether anything will be corrected remains to be seen, of course…

The bulk of the fake charges wrongly added to M’s history:

The Probation OASystem reports – PDF file:

OASyspp15 19 –
It mentions MAPPA and all those other falsehoods.
Written by his Probation Officer Bradley Hughes in Dec 2018 

False psychiatric reports against Maurice:

HMP Cardiff Governors report 04 July 2019:

Prison + Probation Service letter 04 July re: the fake charges [the bulk of those as shown above]:

Psychiatrist reports -Dr TW and those which negate it….SWP only use Dr TW’s report!


Incorrect criminal convictions repeated in the Probation Service paper work.

 Other notes received from M:

1st August message:


From the HM Prison & Probation Service in Wales, dated 15/07/2019: 
What exactly were the irregularities going back many years in Maurice’s legal history that Maurice only found out about recently after seeing a Probation report on him? This, from the April 19 2019 post here Maurice Kirk: the false charges dissected + message received – private lawyer urgently needed asap 24 April 2019 + archive 
1]  the full sheet
2]  showing: “Current psychological problems / depression” – “significant problems”
3] showing:  “Evidence of childhood behavioural problems
…followed by2nd item down as listed: “History of severe head injuries, fits, periods of unconciousness [optional]:
  NB –  “I, John Graham, have known and met with Maurice often since 2011 and at no time has he ever shown anything as described whilst in my presence, nor have I ever heard from anyone anything as described in relation to him, since 2011 to date 23 April 2019″ – this is a true sworn statement by myself J. Graham 23 April 2019”
4]  More falsehoods referring to Maurice:
5]  more:  shown are specific and highly questionable charges – without merit – against “a child”. In effect we are told Maurice arrived back at his abode to find there a burglar who had entered who he tried to apprehend, who was in the act of trying to flee, with her arms full of his property. Grabbing this burglar by the arm, he let go immediately, noticing it was a young female. This female was allowed to flee and Maurice didn’t pursue her, getting his property back then, nor did he report anything to the police, as these would have been the same police who had caused him so much grief for years [and still are] and he felt any action would’ve been futile and a complete waste of time. This female made certain highly questionable charges against Maurice afterwards [at the behest of the police?] but was later prosecuted [allegedly] in relation to certain matters connected:
The letter [discernment needed] received from HMP Cardiff governor, with reference, in the final paragraph, to do with Maurice’s mail. I cannot think Maurice would lie about his mail being interfered with, and this seems to be just a tip of a huge iceberg of irregularities he’s still suffering :

 The full archive here relevant to Maurice Kirk BSVC is here:  


Maurice’s site is: https://www.mauricejohnkirk.com

A few pics…

at my place after being released in May 2015, after losing an Appeal for an 8 month sentence served concurrently with another – a black and very cruel day indeed for Maurice, courtesy of a judge who woke up on the wrong side of justice that day?:
 Immediately after release 26 March 2016 and 6 weeks before the above pic:
Outside the RCJ, June 2016 with the inimitable Caul Grant, owner of the excellent site “CAMPAIGN FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE” http://www.ctj.org.uk/
 Below, outside the Civil Justice Centre, Cardiff, March 2013 and before yet another sentencing 7 months later. The relavent 50+ [and more] cases against S Wales police were struck out very recently [as of course they would be] but are subject to Appeal when Maurice is able to. Maurice was to have a hearing at this very Cardiff court on some of these very matters the day after he fell asleep on that train in mid-Febuary ’19, thus unfortunately breaking his licence conditions and being unable to “sign on” as he was supposed to at 5pm every day at the Cardiff MAPPA hostel he was forced to reside at [being outrageously barred from residing in the UK recently], this breach of his licence condition actioning his recall to HMP Cardiff in mid-Feb. 2019, to finish off the final 12 months of the 2 year sentence given on the 17th December 2017 =
In the papers before his competition race to Australia 2016 – he crashed his plane in Africa and needed a repair and new parts, and that was that, his crash making London’s “Evening Standard” rag at the time
The most recent pic of Maurice Kirk, 74, taken after a Cardiff Civil Justice Centre hearing to do with his numerous unfinalised and much stalled cases against S Wales police + connected – them no likey!!!
Let’s hope he makes it through from all this unspeakable detritus from these usurpers so wrongly in roles affecting decent and good citizens in the most horrific ways there are…Pray for him, please, against these dark forces! If I could change places with him, I would, being in the position I am in now…
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