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Thursday, 31 October 2019

#FreeAssange - Complain to the Home Secretary and Lord Chancellor about Judge Baraitser’s misconduct in #Assange court Case - WISE UP Action 29Oct2019

WISE Up Action – A Solidarity Network for Manning and Assange

Eileen Chubb outside Belmarsh Prison in September 2019 during ceremony awarding Julian Assange the Gavin MacFadyen journalistic award for extraordinary courage and self-sacrifice in the service of truth

Once again Eileen Chubb from Compassion in Care and The Whistler raises the alarm that Judge’s conduct presiding in the Julian Assange Extradition Case is indicative that he is not receiving a fair hearing neither does it adhere to the principals of open justice.
Let’s follow her example!! She posted her letter:

I used the online form https://contact-moj.dsd.io/ to write to the Ministry of Justice (Lord Chancellor) and public.enquiries@homeoffice.gov.uk to contact the Home Office.
Dear Sir/Madam

On 21st October 2019 during a Julian Assange Case Management hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court, District Judge Vanessa Baraitser  announced she was transferring the venue of the Main US Extradition hearing in February 2020 from Westminster Magistrates Court to Belmarsh Magistrates Court. The Court in Belmarsh can only accommodate 5 or 6 members of the public. In such an important Extradition Court case with implications for Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression and serious implications for democratic accountability, interest in this case is high. Due to its nature and implications, public interest demands the public is able to exercise its Constitutional Right to open justice by attending and watching the court hearing proceedings closely. The same public interest demands that media access to court is such that no de facto restrictions are put on their reporting due to lack of space available for members of the press.
On the 21st October 41 members of the public sat in the Court’s public gallery, filling it. Among them there were former and current politicians, former diplomats, journalists, representatives of Civil Society NGOs for the protection of whistleblowers, of freedom of expression, academics, trade unionists, at least one retiree from the armed forces. There were at least 30 journalists both present in the court room and awaiting outside the court room but still inside the building for an opportunity to do their reporting. There were also a further 200 people outside the Court building protesting as they could not attend the court at the public gallery.
For the Main US Extradition hearing we anticipate at least 500 members of the public wanting to physically attend court and at least 90 journalists who would wish to cover this court case by attending court. Belmarsh Magistrates Court is not fit to accommodate either the public nor the media.

I would like to quote Sir Ernest Ryder: “Open justice […] is that courts and their judgments must be open to scrutiny by the public, and the media. […]. It is that publicity – openness – is the great antiseptic. That it is, as Bentham had it, ‘the very soul of justice. The keenest spur to exertion, and the surest of all guards against improbity. It keeps the judge. . ., while trying, under trial’. A judge observed while judging is an attentive judge. A judge observed is, as Lord Neuberger MR observed in the case of Al-Rawi, a democratically accountable judge. When justice slips out of sight, this is lost and the prospect of arbitrary, incompetent or unlawful conduct raises its head. [https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/ryder-spt-open-justice-luxembourg-feb-2018.pdf]

Please intervene to prevent this violation of our constitutional right to attend the court hearing and establish that Julian Assange’s Court hearing will remain at Westminster Magistrates Court and that provisions will be made for the court to be fit for purpose considering the high interest in this case.

Many thanks
Mrs Emmy Butlin"

source: https://wiseupaction.info/2019/10/28/complain-to-the-home-secretary-and-lord-chancellor-about-judge-baraitsers-misconduct-in-assange-court-case/

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

The torture of Julian Assange - Craig Murray

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Mon 28/10/2019 14:33
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Below is an account of Julian Assange’s recent appearance in a London magistrate’s court by Craig Murray. Murray features in a forthcoming book, In Defense of Julian Assangeedited by Tariq Ali and Margaret Kunstler. You can find out more about the book and order a copy here.
Julian Assange in Court, illustration by Eric Hansen

I was deeply shaken while witnessing yesterday’s events in Westminster Magistrates Court. Every decision was railroaded through over the scarcely heard arguments and objections of Assange’s legal team, by a magistrate who barely pretended to be listening.

Before I get on to the blatant lack of fair process, the first thing I must note was Julian’s condition. I was badly shocked by just how much weight my friend has lost, by the speed his hair has receded and by the appearance of premature and vastly accelerated ageing. He has a pronounced limp I have never seen before. Since his arrest he has lost over 15 kg in weight.

But his physical appearance was not as shocking as his mental deterioration. When asked to give his name and date of birth, he struggled visibly over several seconds to recall both. I will come to the important content of his statement at the end of proceedings in due course, but his difficulty in making it was very evident; it was a real struggle for him to articulate the words and focus his train of thought.

Until yesterday I had always been quietly sceptical of those who claimed that Julian’s treatment amounted to torture – 
even of Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture – and sceptical of those who suggested he may be subject to debilitating drug treatments. But having attended the trials in Uzbekistan of several victims of extreme torture, and having worked with survivors from Sierra Leone and elsewhere, I can tell you that yesterday changed my mind entirely and Julian exhibited exactly the symptoms of a torture victim brought blinking into the light, particularly in terms of disorientation, confusion, and the real struggle to assert free will through the fog of learned helplessness.

I had been even more sceptical of those who claimed, as a senior member of his legal team did to me on Sunday night, that they were worried that Julian might not live to the end of the extradition process. I now find myself not only believing it, but haunted by the thought. Everybody in that court yesterday saw that one of the greatest journalists and most important dissidents of our times is being tortured to death by the state, before our eyes. To see my friend, the most articulate man, the fastest thinker, I have ever known, reduced to that shambling and incoherent wreck, was unbearable. Yet the agents of the state, particularly the callous magistrate Vanessa Baraitser, were not just prepared but eager to be a part of this bloodsport. She actually told him that if he were incapable of following proceedings, then his lawyers could explain what had happened to him later. The question of why a man who, by the very charges against him, was acknowledged to be highly intelligent and competent, had been reduced by the state to somebody incapable of following court proceedings, gave her not a millisecond of concern.

The charge against Julian is very specific; conspiring with Chelsea Manning to publish the Iraq War logs, the Afghanistan war logs and the State Department cables. The charges are nothing to do with Sweden, nothing to do with sex, and nothing to do with the 2016 US election; a simple clarification the mainstream media appears incapable of understanding.

The purpose of yesterday’s hearing was case management; to determine the timetable for the extradition proceedings. The key points at issue were that Julian’s defence was requesting more time to prepare their evidence; and arguing that political offences were specifically excluded from the extradition treaty. There should, they argued, therefore be a preliminary hearing to determine whether the extradition treaty applied at all.

The reasons given by Assange’s defence team for more time to prepare were both compelling and startling. They had very limited access to their client in jail and had not been permitted to hand him any documents about the case until one week ago. He had also only just been given limited computer access, and all his relevant records and materials had been seized from the Ecuadorean Embassy by the US Government; he had no access to his own materials for the purpose of preparing his defence.


For the prosecution, James Lewis QC stated that the government strongly opposed any delay being given for the defence to prepare, and strongly opposed any separate consideration of the question of whether the charge was a political offence excluded by the extradition treaty. Baraitser took her cue from Lewis and stated categorically that the date for the extradition hearing, 25 February, could not be changed. She was open to changes in dates for submission of evidence and responses before this, and called a ten minute recess for the prosecution and defence to agree these steps.

What happened next was very instructive. There were five representatives of the US government present (initially three, and two more arrived in the course of the hearing), seated at desks behind the lawyers in court. The prosecution lawyers immediately went into huddle with the US representatives, then went outside the courtroom with them, to decide how to respond on the dates.


Baraitser then capped it all by saying the February hearing will be held, not at the comparatively open and accessible Westminster Magistrates Court where we were, but at Belmarsh Magistrates Court, the grim high security facility used for preliminary legal processing of terrorists, attached to the maximum security prison where Assange is being held. There are only six seats for the public in even the largest court at Belmarsh, and the object is plainly to evade public scrutiny and make sure that Baraitser is not exposed in public again to a genuine account of her proceedings, like this one you are reading. I will probably be unable to get in to the substantive hearing at Belmarsh.

Plainly the authorities were disconcerted by the hundreds of good people who had turned up to support Julian. They hope that far fewer will get to the much less accessible Belmarsh. I am fairly certain (and recall I had a long career as a diplomat) that the two extra American government officials who arrived halfway through proceedings were armed security personnel, brought in because of alarm at the number of protestors around a hearing in which were present senior US officials. The move to Belmarsh may be an American initiative.

Assange’s defence team objected strenuously to the move to Belmarsh, in particular on the grounds that there are no conference rooms available there to consult their client and they have very inadequate access to him in the jail. Baraitser dismissed their objection offhand and with a very definite smirk.

Finally, Baraitser turned to Julian and ordered him to stand, and asked him if he had understood the proceedings. He replied in the negative, said that he could not think, and gave every appearance of disorientation. Then he seemed to find an inner strength, drew himself up a little, and said:
I do not understand how this process is equitable. This superpower had 10 years to prepare for this case and I can’t even access my writings. It is very difficult, where I am, to do anything. These people have unlimited resources.

The effort then seemed to become too much, his voice dropped and he became increasingly confused and incoherent. He spoke of whistleblowers and publishers being labeled enemies of the people, then spoke about his children’s DNA being stolen and of being spied on in his meetings with his psychologist. I am not suggesting at all that Julian was wrong about these points, but he could not properly frame nor articulate them. He was plainly not himself, very ill and it was just horribly painful to watch. Baraitser showed neither sympathy nor the least concern. She tartly observed that if he could not understand what had happened, his lawyers could explain it to him, and she swept out of court.

The whole experience was profoundly upsetting. It was very plain that there was no genuine process of legal consideration happening here. What we had was a naked demonstration of the power of the state, and a naked dictation of proceedings by the Americans. Julian was in a box behind bulletproof glass, and I and the thirty odd other members of the public who had squeezed in were in a different box behind more bulletproof glass. I do not know if he could see me or his other friends in the court, or if he was capable of recognising anybody. He gave no indication that he did.

In Belmarsh he is kept in complete isolation for 23 hours a day. He is permitted 45 minutes exercise. If he has to be moved, they clear the corridors before he walks down them and they lock all cell doors to ensure he has no contact with any other prisoner outside the short and strictly supervised exercise period. There is no possible justification for this inhuman regime, used on major terrorists, being imposed on a publisher who is a remand prisoner.

I have been both cataloguing and protesting for years the increasingly authoritarian powers of the UK state, but that the most gross abuse could be so open and undisguised is still a shock. The campaign of demonisation and dehumanisation against Julian, based on government and media lie after government and media lie, has led to a situation where he can be slowly killed in public sight, and arraigned on a charge of publishing the truth about government wrongdoing, while receiving no assistance from “liberal” society.

Unless Julian is released shortly, he will be destroyed. If the state can do this, then who is next?

This is an abridged version of a blog by Craig Murray. The full version can be viewed here.

In Defense of Julian Assange


Monday, 28 October 2019

What is the Dark Web, and what does it do? from hitmen to human organs to... - VIDEO + the Deep Web

Half the funding for TOR router comes from the US Government

the Deep Web and the Dark Web are entirely different

Super Easy Way To Access the Dark Web (How To) 

There has been so much talk about the Dark Web, but how do you actually access it? How do you get on the dark web? If you’ve seen our shows on the dark web, you’ll know some of the things you can find there. We’ve talked before about illegal activities happening there, but there is much more to this place. You might find whistleblowers in the dark web, perhaps fearful of their identity being uncovered. Human rights journalists might also publish here, with an understanding that their work can’t be traced back to them. Critics of oppressive governments might air their concerns there, while others just want absolute privacy when talking to people about their health. Welcome to this episode of the Infographics Show, How to access the dark web. First let’s give you a 101 on the dark web. Sources differ on how much of the internet can be seen using a standard browser. In a story, NPR told us that 96 percent of the Internet is not available through normal browsers. Call it the iceberg theory, which means the internet we see is just the tip. Other resources tell us it’s more like 90 percent, which is still huge. So, what exactly are we not seeing?

Dark Web: The Unseen Side of The Internet

25 October 2019

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