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Sunday, 12 January 2020

Maurice Kirk: "10th Jan 2020 Complaint against HMP Parc South Wales G4S Staff" 12 Jan. 2010 + archive

All Welcome to Machine Gun Dolmans Solictors' Fraud Exposure

10th Jan 2020 Complaint against HMP Parc South Wales G4S Staff

I, Maurice John Kirk, file complaints against HMP Parc, Bridgend, G4S custody staff for their seriously inflicting injuries, harassment and false imprisonment to cause numerous thefts of my possessions.
Serious Assaults                                                                                                               
 Incident 1900418801
  1. After my Feb 2019 unlawful ‘recall’ to prison from a Cardiff parole hostel I was assaulted on numerous occasions in Parc prison with one incident already reported over the ‘floor buffer’  on A2 wing. All required medical attention and captured on CCTV & body cameras. 
  2. The 2nd filmed significant assault was in June 2019 when I was forcibly removed from my 2nd missing wheel chair by unnecessary force from seven officers carrying me back to B block.
  3. The 3rd main incident was in Nov 2019 when I was snatched from my cell by unprovoked excessive force using no less than eight G4S officers using handcuffs on my wrists behind my back. This deliberate pain was inflicted continued from B wing to the main gate where I was ‘released’ for Bristol Royal Infirmary attention. This included x-rays due to my hip prosthesis having suffered partial subluxation of my hip joint and prescription analgesics for a month.
  4. The incidents have left me feeling severely intimidated, vulnerable and in constant pain.
Deliberate False Forensic History Yet Again
  1. In Sept & Dec18 G4S had inadvertently released Caswell Clinic medical data by fabricated police criminal convictions including ‘child abuse’, ‘firearms’, ‘narcotics’, ABH and ‘FTA’.
  2. Oct 19 HM Parole Board hearing, with evidence from a retired magistrate, had also revealed why a prison had needed such violent ‘constraints’. Both parole officer & prison supervisor had vehemently opposed release as I was, ‘violent and extremely dangerous’. To whom was I a danger, exactly, turned out to be only the Chief Constable? This caused my swift release.
  3. That CCTV and more leaked 2009 Barry police station MAPPA level 3 category 3 data of Barbara Wilding’s conspiracy, to have me shot, is applied for to be disclosed at the ‘machine gun’ hearing on 24th January as it all identifies the original culprit’s nefarious conduct. 
‘Heroin’ to Alun Cairns MP & ‘Anthrax Spores’ to Rebecca Pow MP false Allegations
  • My Feb 19 release was due so police concocted reasons to stop my mail in and out of Cardiff & Parc prisons to protract time in prison and delay my civil claims. The ‘white powder’ found in my two MP letters had simply been remaining traces of toothpaste originally used for gluing exhibits on to my cell wall when originals had been stolen by my key liaison officer.

Further Deliberate Theft of my Possessions
Despite my pleadings and requests by parole staff G4S continues to refuse to return my wheel chair and legal papers as the latter is needed, of course, for my 10am 24th January 2020 civil court proceedings against both G4S and the South Wales Police. Today’s MG11 VPS written complaint to very patient South Wales police officers will, no doubt, end up in the police HQ shredder as did the ones, re police paint gun, to try and fool the 2010 jury!

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

source: https://www.mauricejohnkirk.com/2020/01/11/all-welcome-to-machine-gun-dolmans-solictors-fraud-exposure/


Maurice Kirk: “South Wales Police Machine Gun Conspiracy to have me Shot” 04 January 2020 + archive

South Wales Police Machine Gun Conspiracy to have me Shot

by mauricekirky

to HM Min of Justice                                           case 1CF03361 etc
Data Access Unit Branston,
Burton on Trent                                                                  
3rd Jan 2020

South Wales Police Fraud

Dear Sir/Madam,

1.       Last year in the spring, again during the summer and yet again on release from prison, I have applied to you for my data withheld by South Wales Police & HM Prison Service.  

2.       Both police and G4S Parc have also refused to release my papers in my prison cell and those in prison reception despite requests for your intervention under the relevant law.  

3.       Law courts in Wales act differently to what you may be accustomed to in England.  

4.       I have had promises from both the prison and Parole Service (Wales) for their return but not even a written explanation as to why so, yet again, the police have caused confiscation of my legal papers relating to a 24th January 2020 hearing in Cardiff’s county court re police conspiracy to have me, first shot and when that failed, locked up for life in Ashworth by falsifying medical record and now imprisoned me on false criminal convictions and allegations that I had sent heroin to Alun Cairns MP and anthrax to Rebecca Pow MP.

5.       New medical evidence is now withheld by both G4S and Chief Constable of South Wales Police, required for the 24th hearing achieved due to the extraordinary density of liars found within the welsh criminal and civil justice systems. It’s known as inherent deceit.  

6.       It will, no doubt, be of no surprise to you that the series of welsh judges all refuse to assist or allow the ‘dirty linen’ being put out to dry in an alternative court in England.  

7.       I request that you send me full records of my correspondence with your M of J department with explanation for the judge as to why nothing has been forthcoming.  

Yours truly,  
Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Cc Court & Parole instantly as I used MAPPA bugged South Wales Police laptop.

mauricekirky | January 4, 2020 at 11:19 am

 Maurice Kirk: Welsh Police MAPPA Machine gun, Heroin and Anthrax to MPs Conspiracies before 24th Jan 2020 Cardiff County Court 31/12/2019 + archive inc. phone calls HMP Parc etc.

Welsh Police MAPPA Machine gun, Heroin and Anthrax to MPs Conspiracies before 24th Jan 2020 Cardiff County Court 31/12/2019

by mauricekirky

Clerk to HM Cardiff Crown                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  31st December 2019

Dear Madam,

Outdated and unlawfully obtained Restraining Orders to be Struck Out
  1. In order for a ‘restraining order’ to be considered by a Cardiff Crown Court judge, for ‘strike out’ due to startling new evidence further supporting my family’s view, both Cardiff judges, Richard Thomlow and Paul Thomas are flagrant liars, a ‘signed statement’ has to be first obtained. I am now told, from the alleged ‘victim(s)’ identified or not on the court order!
  • Successive 9 Park Street, Cardiff, Park Chambers HM prosecutors have consistently lied before courts to avoid disclosing evidence ‘restraining orders’ were even ever served!
  • If so then when, where, by whom and where are the records that ‘service’ was procured  right now  as needed for your scandalous 24th January 2020 county court machine gun conspiracy hearing  to be yet another predicted  court farce to  start a new year?
  • If and when previous ‘restraining orders’ were then challenged by the victim(s), opposing or not opposing for their ‘variation’ or ‘strike out’, then why was I denied the facts for RCJ?
  • Again it appears to be the same prosecutors that have refused to allow ‘disclosure’ of relevant evidence for fear my last 5 years  incarceration may be overturned  to appropriate 27 years of compensation, instead, for being unable to practice or be a commercial pilot?
  •  Who is ultimately responsible for my G4S foul conditions in a gaol of depravity specifically designed to subject my brain to months of foul illiterate language by drug or alcohol damaged locals throwing their buckets of foul urine under my prison cell door and smearing human faeces over my bed bribed to break me. You lot again seem to forget, I am English.
  • Is there a judge in Wales prepared to break custom and address the subject of police failed disclosure of evidence hidden in 27 years  of concocted PII andMG6D Taffia devil worship?
Yours truly,
Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to RCVS and CAA


Maurice Kirk: South Wales Police Struck out failed Convictions 20 Dec. 2019 + archive

South Wales Police Struck out failed Convictions

by mauricekirky

Further to my previous complaints re welsh judiciary I thought it helpful to list a sample of other undisputed facts covered up by co-conspirators on their ‘gravy train’ fast running out of track had it not been for Brexit now blocking us both from the protection of Strasbourg and Code Napoleon law.
  1. Failed prosecution of me following an ex police Cardiff Crown Court officer had deliberately pushed me down a flight of court stairs breaking my leg. This was clearly on court instructions in order to stop my appeal papers from being filed in HM Royal Courts of Justice.
  2. Another arrest, whilst attending an appointment, this time with Dr Gaynor Jones in the Caswell Clinic’s Glanrhyd Hospital. Appoint because of Cardiff Crown Court’s specific order for the immediate release of my favourable medical records held by the forensic consultants
  3. It was Taffia’s last ditch attempt to stop their fast approaching ‘machine gun’ jury trial, from which I have the transcript for you, for my Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital incarceration, for life, instead of their mere ‘gun’ conspiracy for a10 year prison term.
  4. Failed prosecutions claims, also struck-out by my 24th Jan 2020 ‘machine gun’ hearing judge included at least 3 drink/drive related malicious arrests always all abusing 1984 PACE law.
  5. A failed concocted conviction, concerning a ‘racially aggravated’, also springs to mind as if 27 years of insult and injury to an Englishman was not enough. I had caught another urchin, this time of an ethnic deviant, stealing from my property. I was the one, of course, arrested!
  6. This judge now refuses to recuse himself from this incestuous affair after finally getting me out of Wales but without my wife, daughter and almost sanity. Such is the spite towards the English so these far from exhaustive examples to my new MP is my way of request for searching questions, please, into the welsh authorities’ conduct frantic for judicial autonomy.
Yours sincerely, 
Maurice J Kirk BVsc

Ps Please can I have my complaint documents to you before police confiscate those as well?
source:   https://mauricejohnkirk.com/2019/12/19/south-wales-police-struck-out-failed-convictions/

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Above: pic from late January 2018...3 weeks approx. later Maurice was to undergo 2 years in prison...which saw a new norm for hostilities...