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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Maurice Kirk: Covert Police Operation Challis to having me shot VIDEO – Machine-gun Conspiracy to have me Shot is now Proven – The Elephant In The Room – 28 Oct. 2020

from: https://mauricejohnkirk.com/

Covert Police Operation Challis to having me shot

Posted on October 28, 2020 by Maurice Kirk

Why didn’t the police simply not ring me up or drop round for a quiet chat to ask where my aircraft had gone to?
Watch this space

The Elephant in the Room

On 24th June 2020 Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Mackenzie of the South Wales Police was dragged out of an early lucrative retirement, the reward for what the local Taffia had told him to do, have me arrested in the hope of my receiving a 10 year prison term.

Mackenzie was to sign yet another one of Adrian Oliver’s concocted witness statements. Oliver of Dolmans , solicitors, Cardiff, had drafted a retrospective account of Operations ‘Chalice’ and ‘Dandelion’ in 2009 to have me ‘lawfully shot’. If that had failed the back-up police cars, also surrounding our home in St Donats, were also waiting, up the lane, with a Vale of Glamorgan social services team to take our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, to be taken into ‘care’. Why? Because the clandestine MAPPA level 3 category 3 meeting three weeks earlier in Barry police station had registered me amongst the top 5% most dangerous in the UK!


Oliver had already fabricated an oh so similar witness statement for the then Chief Constable, in February 2009, for Ms Barbara Wilding to sign as a sworn truthful affidavit. This criminal act of deliberate non disclosure of evidence sparked an early retirement, also, to protect her pension despite the blatant deceit in having me gaoled so many times only to be latter acquitted. This is why, of course, these now 20 police files have taken 11 years to reach the surface despite a string of failed court orders.

Detective Superintendent Stuart Mackenzie Retrospective Statement 24th June 12020

They had all lied by putting together Wilding’s 25th February 2009 sworn affidavit, as these 20 odd files of sensitive police material so portray but, of course, taking the lid off the ‘can of worms’ in their ‘Trading in machine guns’ conspiracy, trial T20097445, when no defence needed to be tendered for an obviously predicted acquittal.

A Helpful Chronology for New Readers

The ‘Elephant in the Room’, no one was to mention, of course, was because their chief constable was, at the time, defending the now notorious BS614159 plus 2 civil damages claims following police having lost 40 odd malicious criminal prosecutions. My resultant civil damages claim required as many as 300 witnesses with 100 of which being police officers, serving and retired.

So, did no one in the South Wales Police simply have asked me, especially while visiting police stations after the 29th May 2009 decision by Mackenzie and MAPPA to have me arrested?

I will relish doing a second statement on how the culture of South Wales Police compels otherwise good officers to do obvious wrong on this occasion Officers are called off normal duties to answer a  “Get Kirk” fatwa. Tis corrupting cultire at SWp puits the public at risk and officers more senior than McKenzie would be involved:-  

The jury did not see these police at all believable or credible and here is spelling out each detail of why………

·        Critical – Who appointed McKenzie as SIO?

·        What was McKenzie actually to do because why such attention over a matter (couple of old cartridges with a dummy gun that if it could fire a single shot was too dangerous to actually use) is so simple a local constable could deal with by asking MK in for a chat and asking – ‘Where is this gun Sir?’  

·        Why does McKenzie say the policy decision of 29 May 2009 included ‘MK visiting HQ to arrest CC’ when that happened weeks later?  

·        If MK was to be a firearms risk …………why only with an era of gun too unsafe to fire? They show absolutely no interest in real risk of someone of MK’s clever ability going nuts and collecting real modern firearms   

Machine-gun Conspiracy to have me Shot is now Proven


Why did not Mr plod simply ring me up to ask where my Farnborough Air show aircraft was now?

OR, OR ask me, while I attended the four police station visits, between 29th May and 22nd June 2009, complaining of their bullying, the time when police HQ had finally plucked up their yellow bellied courage to arrest me over three weeks later when they thought it was safe enough?

I refer, of course, to ‘Operation Chalice’ , 20 odd, some armed police, with helicopter simply to have me shot and if that failed put the bloody fear into my wife and child by using social workers, trying to take our 10 year old Genevieve into Vale of Glamorgan care?

  1. Amazing 20 South Wales Police arch-leaver Defence Files, unlawfully hidden for over 10 years, including from my 2010 ‘Trading in Machine criminal trial , carrying a mandatory 10 year prison term, were only disclosed to me last week but only by yet another court order

Case number 1CF03361

In The Cardiff County Court

Maurice John Kirk



The Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary


DRAFT                  Two Million Pound Damages Claim                  1CF03361


A Disclosure of 20 lever arch files from the Defendant was received for me at Cardiff County Court on 12 October 2020. Dolman, solicitors’ QC told the bemused Judge Beard, residing,  that Adrian Oliver, partner in Dolmans of Cardiff, that he was refusing to serve them on me in electronic form for fear his ‘busted flush’, that has earned his firm m illions of pounds, so far, since their unlawful harassment of me started in 1993 , defending successive chief constables from 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions. The nefarious conduct of his client would be all over the websites, he indicated, in a matter of minutes if disclosed electronically. This would reveal the extreme level of police bullying and criminal conduct by so that many other in positions of privilege would be also published world-wide. I refer, of course, to far too many within in the welsh judges, HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) welsh prison administration and HM Parole Service (Wales)

  • The 20 lever arch files start with the first 10 files covering the original prosecution papers from 2009/10. There are five files that are a defence statement by Stuart McKenzie SIO (Senior Investigating Officer) along with his attachments. There are  five files that are a defence statement and attachments by the Deputy SIO Suzanne Hughes.

The evidence missing from Disclosure include

Little mention of the armed 20 plus strong police Operation Chalice helicopter raid to snatch our then 10 year old daughter or having me shot.

  • The Disclosure only goes back to February 2009. When the prosecution charges for both offences are dated over a year earlier:-

“…..the particulars of the offence being that between the 1st day of January 2008 and the 23rd day of June 2009, ….”

  • I ask for both explanations as to why such an obvious if not highly improper approach to deny Disclosure.  
  • Also missing is…. to follow Coopers’, buyers of aircraft, with ‘gun’ detained for interrogation on 1968 firearms Act allegations of alleged offences contrary to law.

Where the Defendant fails to provide a defence or explanation

  • The Defendant give no defence or even an attempt to explain why they did not treat me as others and ask the CAA to contact me. I challenge the defendant to explain.
  • The police give no defence on anything. What was the point? There QC, Lloyd Jones had already told the court he had been informed from Judge Keiser Qc I was not going to be allowed a jury nor would the hearing of evidence take more than5 days!!!!
  • The police give no explanation as to why

Critical flaw in arguments

  • Mr Cooper purchased the gun from me in August 2008 and he and many others made various changes to the Lewis display gun in the 17 months from sale to trial.
  • Additionally, Suzanne Hughes is then faced with Mr Cooper’s solicitor contacted SWP to say Mr Cooper will say the gun has been tampered with.
  • Suzanne Hughes tries to counter the obvious need to stop the prosecution by saying Mr Scott will cast doubt on what Mr Cooper says as unreliable.
  • But if Police are using Mr Scot to discredit the reliability of Mr Cooper as a witness as to the condition of the Lewis display gun. Then police have absolutely no witnesses and absolutely no evidence as to what condition the Lewis display gun was at the point of sale and in my ownership before that.
  • It follows South Wales Police and Suzanne Hughes knew with certainty that there were no grounds to charge, remand and continue with a prosecution.
  • Additional questions I seek answered……. To follow with further publications of docs created during my pranks to further expose their inherent deceit.
  • This exposed criminal conduct is set out in these 20 odd now released police files with such things as the 20+ police strong armed helicopter raid on our home, in the Vale of G Glamorgan on the 22nd June 2009 in Operation Chalice are unlawfully omitted from files.

 Aim to have me arrested/shot while the other police raid, a few hours later, to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, also withheld from court ordered disclosure.

Also, no Nottinghamshire police criminal investigation disclosure, I had specifically asked for, in also detained Jerry and Jenny Cooper, the latter having collected the film prop from replica Battle of the Somme machine gun, many months before, police had plucked up the courage, for 27 senior police meetings in Barbara Wilding’s HQ, to press the action stations button. SUBSTANTIAL REWARDS FOR ANY INTERNAL INFORMATION from retired police…… maurice@kirkflyingvet.com tel 07708586202

A seven figure exemplary damages claim is due to come my way plus recovery of my huge costs in my defending this malicious criminal prosecution.

To be paid by the Chief Constable of South Wales Police Constabulary? No, in your dreams as Barbara Wilding, with her corrupt police officers, Adrian Oliver and others at Dolman’s, solicitors, Cardiff and other lying prosecution witnesses now face my prepared private criminal prosecutions.

The excessive perversion of justice, set out in these, until now, 20 police files, indicate a deliberately concocted plan stop my my numerous civil claims identifying welsh police’s 40 odd failed maliciously brought police criminal prosecutions,


All those who helped me be acquitted of all charges, requiring no rebuttal and while I was held in Cardiff prison for nearly 8 months, send in your details of costs.

Also a detailed statement on any aspect in the abuse of process of that shambolic two week highlighting any perverse issue you may have witnessed

Sky and another TV company have already expressed interest in a ‘documentary this usual and extreme level of deceit within senior staff of South Wales Police HQ in Bridgend.

contact me 24/7 on 07708586202 maurice@kirkflyingvet.com

The 20 police files will be published over the next few weeks to stimulate those who know anything about the CAA causing ‘gun’s on other British aircraft being frantically decommissioned

I will be handing out Cash, lots of Cash for info also on photos of My DH2 taken in august 2008 and August 2009 etc



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