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Sunday, 31 January 2021

Edgar Broughton Interview 2016 - Edgar Broughton Band: "Death of an Electric Citizen" + full album "Wasa Wasa" 1969 classic

Edgar Broughton interview 2016
20 May 2020
A radio interview last aired in 2016 with English band leader Edgar Broughton. Best known for fronting one of the more unique bands to emerge in the U.K in the late 60's his Edgar Broughton Band. Recorded for my radio program Retrospectives on Casey Radio in Melbourne, Australia.


Edgar Broughton Band - Death of an Electric Citizen (1969)


The lyrics...

Thought  heard a raindrop fall - it trickle dum a dee dee
And the trickle was a stream - and a stream was a river
Run run running running to the sea. And the sea met the sky
And you know - you know - you know the sky has no end a - no end a - no end a - no end a

There was an Aura Borealis - and a chu chu bone. A chu chi hoo a di - you're not going home
I got a sappa sappa and a hex spin. Like I cried out for water - like a body thin

In the sky was a city - city palace all around wall. And a 12 guards where Bacchus fall
Aphrodite play with - sheep from out of the den. There's a lion roar in my ears
Electric bim bam bim bam. Like I gotta woooo - and I gotta woo woo
Like I gotta woo - and I gotta woo oh chu chi. With a moan a bit - moan a bit - cry a bit,
Sleep a bit - die a bit. If you wanna if you like it

And there's a one tall maiden - with a green eye. And she says this is my heaven
You can make it if you try. And there's a woo woo - and a woo I die
There's a woo woo and a woo - I die. And you hear the promises - blowin' on the wind
And the wind is a vehicle - for a bad man's sins. And the pearly city opens
You gotta ticket on the town. Stop go - stop go - stop go - stop - go - you know you can go
With a black bone  and the blessings of - and the blessings of - Belial
And that's just about the death of a - like  - of the - electric citizen


 the full album:

Edgar Broughton Band: Wasa Wasa 1969

[ Eye Tunz ] [HD]


(0:00) 1. Death of an Electric Citizen * 

(6:06) 2. American Boy Soldier 

(10:30) 3. Why Can't Somebody Love Me 

(15:35) 4. Neptune 

(19:55) 5. Evil * 

(22:30) 6. Crying * 

(27:45) 7. Love in the Rain 

(31:30) 8. Dawn Crept Away

red vinyl Japanese 1969 


Wednesday, 27 January 2021

See For Yourself = The World Of Clones & How You Can Tell The Difference! - Must See Video!!

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The world of cloning really does exist
People actually believe that humans like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Tom Hanks are still alive without realizing that the future is now and that everything they are seeing is a lie.
See For Yourself The World Of #Clones & How You Can Tell The Difference! - Must See Video |


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