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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Conspiracy Journal #1075: The "Screwed Up" Investigation into The "Havana Syndrome" + Are Paranormal Investigators Creating Their Own Ghosts? + the Old Wardour Castle ghost photographed + Toddlers Filmed Talking to "Monster" on Bedroom Wall + Woman Claims Gust of Wind Left Her Pregnant

2/21/21  #1075
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This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such teeth-grinding stories as:

- The "Screwed Up" Investigation into The "Havana Syndrome" -

- Are Paranormal Investigators Creating Their Own Ghosts? -

- Toddlers Filmed Talking to "Monster" on Bedroom Wall -


Woman Claims Gust of Wind Left Her Pregnant

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By Tim Swartz, Tim Beckley,  Sean Casteel, Prof. Stephen Fenley,
Scott Corrales, Joseph Foster, Harry Drew, and others


Over 20 of the world's leading UFOlogists establish  that humans have done battle with aliens over and over again, shooting at them, molesting them, hitting them, running them over,  unleashing dogs upon them, and injuring -- and even killing them -- though any means possible, as humans try to combat their fear of the unknown.

In many instances the aliens have fought back. They have sought revenge, and more often than not, gotten it.   Here are over a hundred reports of the strangest close encounters with humanoids who use force to defend themselves -- such as the case of the NY hunter whose rifle was ripped from his hands, the shotgun barrel twisted, and than handed back to him. There is also the crash landing of a UFO in Kingman, AZ which involved 8 UFOs positioning themselves in the sky in combat position, apparently returning to find any  survivors of their doomed craft, and to protect themselves in doing so.  


The second part of the book's "mission," is to disprove the concept held by  many that African Americans are not prone to have UFO experiences or to hold a belief or interest in the subject. One contributor, Prof. Stephen Finley of the University of Louisiana, explains how UFOs are part of the overall "Black experience" of many African Americans. Most of his fans do not realize that Muhammad Ali had over 21 UFO sightings. A friend of researcher Tim Beckley, the late Champ explains why he was so taken up with the subject, being a part of his spiritual beliefs.

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The "Screwed Up" Investigation into The "Havana Syndrome"
By Lucas Ropek

A newly released report says Rex Tillerson’s State Department responded in a slow, disorganized fashion to the “Havana syndrome”—the mysterious rash of neural disorders that has plagued U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Cuba and other locations since 2016.

A previously undisclosed report from the State Department’s Accountability Review Board paints a picture of dysfunction, miscommunication and excessive secrecy during Tillerson’s tenure as Secretary of State, the likes of which prevented a thorough investigation into the rash of weird incidents that has left more than a dozen bureaucrats with brain injuries. The report was published Wednesday by the National Security Archive.

The disturbing incidents, first publicized in 2017, have seen foreign officials—mostly CIA agents—afflicted with a range of bizarre symptoms consistent with significant brain trauma. The symptoms were initially attributed to pesticide exposure and crickets, but the conversation has evolved to suggest the injuries resulted from an attack via some sort of “sonic weapon,” likely involving concentrated microwave radiation. Though the first incidents occurred in Cuba, similar episodes have since been reported in China and Uzbekistan, among other places.

Whatever the cause, the one thing we do know is that Tillerson’s State Department botched the initial response. The newly released ARB report depicts the agency’s efforts as bungling and inept, calling its response “stove-piped and largely ad hoc.” Apparently no single person was ever put in charge of coordinating a response to the incidents, nor was any State Department task force developed to address the crisis. Tillerson did make the decision to dramatically reduce staffing levels at the Embassy in Havana, but a “cost-benefit” analysis was not conducted to ensure that this decision would not lead to further dysfunctions, the report claims.

On top of this, inter-agency communication regarding the illnesses were conducted largely outside of normal “channels,” making it harder to retrospectively piece together the work that actually had been done. The report also says Tillerson’s personal failure to fill positions at the State Department contributed to the agency’s failure to respond effectively.

The report states:

    “As a result, a whole-of-government comprehensive effort to identify the mechanism of injury and perpetrators, to understand the universe of potentially affected individuals, to treat and rehabilitate the injured employees as well as to deal with the many administrative issues associated with this anomalous event never emerged.”

The CIA is also blamed for undermining the investigation. In the report’s section on communication and information sharing, a passage that is obviously about the intelligence agency—but which has been heavily redacted so as to obscure the actual mention of its name—claims that both “at [Havana] Post and in Washington, response to the incidents was characterized by excessive secrecy that contributed to a delayed response.” The report further states that a future Secretary of State should “advise employees, and his counterparts at other agencies represented at missions overseas, that he expects complete transparency.”

Aside from the government’s pitfalls, one of the biggest takeaways from the report is that America still has literally no idea what is going on. Of the mysterious plague of apparent “brain attacks” on federal agents, the ARB states:

    We do not know the motive behind these incidents, when they actually commenced, or who did it. We do know that USG, and Canadian diplomatic community members, were injured, but we do not know how. We do not know what happened, when it happened, who did it, or why.

Very comforting. A recently released report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention similarly fails to shed any light on the maladies. The CDC, which had previously been tasked with conducting an “epidemiological study” of the illnesses, states:

    “The evaluations conducted thus far have not identified a mechanism of injury, process of exposure, effective treatment, or mitigating factor for the unexplained cluster of symptoms experienced by those stationed in Havana, Cuba.”

The Biden administration has vowed to do a better job when it comes to investigating the illnesses. This week, following the report’s release, the White House announced it had appointed a new senior-level adviser to coordinate a response to the illnesses. The move was announced during a press conference Thursday, during which State Department spokesman Ned Price said that the agency was working hard to uncover what had occurred.

“The U.S. government is working to determine what happened to our staff and their families and to ensure the well-being and health of our officials going forward. That investigation remains underway. It remains a high priority,” Price said.

Source: Gizmodo


Are Paranormal Investigators Creating Their Own Ghosts?
By Alex Matsuo    

For decades, paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have been exploring the unknown. Storytelling and research are part of the process. We learn about the legends and lore behind haunted locations and other ghost stories. These elements go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. Or, chicken nuggets and barbecue sauce. And, now I’m hungry.

Our minds are powerful tools. Is it possible to simply manifest your own thoughts with a self-fulfilling prophecy, or completely create your own entity? For the sake of sanity and keeping track of my own thoughts, let’s move forward with the idea that spirits exist in some form.
Stories, Legends, & Lore

We need the stories and the historical context to better understand what’s going on behind the reports of alleged hauntings. Is it be possible that as more people learn the stories, all of that energy collects and creates a haunting? This could very well explain activity from the ghost of a person who never existed. Let’s consider popular locations that host investigators almost every night of the year. Each night, we tell the same stories. Perhaps that expectation is what is actually haunting us instead of a spirit?

Take Gettysburg as an example. People visit the battlefield, and history is on repeat. From reenactments to films to paintings to ghost walks to museums to even just sitting in a restaurant, Gettysburg’s story is on repeat. That energy has not had a chance to just rest in over two hundred years. Could it be possible that the apparitions that we see are merely from our own minds?

Manifestation & Intention

The manifestation of thoughts and intentions is becoming widely popular these days. On social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok especially, there are creators providing exercises and meditations for the manifestation of intentions. While paranormal investigators aren’t necessarily going through this intense process, many do set their intentions ahead of time of what entities they want to engage with. They may picture specific people in their heads or just a general idea of who they want to interact with.

Thoughtforms and Tulpas

Several years ago, I want to say 2011, I was made aware of the theories of thoughtforms and tulpas. I actually covered this subject quite extensively in my book, The Haunted Actor, where I theorized that hauntings come from people, especially emotionally powerful people like actors. To put it simply, all tulpas are thoughtforms, but not all thoughtforms are tulpas. Clear as mud, right?

This is where I derail the idea that hauntings are tulpas. Tulpa is Tibetan word for a being that was created by mental discipline. It takes intense thought and concentration to manifest an entity. There is a specific intention behind a tulpa, and its creation is not an accident. I’ve also read that tulpas are created through dismantling one’s own psyche. Meaning one creates a tulpa together by piecing together parts of yourself to create this being. Essentially, a tulpa is your own creation from parts of yourself.

Thoughtforms seem to happen with a similar intention but seem to be more accidental. Also, there doesn’t seem to be parts of yourself being used for creation. For example, a bunch of people investigating the ghost of little Sally at the haunted asylum may be unintentionally creating Sally herself. Sally could very well be a real person, but her spirit isn’t what is haunting the asylum since she crossed over decades earlier.

Fun fact: I’ve also read that elementals are thought-forms. But that is a discussion for another time.

The Phillip Experiment

The Philip experiment was conducted in 1972 in Toronto, Canada by Dr. A.R. George Owen and the Toronto Society for Psychical Research (TSPR). The experiment was to determine whether subjects could communicate with fictionalized ghosts through human will. According to Dr. Owen, he believed that “Ghosts have an objective reality, but they are created out of the minds that see them.” Dr. Owen, who is a mathematical geneticist, lead the experiment while it was overseen by a psychologist named Dr. Joel Whitton.

The idea of the experiment would be that participants would make up a fictionalized ghost, and then try to make contact during seances. In case you’re wondering, yes, the 2014 film, The Quiet Ones, is loosely based on the Philip experiment.
The Participants

The participants of the experiment included eight participants, one of them being Dr. Owen’s wife Iris Owen. Other participants included:

    Margaret Sparrow, former chairperson of MENSA
    Andy H., industrial designer
    Lorne, Andy’s wife
    Al Peacocok heating engineer
    Bernice M, accountant
    Dorothy O’Donnel, bookkeeper
    Sidney K., sociology student

All of the people who participated were members of TSPR.

Creating Philip

First, the group had to agree on a backstory for their ghost. They decided that the ghost’s name would be Philip Aylesford, and he would live in the 1600s during the time of Oliver Cromwell. He was an aristocrat, married to a cold woman named Dorothea, with whom he had a daughter. One day, Philip rode by a gypsy encampment and fell in love with a woman named Margo. He brought her back to secretly live in his gatehouse, and they had an affair. Eventually, Dorothea found out and accused Margo of witchcraft.

Afraid of losing his status and possessions, Philip did nothing. Tragically, Margo was sentenced to death and burned at the stake. Burdened by guilt and remorse, Philip committed suicide at the age of thirty.

Contacting Philip

The group started meeting weekly starting in September 1972. They would have informal gatherings where they discussed Philip, meditate on him, and visualize him. This went on for about a year with no results. However, it should be noted that the room was fully lit. Sometimes, the participants said they felt a presence in the room, but there was nothing extraordinary that would make them think it was Philip.

Then, the group decided to change the dynamics of their atmosphere and recreate a traditional seance environment. Dr. Owen dimmed the lights. They sang songs and pictured where Philip would have lived and what he looked like. Also, they managed to get antiques from the time period.

This seemed to have worked. Philip made himself known through a distant rap on the table. In traditional seance fashion, the group had Philip rap once for yes and twice for no. Eventually Philip was able to dim the lights on his own, create a cold breeze, and other incredible psychokinetic phenomenon. The group even did a demonstration in front of 50 people, and Philip delivered. However, the group was never able to make Philip materialize.

Continuing the Experiment

TSPR was so impressed with their results with the Philip Experiment, they attempted the experiment a few more times with different spirits. They managed to create and contact a French Canadian spy named Lilith. Instead of taking over a year to make contact, Lilith made herself known in just five weeks. The group also created a man from the future named Axel as well as a medieval alchemist named Sebastian.

In Australia, a group conducted what became known as the Skippy Experiment. With six participants, the group created the ghost of a 14-year old girl named Skippy Carmichael. According to the group, Skippy communicated mainly using raps and scratching sounds.

Final Thoughts

Even after all this, I’m not 100% certain what we’re communicating with in these haunted locations. Are we truly talking to a sentient beings created from our own minds, or are we talking to the souls of those once lived? Thanks to the Internet, these stories are more readily available than ever. This means that we will continue to read, meditate, and regurgitate these stories until we join the other side.

Even if we set up our intentions, could it be possible that we’re creating our own ghosts? Given that I can’t manipulate a K2 meter or a REM-Pod with my own mind, I have a hard time believing this. This is why I find equipment so faulty. If it is our consciousness that is manipulating the equipment, how come we can’t do it right now when we’re alive? What changes once we leave our physical body?

Source: The Spooky Stuff


Toddlers Filmed Talking to "Monster" on Bedroom Wall
By Tim Binnall

A spooky piece of footage captured by a baby monitor at a house in Georgia appears to show a set of triplets talking to an unseen entity.

The unsettling scene reportedly unfolded in the home of Caitlin Nichols, 25, who said she overheard her triplets Presley, Millie, and Hays screaming and arguing with each other in their Georgia home on January 26.

When she checked the baby monitor, the girls appeared to be speaking to an unseen figure by the wall.

In the spooky footage, the three girls are out of bed and looking at the same wall.

One of the girls points at something she sees there and the other two run over.

The first little girl runs over to the opposite wall and back twice, appearing to shake her fist at some thing she sees and shouts "in your face."

She is then joined by her sister and the pair run back and forth trying to jump up and hit something.

Their sister climbs on one of the beds to try and do the same.

At a later point, the three girls hide behind their closet before one of them comes out again to point at the wall.

The girls reemerge from behind the closet only to run back screaming again.

"You like our beds?" one of the girls shouts, and the other screams: "You have a problem."

Nichols has said that despite the screaming and hiding, she believes that her daughters were playing in the five-minute clip.

"We've had a couple of other spooky encounters before, like the girls' toys going off while they are asleep, so this isn't the first," she admitted.

In an Instagram post of the clip, Nichols said that the girls had just woken up from a nap and were playing when she heard them starting to shout.

She said she heard them shout "I'm mad at you" over and over as they looked at the wall. 

Source: Coast to Coast AM


"Ghostly Figure" Caught in Photo At Wardour Castle

The figure of an old lady with a walking stick has mysteriously appeared in the background of a picture taken at a castle in Wiltshire.

Wilton resident Carol Earl came across the photo from her trip to Old Wardour Castle, near Tisbury, while looking through some discs during lockdown.

The snap, taken with a digital camera, dates back to summer 2007, when she and her daughter visited the castle for the first time.

When the picture was taken, Carol, who can be seen leaning against a wall, thought she'd be the only person in the photo.

But when she returned home, much to her surprise, it was clear there was something, or someone, in the background.

'There was absolutely nobody there'

"I was quite surprised, quite excited," she said.

"There was absolutely nobody there at the time, nobody walking by, nobody in the vicinity.

"Just myself and my daughter who took the picture, so I don't know how it could have happened."

Asked what she thinks the figure is, Carol said: "I don't know, I have absolutely no idea.

"I kept it to myself and put it away with the other photographs but when I found it I thought 'maybe someone will be interested to see it'.

"At the time I was a lot younger, I can see it's a lady and she's got a walking stick and glasses."

 An old lady near the lake?

According to a former English Heritage employee at the castle, Carol is not the first visitor to come across a mysterious apparition.

Other visitors had reported sightings of a ghostly old lady near the lake but staff never saw anything.

Former employee Martin Hasted said: "It always seemed pretty unhaunted to me but there was a story of a grey lady who had been seen walking down to the lake.

"People said it was potentially Lady Blanche Arundell who defended the castle during the Civil War.

"Although all of the staff had never seen or heard anything odd during their many years of walking around in the dark.

"It only ever seemed to be visitors reporting things!"

So the staff, the people who knew the site best, had never seen anything.

And those who doubt ghostly goings on may also point out the figure in Carol's photo also looks more modern than Lady Arundell surely would have done.

What, then, did Carol's camera pick up?

A trick of the light, or something more spiritual?

Plan to return to historic site

That trip 14 years ago was the first and only time Carol visited the castle.

"It was a lovely place, I don't know much about the history but it was a lovely day," she said.

"When we can go there again we will go back."

According to English Heritage, Old Wardour Castle was built in the 14th century as a lightly fortified luxury residence for comfortable living and lavish entertainment.

During the English Civil War, the castle was besieged twice - first by Parliamentary forces trying to take it from Lady Arundell and then by Henry Arundell, her son, who in March 1644 retook it after blowing up one side of his own castle with a mine.

The English Heritage website added: "The ruined castle was later confiscated, after the final victory of the Parliamentarians in 1648 and the execution of Charles I in 1649.

"Henry eventually recovered his estates in 1660 when the monarchy was restored.

"Instead of rebuilding the castle, however, he built a smaller house, now known as Old Wardour House, just to the south (now privately owned)."

The castle was later the inspiration for the one featured in the Kevin Costner film 'Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves'.

The site is currently closed. It will reopen when restrictions are eased.

Source: Salisbury Journal


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Why Are Ghosts Seen Wearing Clothes?

A question that ghost researchers often are confronted with concerns the fact that ghosts are most often seen wearing clothes. It is also a question that skeptics raise to support their argument that ghosts are figments of the imagination. But it’s a perfectly legitimate question. If ghosts are human spirit energy, why do their manifestations include the manufactured convention of clothing? After all, clothes are not part of our bodies, our spirits or our “souls”.

Or are they? I posed this question to a number of respected paranormal researchers.

American Ghost Society

Why do ghosts need clothes? No one really seems to know, but it’s possible that in most cases, ghosts seen wearing clothing are simply “residual” images – imprints or memories that linger on the atmosphere of a place like a recording.
A ghost of this sort would have no “personality” and is simply like an old movie that just keeps playing.

But what about ghosts that are not merely imprints? What about those which are true, traditional spirits who died and stayed behind? Many researchers feel that ghosts are made up of electromagnetic energy. This energy, inside of the body, forms what we call our spirit, soul or personality. Now, science cannot prove this energy or personality actually exists, yet we know it does. If it can exist inside of our bodies, then why can’t it exist outside of the body, once the body itself stops functioning? It’s possible that it does and that this electromagnetic energy contains our personality and is what we think of as our spirit.

It has been shown through scientific experiments that exposure to high levels of electromagnetic energy can cause people to have vivid dreams, nightmares and even hallucinations. In other words, people are seeing things as a result of exposure to this energy. If spirits have any sort of control over the energy they are now comprised of (or even if their personalities are somehow manifested in the energy), then I would think it possible for the witness to see the spirit as the spirit sees itself. If the personality really does remain, the spirit would visualize itself as it was when alive, appearing as a living person and wearing clothing.

This could be a totally unconscious effect of the energy on the living person, or it could be a manipulation on the part of the spirit itself, perhaps causing the person to see what it wants them to. To understand this, I suggest that you close your eyes for a moment and then visualize yourself in your mind. How do you appear to yourself? Most likely, you were wearing clothing in your imagination. With the idea that a ghost appears looking in the same way that he sees himself, this might explain why so many ghosts that are seen are not only wearing clothing.


Ghosts and the clothes they wear have long been a snickering question. It’s a sort of “gotcha” question debunkers use, and it tells more about the way ghosts are interpreted than anything about them. Ghosts appear as wearing cloths because that's how they appear to us. In our era, clothes are part of what we are. They are part of how we see ourselves and this mental image is the one projected and picked up. In fact, clothes can many times give us information about who the ghosts are and what lives they had. There are some reports of nude ghosts, but they are few and far between. Ghosts tend to be seen in the garments they are buried wearing. In many ways the clothing helps us to indentify who they are.

Founder of Ghostvillage.com and author of The Ghost Files

In many cases, a ghost is a projection of a person. Whether that projection is coming from our own heads, some intelligent energy swarming all around us, or imprinted on the location itself, I don't know. Consider this: If you were to picture yourself somewhere, it's likely you would envision yourself wearing clothes, looking comfortable, yet presentable, and maybe you'd even drop a few pounds in your "projection" (hey, it's cheaper than liposuction, so have at it).

Very few people would picture themselves naked (though there's usually one exhibitionist in every crowd). If you could project any image of yourself that you like, maybe you'd project yourself bleeding from the gunshot would you sustained in your last moments of life in order to make a point to whoever receives that projection. The apparition is always a representation of something/someone else. It's not an entity unto itself; otherwise it wouldn't be so fleeting.

Central New York Ghost Hunters

I believe that ghosts can show themselves in whatever form they want. If a spirit were more comfortable at a certain age, they may show themselves at that time. I'm not too familiar with any person who is comfortable showing themselves in the nude, therefore they wouldn't want to show themselves au natural in ghost from.

* * *

These are all very good points. If ghosts are manifestations of the energy of human consciousness, then that consciousness would include clothing since, as stated by others above, that is how we think of ourselves. Or as esoteric author Richelle Hawks put it, considering that humans are far more than just their bodies: Why wouldn’t they be wearing clothes?

Source: Paranormal.about.com


Woman Claims Gust of Wind Left Her Pregnant

Indonesian police are investigating the strange case of a 25-year-old woman who claims that she gave birth just an hour after a gust of wind got her pregnant.

The young woman, identified as Siti Zainah, ahs become the subject of widespread ridicule in Indonesia after claiming to have been impregnated by a gust of wind, on February 10. Furthermore, Zainah added that she gave birth to a baby girl just an hour after the alleged impregnation. According to several Indonesian news outlets, the 25-year-old was relaxing at home in Cianjur, West Java, with her first child, when she felt the wind enter her body. A few minutes later, she went into labor.

“After Zuhr prayer, I was lying face down on my stomach, then suddenly I felt wind enter through my vagina,” Siti allegedly said. “A moment later, my stomach ballooned, then it shrank back to normal. Then it grew again.”

Her stomach allegedly started growing about 15 minutes after the mysterious gust of wind, and as she started feeling pain in her stomach, she realized something wasn’t right, so she asked a relative to take her to the Cidaun Community Health Center. Doctors there told her that she had a baby in her womb, and that it was ready to come out…

“I was shocked,” Siti Zainah said. “I was shocked that my stomach could immediately get pregnant and that I was giving birth to a baby.”

Siti’s explanation stunned everyone and word of her “miraculous” pregnancy spread like wildfire, so when she came home, there was a crowd waiting to see her and her baby daughter. Police also visited the woman and asked her questions about the pregnancy, after her gust of wind explanation made national news headlines in Indonesia.

Eman Sulaeman, Head of Cidaun Health Center, said that Siti’s explanation of her pregnancy was impossible, from a medical perspective. However, she didn’t accuse the young woman of lying. Instead, he said that this was likely a case of “cryptic pregnancy”, in which the mother didn’t realize that she was pregnant and only found out when it was time to give birth.

Sulaeman added that cryptic pregnancy can be caused by the shape of certain organs, or a history of birth control use.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first such case in Indonesia. In fact, just last year, a 30-year-old woman named Heni Huraeni made news headlines in her country for claiming that she gave birth just one hour after experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnant From A Bullet

This story is reminiscent of a story from an 1874 article which ran in "The American Medical Weekly." The author, Dr. LeGrand Capers, claimed that he witnessed a pregnancy caused by a bullet wound.

During the American Civil War there was, so he said, a house which was very close to the Confederate lines.

According to Capers, a bullet hit a soldier, "carrying away the left testicle," before continuing along it’s path into the house.

At the same time, coincidentally, one of the daughters of the house was struck by a stray bullet which hit her somewhere in the abdominal cavity.

As Capers was stationed with the army nearby he was able to check on the wounded girl several times over the next few months.

Around 6 months later he found that the girl was pregnant and a few months after that she gave birth to a baby boy who weighed in at 9 lbs.

Being 1874, the girl’s family were extremely embarrassed by the fact that their unmarried daughter had had a child, even though she declared that she had never had sex.

Doctor Capers duly examined the girl and was able to confirm that she was indeed a virgin.

Shortly after his birth the baby boy was taken ill and he had a large amount of swelling around his groin.

When the doctor operated he pulled out a bullet!

From that he deduced that the bullet must have acquired an amount of semen from the soldier’s testicle which had then managed to impregnate the girl when it buried itself inside of her stomach.

The story then continues to say that the girl wound up marrying the soldier and that they went on to have another 2 children.

It's a great story, however, Dr. Capers had made the entire tale up in order to poke fun at some of the more ridiculous medical stories that were emanating from the battlefields in those days.

Of course that small detail was of little consequence as the story was believed and was even re-told in the New York State Journal of Medicine in 1959.

Source: Oddity Central

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Conspiracy Journal #1074: Dr. L. Horowitz + the 440Hz Frequency - UK Coventry UFOs - the Bhutan stone-throwing Poltergeist - the ghostly Avro Lancaster bomber - Mantis ET spotted in Warwick UK

2/7/21  #1074
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In a dark, smoke-filled room, somewhere deep in the bowels of an secret government agency, electronic spies quietly monitor all communications throughout the planet. When key words are detected, programs go into action to trace the source and destination of the targeted communication.  And now, red lights are flashing, tapes are spinning, secret intelligence operatives are scrambling, and the black helicopters are flying.  All because once again, cyberspace is filled with your number one source of information on conspiracies, UFO, the paranormal, and much more - Conspiracy Journal!

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such phone-tapping tales as:

- Sinister Happenings Forced UFO Hunter To Give Up -

- A Poltergeist in Bhutan -

-Man Encounters Seven-Foot Tall Alien Mantis-


The 440 Hz Conspiracy

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

~ And Now, On With The Show! ~



By Tim Swartz, Tim Beckley,  Sean Casteel, Prof. Stephen Fenley,
Scott Corrales, Joseph Foster, Harry Drew, and others


Over 20 of the world's leading UFOlogists establish  that humans have done battle with aliens over and over again, shooting at them, molesting them, hitting them, running them over,  unleashing dogs upon them, and injuring -- and even killing them -- though any means possible, as humans try to combat their fear of the unknown.

In many instances the aliens have fought back. They have sought revenge, and more often than not, gotten it.   Here are over a hundred reports of the strangest close encounters with humanoids who use force to defend themselves -- such as the case of the NY hunter whose rifle was ripped from his hands, the shotgun barrel twisted, and than handed back to him. There is also the crash landing of a UFO in Kingman, AZ which involved 8 UFOs positioning themselves in the sky in combat position, apparently returning to find any  survivors of their doomed craft, and to protect themselves in doing so.  


The second part of the book's "mission," is to disprove the concept held by  many that African Americans are not prone to have UFO experiences or to hold a belief or interest in the subject. One contributor, Prof. Stephen Finley of the University of Louisiana, explains how UFOs are part of the overall "Black experience" of many African Americans. Most of his fans do not realize that Muhammad Ali had over 21 UFO sightings. A friend of researcher Tim Beckley, the late Champ explains why he was so taken up with the subject, being a part of his spiritual beliefs.

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Sinister Happenings Forced UFO Hunter To Give Up
By Mike Lockley

Brian Leathley-Andrew chronicled reports of a plethora of strange craft in the late 1960s. Press cuttings at the time suggest that, in the Swinging Sixties, the truth was definitely out there – and lurking in the skies over the West Midlands.

But his work made shadowy figures in the halls of power twitchy, Brian – who now refers to himself as Lord Brian Leathley-Andrew – believes.

They were concerned, he reckons, that he’d tripped upon dark technology being developed in secret locations. Now 71 and living in Bedworth, Warwickshire, the former electrical engineer says: “Society is being watched by the Department of Them. Say hello to System X.

“Quite clearly, I had problems with phone tapping, bloody crude phone tapping. You could hear the click.

“There were too many people looking, in hindsight.”

It has been more than 50 years since Brian turned his back on the UFO bureau and his interest in Close Encounters has diminished.

“These days I’m retired,” he admits. “I struggle to find time to tie my shoelaces.”

But he’s convinced of the validity of some of the sightings, even if work was sometimes bogged down by hoaxers.

He is also adamant that Big Brother was, indeed, watching – and listening in. His personal security, even safety, he says, were compromised.

“There were a lot of mickey-takers,” he admits. “One man sent me pictures of a UFO.

“It was the lid of exactly the same handcream my wife used. The jar was there on the table in front of me.”

Half a century on, the work of Brian’s bureau lives on through the yellowed archives of our sister newspaper, The Coventry Telegraph.

On December 3, 1968, Brian publicly admitted he was a scared man. Under the banner headline “Worried UFO Man Gives Up”, he announced the organisation’s closure.
In the bombshell article, Brian alleged:

– He had been watched by a man with a glowing orange face;
– His phone cut off whenever he attempted to talk about UFOs;
– He had a phone message from a caller “speaking unusual English”.

“I have given this thing up and destroyed all the papers,” he told the Telegraph. “There have been happenings which have worried me and frightened my wife.”

For Brian, the alarm bells rang while repairing his mother’s car.

“Suddenly, I noticed a man standing by the next door garage,” he told the paper. “Nobody had been there before.

“His face was glowing orange. As I watched, the face changed to that of an old man before my eyes. Then he turned and walked away.

“You could not describe the first face in normal terms. It had eyes, nose and mouth in the proper places – but not of the shape that we associate with the human figure.”

Soon afterwards, a visit to a fellow UFO watcher in Stoke was strangely scuppered.

“All the lights in the house suddenly dimmed as though a huge electrical load had been put in the circuit,” he said.

“This will happen once in a while normally, but it kept on happening. This is most unusual.

“All this started two days after I opened my bureau. I want to publicly warn all teenage hobbyists that this is nothing to dabble in lightly.”

Judging by the flood of reports, Brian was in the right place to experience extra-terrestrial activity. At the time, the Coventry Telegraph carried page after page of sightings.

And he was not alone in being gripped by ET fever. He believes the flood of sightings coincided with experimental research by the Government. The Rolls Royce factory was nearby, he pointed out.

Coventry folk – even city policemen – were experiencing close encounters on a daily basis.

The dramatic reports can best be described as “of their time”. Frankly, some of the Coventry Telegraph reporters seem to have approached the topic with tongue firmly in cheek.

For example…

“UFO Became A Mum” (September 28, 1968): “A flying saucer which gave birth over Willenhall has been reported to the Unidentified Flying Object Information Centre of Mr Brian Leathley-Andrew.

“An eye-witness phoned Mr Leathley-Andrew to report that the mother UFO was a giant sphere-like object seen in 1953. Sparks came from the underside of the UFO which gave birth to a small sphere. The incident was seen by people in a bus queue near Willenhall traffic island.”

And there’s more…

“Flying Saucers Not A Load of Tripe” (September 24, 1968): “Flying saucers were the greatest mystery of our time and should not be dismissed as a load of tripe, Mr Wilf Grunau told Nuneaton Rotary Club.

“Mr Grunau is managing director of the Awson Motor Carriage Company which has works at Solihull and Nuneaton. Mankind, he said, had been seeing strange things in the sky since the beginning of recorded history. Mr Grunau spoke of making two sightings himself over Coventry through binoculars. He said: ‘As a result, I believe in UFOs. All I can repeat is UFOs must be piloted by beings from other worlds or else they are a natural phenomena in our atmosphere’.”

And yet more…

“Saucer Over City Say Women” (March 31, 1969): “Two Coventry women believe there may have been a flying saucer over the city during the weekend after they were woken by an ‘unearthly’ high-pitched whining accompanied by a glowing light.

“‘I have been over all the possibilities and that is the only explanation I can think of,’ said 28-year-old Patricia Hughes.”

‘Do not be too sceptical about UFOs’

Back in the 1960s and early 1970s members of the constabulary were less shy about admitting they had seen UFOs.

After all, the whole nation were closet believers.

On February 24, 1971, four bobbies gave their story to the Coventry Telegraph.

It reported: “PC Brian Hewitt of B sub-division said: ‘We were attending a job in Lythall’s Lane at 6.15am when we all saw a strange object in the sky.

“‘It was not a meteorite or anything like that. There were three single white lights in the sky over the Nuneaton area and moving at a great spread in a westerly direction towards Birmingham. They then turned northwards.

“‘They were at the height of about two miles and the lights did not belong to the same object because they were so far apart. They appeared to be in formation.

“‘They were also travelling at a tremendous speed because an aircraft flying at, say, 600mph at that height would appear to be going very slowly.

“‘I don’t know what they could have been. I don’t believe in flying saucers or anything like that and I have tried to look at it in a reasoned way. I have checked with air traffic control at Birmingham Airport and the first aircraft to land there was later than the time we saw those lights. I cannot explain it.’”

Such was the space fever that the police actually appealed for UFO sightings.

On January 4, 1972, Warwickshire police sergeant Mike Davies told the Telegraph: “Don’t be too sceptical about UFOs.

“I ask people to whom sightings are reported to listen to what is said. Then they can deduce what the object was not, and speculate what it was. I believe there is something beyond our comprehension and our technology.

“The tendency is to take a few statements and then to make a sweeping statement about what an object was. People are too prepared to dismiss the subject.”

The officer added: “I have yet to be convinced that some information about UFOs is not withheld by the authorities.

“But supposing there was a statement that we were being invaded by people from another planet, what do you think the reaction of the public would be?”

Source: Anomalien


A Poltergeist in Bhutan
By Cropster

A fascinating poltergeist case in late 2019 had the Cropster packed and ready to head to Bhutan, a stunningly beautiful country tucked away in the eastern Himalayas between India and China.

For various reasons the trip never happened. As Covid19 was just about to hit big-time it was probably for the best, but I was deeply disappointed. The case was fascinating and I’d been waiting over 20 years since Humpty Doo to see another stone-throwing poltergeist in action.

The original story was written in December 2019 by Kuensel Online journalist, Rajesh Rai. Kuensel is the national newspaper of the Kingdom of Bhutan and it features regional news reports in the English language. Some of the photos in this post were kindly provided by the very helpful Rajesh Rai and they remain his copyright.

Rajesh’s article described how a stone throwing ghost had returned to terrorise the Ghalley family from Sombek village in Sangachholing, Samtse. The Samtse district is in remote south-western Bhutan, very close to the Indian border and politically quite a sensitive area.

The paranormal pelting had commenced on the night of November 19, when Sunil Ghalley, 15, and his grandfather Bhagilal Ghalley, 76, were sleeping in a remote cattle hut. Around 7 pm, stones started to hit their roof. Startled, they made their way to a nearby relative’s hut but the pelting continued. Now genuinely scared, they went to a nearby village for the night.

The next day Sunil’s father, Sabir Ghalley, arrived at their grazing land and was shocked when the stones began to fall again around 3.30 pm. Sabir and Sunil then moved again to a relative’s hut only to be hit with even larger stones.

“Something was chasing us. It followed us all the way,” Sabir said.

The next day, 21 November, the stone pelting began at 7 a.m. Even weirder, household pots and pans were thrown out into the open.

Local villagers observed that incidents only seemed to happen only when young Sunil was around. Sunil had recently dropped out of school after his family had claimed he had “special powers” and that he had occasionally fallen into a trance-like state.

In one startling incident, Sunil and his Uncle were returning home from a market in a vehicle with several other people and all the windows closed when stones began to hit young Sunil inside the car. It seems clear that whatever was happening, young Sunil was at the centre of it.

Bhutan is a deeply religious country, with religion embedded in almost all aspects of Bhutanese life. Whilst largely Buddhist, shamanism still is a strong force in many rural and regional areas. While practices vary, the shaman’s role is typically to act as medium between the people and what they believe must be any aggrieved spirit and work out how they can be appeased. Well, that’s the plan, anyway.

When the first shaman appeared in Sombek he was immediately struck by a flying stone. Feeling the situation demanded more spiritual firepower, he departed to consult with his master and gather reinforcements. Soon after 10 monks and a lam (a senior monk) arrived at the village to conduct rituals. At one time, there were more than 40 people in the Ghalley home but to everyone’s astonishment, stones kept raining on the roof. Village coordinator Khadka Singh Ghalley confirmed that stones had fallen during the monks ceremony.

“I am yet to understand what it is,” he said.

Sher Bahadur Ghalley, a shaman based in nearby Sipsu, spoke to the family and was sent one of the stones.

“This stone sparked and became like a magnet when I put it on a bronze plate for a ritual,” he told Rajesh. “Then I knew there was something wrong and decided to go to Sombek.”

The startled shaman felt sure he had an explanation for the puzzling pelting – it was all because of Sabir’s great grandfather. “He was a great shaman but had renounced shamanism to become a sadhu,” he said. A sadhu is a religious ascetic that has renounced a worldly life and dedicated themselves to seeking enlightenment.

According to Sher Bahadur Ghalley, Sabir’s grandfather had not been able to become an accomplished sadhu. When he died, his family had not conducted the correct death rites and that was why he was haunting the family.

The stones had continued to fall from November 19 up to November 29.
On December 3, another shaman visited the family’s house to conduct rituals and the incidents ceased. Journalist Rajesh Rai also arrived in Sombek on the same day. While he didn’t observe any stones falling, everyone he spoke to in the village was convinced the case was genuine.

“I met every everyone in the family and they had the same story” he told me. “I met some religious (people), local leaders, and their relatives, their neighbors, and they all had the same thing to say… they saw stones coming out of nowhere, you know, from the ground at times… and (they) struck on the roof.”

The quiet was temporary. On December 4, Sabir’s grandmother Man Kumari Ghalley was hit on the temple by a stone.

All fired up after speaking with the enthusiastic and helpful Rajesh in mid December, I started making plans to get to Bhutan. From Sydney, it’s around 12 hours flying time, through Bangkok then onto Paro in Bhutan. Getting to Sombek from the capital was really tricky, around 9 hours driving on largely dirt roads with the last 2 or 3 hours requiring a four wheel drive.

Travel time aside, visiting Bhutan is not a simple exercise. Access is strictly controlled and all bookings must be made via a Bhutanese tour operator or their partner. Tourists must pay USD$250 per day – in advance – for their package and must be accompanied by a registered local guide.

In addition, some parts of the country are simply off limits, Sombek included as I was eventually to find out. The government authorities I contacted were polite but very firm – it simply was not possible to visit that district as a tourist. After about a week of emails I surrendered to the inevitable. I wasn’t going to get permission and the case was going to have to run its course without me.

It appears the stone throwing at Sombek continued into 2020. When I emailed Rajesh in April 2020, he said he had been told by the head of the village that the stoning had finally ceased after a shaman was brought in two times to conduct rituals.

A year later and I still have mixed feelings about the case. I understand and respect the Bhutanese desire to protect their unique culture, but I do regret losing the opportunity to investigate an active stone throwing poltergeist. In global sense they are not that rare, so post-COVID there’s a good chance another active case will turn up in Africa, India or South-east Asia that I can get too.

Perhaps one day I’ll also get the chance to visit Bhutan and meet Sunil Ghalley. I imagine he would have an interesting story to tell.

Source: The Fortean


"Ghost" Plane Sighted over Derbyshire UK

A Derbyshire couple claim to have seen a phantom Avro Lancaster bomber in the skies above Chatsworth that vanished mid-flight into what appeared to be thin air.

The mystery aircraft was seen flying above the stately home and its grounds during the summer by Christine and Robin Gardner.

The couple recognised the famous Second World War bomber, and its distinctive sound, but were left scratching their heads as the noise of its great four engines fell silent.

Now the couple have come forward in a bid to try and unravel the truth behind what they saw that day.

Christine, 74, from South Derbyshire, said: "On August 18, I was parked up in Carlton Lees car park near the Garden Centre with my husband and a friend. Between 2pm and 2.30pm we returned to the car park and sat down to enjoy a picnic.

"Suddenly, directly in front of us at tree top height we heard the noise of an engine. We didn't hear it coming - it was just instant.

"We looked up and all three of us saw a Lancaster bomber. It dipped its wings, continued at tree top height and turned as if to fly down the valley, but the Lancaster just suddenly disappeared and the noise of the engines ceased."

The couple made inquiries with Chatsworth and the local council to see if a Lancaster had flown in the area that day, but never had any confirmation.

There are only 17 surviving Lancaster bombers in the world, but only two of them are able to fly.

Christine and Robin are sure they saw the famous war plane, but say no one else believes them.

Christine said: "We know what we saw and it was so real but no-one ever believes us.

"Surely someone else must have seen the Lancaster or heard it. It only appeared for less than a minute, but made such an impact on us."

Others have come forward to say that over the last two decades, around Chatsworth and the Peak District, they too have witnessed the same kind of plane overhead.

Pam Brooks said: "I, too, saw this 'ghost plane' about 17 years ago when we were driving through the Chatsworth estate.

"It was at about top of tree height and partially obscured by the tops of the trees but it suddenly appeared at the side of me and actually made me duck in the car as it seemed so close and very real and then it was gone!

"My husband, unfortunately didn't see it but was very startled when I ducked and said something like, Blimey, did you see that plane, it was so low and close! I'm not sure he believed me at the time but has since read reports such as yours and has been persuaded."

However, some skeptics have also been in touch with their own theories and explanations as to what the couple may have seen.

According to a sky-scanner app, on the day of August 18 at 2:40pm a Hercules Lockheed C-130 RAF aircraft was flying nearby over Lincoln, and with top speeds of 592 km per hour it is likely this plane was flying over the stately home at the time Christine and Robin spotted it.

The Hercules are based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire but routinely fly across the UK in training and routine missions.

In 2018, there were a flood of reports of ghost plane sightings across Derbyshire. Witnesses claimed to have spotted a dark-coloured war plane, flying silently through the sky.

There were reports that it came in from the Peak District as well as Ripley, Hilton, Hope, Matlock and Ambergate.

Afterwards, the RAF stated that it was their belief that it was a Hercules C-130 that had been seen.

However, one historian uncovered that a Vickers Wellington crashed while attempting to force land on the June 11, 1943 at Chatsworth Park while on a day training flight from Cottesmore.

The Vickers Wellington was a twin-engined long range medium bomber that were designed in 1930 and used in World War II.

So maybe it WAS a ghost plane, just not a Lancaster Bomber.

Source: Derby Telegraph


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Man Encounters Seven-Foot Tall Alien Mantis

A cyclist says he fled from an "evil" seven-foot tall telepathic alien mantis and has drawn a picture of the bizarre creature for the Daily Star.

Paul Froggatt, 26, likened his terrifying ordeal to a spider eating a fly on a " David Attenborough documentary".

The shaggy-haired warehouse worker insisted he was not on booze or drugs as he shared his sketch of the ET with the Daily Star.

He told of how he fled after stumbling across the creature as he cycled home through woodland in Warwick.

Paul said: "It sounds crazy but I felt I could sense its feelings towards me and it was just like pure alien hatred.

"You know when you're watching a David Attenborough documentary and you see a spider eating a fly and just a malevolent sense of evil?"

He said he was forced to quit his job after sceptical colleagues dubbed him the "Mantis man of Warwick".

But Paul added he had been left traumatised and now struggles to sleep after cycling through Oakwood and Blacklow Spinney – shortly after finishing a 12-hour shift shift at a dog food warehouse on July 16 last year.

He said: "On a Thursday morning at 5am I was cycling home from work and I saw something odd in the sky. It was a glowing orange sphere just hovering on the horizon.

"At first I thought it must be Venus or a satellite but it seemed to be much closer than either of these things.

"I stopped on my way to take some photos – the object looked a fair bit bigger in person than visible in the photos.

"This is when the object started to move around and rotate in shape. I could see it was circular with a part sticking out from the main body.

"When this started I got the chills down my back and felt like there was something wrong here, I hurried on my way home.

"As I kept cycling I could swear the object was moving along my course but I just told myself it must be some kind of optical illusion.

"I entered a wooded area and lost sight of the object through the trees. Usually at this time of morning there is a chorus of bird song and insects but the woods were dead silent."

He continued: "As I cycled down the path I came around a bend I saw something I will never forget.

"Standing a few meters ahead is what I can only describe as a humanoid praying mantis.

"This thing was at-least 7 foot tall, light green with triangular head and big oval black eyes. It had all the features of a mantis but stood on two legs and had a somehow human like shape about it.

"I was completely frozen with fear. For what felt like an age – but was probably only seconds – I stared into this creature's eyes and it stared back.

"I felt like it could read my mind and I could read its.

"My fear was replaced with completely alien thoughts of utter hatred and evil I felt projected from this thing.

"I suddenly snapped out of this hypnotic kind of state and it made a step back as if it was gonna pounce on me."

Source: Daily Star


Brownies of Bangor

There follows a peculiar little story, from 1909, which has certainly not got the attention that it deserves from fairyists or from students of mass hysteria.  Bangor, for those outside the UK, is a pretty town in North Wales. Brownies, meanwhile, are solitary fairies, typically, associated with houses in the north of England and parts of Scotland, NOT Wales. Note though that the word had been popularized by the late 1800s, above all, by the appallingly twee Juliana Horatio Ewing, who lent the word to Baden Powell, who used it for his girl guide movement. In any case, back to Bangor and let’s travel to the cemetery there.

Bangor people probably never realised before that the town contained such a number of children as were visible about eight o’clock, gambolling and shouting in both fear and delight in a disused cemetery in the middle of the town. The attraction (a correspondent writes) was a story which spread among the juveniles, though their elders had heard nothing of it, to the effect that little men with big eyes and long ears had been seen playing amongst the tombstones, and with one accord the children in hundreds trooped gaily to the cemetery and searched eagerly for the ‘brownies.’ Needless to say none of the fairies was seen, but the children, with shrieks and cries, searched every nook and corner of the old cemetery, peeping fearfully round every tombstone and under the dark yew trees. At last the din became so great that the police had to chase the children out of the enclosure.

This extract appeared in the Manchester Guardian (19 May) and it would be better to have a North Walian version to rely on.  For example, was the word ‘brownie’  really used by the Bangor children or is this a Mancunian gloss (note that brownies were not traditionally found in Manchester either)? There is also the rather unusual description of big eyes (of course, folklore has lots of creatures with ‘eyes as big as saucers’) and more curiously ‘long ears’. It would be interesting to know when long ears enter fairylore: Beach is guessing post Tolkien with the influence of Spock cementing the change? drbeachcombing AT yahoo DOT com BTW, if you like stories of human folly try this link for elvish cosmetic surgery.

However, the single most fascinating thing here, at least for Beach, is the striking parallel with a famous Leprechaun case from Liverpool, 1964. There too children went mad looking for solitary fairies, one if memory serves with an airgun. The first wave of fairy hunting took place on a bowling green in Liverpool, but the second wave included a group of children searching for leprechauns among the graves in a cemetery at Kirkby, just down the road from Liverpool. There also the police had to get the kids home to bed.


30 May 2013:  Chris from Haunted Ohio Books writes ‘On long ears in fairylore – what about Bottom in Midsummer Night’s Dream? :-) The Victorians often portrayed fairies/hobgoblins with pointed ears – John Henry Fuseli, for example, in The Nightmare. How much of the long ears comes from the Jester’s cap, which has become associated with some fairies like Puck?  Even earlier, this image of “Puck” with several erect appendages (and again)  And even further back, medieval demons:  And this long-eared Jar Jar Binks-like creature from The Temptation of St. Anthony by Marten de Vos. I think the leap from medieval demons to Elizabethan/Jacobean fairies is a pretty logical one. The pointed ears were then given a pastel icing-sugar gloss by Victorian fairy artists.’ If Chris is right then presumably the long ears of fairies comes via demons and then ultimately from goats or donkeys, the models of demons? Thanks a million Chris!

31 May 2013: Aisla writes in with this thought. ‘I’ am wondering if the Bangor referred to in the Manchester paper is not the city of Bangor in Gwynedd, but rather the smaller Bangor-on-Dee of the race course fame. This Bangor is situated close to Wrexham and has a very historic church with many legends attached to it. It is closer to England and there are many connections between it and Liverpool. I think that brownies feature in the folklore of the Northern Counties of England and the name is said to derive from the Scottish Gaelic. They were considered a type of house spirit or elf. They do not feature in the traditional folk tales of Wales, nor were they associated with graveyards.’ In my experience Lancashire and Cheshire and Derbyshire don’t do brownies, they do boggarts. But otherwise everything else fits. Also Bangor-on-Dee is much closer to Manchester and would have been of interest to Manchester readers. Aisla has very likely cracked the problem then. Thanks a million, Aisla!

Source: Beachcombers Bizarre History Blog


The 440 Hz Conspiracy
By Josh Jones

Conspiracy theories are like blockbuster Hollywood movies. Instead of the painful, confusing tedium of historical detail that meets us when we try to understand the world, they offer spectacle, clear dichotomies of good and evil, the promise of redemptive resolution. If only, say, we could rid ourselves of scurrilous figures behind the scenes, we could get back to the garden and make everything great. Or, if only we could change the frequency of standard musical pitch from 440 Hz to 432 Hz, we could throw off the yoke of Nazi mind control, experience pure meditative bliss, open our root chakras, and…. Wait… what?

If this one’s new to you, you’ll find rabbit holes aplenty to fall into online. Retired dentist Leonard Horowitz, for example, has elaborated a theory that has “the Rockefeller Foundation’s military commercialization of music,” then Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, tricking the world into 440 Hz, “effectively persuading Hitler’s supposed enemies in Britain to adopt this allegedly superior standard tuning for the ‘Master Race.’” Meanwhile, on YouTube (and even in scientific journals), notes Thom Dunn at Boing Boing, pseudoscience about the “‘meditative qualities of 432 Hertz” proliferates, “which, of course, relates back to Horowitz’s theory that 440 Hertz is a weapon of Nazi aggression.”

Like most conspiracy theories, “there is a kernel of truth here—that there has been an historical debate between these frequencies for middle ‘A,’ and that 440 Hertz won out largely because of Western industrialization, which coincided with some World Wars.” The history, however, predates the Rockefeller Foundation and the Nazis, extending back at least to 1885, as Alan Cross writes at Global News, when “the Music Commission of the Italian Government declared that all instruments and orchestras should use a tuning fork that vibrated at 440 Hz, which was different from the original standard of 435 Hz and the competing 432 Hz used in France.”

The push for worldwide commercial standardization finally decided the question in the 20th century, not mind control. It was just business, but why do the proponents of 432 Hz believe this is the superior frequency? In the video above, guitar teacher Paul Davids satirizes the reasoning (over the X-Files theme): something to do with “the natural harmonics found in sacred numbers” and the “psychic poisoning of the mass of humanity.” Davids quickly moves on to discuss the actual history of tuning, from the 15th century onward, when standards ranged from country to country, even city to city, anywhere between 400 and 500 Hz. (Learn more about the history of pitch in the video above.)

Some classical musicians who play Bach, for example, tune to 415 Hz, not because it has magical qualities but because it’s the frequency Bach used, one semitone below today’s standard 440 Hz. But all of this is academic. Should not our ears and chakras be the judge? I stick closely to the criterion, “if it sounds good, it is good,” so I’m open to considering the superiority of 432 Hz. So is Davids, and he demonstrates the difference between the two pitches in some fingerpicked examples of classical and contemporary hits. What do we hear?

Each of us will have a different response to these frequencies, depending on several factors, not least of which is our degree of conditioning to 440 Hz. Musicians and composers, for example, are far more sensitive to changes in pitch and more likely to feel the difference, especially if they try to sing or play along. What does Davids hear? He personally dismisses any notion that 432 Hz tuning will “let a different part of the universe vibrate,” or whatever. For one thing, playing in a different key makes the frequency change largely irrelevant. For another, every musical note resonates at multiple frequencies, never only one.

Logically, the difference between 432 and 440 Hz is arbitrary, even in the most meditative of relaxing 432 Hz videos on YouTube. “It all comes down,” says Davids, “to what you’re playing and how it sounds.” Or as Thelonious Monk put it in his indispensable advice to musicians, “You’ve got to dig it to dig it, you dig?” and “A note can be small as a pin or as big as the world, it depends on your imagination.”

Source: Open Culture

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