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Friday, 30 July 2021

OUTRAGEOUS! #FreeAssange supporter + Whistleblower Craig Murray Will Surrender Himself For Prison after Supreme Court refuses to hear his case – the Dissenter 29 July 2021

 July 29, 2021

Whistleblower Craig Murray Will Surrender Himself For Prison

"I go to jail with a clean conscience after a Kafkaesque trial," Murray stated.

Craig Murray (Photo: Mohamed Elmaazi)

In the case against former United Kingdom diplomat-turned whistleblower Craig Murray, the UK supreme court refused to hear Murray’s appeal. He will now surrender himself to police for an eight-month prison sentence.

The High Court in Edinburgh in Scotland convicted Murray of contempt on March 25 after concluding that he published several blog posts, which they believe led people to identify witnesses in the sexual assault trial against former Scottish Minister Alex Salmond.

Murray is the first person in the U.K. to be incarcerated for media contempt in over a half century. It has been 70 years since someone was incarcerated in Scotland on this charge.

“I go to jail with a clean conscience after a Kafkaesque trial,” Murray declared in a press statement. “I genuinely do not know who I am supposed to have identified or which phrases I published are said to have identified them, in combination with [details] in the public domain.”

“This judgment will have a chilling effect on reporting of the defense case at trials to the detriment of justice, and the different treatment of bloggers and approved media is sinister,” Murray added.

Murray maintained he carefully protected the “identities of the accusers” in his reports.

Previously, Mohamed Elmaazi covered this political prosecution for The Dissenter. He described how the judges found Murray guilty of “jigsaw identification,” which refers to the “possibility that a person may piece together information from various sources to arrive at the identification of a protected witness.”

“In doing so, the judge ruled that Murray violated a court order prohibiting the publication of information that could likely lead to the identification of the alleged victims in Salmond’s case,” Elmaazi wrote.

Murray is a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, a whistleblower, a broadcaster, a human rights advocate, and a journalist known for his writings on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s case. He supported Salmond, who was acquitted on all 14 counts of sexual harassment and assault, and he has backed the campaign for Scottish independence.

The High Court of Scotland, as Elmaazi detailed, “reviewed the investigation and handling of Salmond's case, determined that the process was ‘unlawful,’ ‘procedurally unfair,’ and ‘tainted by apparent bias,’ a year before the trial commenced."

Additionally, Murray contended, “I believe this is actually the state’s long sought revenge for my whistleblowing on security service collusion with torture and my long term collaboration with WikiLeaks and other whistleblowers. Unfortunately, important free speech issues are collateral damage.”

He planned to travel to Spain to provide witness testimony in the criminal case against UC Global director David Morales, the private security company implicated in spying against Assange, his legal team, and journalists and visitors who met with him while he was in the Ecuador embassy.

According to the Craig Murray Justice Campaign, there are several hours of surveillance video of Murray talking privately with Assange about his future and the future of WikiLeaks. But the Scottish court “removed Murray’s passport,” blocking his participation in the espionage case.

Murray plans to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and exhaust all possible avenues to clear his name.

Particularly, Murray, his supporters, and some press freedom advocates are bothered by the way Lady Leeona Dorrian expressed her view that bloggers should be treated differently than establishment journalists because they are more likely to show restraint.

Murray’s wife and mother of his two children urged solidarity from anyone concerned about how this case threatens freedom of expression as well as “equality before the law.”

source https://thedissenter.org/whistleblower-craig-murray-will-surrender-himself-for-prison/

Thursday, 29 July 2021

#FreeAssange: HMP Belmarsh Solidarity Vigil Saturday 31/07/21 12-14:00 + Free Assange Protest: RCJ Strand London Wednesday 11/08/21 9am - JADC


Dear Friends in the struggle to Free Assange!

Keep up to date with our actions and news at wiseupaction.info

Saturday 31/07/21 12-14:00

HMP Belmarsh Solidarity Vigil

Day:            Saturday 31/07/21
Time:          12:00-14:00

How to get there: Get to Plumstead Rail Station or Woolwich Arsenal Rail Station and catch the 244/380 bus to HMP Belmarsh

How to get to Plumstead https://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/travel-information/more-travel-help/station-information/stations/plumstead

How to get to  Woolwich Arsenal https://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/travel-information/more-travel-help/station-information/stations/woolwich-arsenal

Bus 380 route: https://tfl.gov.uk/bus/route/380/
Bus 244 route: https://tfl.gov.uk/bus/route/244/

Location:     HMP Belmarsh, Western Way, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0EB

Wednesday 11/08/21 9am

Free Assange Protest

Day:            Wednesday 11/08/21
Time:          19 am

The Don't Extradite Campaign has called a protest outside the Royal Courts of Justice, during a preliminary hearing of the US Appeal against Julian Assange.

During this preliminary hearing The US Department of Justice represented by UK's Crown Prosecution Service is going to challenge the earlier decision made by a British judge to grant the US DOJ only limited scope for appealing  Judge Baraitser's  decision on January 4th prohibiting Julian Assange's extradition to the US on humanitarian grounds.

Please pay particular attention to this judicial move by DOJ/CPS attempting to unpick the judge's decision. Do not forget that the US wants to punish Julian Assange for WikiLeaks publications. Stand up for your right to a free press, turn up outside the court and show with your presence that you are prepare to defend Julian Assange against extradition.

Judicial processed are not outside the society that produce them. Neither are they independent of political influence in this political case. Extradition Agreements are primarily political agreements between two states. As governments exercise their influence over the process so can we, within our democratic system. Freedom of Expression is the cornerstone of every democracy. Raise your voice to defend Julian Assange.

The Committee to Defend Julian Assange, answers the call out to protest and is organising the provision of posters, banners, flyers and other materials to supporters.

Please be aware that the timing of the Court hearing has not yet been announced and will only be confirmed on the 10th of August. We will therefore send an update through this newsletter on the 10th.

There is no information currently whether the hearing is open to the public virtually, in person or both. Again, we shall be giving an update regarding this issue on the 10th of August.

In Solidarity #FreeAssange

How to get to the Royal Courts of Justice

Address:           Strand, London, WC2A 2LL
Nearest Tube:   Temple (District and Circle Lines)

For further Information please press here  

source: Wiseupaction.info


Friday, 23 July 2021

Remote Viewing: Farsight.org: ET LIES: Part 1 of Reflections #1 - Courtney Brown ... 17 July 2021...+ more


ET LIES: Part 1 of Reflections #1 - FARSIGHT

61.6K subscribers
Extraterrestrials don't always tell you the truth. This is why. Farsight's Web Site: http://farsight.org
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Dedicated to Julian - "The Drifter's Escape - Bob Dylan 1968 + lyrics


"The Drifter's Escape - Bob Dylan 1968 

Drifter’s Escape

“Oh, help me in my weakness”
I heard the drifter say
As they carried him from the courtroom
And were taking him away
“My trip hasn’t been a pleasant one
And my time it isn’t long
And I still do not know
What it was that I’ve done wrong

Well, the judge, he cast his robe aside
A tear came to his eye
“You fail to understand,” he said
“Why must you even try?”
Outside, the crowd was stirring
You could hear it from the door
Inside, the judge was stepping down
While the jury cried for more

“Oh, stop that cursed jury”
Cried the attendant and the nurse
“The trial was bad enough
But this is ten times worse”

Just then a bolt of lightning
Struck the courthouse out of shape
And while ev’rybody knelt to pray
The drifter did escape

Copyright © 1968 by Dwarf Music; renewed 1996 by Dwarf Music

Drifter's Escape

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"Drifter's Escape"
Drifter's Escape cover.jpg
German single picture sleeve
Single by Bob Dylan
from the album John Wesley Harding
A-side"I Threw It All Away"
  • December 27, 1967 (album)
  • 1969 (US & UK single)
RecordedOctober 17, 1967
StudioColumbia, Nashville, Tennessee
GenreFolk rock
Songwriter(s)Bob Dylan
Producer(s)Bob Johnston
Bob Dylan US & UK singles chronology
"Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat"
"Drifter's Escape"
"Lay Lady Lay"

"Drifter's Escape" is a song written by Bob Dylan that he recorded for his 1967 album John Wesley HardingColumbia Records released it as a single in the US and the UK in 1969 as the B-side to "I Threw It All Away".[1] The song was recorded in four takes on October 17, 1967.[2] CBS Records International also issued the song paired with "John Wesley Harding" in some markets.

Lyrical interpretation[edit]

Dylan wrote "Drifter's Escape" on a train in New York while traveling to the first session for the John Wesley Harding album.[3] The lyrics provide a Kafka-esque narrative in which an outsider is oppressed by society, but not defeated.[4][5][6] The protagonist is put on trial without knowing what the charges against him are.[4][6] The judge is sympathetic, but powerless.[6] The jury finds the protagonist guilty, but he is saved through divine intervention when the courthouse is struck by lightning.[6] The protagonist is able to escape as his persecutors fall to their knees in prayer.[2][4] Dylan leaves the orientation of the protagonist and the deus ex machina ambiguous.[4] The protagonist could be a prophet freed by God,[4][5][6] or he could be a false prophet freed by the devil.[4][7]

Several commentators have pointed to parallels between the song's story and Dylan's own experiences around the time he wrote the song.[6] The drifter does not understand the charges against him, just as Dylan did not understand the criticism he received for moving from folk music to rock music.[6] The jury "cried for more", just as Dylan's fans who followed his path to rock music became more oppressive.[6] And the lightning bolt that allows the drifter to escape could be a metaphor for the "motorcycle accident" Dylan suffered in 1966.[4][5][6] Another theme that comes through in the song is Dylan's hatred for mob violence.[5]

Biographer Clinton Heylin has noted that in writing "Drifter's Escape", Dylan found a new, economical style that allowed him to tell a five-act story in just three verses.[2] He then went on to write more songs in a similar manner, which formed the bulk of the John Wesley Harding album.[2]

Live performances[edit]

Dylan did not perform "Drifter's Escape" live for almost 25 years after it was written and released.[2][4] He first performed it live in Oregon on April 30, 1992, a day after the Rodney King verdict.[2] He sang it again four days later in San Francisco, at which point the lines "The trial was bad enough/ But this was ten times worse" had particular resonance with those who considered that verdict unjust.[2] Since then, Dylan has performed the song occasionally on the Never Ending Tour.[4] In 1992, he used two different live arrangements: one similar to the arrangement on John Wesley Harding and one influenced by Jimi Hendrix's version.[4] He also performed it as the show opener in several 1995 concerts.[4] It returned to his live set again in 2001, this time in an energetic performance driven by Dylan's "paranoia-inflected vocals".[4]

Other recordings[edit]

"Drifter's Escape" has been recorded by several other artists, including Joan Baez and Jimi Hendrix.[4][8] Baez covered the song in 1968 on her album Any Day Now.[4][8] Hendrix' version was recorded in 1970 and appeared on Loose Ends in 1974, Stone Free in 1981 and South Saturn Delta in 1997.[4][8][9] Author David Stubbs noted that Hendrix didn't transform this song the way he did "All Along the Watchtower," but that Hendrix' guitar provides "a chorus of 'amens' and 'hallelujahs' throughout the song."[9] George Thorogood recorded the song for his 2006 album The Hard Stuff.[4][8]


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