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Tuesday, 28 December 2021

a TRUE HAUNTING: "Mr. Entity" - A Deadly Haunting with Deborah Moffitt - VIDEOs - Art Bell MITD

The Moffitts were a typical American family, until the caretaker of their ailing grandmother performed an ancient ritual intended for healing but instead unleashing a powerful and terrifying demon - one of the seven Princes of the Devil himself. Their lives would be torn apart as the malevolent entity haunted and tormented them for eight years, even following them outside of their home. Dozens of notable light workers came to rid them of this powerful, evil monster but to no avail. A promise of revenge from a past life was the bridge that brought him here, and the secret permission of one family member was what allowed him to stay. When the demon set his sinister intentions on an unholy, deadly blood sacrifice and the taking of an eternal soul, the family must fight for sanity, life, and salvation. This book is based on a TRUE story and proves that reality can be stranger - and more horrific - than fiction.

Art Bell MITD - Deborah Moffitt - A True Haunting

5 Nov 2020

 this entity's "sign"

above: pics of the mirror with writing by this entity, the final pic on a wall too


Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 22_ A Deadly Haunting with Deborah Moffitt

18 Sept 2021

Malevolent Haunting - C2C AM Radio

Malevolent Haunting


GUESTSDeborah MoffittJoie Albrecht

Guest host Dave Schrader (email) was joined for the entire show by author Joie Albrecht and supernatural survivor Debbie Moffitt for a discussion on the Moffitt family's frightening experiences with a malevolent entity that haunted and tormented them for six years, and even followed them outside their home.

"I've never heard of anyone who's experienced anything like they did," Albrecht said. Moffitt traced the beginning of the paranormal nightmare to a Guatemalan housekeeper who performed a Santería ritual in order to keep her husband's grandmother alive. "It's quite possible she could have opened a portal for this thing to slip through," Albrecht added.

Moffitt shared some of the strange activity that occurred in her family's three properties, including finding her husband's collectible baseball bobble head dolls in a triangle formation on the floor, noticing statues on a shelf turned from their original placement, and seeing furniture move from one room to another. "I'd go into the kitchen count to ten and come back and something would be moved, like a big lamp would be put in the middle of the floor or a chair would be moved or furniture would be piled," Moffitt recalled.

Things from one rental house would also show up in another, Moffitt continued, pointing out how the activity continued to intensify to the point where cabinets were torn off the wall and windows exploded. Her family eventually moved to a new house but the unusual activity followed. According to Moffitt, the demonic force wrote in soap on the bathroom mirror, calling them fools and warning there was no escaping its clutches. Moffitt started referring to it as 'Mr. Entity' and asked that it not harm her or her children, Albrecht revealed. The mother-in-law seemed to be the focus of the activity, Moffitt explained, suggesting that Mr. Entity was an ancient evil obsessed with taking her soul.



source: https://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2014-04-19-show/


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