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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Pyramids Beneath the Surface Protecting Civilizations Leading into the Subterranean Domains

As we enter the Earth through the power of accessing the VRIL streams- the internal ley lines, we observe various pyramids near these tunnel paths. One may observe them from the path in passing, or leave the path and observe them closer. These pyramids will appear singularly or in clusters, some abandoned while others active. There are also pyramids that are presently dormant which are to be made active in the coming cycle. All events on the surface of the planet are preordained, organized in place and positioned through the influences of the frequencies passed through these pyramids. The source or cause of these activations may be in the earth subterranean realm directly below, the moon orbiting the Earth planet, in another planetary or star system.

By the Earth passing along a predestined glide line, along an orbit of strict variable, pyramids in the immediate subsurface join in affecting the many cultures of Earth on the surface. In the order of a global integrated circuitry by which these pyramids and locations can countermand each other, each inclusion overlapping the last, a totalitarian processing is placed. In the coming cycle surface Humanity, once dormant as a whole, will be awakened again to a forgotten superior existence of greater wealth, practicality, ensuing higher compromise and higher self edification – true identity with Divine Substance.

The question arises – how much influence do these subsurface pyramids have on surface dwellers?

Our methodology now is, in the confinement of the world journey, as to see `through a glass darkly' - to project an erring spectrum of self allowance, that of finite matter, one which welcomes in the error of greed and anger, even mutual hatred. All experiences evoked by this, must and will be transcended for humanity to crawl out of this tragic spot in time it has fallen into.

For those who seek to discover the pyramids in the subsurface realm, they will visit and be visited upon by guardian spirits who is their job to protect these pyramids. Only those who have made the serious preparation of purifying and intensifying their VRIL spirit body will launch past these guardians: Guardians, which are often experienced as demons – monsters demon-strating. Castes of these demons are taken from other dimensions, other systems and placed (cast into) these areas to work out their spiritual karma. What we describe as ancient God Kings, messianic begotten souls who are reforming their civilizations through the rebuilding of the sacred planet Earth mind construct [aligning to the heavens into the 5th dimension], gather these beings [and many other types of beings], to do their karmic work, rebuilding the subterranean tunnels, the many ruined temples below, as the subsurface and surface areas of the planet regenerate back into original
cosmic substance: divine VRIL.

And in this journey of completion back to knowing the workings of the planet Earth paradise:
The VRIL aspirant who then launches past these guardians sees close up the workings of these subsurface pyramids. How interesting this is. How interesting these modules are with their spectrum of working crystals, each taking its turn influencing the customs of the surface Earth inhabitants.

The Ring of Golden Pyramids Within the Crystalline Grid

In our search for pyramids of various size, material, and frequency we have seen the existence of many kinds of pyramids throughout the planet. These pyramids may adjunct temple layouts, be portions of large cities, or stand alone – as lone ancient sentinels with no apparent program in place, left from time's story eons ago.

The progress of Earth is the continual resurrection by the continual integrated re-evocation of the many varied species that exist on and within its varying domains. By this the Earth is an electromagnetic vortex by which the soul reawakens its continuity with cosmic grace, whereby the soul evolving reaches that state of knowing no loneliness.

Making up one of such species, We Humans are allowed to survive for periods of time on the surface and then through the awareness of numerous tunnel openings, continue to have sanctioned lives inside Mother Earth. These other homes may be of shallow cavern spaces or deeper expansive places near or even inside the Crystalline Grid. After entering a state of re-formation in the interior, through an order of great harmony and structured viability the Human realizes their truer home is that inside the planet. Hence, one may observe that time which one is on the surface as a small portion of one's true life existence and that on the surface is reflected as a more dual or angry life, one which is often distracted, as not serving true completion in spirit.

This Ring of Golden Pyramids existing globally inside, as the Earth's glide path once again enters the deeper sanctioned light kingdoms closer to the Central Sun, will spring forth a new majesty that will bathe all the earth into still another level of the exalted nectar of VRIL. The people of the surface thinking life has no meaning, will as a whole know again fully conscious that `life has ever greater meaning'.

How Humans See Their Existence as Empowered

Humanity's hope in general is nurturing greater human potential for increasing opportunity of self-expression. Dynamic self expression is what all people seek. Not all residents on the surface Earth see themselves as a truly alive sanctified human, but more as a modified sampling of existence for the sustaining of a threshold of their comfort zone in capital enterprise – claiming to be members of a social elite.

The ratio of human inventiveness leading to higher prosperity is arrested for reasons that are often beyond our grasp of understanding. Our life on this surface is controlled, we are in many ways burdened by tests while there is no need for tests- it is the re-enforcement of the re-edification of the human product that this quality insurance depends. Indeed that which controls human pre-determinism is this first level of pyramidal structures embedded in the subsurface environs. We are continually pressured, if not hypnotized by these sanctioned efforts – to keep, keep going on – the surface is not only a school for souls to endure in Human form, the surface is a holder which must remain protective, appear to be working as the most efficient structure. And for this structure's existence to remain in place, it is deemed as holy by those who would think otherwise. For in these pyramids lay secrets of the movement of matter which surface humans are not
able to contain in their present wisdom. For that requires another evolutionary step before such knowledge is loosened.

However temporal and over- controlled our present life is on the surface, its work leads us as `one' to the infinite relationship with the Inner Self. It restores our awareness of a continuum of the electromagnetic makeup of our essence – our attachment and source to the Earth, the internalizing awareness of Pure Ether.

Once the Ring of Golden Pyramids are activated the mind meld of Humanity will be initiated, and those who thought they were only prisoners shall live sacred lives of infinite high spirit, freed by the empowerment of VRIL.

All journeys into the Inner Earth will prove to be most enlightening.

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