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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

wikileaks - jones 30-6-10



"In 2006 Citizen Investigation Team launched an independent investigation into the act of terrorism which took place at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This exhaustive three-year inquest involved multiple trips to the scene of the crime in Arlington, Virginia, close scrutiny of all official and unofficial data related to the event, and, most importantly, first-person interviews with dozens of eyewitnesses, many of which were conducted and filmed in the exact locations from which they witnessed the plane that allegedly struck the building that day.
Be forewarned: Our findings are extraordinarily shocking and frightening. They are also deadly serious, and deserving of your immediate attention. This is not about a conspiracy theory or any theory at all. This is about independent, verifiable evidence which unfortunately happens to conclusively establish as a historical fact that the violence which took place in Arlington that day was not the result of a surprise attack by suicide hijackers, but rather a false flag "black operation" involving a carefully planned and skillfully executed deception.
If you are skeptical of (or even incensed by) this statement we do not blame you. We are not asking you to take our word for it, nor do we want you to do that. We want you to view the evidence and see with your own eyes that this is the case. We want you to hear it directly from the eyewitnesses who were there, just as we did.
Please understand that this information is not being brought to your attention simply for educational purposes. It is presented within the context of a “call to action” accompanied by a detailed step-by-step strategy intended to inspire and empower you to do something about it. But first, please familiarize yourself with the evidence by viewing and paying close attention to the 81-minute video presentation, National Security Alert.
Thank you for your concern and thank you for your action.
Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis
Citizen Investigation Team"

Monday, 28 June 2010


must see!! anglo-saxon mission

The Anglo Saxon Mission - The Timeline - Letter from a Whistleblower...

Los Angeles, March 2010 | .pdf |

Reprinted below is a copy of a letter sent to Kerry Cassidy for publication in order to provide a more comprehensive view of the Anglo-Saxon Mission as well as events surrounding these revelations that have not until now, been released to the public. This release augments the original interview and video commentary by Bill Ryan presented on Project Camelot under the title The Anglo-Saxon Mission. The letter below has not been edited or revised in any way by Kerry Cassidy and is presented here for the first time.

By the time I had become aware of the Timeline I had already travelled all over the world with the UK military and was involved in many conflicts, and had witnessed many mind changing events some of which are difficult describe in any sensible manner.

One the most difficult events to rationalise was a gathering that took place in 1975 that involved Admiral Hill-Norton, who was then, I believe, Chairman of the NATO Committee. I cannot go into the detail of this since to do so might compromise the Official Secrets Act. Suffice to say this event was pivotal and key to later events in providing evidence for the existence of the Anglo-Saxon Mission or better described as the Timeline. Therefore, no more can be publicly said about this event, other than to state that this Timeline was very much in existence 35 years ago, backed up by a very creditable insider, later referred to as ‘CW’ and from what I witnessed personally.

During 1980’s, due to certain personal career events, which I am not yet able to disclose, I could establish beyond any simple suspicion, that a future wartime government of the UK will be conservative, right wing in nature, and of high ranking military office, not civilian, with the officer cadre from all 3 services properly inducted to be in obedient support. I felt at the time that we would soon be in an extended state world wide armed conflict, where this type of totalitarian/military Government would be put in place.

I continued on with my military career and was now project working with various military contractors such as BAE, Westland, and Plessey & Marconi Systems. It was during this time that I was introduced into the future naval weapons programmes then running in the late 80’s and early 90’s. However, by then, I was totally disillusioned and really did feel that ultra-right wing hands were at hard at work manipulating people and events. Again, what CW had told me (CW was insider, known since 1975 and whose identity still needs to be protected) previously told me came back with more solidity than I could have imagined.

In effect CW was turning out to be right, and in effect, I had a major mindset change as I knew that everything I was told was based on ordinary people being kept compliant and ignorant.

Cape Wrath Scotland
Anyway, these future weapons in themselves, I must say, were not remarkable. They are of the kind anyone could read about in the glossy monthly defence industry magazines. However, due to my combat experience I was sent to various weapon testing ranges in the UK, mostly at Cape Wrath in the North of Scotland. My job, with many others of my rank, was to conduct range tracking exercises against aerial targets. At the time we were using development stage surveillance and fire control radars to see if we could detect and lock-up small very fast moving targets coming in from high altitude. We used a whole series of targets from fast jets to unmanned drones, to artillery shells.

On one occasion, during these range trials, I was on one weapons desk and a BAE civilian technician (in the military we called such civilian technicians, ‘Boffins’) was on another weapons desk with much different equipment. This time there was much more pre-exercise setting up than usual before the target run in. So it was some time before we got the normal, ‘Range Clear, Start Recording’ to commence the exercise. My job, as always, was to get the best possible use out of the equipment for analysis.

This is where things started to get weird. The target, whatever it was, since I wasn’t told, was not detected on the equipment I was operating. However, the BAE technician, the ‘Boffin’, did ‘see’ the target on his equipment and was voice reporting target information. To cut a long story short: The target came in from an extremely high altitude, which I later deduced (time/speed/distance) had to be in excess of 200 miles, i.e., coming in from outside the earth atmosphere and at an incomprehensible velocity, and most certainly outside spectrum of the kit I was operating. Now, this wasn’t some sort of UFO as the ground operators were actually talking, clearly, to someone inside the target throughout the exercise. Later the ‘Boffin’ said, “don’t worry, its one of ours!” I recall saying, “Thank f**k for that! because I didn’t see a Scooby!” He said, “Well, you were not meant to see anything and if you did, then we would have had some serious snags”. Later, I thought, I had been engaged in a tracking exercise against a missile with an extremely low radar echoing area, launched from a platform in orbit. This was not so since, as I discovered, the target was most definitely piloted, manoeuvring, and came to an abrupt stop at the end of the range. I instinctively knew better to ask anymore questions about this. Instead I was more resolved to see if I could pick the bloody thing up on my kit – as a matter of professional pride. I never managed to pick it up. We conducted several more runs against this type of target and it sounded as if there was more than one of them and not just the same target repeating the runs.

You will realise by now I am taking about something akin to what is termed ‘Black Projects’. The type of target that I was engaged against was apparently over 30 years in development and this is by the early 90’s; under joint project control by BAE and other well known defence contractors. These ‘targets’ are known only to a select few; however, as I later discovered, that some officers, above the rank of Lieutenant Commander, have most definitely been briefed on them. As a career military officer I was witnessing war winning technology at work and was pleased we had this sort of kit in our armoury. But once more, things began to get a bit strange, and what follows still remains difficult for me to properly describe:

After the last Cape Wrath exercise (I did many) I was bussed down to Glasgow for the flight back down south to England. On the way to Glasgow the bus diverted to a place near the town of Ayr, on the West Scottish coast, about 30 odd miles from Glasgow.

There we were taken to room in an ordinary looking red sandstone tenement type building. Inside the room we were introduced to a group of uniformed people. The uniforms were black military looking flight suits with silver insignia on the collars. These were silver bars, not unlike US military rank insignia. However, they were not from the US. They all spoke with crystal clear English accents. It soon donned on me that we were now in the company of the pilots of the same craft used in the range exercises - due to the ensuing discussions that took place, which was a kind of post exercise de-briefing.

The pilots were all relaxed, very friendly and radiated extremely good health. One of them, a very healthy looking middle aged man, took time with me to reassure me that all this was quite normal. He must have noticed that I was nervous and new to all this.

Also, in the same room were other people. These were young males and females, wearing some sort of uniform, but not the same uniforms as the pilots. They (I think?) wore blue coveralls, making what were clearly goodbyes to others (families?) who were present with them. This ‘goodbye’ scene was actually quite emotional albeit quite surreal. The middle aged pilot mentioned they were going up for spell. He pointed upwards with a finger as he said this. I was then given what I can only describe as an instant telepathic vision that I knew must have come from him. This was a vivid description of the interior of a circular vehicle with the same people, the ones in the room making their goodbyes, sat inside the craft and whishing up through the atmosphere to dock with a massive structure in space - still with the earth in full view. In this structure I briefly saw what I know to be Greys glancing at us and then completely ignoring us. He then said, “This is how we get around and everyone is a volunteer and no one is forced to do this”. He strongly emphasised this point. I must say that I felt this person, the middle aged pilot, to be quite benevolent and understanding. He knew I was balking at the thought of going into space and seeing aliens and he understood this. I had a kind of quasi-religious feeling from this man; he simply emanated complete understanding and care. I can’t remember how long we stayed there in the building, but I recall feeling very much at peace afterwards – as if it was indeed all was very normal, but knowing at the same time - it most certainly was not.

I went back to my normal naval duties with very little inclination of what I had witnessed was in any way fantastic. However, towards the end of my military career I became very stressed to the point of having a breakdown. I thought it was all the conflicts I had been through or my difficult personal life, but somewhere in my mind was this vision of this massive structure in space, vividly dreaming I was regularly going back there. These dreams became very intrusive, but thankfully stopped some time ago. Together with this and the other knowledge I had - I knew my story was hopelessly and ridiculously unbelievable. How can anyone talk about such things? This is what upset me most: knowledge that I could not possibly talk to anyone about.

Over Government
1999. Now a civilian after a long naval career, reaching middle officer rank, I took up a senior post within a City of London institution, which I felt fortunate to get since London was my home town. I was directed to and recommended for this job by my last Commanding Officer, a Commodore, who seemed to have some high connections in the City. I realise now that I was forwarded for this job because I was, ‘in the know’ and a, ‘safe pair of hands’ - someone who could be trusted. (They assumed I was a Mason) Soon after starting with the City I was invited to become an associate member with various City of London Livery Company’s. I felt that I was being elevated into the City’s inner circles, which indeed Livery Companies are. However, I decided, in my defence, to keep myself to myself. None the less, I was always invited to dinners whose guest list was a ‘whose who’. These were mostly well known people from the world banking community, well known politicians together with and serving and ex-serving military. This was a real ‘band of brothers’ and I knew many of them on a first name basis. It was at these dinners and other social events that I realised I was being ‘vetted’ by them. For my part, I played the role very well and was soon incorporated as a trusted senior City employee, with middle rank – so I knew my place, as it were, and was accorded their trust.

What I picked up immediately from this ‘band of brothers’ is their cold disdain for the ordinary lives people live, as if the general public mattered little, unless they were employed by them. (Those in their employ are very obedient and servile) This ‘band’ all operated as if they were governing the country, which indeed they were doing dealing with events with extraordinary persuasive weight, wielding power through making direct - mostly financial decisions that were repeated exactly, as they determined, to the so called ‘elected’ government in Parliament. They always exude a kind of overwhelming power, so much so, that being in their company, for any length of time, is really not for the faint hearted.

It soon became apparent that the government of the UK is directed from the City’s Financial Institutions, to which I was connected and also the Livery Company Buildings, the Guildhall, (the City’s HQ) and Mansion House. (Mansion House is the traditional seat of the Masonic elected Lord Mayor of London)

The guise for all this is very simple. The City is historically independent from anything emanating from the outside. No government body regulates or audits their activity. They are a law unto themselves, answerable to no one, save themselves, or the Monarch who is revered by the City with a Goddess like passion. Anyone, and this became clear, operating at any significant level of management in the City’s financial and government structure is a Mason and every meeting, social or otherwise, will always be an extension of Livery Company Masonic dealing. The more one delves into their activity, and I have, the more one can see that the City is very much like the Vatican. That is a tiny City state with an obscure power wielding political structure, dating back more than 1500 years with no recognisable change save the passage of time. I personally believe, unquestionably, that the City of London extends its power over the other major world financial centres with anecdotal evidence that the City controls the US Federal Reserve. I feel no one should be surprised that all political and financial power is held firmly within the City of London.

The Timeline
In late 2005 I attended what I thought was a normal 3 monthly City security & financial planning meeting since the usual crowd were emailed listed for attendance. The meeting turned out to be something entirely different. To my surprise (shock) this was very much a Masonic level meeting instead. No notes taken - word of mouth only.

At the meeting mention was made that the Timeline for war against Iran was being delayed to a point where other contingencies had to be put in place. Contingencies were then mentioned, in quite a matter of fact fashion. First was the Israeli reluctance to strike and provoke Iran into armed action and that Israel promised action that action would soon take place in order to provoke the required Iranian military response. (Israel soon after attacked Iranian backed Hizbollah bases in the Lebanon) That was my first surprise. The second was mention of Japanese reluctance to create havoc within the fledging Chinese financial sectors. China was growing too quickly with the Chinese military the being main beneficiary. The third surprise was open talk about the use of biological weapons – when they would be used since timing appeared to be crucial. Then there was more talk centred on how Iran must be engaged militarily in order to provoke the desired military response from China. The talk continued about how long conventional weapons should be used, knowing they would be hopeless against a Chinese military onslaught in the region. It soon transpired that they were not making decisions. They were discussing something that had already been planned and so they were simply sharing that information between themselves. It also became clear that the central issue of the meeting was when the ‘balloon’ would go up. Further issues dealt with finances, the moving of resources and protection of assets and the central control of these resources: the bringing in outlying assets. I recall the chain/sequence of events, which ran something like this:

They needed either the Iranians or the Chinese to be guilty of first use nuclear weapons in order to justify the next stage. (My information shows that the Iranians do indeed have a tactical nuclear capability) The next stage would be a measured regional nuclear response, enough to cause an immediate ceasefire. This ceasefire would create the time needed to put in place unified totalitarian western governments. Thereafter, or concurrent, biological weapons would be used against the Chinese population. This would then set of another chain of events that would collapse the whole Chinese political and social infrastructure. This was mentioned as: Disease, followed by wide spread food shortages, followed by mass starvation. Somehow, this would then cause the Chinese military to attack eastern Russia. The biological agents were described as being flu like and would spread like wild fire. It shocks and sickens me to describe these events. It shocks me even more to know that plausible events are being manipulated to cause the extinction of a whole part of the human race.

The evidence was clear. There does indeed exist a Timeline for future conflict that this country, the UK, was using this as some sort of world government business plan and many millions would die as a result. The plan is openly described in these circles as the Anglo Saxon Mission.

For those living in the UK
Interestingly, the meeting was attended by a former Commissioner for Police (name withheld). His role, it became clear, is gaining enough legislation to empower the private security industry to enable him to be head of what he himself called: ‘The Greater Policing Community’ to control dissidence within the UK population. Few people realise, that, at this moment, there are some 500.000 people working in the UK private security industry. Fewer still realise this industry has already been empowered through government backed public control policing powers, linked to the Public Order Act. This Parliamentary Act of police empowerment is currently being extended to include more powers such a direct powers of arrest and detention - the same as those currently being sought for Community Police Officers and Civil Enforcement Officers.

In time of war Britain will become a totalitarian police state headed by a military government empowered through the City of London. I can be certain of this, and to which, people living in the UK remain, by and large, oblivious.

Just to re-cap
The above can only be considered as simply a background briefing, knowing that its contents can be checked and easily verified by those with the will to do so. However to be clear:

Iran will soon be attacked, possibly within 18 months of writing this.
China will come to the aid of Iran to protect its own interests.
Nuclear weapons will be used by either Iran or China, with Israel provoking their first use.
Much of the Middle East will be laid to waste. Millions will die in a very short period of time.
China will forcibly move into parts of Russia to extend ‘ceasefire’ lines.
Biological weapons will be deployed against China. ‘China will catch a cold’.
There is some sort of malevolent ET alliance at work, profitably being used by the UK, US and other western powers, including Japan. Refer to ‘Black Projects’.
I also understand that other, more humanitarian ET entities are working against this Timeline and are, somehow, maintaining a precarious balance without taking any direct intervention themselves.

I have more to add to this
The western powers are actively seeking a ‘perfect war’ and have been engaged in doing so throughout the 20th century up to present times. WWI and WWII were simply stepping stones - both pre-determined and successful. The next Great War is now just round the corner. This war will significantly reduce the world’s population, possibly by half, in a very short period of time. This ‘over government’ feels this course of action to be wholly righteous and is pursuing this action with astonishing determination.

For my part I feel that I have contributed in some way to all this happening, more so, since I knew about this many years ago, but failed to see its full significance- a denial on my part no doubt. There is only so much that a person can take in not unless one willingly gives over their own spirit to their cause – the greatest of evils.

Stay with me on this… The wider picture remains to me quite unclear. None the less, I have ‘seen’ what will become of the physical shape of this world in a few short years to come. The over-government knows this too and is using this Timeline as way of preparation. They know that the survivors from what is about to happen will determine the physical future of mankind on this planet for millennia to come. They see this as a race against time before time itself prevents them. You see, they are governed by time, while most everyone else living on this planet is not. I discovered this phenomena some time ago and came to understand why those involved with this over government are desperate not be caught in the present moment. They can’t stand still and must at all costs keep striving towards their own manufactured goals. By doing so they are corralling everyone else, sheep like, into pens. The fuel they use to do this is fear.

The wider picture I mentioned, while much of it still remains unclear to me, is most definitely signalling a massive geo-physical change, a change that is very much like the seasons albeit a season that only occurs once in every 11500 years. Those in over government are very much aware of this ‘season’ and are driven to survive this change with their bloodline intact and to remain in overall control, very much as it is now.

One big question, to those awake to this change, is when will happen? Personally, I have little idea of an exact time other than it will be soon. I regard precise timings, such as 21st Dec 2012, with much suspicion. However, I say soon. Soon, to me, is something that is highly likely to happen in my own lifetime. I say this since I was here during the last season of change and see again, quite clearly, a chain of events that cannot be confused with anything other than this change taking place again - soon.

Before this change happened last time, 11500 years ago, there was much warning from those who were coming and going between space to earth. These people were very much part of the human race at the time and not regarded as Gods. They had always been here and were, by and large, though not always, quite compassionate in nature. They lived among us and shared what they could, being able to do so, since the population then living on earth was far fewer in number since people then lived to very old age – compared to the 3 score and 10 of today. Then the visible changes were noted as the earth magnetic poles drifting further and further away from true north and south. This caused seasonal differences that badly affected agriculture and living conditions, causing many of the larger settlements to migrate away from both Polar Regions. Incidentally, the space travelling people were known then as the, ‘Alhoo’ (that’s how it sounds) The Alhoo went to great lengths to ensure that as many people as possible would survive the change. There was no discrimination as to who would be saved. Additionally, around this time, other ET races appeared on earth. Some of these races interfered with the preparations being made by the Alhoo causing much disruption, which finally led to open conflict both in space and here on earth. This was a battle of domination that continued right up until the earth’s surface finally changed its position. This is when the earths crust shifted some 30 degrees towards the south. It is worth knowing that the Alhoo came back to earth afterwards, but, unfortunately, only remnants of the civilisation they had built was left, scattered along the coastal regions of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It should also be known that the Alhoo were not suited to life on earth and so never became permanent residents. They came, stayed a while and then went, very much like visiting parents. Now, after the last change, came the other races, some able to live more comfortably on the planet. The pre-dominant race was reptilian and did not resemble any human made after the Alhoo. It is the reptilian residency that was to mark the new season that had just begun in the aftermath of the change. These people were not kind or compassionate and far less spiritual in nature. They were cold and demanding, regarding fear and total respect from the human survivors as values. I shall come back to this period later.

The Pyramids of Giza
As part of the preparations for the coming change, the Alhoo built what is now known as the Giza Complex, just outside Cairo. This site was built well in advance of the change and took just 5 years to complete with most of the effort going into planning rather than construction. These pyramids contained every example of Alhoo technology, serving principally as a beacon that could be heard far in space, providing a vast/diverse range of geo-physical information regarding the real time state of the earth. This meant that the Alhoo could remain in space and ‘listen’ to what was happening on the surface. Other less known sites were constructed on a ‘belt’, crossing the continents at latitudes 60 degrees north and south of the equator. I knew about this then as did most other people alive at the time. There was an ‘energy’ that our civilisation would physically survive the coming change. Much discussion has ranged over what type of technology was used to construct the Giza complex. It wasn’t ropes, tackles and muscle. It was sound. Everything has a frequency - even stone. Stones were cut and lifted just by tapping into the frequencies contained within. Nothing more was needed. More than this the pyramids were self illuminating and shone brightly throughout the night. All this was possible just by changing the frequency. I will add, for sake of argument, that the pyramids fell into disrepair, though misuse, thousands of years before the Pharaohs came into power. Cheops did not build them; he and others attempted a repair without knowing fully the original purpose of the complex. I feel this is important to know.

I am asked what life was like before the change and while the Alhoo were present together with mankind?

There were 2 main cities situated on the North Antarctic coast. The first and oldest city was called Charmaran with a population of around 300,000 souls. The second city was called Charmaran Te, whose population was far more. This newer city resembled a mountain from the distance since it was building upon building rising high - almost into the clouds. Both cities were separated by a mountain range and both enjoyed temperate weather conditions throughout the year. There were very little differences in the seasons, very much like the South Africa of today. This means of course that the Antarctic land mass was situated further to the north in those days. Life was based around subsisting on agriculture and maritime trading mostly from the east from the lands where India and China now are. This was a healthy trade that lasted many thousands of years with communities on both sides of the world developing together with very little effort. However, the Charmarans were quite spiritually evolved. This was mostly due to the patient influence of the Alhoo. Therefore, other human communities were very much attracted to them but were not allowed to cross breed. This was forbidden by the Alhoo, simply because of the time it would take to develop those other communities to a similar level enjoyed by the Charmarans. I am reminded that long life was apparent throughout the world in those days and having children, though welcome, was quite a rare occasion. It was not unusual for someone to live healthily for over a 1000 years. Try to imagine your physical body continually renewing itself in a healthy mature condition until such times that the spirit must move on. 1000 years here on earth is quite enough time for any soul.

The short life span of this age is a by product of a further cross fertilisation processes conducted by the reptilians. However, physical life span is not such an important issue. I can tell you, however, that mankind is able to live long lives, as before, if simple measures were taken to readjust the human DNA.

Who are these reptilians?
11500 years ago not much was known about the reptilian looking race other than they shared knowledge of space through time travel with other races such as the Alhoo of earth. What became apparent is their low spiritual development and disdain for anything they feel is weak, even among their own kind. As I mentioned their lives are determined by time. They are not aware of a timeless present due to their low level of conscious awareness. However, this low level of conscious awareness is superbly masked by their ability to live extremely long lives and the ease at which they can control anyone who comes into contact with them. The live on fear and are energised/empowered through this. The reptilians became the dominant controlling entity on earth because of their abilities to sustain themselves here. The Alhoo, while they have never left, can never be permanently resident. However, it must be known that the Alhoo do live through us since we are them and they are us. We are no different from the Alhoo when all is said and done. The Alhoo are essentially now space dwellers and are far in advance of the reptilians. Now, the reptilians know very well that the Alhoo started civilisation here on earth doing so through the early human forms and that we, the current form of humankind, look and think very much like them. They also know that we have a level of conscious awareness that can be easily affected through fear in order to gain our compliance. That fear network has been with us and developed by them throughout this current age. All through this present time the reptilians have held kingship over mankind, dominating and controlling all aspects of our physical lives on earth. This age has been marked by them as one of continual conflict and forced manipulation shaped by fear. The Alhoo have been aware of this, but to them, as it is to us, time means nothing at all. Time is meaningless even in the physical world we think we know so well. Now, the Alhoo will change this experience once it has seen itself out. The reptilian experience is about to end and of course they do not wish it to end and are trying extremely hard to ensure it doesn’t. They cannot and will not, understand that their experience here is transitory. They believe it is eternal, since they are unable, at any level, to comprehend otherwise.

We are very shortly about to enter into this period of change, where the earth’s crust will displace another 30 degrees southwards, doing so during a 24 hour period, or a day and night, if you understand this. Before this comes about, and it will happen quite suddenly, the reptilians will cause the war I mentioned before. The destructive nature of this conflict will reduce the earth’s population by around half. The earth’s displacement will further reduce the population by about half again. There are some who think this will be a good thing since they have lived their physical life experience through the reptilian mind and not their own. That will change to. Throughout the world people are becoming more and more aware of themselves and giving themselves time to think away from the fear generated by their rulers, whether they are democratically elected or not. People now are more aware than they have been since the last change that took place 11,500 years ago. They recall who they are and what they know to be as spiritual beings first and infinite as opposed to being physical beings with one life only – that being this life. That awareness will spread leading to the probability that all power held by the reptilians will be lost leaving them very isolated but more physically dangerous than ever. No matter, their time here will pass suddenly. Will they move on? I do not yet know. All I know is that they will lose the power of fear over mankind and by doing so lose any level of power they now hold.

So, another new age will come to earth with the Alhoo returning as they did before. They will enjoy, with us, all that is known of our conscious existence that is infinite, something we know to be and is. Fear will be gone and our humanity will once more return. A new Golden Age? No, not quite. Life on earth will remain difficult and painful in human form, but it will be lived without fear and can be a most rewarding experience that will brighten the spark of our infinite selves.

Enough for now I think.


Another version of the above letter was originally sent to both Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot including personal details that have now been removed by the sender. The content is unaltered by the whistleblower in any other way except to protect his identity. The above letter was provided to Kerry Cassidy for publication upon her request about a week ago.

Kerry Cassidy | March 2010

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The media volcano is about to erupt
Pratik Kanjilal, Hindustan Times
Email Author
New Delhi, June 25, 2010
First Published: 23:11 IST(25/6/2010)
Last Updated: 23:14 IST(25/6/2010)


The unjust war in Afghanistan is reeling under a media offensive. General Stanley A. McChrystal, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) chief in Kabul, has been blown away by a story in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Reeking of eau de gonzo, ‘The Runaway General’ depicts McChrystal and his entourage as locker room louts stiffing the finger to limp-wristed Washington. The miasmic eau emanates from the soldiers, not the journalist, who has the quotes to back his story.

Meanwhile, the whistleblower magnet WikiLeaks.org is releasing its second blockbuster video of the season — footage of the May 4, 2009, massacre in the Afghan village of Granai, where heavy bombing killed at least 100 civilians, most of them children. In April, it had released stomach-turning footage of a gunship attack in Baghdad in 2007, titled ‘Collateral Murder’.

Taken by the Apache’s gun camera, it shows civilians being machine-gunned after the telephoto lens carried by a Reuter photographer is mistaken for a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). It’s become a black joke on the internet: “That’s not an RPG, that’s a Canon!” When a van carrying schoolchildren pulls up and the driver tries to help the wounded, it is also blown away.

Both acts violate the Geneva Convention. But what’s truly shocking is the soundtrack. It reveals that the copter is crewed by sub-humans with no ethical faculty. While killing civilians, they talk like video gamers shooting for high scores. “Look at all those dead bastards,” crows one as the dust settles.

Now, Wikileaks is releasing the video from Granai, where the civilian death toll was ten times more than shown in the Baghdad footage. No wonder the Americans are seeking the “cooperation” of Julian Assange, the Australian founder of WikiLeaks. For some weeks it was feared that they were hunting him. Wonder why they couldn’t find him — he appeared recently on a panel of the European Parliament. But then, Americans aren’t very good at finding people. Consider the elusive superstar Osama bin Laden — 27 audio and video hits and counting, and he’s still on the loose.

Mainly, Assange has been in Iceland, helping to forge the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative. Last week, Iceland’s parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of a resolution for media law reform moved by an all-party group of 19 MPs. Laws will now be passed for the protection of free speech, whistleblowers and anonymous sources and against Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (Slapp) suits and ‘libel tourism’, in which an aggrieved party in one country uses the courts of another country with favourable libel laws to sue a newspaper, journalist or blogger in a third country.

Iceland is internationalising media law and bringing it up to speed with the information age, and it will make money off it, too. Which it needs to recover from the economic crisis triggered by bank failures. Soon, Iceland could become the Grand Caymans of investigative journalism and blogging, with huge server farms and the head offices of media organisations.

I worry for the future of the US war machine. Media control, embedded journalism and manufactured patriotism are primitive methods, unequal to the media volcano that Iceland is unleashing. And in Afghanistan, McChrystal has been replaced by General David Petraeus, the man who fainted at a Senate hearing while facing hard questions about Afghanistan. Seriously, I worry.

Pratik Kanjilal is publisher of The Little Magazine n pratik@littlemag.com. The views expressed by the author are personalThe unjust war in Afghanistan is reeling under a media offensive. General Stanley A. McChrystal, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) chief in Kabul, has been blown away by a story in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Reeking of eau de gonzo, ‘The Runaway General’ depicts McChrystal and his entourage as locker room louts stiffing the finger to limp-wristed Washington. The miasmic eau emanates from the soldiers, not the journalist, who has the quotes to back his story.

Meanwhile, the whistleblower magnet WikiLeaks.org is releasing its second blockbuster video of the season — footage of the May 4, 2009, massacre in the Afghan village of Granai, where heavy bombing killed at least 100 civilians, most of them children. In April, it had released stomach-turning footage of a gunship attack in Baghdad in 2007, titled ‘Collateral Murder’.

Taken by the Apache’s gun camera, it shows civilians being machine-gunned after the telephoto lens carried by a Reuter photographer is mistaken for a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). It’s become a black joke on the internet: “That’s not an RPG, that’s a Canon!” When a van carrying schoolchildren pulls up and the driver tries to help the wounded, it is also blown away.

Both acts violate the Geneva Convention. But what’s truly shocking is the soundtrack. It reveals that the copter is crewed by sub-humans with no ethical faculty. While killing civilians, they talk like video gamers shooting for high scores. “Look at all those dead bastards,” crows one as the dust settles.

Now, Wikileaks is releasing the video from Granai, where the civilian death toll was ten times more than shown in the Baghdad footage. No wonder the Americans are seeking the “cooperation” of Julian Assange, the Australian founder of WikiLeaks. For some weeks it was feared that they were hunting him. Wonder why they couldn’t find him — he appeared recently on a panel of the European Parliament. But then, Americans aren’t very good at finding people. Consider the elusive superstar Osama bin Laden — 27 audio and video hits and counting, and he’s still on the loose.

Mainly, Assange has been in Iceland, helping to forge the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative. Last week, Iceland’s parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of a resolution for media law reform moved by an all-party group of 19 MPs. Laws will now be passed for the protection of free speech, whistleblowers and anonymous sources and against Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (Slapp) suits and ‘libel tourism’, in which an aggrieved party in one country uses the courts of another country with favourable libel laws to sue a newspaper, journalist or blogger in a third country.

Iceland is internationalising media law and bringing it up to speed with the information age, and it will make money off it, too. Which it needs to recover from the economic crisis triggered by bank failures. Soon, Iceland could become the Grand Caymans of investigative journalism and blogging, with huge server farms and the head offices of media organisations.

I worry for the future of the US war machine. Media control, embedded journalism and manufactured patriotism are primitive methods, unequal to the media volcano that Iceland is unleashing. And in Afghanistan, McChrystal has been replaced by General David Petraeus, the man who fainted at a Senate hearing while facing hard questions about Afghanistan. Seriously, I worry.

(Pratik Kanjilal is publisher of The Little Magazine n pratik@littlemag.com. The views expressed by the author are personal.)

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There is a lot of info pertaining to the case which the detractors forget or ignore, such as the killing of Roy Greig, in the burning car, and in this interview Robert mentions he knows the identity of the killer..there is a lot more..."Watkins..." ignores all these important facts....also there is an interview im trying to find where it is said a rescuer, or would-be rescuer at the car ROY GREIG died in was awarded a commendation for his work there trying to rescue Greig...this must be on record at the Royal Humane Society or where the medal was dished out, whos witness testimony would be of use maybe. Also in this interview i remember the location being described of the car, and how it could or could not be seen from the dual carriageway alongside the burning car, and how 2 ambulances attended the scene, the 1st one taking 15 minutes as i recall. Perhaps someone could tell me where this interview is pls? I thought it was a TONY LEGEND interview, of MANCHESTER RADIO i believe,tho i cant find it there.....b.


This is not real gold, instead this is copper-plated gold.

Fake gold bars out of tungsten a counterfeit story By MERLIN LAFLEUR, 2009/12/02

Short-term investments are very bullish, erratic, unpredictable and undependable. But, long term investments are, relatively, considered safe and reliable. Precious metals like gold and silver are considered to be true money, and governments have been bastardizing precious metals since the night of time. It's all about printing fake money anyway. Even as stocks were losing their value, gold was marching steadily, increasing by five percent in US dollars.

However, this 'buy and hold' strategy might not work anymore as the sub-prime crisis has shaken this belief in the long term investment mode. Now, has gold joined the bandwagon of safe long-term investment going awry by treading the path of the sub-prime crisis?

The counterfeit story
This October, bankers in Hong Kong were in for a rude shock when they discovered some gold bars from the US to be actually gold plated tungsten i.e., fake gold bars. Acting fast, the Chinese officials found the perpetrators within hours. It seems that fake Tungsten blanks, between 1.3 and 1.5 million 400 oz, were manufactured in the US about fifteen years ago during the Clinton administration. Said to have been done by a very sophisticated refiner, 640,000 of these tungsten planks were gold plated and shifted to Fort Knox. The remaining also gold plated, but sold into the international market. (Fort Knox , as you may be aware, is the United States Bullion Depository, where the official gold reserves of the federal government are stored. This depository of about 4,603 tons (4 176 metric tonness) is the second highest gold depository in the US after the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's underground vault in Manhattan (5,000 metric tonness of gold). Whoever pulled this one on the gold bars had connections inside the government, big banks and also a top-of-the-line fabrication facility. For, counterfeit is not something new for the US government, it did this is 1964 when zinc dimes clad in silver were introduced. That's why the pre 1964 coins are valued more. Elsewhere, early this year, another counterfeit story made rounds as some of the gold bars in the vaults of the National bank of Ethiopia were found to be gold plated steel. It made news when the shipment of gold was returned by South Africa. It only could have been the work of a genius as fake gold bars made of steel are among the easiest to detect as they are lighter. Among gold coins, 22k Gold coins such as Krugerrand, are less likely to be counterfeited because the density of 22k gold minted from gold alloy that is 91.67 percent pure, is far apart from that of tungsten. Tungsten has the same density (19.25g/cm3) as gold, so a fake bar is indistinguishable by weighing it. In comparison the density of pure 24k gold is within 0.26% of tungsten.

Physical comparison of 24k, 22k gold and tungsten
Gold Purity Density
(g/cm3) Density difference
from tungsten Dimension difference of bar
with same weight
Tungsten 19.25 0% 0%
24K Gold 19.3 0.26% 0.0017%
22K Gold 18.43 4.25% 0.0077%

Source: Gold-quote.net
The table above illustrates that although tungsten's density is within 0.26% of pure gold making it nearly impossible to detect, it is nearly 5% heavier than the 22 karat gold of Krugerrands. The dimension differences of a counterfeited 22 karat coin would have to be 6 times larger than those of a pure gold coin to weight the same. So one is 6 times more likely to detect a counterfeited 22k coin or piece of jewellery than a counterfeited pure gold bar through simple measurement.
So just by weighing the coins you would tell a difference. So why aren't so many fake coins in the market? Coins are more liquid and circulated; they change hands more readily so it's more likely a fake one will be detected. Gold bars on the other hands are given as little exposure to human hands as possible (fear of theft). They are conveyed in armored trucks, their serial numbers are exchanged and they're stacked away in a vault never to see the light of day again. Their credibility relies on a piece of paper and paper is easy to forge. Also the labor involved in making fake coins does not make it as worth a criminal's time as a gold bar. (it costs $50,000 to make a fake $400,000 gold bar because of the real gold coating and the labor). Gold coins have lots of details including the number of ridges on the sides etc..and there are a lot of numismatic aficionados out there to tell a real from a fake.

Tungsten: the perfect gold substitute
Tungsten is a steel-gray metal found in shallow rectangular deposits. It has a very high melting point and is brittle making it hard to work with when it's raw. Today, companies like Chinatungsten use Tungsten in jewellery making and in memorial coins. Chinatungsten even offers tungsten alloy as gold substitute. Chinatungsten even brags, on its website, about being an "accustomed experts in fabricating tungsten bars and discs coated with gold."

It's a large scale operation, indeed. The question is since only high-end refineries could manufacture the counterfeit, could it be them? Not that the Chinese have ever made fake copies of anything. And incidentally, China is the leading producer of Tungsten in the world.

Counterfeit coins and gold trading
Well then, on to the impact of counterfeit coins on gold trading: GLD ETF is the case in point. GLD ETF ( StreetTracks Gold Shares), was born just five years ago in November 2004 and is the first ETF in the US to allow stock traders to directly gain price exposure to a physical commodity (gold and silver). Stock investors could buy assets to track the price of gold, get immediate and easy knowledge about gold then speculate-buy or sell. It is the second largest in the world behind SPY, with a mammoth 1117 metric tonnes of gold bullion in trust worth for share holders. GLD, in fact has more gold bullion than the central banks of China, Switzerland, Japan, Europe and India.

The influence of GLD is such that its trading activity can affect the global prices directly. So, are they going to drill all their bars to tell the real ones from the fake ones? Are they going to tell anyone if there is even just one fake gold bar somewhere? What will happen to investors billions if it turns out they hold fake gold? GLD finds a distinction between 'gold' and 'investment in gold'. And it's not clear what these investments in gold are, and they could be anything even remotely related to gold. It leaves none the wiser as there are no independent third party audits. The value of the fund will have to be de-pegged from the value of real gold if it doesn't hold real gold and will likely collapse and with it the billions in retirement investment. People affected would be more as there may be more than one person owning the same asset and hence no automatic right to physical holding.

Just check out some of the 'risk factors' mentioned in the prospectus of GLD: "The Trust's gold may be subject to loss, damage, theft or restriction on access. "
"The Trust may not have adequate sources of recovery if its gold is lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed and recovery may be limited, even in the event of fraud, to the market value of the gold at the time the fraud is discovered."
"The ability of the Trustee and the Custodian to take legal action against subcustodians may be limited, which increases the possibility that the Trust may suffer a loss if a subcustodian does not use due care in the safekeeping of the Trust's gold."
If at all anything happens, GLD can easily shake off its role in the whole game. Still, no one is ready to bet on a collapse of the gold market, yet. Further, UBS and Goldman and Sachs predict gold prices rising this year. Meanwhile, India the world's largest gold consumer has bought 200 metric tons of Gold from IMF, to protect against the weakening dollar. And China, Brazil and Russia are expected to buy the rest of the gold offered by IMF of about 403.3 tonnes.

So, to the question asked in the earlier part about gold as long term investment, should one still track the price of gold? Yes, on reliable derivatives like gold-quote.net. After all, it's better to be wise than lucky

jane burgermeister feb 2010 proj. camelot



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Daniel Ellsberg: Obama Should Release the Garani Massacre Video to the American Public Immediatelyby Michael Ellsberg on June 17, 2010
From today’s Democracy Now with Amy Goodman:AMY GOODMAN: Are you calling for Wikileaks to post the [Garani massacre] videotape online?ELLSBERG: I’d call for President Obama to post that ......videotape online. Let’s see whether it confirms what his officials and the Bush officials said about it earlier, or what the truth is. Has he seen it himself? He certainly should. He has access to it. And if he does, what excuse would he have for not revealing it? So why is he waiting for Wikileaks to use its sources to decrypt that, when he can just easily release it, as he should have some time ago?It raises the same questions—and I hope they’ll be addressed this time, as they were not addressed, for the [Iraq] Apache helicopter assault that you just saw. Namely, who was it who decided that this was not suitable for Freedom of Information Act release, that it deserved classification on national security grounds? Was that appealed upwards when Reuters was applying for that? Did President Obama himself take a position on that? And if not, who below him? What were the criteria that led to denying this to the public? And how do they stand up when we actually see the results? Is anybody going to be held accountable for wrongly withholding evidence of war crimes in this case and the refusal to prosecute them or hold anyone accountable?More seriously, two members of that same company of the Apache assault—Josh Stieber and Ethan McCord, I think their names—who did an absolutely admirable move, stimulated by Assange’s release and perhaps Bradley Manning’s release of this videotape–they expressed remorse to the Iraqi people for their participation in the activities of this company. Ethan McCord was the very man—I don’t know if you showed him just now—who actually got the two wounded children, ran off and got the two wounded children from the vehicle, and saved their lives. And both of them expressed great remorse for what they’d done and made the statement, from their experience, that this sort of massacre was an everyday occurrence. Now that’s what requires a real investigation. Is that being done? The same will be true of Garani.And finally, for the press to look at, what were they reporting at the time? What was the government saying about these two massacres? How does it stand up when we relook at the facts? And what is the media to make of their own inability to penetrate behind those facts and leave it to Wikileaks? Question: would any mainstream media have released either of those videos if it had been handed to them by Bradley Manning or whoever the leaker was? I don’t know the answer to that, but that’s something they should look at.What are the rules of engagement that permitted these two massacres? And how many other massacres are they generating? The fact is, for nine years now, we’ve been hearing military estimates of how many militants are being killed, as opposed to civilians, with allegedly the civilians being a much smaller proportion. People on the ground, the local people, give absolutely reversed figures, enormous figures for civilians. We claim that we don’t have the ability to go into those denied areas, despite our wonderful progress in the areas. We’re not able to get in there to determine the facts, in many cases. Well, we now know that videos exist that give results very different from what the military were claiming, and could have done so all along. So this is a wonderful opportunity, at last, to judge the honesty or dishonesty of the military figures and get a real sense of how many civilians we’ve actually killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=572D1C9B668DE22D -



David Wilcock

March 2, 2002

With the work of Dr. S.V. Smelyakov and Y. Karpenko on the Mayan Calendar [6], we may well have the "smoking gun" to prove scientifically that a fundamental energetic change is occurring throughout the entire Solar System at this time, fostering a crucial link between the local effects on the Sun, Earth and other planets and the effects upon the consciousness of humanity. Since distant ancient times, all of these prophesied changes have been associated with the culmination of a 25,920-year master cycle known as "precession". In Shift of the Ages [10], we demonstrate how this cycle can be seen in the long-term activity of the Sun [3] as well as the rotation of the Earth's axis. We also show how the Mayan Calendar cycle, at 5,125 years in length, is exactly one-fifth of the precession. [10] John Major Jenkins, one of the speakers at our upcoming event in Louisville, KY on April 26-28, 2002, has demonstrated that on Dec. 21, 2012, the end-date for this cycle, the long-term "precessional" orientation of the Earth's axis is perfectly aligned with the center of the galaxy. [4] And now, Dr. Smelyakov et al. have added dramatic new evidence to the case in their paper entitled "The Auric Time Scale and the Mayan Calendar." [6] This article you are now reading is the very first account of this groundbreaking study to be published worldwide, other than the paper itself, which has remained completely obscure from the Internet-based metaphysical culture at large. This is almost certainly due to its degree of sophistication, making it almost indecipherable to those not educated in physics and mathematics.

Smelyakov's discovery is based on his earlier investigations of the ratio known as "phi" or the Golden Section and how it unifies and correlates the following phenomena [6]:

all the fundamental phenomena in biology (cell and physiological rhythms)

cyclical events in botany (vegetative cycles, etc.)

cycles in zoology (counts of head of livestock, number of fishes caught, etc.)

meteorological cycles of the weather

the physics of the movements of the Sun and the Earth

the ebb and flow of human emotion as seen in financial market activities (Kondratiev cycle [2] and others)

events through history such as wars and levels of population

cycles of criminal behavior

earthquakes and other epic natural disasters

cycles of sudden variation in Carbon-14 radiation content in tree rings

Those who have studied sacred geometry or read my books and / or others on the subject are well aware of the importance of the phi ratio, which has a value of 1.6180339. This ratio can be easily seen in the relationships between common "Diatonic" musical frequencies as well as the natural proportions of growing bacteria clusters, plant life, animal life and the human body. When drawn geometrically, it appears as the classic spiral shape that we so often see on the seashells at the beach. Furthermore, the importance of phi was enshrined in many ancient structures throughout the world. As a ratio, it perfectly balances the forces of expansion and contraction, which can be demonstrated geometrically or mathematically, and its connection to music shows that it is a fundamental characteristic of the behavior of vibration. [10, 11]

Smelyakov and others assert that the vibrations of phi actually ripple through the very "fabric" of time and space itself, due to its innate harmonic characteristics. In our upcoming book The Divine Cosmos, we explain how Russian scientists have determined that what we call "space" is not empty, but is rather filled with an energetic medium that Nikola Tesla suggested "behaves as a liquid to solid bodies, and as a solid to light and heat." The mysteries of the Universe, all the way from the "flat" formation of the known Universe to the anomalies of galaxy formation, the structure and function of our Solar System and even the world of quantum physics can all be unified together in a single, coherent model once we reintroduce this medium, which the ancient Greeks referred to as "aether." As seen in our second book Convergence III [11], many further mysteries of consciousness, life and the existence of "psychic" phenomena are explained by aether-based models as well, and the above list of "phi"-related cycles certainly adds to what we know that the research has already determined.

If we were to vibrate a fluid, then we would see wavelengths appear with the simple phi relationship occurring between them. Similarly, the phi relationship can be observed in the Universe, such as in the cycles of our Solar System. It appears that we have "ripples" of energy in our Galaxy that we move through in set intervals of time which are based on phi and which the Mayans were well aware of [10, 11], as we shall see in this article. Smelyakov has determined that our entire Solar System operates in a unified, harmonic fashion that he terms "the Solar-Planetary Synchronism," (SPS,) and its values are all related to each other by the phi ratio. This work allows us to predict the exact orbit of a hypothetical planet "Proserpine" past Pluto as ~510.9 years in length [6], as well as unifying the movements of the Asteroid Belt and the various cycles of solar activity with all other known harmonics (orbits) in the Solar System. Furthermore, as we said, the same cycles can be shown to affect human life and the movement of economic trends as well.

These connections between various celestial and terrestrial cycles are discovered by taking a basic time unit and then expanding or contracting it by various exponential powers of phi, where phi^0 is equal to 1, phi^1 is the classic ratio of 1.6180339 and phi^-1 is .618. Overall, Smelyakov calls the various powers of phi the "Auric series," and assigns this series the letter F. Thus, F is a geometric progression as follows: F = {…phi^-2, phi^-1, phi^0, phi^1, phi^2, …}, and this cycle can potentially expand infinitely in either the negative or positive direction.

So, to see this Solar-Planetary Synchronism in action, we begin by taking a given cycle in our Solar System and assign it to the center of the Auric series at phi^0. One example would be to take one Earth year for this basic cycle. If we were to do so, we then discover that phi^5 is 11.089, which is very close to the established value of 11.07 Earth years for the basic "sunspot cycle." This example shows us that the standard 11-year sunspot cycle is what Smelyakov would call the "fifth phi-harmonic" of the Earth's orbit. Obviously, most people would not expect there to be any connection between these two cycles, since the Sun and the planets are supposedly "separate." In the new model, they are very much integrated by the "aether." [11] This is but one of many examples that show how our Solar System works as a miraculously unified system, but in mainstream physics models that exclude the existence of an "aether," these connections are left unseen or ignored.

Smelyakov explains that most of the "phi-harmonics" that can be found in the Solar System are based on either the Earth's orbit of 1 year or the basic Sunspot cycle of 11.07 years. [6] Either of these cycles can be used as the central point upon which to calculate the harmonics of phi. When this is done, Smelyakov says that by taking various powers of phi or various powers of 2 x phi from these "seed" cycles of time, we get "most known basic periods in Nature and society from biology to geology, including economical cycles." [6]

Dr. Smelyakov's literally Earth-shaking discovery involving the Mayan Calendar cycle was found by a process similar to the above, where a given time cycle with a given start date is then divided into "a sequence of intervals [within it that have a] duration decreasing [by phi.]" Here, it is important to remember that the entire cycle decreases to a certain final moment at the end of the cycle. Even though the "phi"-based series F can theoretically extend infinitely in either direction, when you are dealing with a series that is exponentially decreasing in duration, the cycle does converge on one end-point, simply representing smaller and smaller intervals of time in that moment. This would be the same as how the central point of the spiral on a seashell is theoretically infinite in its imploding "recursiveness," yet you nevertheless can clearly define where the end of the seashell's spiral is.

What Smelyakov then did was to apply the "Auric series" F on the Mayan Calendar cycle. In doing so, that infinitely-converging end point would cluster around the Dec. 21, 2012 date. [6] Once this is done, we see that this imploding "phi" cycle has clear effects on celestial objects in interplanetary space and the behavior of lifeforms in time -- and this might explain why the Mayans stated that "time would collapse" at the end of their Calendar cycle. [3, 4] These connections have previously been intuitively suggested and explored by the late Terence McKenna in the "Timewave Zero" model, but there is still controversy over whether his discoveries are indeed scientifically sound. With Smelyakov's additions, any remaining mystery is cleared away and a far more discrete, verifiable model is introduced to support the basic premise of an "imploding cycle" centering around 2012-2013.

As we said, typically Smelyakov would take the value of the Earth's orbit at 1 year or the value of the Sunspot cycle at 11.07 years and then plug it into the center of the Auric series [phi^0] to locate other cycles. With the Mayan Calendar, the same process was performed, except that the total length of the Mayan Calendar at 5,125.3661 years was used as the central time unit for the Auric series, and the various "harmonics" of phi, in years, were then calculated. The commonly-agreed start time of August 6-13, 3113 BC was used as the origin of the cycle. And indeed, Smelyakov found "abrupt world-wide changes" at each of the cycle hit-points that were determined by this system. [6] The overall set of categories that Smelyakov correlated to the Auric series are as follows:

Global natural cataclysms [on Earth] and phenomena in Space [supernovas of nearby stars within our own Galaxy];

The coming of Great Teachers of humanity, as well as outstanding philosophers and scientists;

The originations of calendars (as systems for measuring Time/Space);

Demographic trends (specified by the population of China as an indicator of world trends);

The formation and interaction of worldwide religious/philosophical systems and States.

At the end of this paper, we shall see the integration of these categories in the excerpted Table 10 from Smelyakov's work, detailing what occurs in each "cycle hit point." Overall, we can see that we have a combination of cataclysmic changes with overall effects in population, and in the quality of spiritual consciousness of humanity as seen by the coming of great teachers, philosophers and scientists as well as the formation and interaction of new religious and philosophical systems. Thus, when a cycle that has demonstrable connections to spiritual consciousness is then seen to converge in our near future to an "Omega Point" of greatest energetic intensity, there is compelling evidence that this event shall correspond to a major change in human consciousness at large. [6] This would then appear to be the literal fulfillment of the various prophecies of Ascension from many various spiritual traditions, Christianity notwithstanding.


In order to give a complete background to the studies of history and neatly show the overall ebb and flow of population levels and cultural centers, Smelyakov focuses on the population [demographical] statistics for China, since they have accurate census data that has remained unbroken for more than 2,000 years. [6] Indeed, he found that all of the most important demographic changes in China clustered quite precisely around the "hit points" as specified by the Auric Series of the Mayan Calendar. The overall phases of civilization as seen in the Auric cycle development include:

1. Prolonged processes of condensation of centers of civilization;

2. Relatively short periods of founding of new cultures in some of the above centers;

3. Violent flourishing and expansion of the new cultures separated from the "parents";

4. Rapid and unexpected decay and contracting or disappearing of the "parent" civilizations.

Since these effects are already well-established, we can indeed expect "a lot of global surprises" in socio-political arenas in the next few years. Two "bifurcation points" of extreme change in 2003 and 2008 have been established from ''s studies of more local cycles of planetary movement as well as the statistically-estimated timing of the most significant population changes in China. There is no doubt that dramatic changes have already come into view since the publication of Smelyakov's work in 1999. The accuracy of his cycle predictions are further enhanced by the fact that in December 2000, he correctly pinpointed the Sept. 11th date (within a ten-day window surrounding Sept. 16th) as an "extremely dangerous" time for humanity, associated with airplane or other crashes, economic failures and warfare. [7, 8, 9] Even the nations involved in the problem, including the USA, Israel and Afghanistan, were included in is prediction, which was mentioned in The Mountain Astrologer magazine. [5]


Smelyakov also demonstrates the correlation between the Auric Time Series of the Mayan Calendar and major earthquakes. Prior to the 20th century, there was no Richter scale for measurement, and the severity of a quake was only mentioned by the number of deaths that it created. The National Earthquake Information Center of Russia has listed the top 21 most destructive earthquakes in the world from 856 AD to the present, and all of them occur during one of the "cycle hit points." Furthermore, the "imploding" nature of the cycle is seen by the fact that out of a total of 21 earthquakes, fully 9 of them occurred in the 20th century. [6] This strongly suggests that conventional methods of earthquake prediction and analysis need to be abandoned and a more unified "aetheric" view considered. [11]


Dr. Smelyakov et al.'s study shows that the Mayan Calendar, once properly understood, is not seen as simply a linear cycle of time but also as a focal point for an exponential "imploding" cycle of time based on phi. [6] Based on our upcoming published research, we feel that this cycle delineates our movement through areas of progressively higher aetheric vibration in the Galaxy. Each time we move into a new layer where the vibration of the "zero-point energy" medium of space increases, there are direct, dramatic physical effects.

This cycle has directly caused the last three geomagnetic pole inversions on Earth, a reliable succession of extremely powerful earthquakes and the triggering of "supernova" star explosions in nearby areas of our own Galaxy. [6] Almost every religious teaching in the world originated during one of the cycle points, including Krishna, Vyasa, Zoroaster, Gautama Buddha, Fu-Si, Lao-tzu, Confucius, Pythagoras, Plato et al. and Christianity. [6] Practically all known ancient civilizations created calendars during these times as well, including China, India, Iran, Babylon, Egypt, Maya, et cetera. [6] And now with the work of Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev [1], we have also seen how the entire Solar System is showing signs of an ever-increasing energetic charge.

It is utterly remarkable that the Maya would be able to encode this cycle so clearly into their Calendar, with its connections not only to the linear phenomenon of precession but to an exponential phenomenon based on "phi" that has such clear energetic effects on both the material plane and the arena of consciousness. It is even more remarkable that this cycle would ratchet forward with ever-increasing intensity into the moment wherein the Earth's precessional position is in perfect alignment with the center of our Galaxy. [4] The mysteries of how and why all these cycles relate will be unveiled and integrated in our upcoming final book, The Divine Cosmos.

By combining the effects of geo-cosmic change with the overall flourishing of humanity in the cultural and spiritual sense, we see that as the cycle continues to exponentially accelerate its energetic rate of vibration into the 2012-2013 "singularity," we can expect ever-more rapid increases in human awareness, leading up to a discontinuous mega-event where "time and space collapse" as we know it. We believe that there is no reason to fear this change, as what we are moving towards is a literal shift in the basic characteristics of matter, energy and consciousness.

In our second article on this website entitled "A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension," we have demonstrated a connection between these energetic changes and the evolution of life on Earth. The work of Dr. Vladimir Poponin, Dr. Glen Rein and others show us that our DNA is actually an energetic "field effect" that appears to be an innate characteristic of the "vibrations" of space-time now around us. As these outer energetic changes occur, there are changes in life as well -- and as we demonstrated in Convergence III [11], once these energy increases reach a critical threshold there is a literal transformation of matter into a higher "density" or dimension of energy, thus rendering it invisible to those in our own "third density" or dimension. Though this seems quite impossible to believe, there are ample cases of human disappearance and / or invisibility and other anomalous effects on matter in the presence of high-intensity energetic fields. This includes "vortex" effects such as those documented in the Bermuda and Devil's Triangles, as well as lesser-known anomalies associated with tornadoes. [11]

From our research, it appears that the Ancients knew of this coming time quite well, and referred to it as the dawning of a Golden Age for humanity, the likes of which have never before been imagined. All of us are being given an opportunity to experience a collective initiation, as Gregg Braden would say, wherein we have the choice to move out of fear and into trust that the prophecies given to us are indeed accurate. These prophecies include the words of Jesus of Nazareth, who said, "As I do these things, so shall ye do them, and greater things…" [John 14:12.]


The following is the complete contents of Table 10 from Smelyakov and Karpenko's paper, detailing the exact nature of the various types of events that have clustered at each point in the Mayan Calendar-based Auric Series. [6] Further context and detail can be gained by downloading the complete paper itself. The numbers that we see before each paragraph begin with the number of the harmonic of phi in question, from -- 2 to 10, followed by the estimated number for population in China at the time, represented as a figure that indicates how many millions of people existed at the time. The third number is a value as a year which shows the exact point where the population spontaneously increased in size over a short period, based on the Chinese census data. The final fourth number in bold is the actual date for the cycle hit as calculated by the Auric Time Series. Certain special time periods and / or the omissions of some of the numbers are all explained in Smelyakov's paper, and for the sake of brevity we have not included these explanations.


Table 10. Separation Epochs of Auric Cycles for the Mayan Calendar and their Synchronism with Global Geocosmic Phenomena, Demographic Trends, and Development of Consciousness

-2 3.85 11,434 BC 11,446 BC

Epoch of termination of the last glacial era (XII-th millennium BC) Flash of Supernova; Geomagnetic inversion (second to the last); Intensification of earthquakes and volcanic activity (XIII-XI millenniums BC)

Change in surface of Central Asia (XII-th millennium BC)

-1 6.22 6294 BC 6296 BC

Flash of Supernova; Geomagnetic inversion (next to the last); Growth of concentration of precipitated uranium (VIII-VII millenniums BC)

Birth of Zoroaster (6194 BC -- by Aristotle)

Epoch of ruin of Atlantis (by Platon)

Epoch of "Creation of the World" (by Augustine et al.)

0 10.07 3113 BC 3113 BC

The last geomagnetic inversion (3.2-2.9 millenniums BC)

Total Solar eclipse at vernal equinox (3306 BC)

Beginning of the Kali Yuga (about 3100 BC)

Beginning of the Mayan Calendar (3113 BC)

Emergence of Sumerian civilization and Babylon (about 3000 BC): in those times they were provided with the star ascending tables and (at least, since 2500 BC) they used the Solar-Moon calendar

Up to the epoch of 3000 BC (since 4000 BC), the heliacal rise of Sirius in Memphis was the "exact" calendar for the annual flooding of the Nile River

Krishna, his era and record of the legend -- over 3000 BC

Vyasa, founder of Vedanta (about 3100)

Fu-Si (about 2852 BC) and his heirs had found and expanded the Chinese Empire up to the Eastern Sea and ordered the calendar that was later improved more fully during succeeding centuries; as well, Fu-Si discovered the trigrams that were further developed (See below) into the I Ching in the Age of Confucius

Yudistir (died in 3101 BC) -- founder of the Indrapresht, on the ruins of which Delhi was built in the XVII-th century (See Akbar, below)

1 16.28 1147 BC 1146 BC

Significant intensification of tectonic activity coincides with a growth in the concentration of precipitated uranium (about 1200 BC)

The Golden section of the Mayan Calendar (from the end to the beginning), 1155 BC

Fall of Troy (1194 BC)

End of the age of the creation of the Mahabrata (1500-1200 BC)

The discovery of Tibet and China by the Europeans

Beginning of the Iron Age (1200-1180 BC)

Ramses II (1314-1200 BC) establishes the Calendar of "lucky/unlucky" days

X 550 BC

Coming of the Great Pleiad of the Initiate Adepts and thinkers:

Gautama Buddha (621-544 BC)

Historical Maitreya (V­th century BC), Mahatma, successor of Gautama Buddha

Zoroaster (VI­th century BC)

Pythagoras (570-496, or 582-507 BC), Initiate, the most known of the mystic philosophers

Plato (427-347 BC), Initiate, the greatest European philosopher of the pre­Christian Age; he reflected the ideas of Vedanta and Pythagorean concepts

Herodotus (birth about 484 BC), the most exact of the historians, the founder of the European historical science

Anaxagor (about 500-428 BC), famous Ionian philosopher; one of those who firstly disclosed the secret Pythagorean concepts

Anaximander (610-546 BC), the first who put forward the concept of the evolution of human beings

Lao­tzu (VI­th century BC)

Confucius (551­479 BC)

Destruction of the Jerusalem's Temple, Babylonean Capturing (588 BC);

Final fall of Babylon (539 BC), being one of the richest countries and the hearth of science and culture

Greece makes the Eleusics (viz. initiations) the source of profits (520 BC)

The Phoenician expedition was the first to go around Africa (in the middle of the VI­th century BC), and was surprised by the anti­clock­wise movement of the Sun that they observed

Iran established a Zoroastrian calendar similar to the Egyptian type (VI-V centuries BC)

Solon (640-560 BC) established (in 593 BC) the first regular Solar­Moon Greek calendar which was edited by Meton in 432 BC

Phales of Miletus (625-547 BC), the first in Europe to be known by name who was recorded as predicting a Solar eclipse

Creation of I Ching (VI­th century BC) -- the number-one book in the history and culture of China, which is closely associated with the binary structure (2^6 =64) of the Mayan Tzolkin

(Y) 2 26.35 69 AD (56) 71 AD

Engendering of the Christianity; first persecutions of the Christians

Apostle Paul

Buddhism in China (65); great Chinese movement to the West

Worldwide Hebrew massacres (65)

Destruction of Jerusalem's Temple (70)

Eruption of Vesuvius (79)

Migration of Huns; Starting of the Great transmigration of peoples in Eurasia

The age of Sak (78) -- beginning of count of days in the national Indian calendar being officially accepted in 1957

Apollonius of Tian (Birth in the beginning of the 1st century AD, lived for about 100 years),

Initiate, earnest devotee of Pythagoras, the most famous historical personality of the "Age (viz. century) of Miracles'"

Simon Magus (1st century) -- the second, after Apollonius -- a famous Gnostic and magician who was called "The Great God's Might"

Claudius Ptolemaeus (end of the 1st century -- middle of the 2nd century) -- the creator of Almagestum and geocentric system which were used in astronomy until Copernicus, and the author of the Tetrabiblos, which still has an outstanding role in astrology that has steadfastly remained valuable right through to the present

3 42.63 820 AD 823 AD

Earthquakes in Iran in 856 (200,000 victims) and in 893 (150,000 victims)

The miraculous disappearance of the people of the Mayan Empire (830)

Beginning of the Kiev's Rus (See below)

(944 AD) Z (944 AD) 1035 AD

Flash of Supernova (1054)

Birth of the historical Quetzalkoatl (Kukulcan) (947)

Igor's (Kiev's famous duke) campaign against Byzantium (944),

Baptism of Kiev's Rus (988)

Starting of Indian and Himalayan campaigns of Mahmud (1001-1013)

Tibet­China war (1015)

Mongolia establishes the calendar relevant to Chinese analogue (1027)

4 69.98 1285 AD 1287 AD

Earthquakes in Asia Minor in 1268 (60,000 victims) and in China in 1290 (100,000 victims)

Dissemination of Zen­Buddhism in Japan (XIII­th century)

Invasion of Mongols in China, Japan, Java, Punjab (1276-1293)

Foundation of the Parliament in England (1265); Origin of the Ottoman Empire (1288), Moscow (1276) and Lithuanian (1293) Princedoms

Proscription of Hebrews from England, Christians from Palestine (1290-1291)

Decay of new Maya

5 111.61 1572 AD 1574 AD

The most terrible (relative to victims -- 830 000) earthquake on record in the world, China, 1556

Dreadful epidemic of the plague in Europe (1563) during a great conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

Flashes of Supernovas: in 1572 (Tycho Brahe) and in 1604 (Kepler)

Europe: beginning of Renaissance, development of capitalism, Reformation and dissemination of Christianity over the world, establishing of world­wide empires, great geographical discoveries of 15­16 centuries

Asia: flourishing of the Mogul empire of the emperor Akbar (1542-1605) being called "the Solomon of India"

Flourishing and reformation of Moscow and Lithuanian Princedoms into kingdoms (1547, 1572, respectively); subjugating of Siberia by Ermak (1582)

Massacre in Vassi (1560), uprising of Huguenots in France (1567), Massacre of St. Bartholomew (1572), Religious riots in Japan (1571), London's punishment (1588)

Dissemination of heliocentric world outlook: Copernicus (1473­1543), Tycho Brahe (1546­1601), Giordano Bruno (1548­1600), Galileo (1564-1642), Kepler (1571-1630)

(1718 AD) (1718 AD)

A series of most destructive earthquakes: Caucasus, 1667 (80,000 victims); Italy, 1693 (60,000); Iran, 1727 (77,000)

Storm of Potala (1717); Manchurian Dynasty subordinates the land of Tibet (1720)

The reformation of Russia into an Empire (1718-1721), the first general census

The discovery of Easter Island and its monuments (1722) -- the only remains of Lemuria

The creation of a physical and mathematical foundation for the sciences: Newton (1643-1727),

G.W. Leibnitz (1646-1716) et al.

6 180.60 1749 AD 1752 AD

A series of most destructive earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons: India, 1737 (300,000 victims); Portugal, 1755 (70,000); Italy, 1783 (50,000)

The commencement of the industrial revolution and the flourishing of materialistic science, the disappearance of feudalism in Europe and the formation of colonial empires

Beginning of raids of Ahmed­Durran to India, riots in Mongolia and China (1747), intestine

wars in Java Island (1750). Seven Year's war, British­French wars in America, India; taking of

Pandishery by British troops (1750-1763)

Discovery of Uranus (1781)

7 292.21 1859 AD 1861 AD

Beginning of the age of triumph of materialism, pragmatic ideology and science

Helena Blavatsky (1831-1889) -- publication of the Secret Doctrine

Abolition of serfdom in Russian Empire (1961), the last serfage in Europe and on the 1/6 part of the land

Wars, revolutions, riots occur in many places on ideological and religious grounds (1845-1875)

Theoretical prediction and discovery of Neptune (1846)

(1901 AD) (1901 AD)

The epoch of beginning of the last evolutional cycle (1901-2013, viz. the XX­th century)

within the 7­phase Auric structure of the Mayan Calendar, which defines the period of continuous and accelerating reorganization of the world as a unitary system, both in material and ideological spheres

The period of the most destructive earthquakes (See Para. 12.3)

"The twentieth century has laid up for the humanity very strange events, and it may even happen for this century to be the last one" [15]

8 427.88 1926 AD 1929 AD

The age of Pluto -- symbolizing the development of nuclear power, world wars and world­wide cataclysms in both material spheres and the realms of consciousness

Discovery of the planet Pluto (1930) in this cycle is directly accompanied by the reaction of the

Pluto the Sovereign of the underground kingdom: during the period of 1920 to 1935, we see 5 of the 21 most destructive earthquakes over the 1140 years of registration, which seized

about 650,000 lives. We see the world­wide economical crisis, the world war that killed about 50,000,000 people, and the ideological split of the world community into two "superpower" systems with the looming threat of nuclear war

9 765.08 1968 AD 1971 AD

Earthquakes: Peru, 1970 (66,000 victims), China, 1976 (from 255,000 to 655,000); Iran, 1990 (50,000)

The age of the collapse of consciousness, seen by the inability to adapt to the consequences of this frontal breach into unprecedented spheres of knowledge and technology, which makes humankind the hostage of its achievements. Firstly, this is seen with global computerization and informatization of life; it is also seen with the exploration of Space (flights to other planets, space stations, militarization of the space). Then, we see the ecological and technological crisis, and the problem of the exponential growth of knowledge and technologies exceeding the human ability to monitor the consequences; there are epidemics in developed countries (AIDS, etc.)

Dissemination of the Eastern philosophy to the West, and Western logic and technology to the East.

[1987 AD] Flash of Supernova SN1987A in 1987 AD (See Para.12.3)

Intensification of technologi


one of the most important papers on 2012 - by DAVID WILCOCK, explaining the ENERGY RELEASE AND WHAT IT DOES -


 Humanity is on the threshold of a stupendous transformation, both physical and spiritual. There is great evidence from breakthrough physics research, ancient prophecies and modern Ufology/Metaphysics to support this truth


What you musnt know, by order of the Select Few

Wikileaks founder Julien Assange -

"As the founder of the whistleblower website WikiLeaks remains underground in fear that the U.S. will detain him, the site is preparing to release a leaked video of a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan that is said to be more shocking than the Iraqi video that sent its controversial leader into hiding.

Julian Assange, who has been garnering more attention since it was announced that Pentagon investigators are looking for him, told his supporters in an email this week that he has a classified video of a U.S. attack on Afghan civilians."

"Wikileaks makes contact with US government
By Chris Vallance
BBC News
Julian Assange talks about Bradley Manning
Whistleblower website Wikileaks has made contact with the US government over claims that an American serviceman is one of its sources.

Soldier Bradley Manning has been held for three weeks without formal charge.

The US is investigating claims that he passed confidential information to Wikileaks.

Site editor Julian Assange told BBC News that, so far, the US authorities have not yet been in touch with him.

He said that lawyers representing Wikileaks have been in touch with the US administration but that neither the Department of State nor the Department of Defense had made any attempt to approach the site.

In spite of the silence from the US, Mr Assange said he felt it was "important to have a channel open in these matters".

No conversations could take place which might reveal the identity of any source, he added.

Mr Manning was identified as an alleged Wikileaks source after former hacker Adrian Lamo, in whom he had confided, contacted the authorities.

During a series of conversations conducted online, Mr Lamo claims that Mr Manning revealed he had passed 260,000 US diplomatic cables and two confidential military videos to Wikileaks.

US state department spokesperson PJ Crowley has said that the Bureau of Diplomatic Security was examining one or more hard drives used by Mr Manning in Iraq.

Not proved

Wikileaks said it did not know whether Mr Manning, who had served in Iraq as an army intelligence analyst, was the source of the leak as the website does not keep personal records of the people who approach it.

One of the videos he allegedly leaked was released by Wikileaks in April.

It contained footage from a 2007 attack by US forces in Baghdad in which 12 people died including two Reuters employees.

In the immediate aftermath of Mr Manning's exposure as the alleged source, reports appeared online claiming that the Pentagon was actively seeking Julian Assange.

On Monday he appeared as a panelist at a seminar on free speech held in the European Parliament and organised by the Alliance of Liberals And Democrats for Europe.

At a press conference ahead of the seminar Mr Assange spoke about the risk of action against Wikileaks by the US.

"The signals from the US authorities initially were mixed, however, they seem to clarifying now and I think the United States understands that it must obey the rule of law," he told reporters.

When asked by the BBC whether he was concerned that other people involved with Wikileaks might be vulnerable he said: "We are concerned to make sure that our volunteers in particular are protected."

Continue reading the main story We are concerned to make sure that our volunteers in particular are protected
Julian Assange

Editor, Wikileaks
He added that Wikileaks would "always try and represent alleged sources".

Mr Assange said that the site had contacted three lawyers to help defend Mr Manning.

Mr Manning has to date not been formally charged, and the Pentagon has declined to comment on the case while the investigation continues.

In an e-mail sent to press and supporters last week, Julian Assange said Wikileaks planned to release another US military video showing a 2009 attack on a village in Afghanistan in which numerous civilians died.

Given the current debate over whether Mr Manning is the source of the US military videos possessed by Wikileaks, Mr Assange said he was "a little more concerned" about this release.

He added that Wikileaks would "always try and represent alleged sources".

However he was confident that Wikileaks could protect itself from any action by the US government.

Mr Assange had been heartened by a groundswell of support for Wikileaks from the online community as well as prominent journalists and politicians, he said.

"I'm sure, through their support and the integrity and correctness of what we're doing we'll be fine."

Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq