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Saturday, 9 October 2010

my vid of REAGAN

At some point in the early '70s, talk show host Merv Griffin introduced Nancy to Joan Quigley, who was a frequent guest on his show. The daughter of prominent hotelier John Quigley, she'd been raised in the penthouse apartment of the family's Drake-Wilshire Hotel. Joan and her sister, Ruth, were famous San Francisco beauties, driven to parties in the family Rolls and regularly mentioned in the society columns. Neither ever married, and to this day they share a luxury address on Nob Hill. After studying art history at Vassar, Joan developed an interest in astrology and was soon writing on the subject for Seventeen magazine.

She wrote her first book under the nom de plume Angel Star because, she says, "my father disapproved of it terribly. He thought it was bunk." But he changed his mind, Joan recalls, when she read the chart of one of her father's friends and guessed the date of his first marriage (along with his penchant for philandering). "When I did my second book, under my real name," she says, "Daddy gave me a piece of jewelry and was really very sweet." He need hardly have worried about her falling in with a low-life crowd. Quigley is very snobbish about her clientele. "People who are very successful or very famous always have easier charts to read than the average Joe Blow," she says. "They've lived up to everything in their charts. I just take people of great depth whose lives are interesting."

From the first, Reagan fit the bill. "When I first saw his chart, I said, 'Wow!' I knew he was going to do fantastic things," says Quigley. Nevertheless, his electoral prospects for 1976 looked dim, and though "I did a little bit on his 76 campaign," she says. "I knew it wouldn't work out." In 1980, however, the charts improved. "I felt that Reagan had a very good chance of winning, so I did donate my expertise to the campaign.... If he had been a Democrat, I probably wouldn't have offered to help."

Quigley's help during the campaign, however, didn't prevent Reagan from catching some heat for stargazing. In July 1980 he told a reporter about the Jeane Dixon episode and added that he read his daily horoscope. Immediately, a delegation from the Federation of American Scientists—including five Nobel laureates—wrote the President to say they were "gravely disturbed" by the item. "In our opinion, no person whose decisions are based, even in part, on such evident fantasies can be trusted to make the many serious—and even life-and-death—decisions required of American Presidents," they wrote. To which Reagan cordially responded, "Let me assure you that while Nancy and I enjoy glancing at the daily astrology charts in our morning paper, we do not plan our daily activities or our lives around them."

But it seems that all that changed in March 1981, after John Hinckley attempted to assassinate the President. "I could have predicted it—it was very obvious," says Quigley, adding ruefully, "I was doing other things." But Nancy, who according to friends and family was deeply traumatized by the shooting, soon got back in touch. "She called," Quigley remembers, "and said she was very concerned for the President's safety and [asked] could I get together with her on a professional basis. Which we did."

Since then, the First Lady has been a regular, paying client, though Quigley will not say how often they consult. She stresses that she has met the President only once, in the receiving line of a 1985 State dinner for the President of Algeria. "I know his horoscope upside down," she has said. "But I don't know him." (Ronald Reagan's precise birth moment, which is essential for accurate charting, is a carefully guarded secret, known only to a few.)

In fact, Donald Regan claims that by 1985 Quigley's reading of the President's charts had a hammerlock on the business of the White House. Taking cues from her "Friend," Nancy changed the time and date of scheduled events, canceled trips and severely restricted activities outside the White House. Regan was forced to keep a color-coded calendar on his desk to track the President's "good", "bad" and "iffy" days, and on at least one occasion Nancy gave Regan a list in which large chunks of time were marked "stay home," or "be careful" or "no public exposure." For the 1985 Geneva summit, Regan claims, it was left to the San Francisco seer to choose the most auspicious moment for our lame-duck Aquarian and the Russians' newly elevated Pisces to meet.

Quigley vehemently denies ever playing such a key policy role. "The summits were arranged by the State Department and Reagan and Shultz. I had absolutely nothing to do with it," she says. "I think people are overemphasizing my role."