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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Anti-chemtrail activists chain themselves to Dáil railings


From 12pm to 2pm on Saturday the 27th of November a group of activists including 65 year old Breda Murphy, intend to chain themselves to the railings of the Dáil (parliament) in Dublin. Their action has been provoked by the on-going aerial spraying being conducted over much of Ireland and the Irish Government continuing to ignore calls for it address the issue.

Several governments across the planet have been spraying their civilian populations with different (often harmful) biological and chemical agents since the 1940s. The British and German governments have even admitted some of their aerial spraying operations.



Primarily military aircraft are employed in the spraying, although civilian airlines are also employed. The spraying results in trails in the sky that at first glance resemble condensation trails (contrails) left by jet engines. However, these abnormal trails persist far longer than regular contrails and emanate from locations on the plane other than the engines. Concerned observers have dubbed these abnormal trails, chemtrails.


When intensive spraying is being carried out (over cities for instance), the lingering chemtrails frequently result in criss-crossed patterns in the sky.

Chemtrails are suspected to cause a multitude of health problems ranging from nose bleeds to respiratory ailments.


Breda Murphy has lived in the town of Kildare for much of her life. So when around the 14th of June this year an intensive program of aerial spraying over Kildare began, she noticed almost immediately. She even witnessed large black helicopters spraying the town. Within days of the commencement of the spraying she, and many of her neighbours, started experiencing severe adverse health effects. These included nose bleeds, migraines and serious respiratory complaints.

Breda herself endured headaches, breathlessness, severe aches and pains and an elevated temperature. One side of her face swelled up and her eyes became so badly swollen that she had trouble seeing out of them. She was forced to consult an emergency doctor and was diagnosed with elevated blood pressure and infections of the sinuses and upper respiratory tract. She spent a miserable summer cooped up in her house, leaving it only when absolutely necessary. Since the devastating spraying of the summer, Breda and her neighbours live in perpetual fear of further attacks on their health.

Breda twice contacted John Gormley (Irish Environment Minister) on the issue and both times he failed to reply. On the 29th of September she chained herself to the gates of the Dáil in desperation. On the 29th of October the United Nations banned climate-related geo-engineering. (Many suspect geo-engineering to be one of the purposes of chemtrailing.) In complete disregard for these developments, the spraying of Ireland continues.


Anti-chemtrail activists in Ireland and across the world, demand that the Irish Government immediately puts a stop to the spraying of Ireland! As to do otherwise constitutes a serious breach of all affected Irish men and women’s basic human rights!

Breda Murphy is available for interview and may be contacted via:
me @ adamski2012@hotmail.co.uk