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Friday, 12 November 2010


ROBERT GREEN IN COURT 11 11 10by Butlin Cat on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 11:48pm



Posted Fri, 11/12/2010 - 00:07 by Belinda

As said, today’s hearing at the Court of Sessions, Edinburgh, devolved around whether Robert should pay Sheriff Graham Buchanan (named by Hollie as one of her former abusers) £7,500 in costs claimed by the Sheriff to have been incurred in respect of Robert’s public activity in ‘breach of the peace’ in Scotland in February 2010.

Robert wanted to know (as do we all!) how these costs broke down, what made up this substantial fine issued by the Sheriff of Aberdeen? It transpires, as was new to Robert, that part of them related to the attempted serving on him of an Interdict order at his home in Cheshire, some 350 miles from from Aberdeen, on the evening of 11thFebruary, when he was already in Aberdeen! A fact which was surely understood by the Sheriff who had simultaneously ordered a Private Investigation team/film crew to shadow Robert and record his campaigning activity from 8am to 3.30pm the following day, 12thFebruary. Moreover Robert had already notified the authorities he would be leafleting outside Marks & Spencers in central Aberdeen from 10.30 am that day.

The investigation/film-crew thus had a largely wasted day as Robert was arrested at 10 am, before he ever reached the proposed leafleting zone.

Hence the plea in put to the crown auditor today is that there has been a substantial wastage of public funds in Scotland by a senior legal authority for which Robert Green cannot be made liable, but more seriously, that a major legal principle under English law has been thwarted, namely the duty to report crime, which was Robert’s original business in Scotland. Robert continues to regard his arrest on 12thFebruary 2010 as perverting the course of justice under English law.

In conclusion, the Scottish auditor in today’s 1 ¾ hour hearing said he needs ‘more time to come to a decision’"


" ROBERT IN COURT ON THURSDAY, EDINBURGH By Anonymous, submitted on Mon, 08/11/2010 - 18:50

Robert will be in court in Edinburgh at the offices of The Court of Session, 120 The Cowgate, Edinburgh at 12 noon this Thursday [11 November]. This is to deal with Sheriff Graham Buchanan`s efforts to make him pay just over £7,500 for his legal costs in an attempt to shut him up. He was never able to defend this as Buchanan’s associates seized his entire defence when the police raided his home on 13th February and have thwarted all his attempts to have the items returned. Robert will have legal representation on Thursday but is seeking permission to speak in person. In an ironic twist, Buchanan is being represented by solicitors Simpson & Marwick who also represent Hollie's father and initial abuser Denis Mackie, as in the divorce hearing at which Buchanan adjudicated. On that occasion the lawyers ensured that Hollie did not enter the court where she would have seen Sheriff Buchanan…

And on the ‘another one bites the dust' theme, there’s been another sudden removal from post, this time of the Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen, Stephen McGowan who was transferred to Edinburgh on 22nd October, just as a whole lot of tampered-with evidence is about to emerge. The transfer was ordered by Elish Angiolini. McGowan has made provably false remarks about Hollie’s credibility and reliability as a witness (Woman loses campaign to have abusers prosecuted, Aberdeen Press & Journal, 7th January 2010) and has made similarly false allegations that Robert has been passing himself off as a solicitor which is a criminal offence in Scotland. Robert has demanded a retraction and an apology but no response of any kind has been forthcoming. McGowan has been responsible throughout for leading the Crown Prosecution against Robert, who for his part has been demanding that McGowan be withdrawn, on the grounds that his unfounded comments should disqualify him from his role.

The new PF for Aberdeen, Andrew Richardson is already hard at work hushing up paedophilia, see today’s edition of the Aberdeen Press and Journal


A propos the forthcoming breach-of-the-peace trial (the Thursday hearing is of course only about the costs issue), here’s a clip of Donald Findlay QC who will be defending Robert being interviewed a few years back on STV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD9xnkMUkI4 "