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Saturday, 5 February 2011


Controversial police boss quits

Dr Ian Oliver has served his last day as chief constable of Grampian Police
The police chief who ignored widespread demands for his resignation has bowed to growing pressure and quit his job.
Dr Ian Oliver had been under pressure to step down as chief constable of Grampian Police since Monday when an independent report condemned his force's handling of a child murder inquiry.

Dr Ian Oliver, talking to BBC News 24, says: "This has been trial by tabloid and by television"
He will officially stand down on May 24 but has effectively served his last day in the job after Grampian Police Board waived his statutory notice.

Dr Oliver at first said he had no intention of leaving before his retirement date of June 1.

The news that that will go early was welcomed by the Secretary of State for Scotland, Donald Dewar, who earlier in the week called on Dr Oliver "to pack his bags and go".

The announcement was made on Friday by the Grampian Police Board.

Its chairman, Pat Chalmers, said he regretted an earlier suggestion that Dr Oliver was seeking a financial settlement other than the pension he was entitled to.

He said: "This was the deal that had to be brokered to move us forward.

"If occasionally one has to placate someone who is really a broken man now, then so be it."

Mr Dewar issued a statement praising Dr Oliver's many achievements during a distinguished career with the police.

The BBC's Legal Affairs Correspondent, Joshua Rozenberg, said that the two statements seem to have been enough to persuade Dr Oliver to stand down.

Report highlights police failings

The Grampian Police Board asked Dr Oliver to step down after the publication of a report into the way in which his force handled the inquiry into the murder of Scott Simpson.

The nine-year-old was murdered by a convicted paedophile last summer.
Scott Simpson: murdered by known paedophile
Scott's disappearance was at first treated as little more than a missing person inquiry and when his body was eventually found after five days, it was in an area already searched by police.

The report pointed to a lack of leadership and maladministration.

Dr Oliver had already agreed to take early retirement after a tabloid newspaper exposed details of his private life.

In February he was pictured apparently embracing a married woman in a secluded woodland car park.

Councillor George Urquhart, of Grampian Police Board tells BBC News 24: "The sooner he goes, the better"
But Dr Oliver said on Friday night there were broader constitutional issues at stake.

"If a police board can act in a way where it flouts recognised statutory procedures and the secretary of state for Scotland can prejudge an issue in which he has a statutory role, then that augurs very badly for democracy.

"If I can be got rid of in that way, who is next?"

Oliver pleased with apologies

Dr Oliver's solicitor, Niall Scott, said: "All that is really happening, in effect, is that his resignation takes affect on May 24.

"He has been particularly pleased to see the chairman of the police board, Pat Chalmers, has apologised for remarks he previously made.

"In addition he is very pleased that the secretary of state for Scotland has issued a positive statement about Dr Oliver's contribution."

The solicitor for Scott Simpson's parents said they were pleased with Dr Oliver's decision.

Dr Oliver's deputy, David Beattie, took over as acting chief constable of Grampian on Friday night