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Saturday, 10 December 2011



-The Crown Office - Unfit To Prosecute me, Unfit For Purpose?

The Scottish Law Reporter publishes another disturbing story about the ongoing transparent bias displayed against me by the Crown Office, this time hinting at something even deeper- a possible conspiracy.


The reporter in question in the article is from the Scottish Sun.

Many similar instances of malpractice in this case have occurred, beginning with my exposing Elish Angiolini`s established misconduct in 2009 and 2010 as highlighted in previous blogs.
 On 4th December 2009, Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan made a false statement about the involvement of Elish Angiolini in the Hollie Greig case. He has since made a false statement to an official investigation in regards to his statement in open court on 18th August 2011. Despite being asked to remove himself as chief prosecutor by my defence lawyers, he still refuses to go. He has also been served a citation to appear as a key witness for the defence. A further hearing at Stonehaven about this sole issue will take place on 21st December.

On the 12th and 13th February 2010, I was arrested and charged in Aberdeen and had my home in Cheshire raided, in which my entire defence was stolen and has not yet been returned to me. Of course, my computer was among the many items taken. Curiously, the father and brother of Hollie never even had their computers checked, which is standard police procedure when individuals are accused of serious sexual offences.

It tok sixteen months of evasions before Grampian Police provided a copy of the search warrant, to find that it had been signed by Sheriff Patrick Davies, a close associate of one of the accused.

My arrest was authorised by Elish Angiolini, the personi had earlier publicly exposed for malpractice whilst holding the office of Lord Advocate.

Sheriff Davies went on to officiate at four subsequent hearings, including one closed session on 30th April 2010, denying me the opportunity to campaign as candidate for te Aberdeen South constituency by making a provably inaccurate statement in one of his reasons for doing so.

On 13th April 2011, in open court, Procurator Fiscal Anne Currie misled Sheriff Valerie Johnston regarding witnesses she falsely and deliberately stated were suffering from trauma, in an attempt to procure a miscarriage of justice against me. She is currently subject to an official investigation as a result and has continued to lie to the investigator about the content of her statement.

Around this time, the Scottish Legal Aid Board were persistently attempting to deny me Legal Aid. A member of the Board is Douglas Haggarty QC, a convicted sex offender, who had been apprehended in a public toilet in Glasgow with a 17-year-old male prostitute. Such is the calibre of those in whose hands my freedom depends.

On the afternoon of 14th November 2011, six hours after the trial had begun, I was told that the prosecution had suddenly produced sixty-one witness statements, none of which had been disclosed to me and I have still yet to see.

Now we have the highly suspicious incident that took place on 15th November 2011, after my Senior Counsel had unexpectedly and inexplicibly suggested that I change my plea to guilty, just hours after being led to believe that the Crown`s position was hopeless.

Given its obligations to objectivity, balance and impartiality, do you think the Crown Office is fit to prosecute me?