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Thursday, 13 June 2013


See Stew Webbs' Nsearch Radio progs to see whose side hes on. 30 attempts on his life speaks for itself...listen to this from Dec. 2012:       "Gordon Duff really blew our socks off in this three hour interview that we thought would be about an hour. Gordon covered everything that we could think to ask him! Some of the things covered were the Wanta funds, Leo Wanta, Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel, Free Energy, the Death Ray, A Decapitation attack, Obama purges and so much more! This is one of those shows you'll want to hear again!"


in this video - at 1hr 37secs in - Assange is a MOSSAD agent??? giving information antagonistic to America??  US NAVY SEALS RAPE SADDIQUI @ 1hr 54 MINS IN...

DR. AAFIA SADDIQUI - JAILED FOR 86 YEARS, RAPED BY US NAVY SEALS, TORTURED =  SEE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aafia_Siddiqui

from apfn.org:  Francine Kelly
Stew Webb
Wed Jun 12, 2013 06:15
Stew Webb Whistleblower-ActivistUS Intel Beaking News

Home › news › FBI Old and Rotten douchebag nutcases declares War on Stew Webb LOL
FBI Old and Rotten douchebag nutcases declares War on Stew Webb LOL

Posted on 2013/05/09 by stewwebb—No Comments ↓
FBI’s Old and Rotten douchebag Nutcases declares War on Stew Webb whistleblower
FBI Podergeist want bees.
Where is the air freshener?
You cannot make this up!
Two Face book Trolls exposed Pamela Shuffert and Francine Kelly (aka Janet Pantaleo with 813 area code) with ties to FBI Denver Cross-Dresser Tim White and nPedophile FBI Hoover Boy Ted Gunderson.
I am not even going to waist my time in writing what these nutcases think that they are doing instead I will post past links related to their Governmental attacks on this Whistleblower they want attention to gain traffic to feed you disinformation.
I will not waist anymore time with them except to say It would be wise to delete from your facebook friends list and block them.
Pamela Shuffert and Francin Kelly Where is the air freshener why didn’t their Mothers teach them what a douchebag is used for?
Dr. John Waterman
Dr. John Waterman Exposes Pam Shuffert and Alex Jones
FBI Old and Rotten douchebag nutcase Pam Shuffert:
FBI FBI Old and Rotten douchebag nutcase, Parasite, Pam Shuffert’s supporter Ken Adachi who has been dead for 20 years (Doreen Miller FBI Old and Rotten douchebag nutcase:)
FBI Old and Rotten douchebag nutcase Doreen Miller:
The Latest FBI Old and Rotten douchebag nutcase Francine Kelly comes out of her Dog House:


FBI Ted Gunderson (Ken Adachi aka Doreen Miller) and Anthony Hilders murder for hire scheme, the setup of David Hinkson still Illegally held in Prison.
http://www.rolandhinksonfiles.com (Download Free Book on Ted Gunderson Pedophile)
Scamsters, Spies and Trolls, an Internet Story
Intelligence Organizations Partner with Internet Crime
You cannot make this up!
Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News Daily
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