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Thursday, 24 October 2013


Roma girl carried home in her father's arms as family say 'this never should have happened'
The family of the seven-year-old girl taken into care by the HSE this week have issued a statement as they are reunited in Dublin


The little girl taken into care by the HSE this week IS the daughter of a Roma family, DNA results have confirmed tonight.
The child, who was taken from her home in Tallaght, south Dublin on Monday, has been reunited with her family.
She was carried into the house in her father's arms.
Her father said: "We are so glad to have her home.
"We never want this to happen to another Roma family."
Her delighted sister, 21, revealed tonight: "Thank goodness she's coming home.
"We're throwing a big party for her."
The solicitor representing the family Waheed Mudah tonight read out a statement on their behalf.
He said: "Our clients are absolutely delighted that their daughter is coming home.
"Her removal has been a cause of huge upset to her parents, her brothers and sisters and the young girl herself.
"Her parents greatly appreciate the help and assistance that they have been given by friends and relatives over the last few days.
"They now intend to concentrate on looking after their family and, in particular, in trying to reassure their daughter that she will be left in their care.

"All that being said however our clients also wish to say that they do not believe that what has happened to their family over the last few days should ever have happened.
"They do not accept that this was any proper or sufficient basis to take their daughter away from them thereby causing her and them the upset which has been caused.
"They are very conscious of the fact that this case has been linked with events in other countries which have nothing to do with them and that there has been a vast amount of publicity about their situation.
"They are also conscious of the fact that it is going to be difficult to try to return to normal life.
"They believe that there are very serious questions arising about the procedures used in this case but are going to wait for things to settle and then consider their position and that of their daughter in light of recent events and will be taking legal advice in respect of this.
"Finally our clients would like those who hear this statement, and particularly those who are parents themselves, to consider how they would feel if one of their children was taken away in similar circumstances for similar reasons.
"They hope that no other family has to go through the experience that they have just suffered."

The sister of the girl revealed tonight: "We don't care about anyone saying sorry, we just want her home.
"My sister phoned me from court.
"We're all just so happy."
She also said that the girl will be spoilt rotten after the dramatic events this week.
The gardai also issued a statement tonight that outlined their stance on the matter.
It read: "Protecting vulnerable children is of paramount importance to An Garda Siochana and we continue to work in partnership with the HSE and other agencies to ensure children’s safety.
"An Garda Siochana has a published and comprehensive policy which remains under constant review into the investigation of sexual crime, crimes against children and child welfare, which provides for an effective and coherent approach to the investigation of this sensitive and challenging area. 
"An Garda Siochana want to assure the community that we take extremely serious all reports received from members of the public concerning child welfare issues.
"In all cases immediate steps are taken to protect the welfare of the child in accordance with relevant statutory provisions and obligations."
The girl's sister said their pregnant mum was allowed to see the seven-year-old this afternoon for the first time since she was taken into care more than 48 hours ago.
The girl's older sister revealed: "She was very upset . They were crying.
"It was very upsetting but it was wonderful also to see her again."
The family had insisted the child, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, is theirs and had co-operated with the gardai and the HSE.
Her parents say they gave DNA samples on Tuesday and the profiling process is understood to have taken up to eight hours today.
Gardai decided to put the child into care on Monday after they became concerned about documents relating to the little girl's identity.
The seven-year-old girl

Speaking to Irishmirror.ie, her sister also claimed that the child had been in school as normal on Tuesday and that the principal had phoned them to tell her parents she was safe but "sad".
The result comes after a relieved dad of a two-year child taken in Athlone, Co Westmeath, demanded the HSE explain why they removed his child.
The 22-year-old's son was taken from him by the Gardai after there were doubts whether the child belonged to his parents.
But he was returned at around midday today after the authorities were satisfied the child did belong to the family.
The guards arrived at 7pm on Tuesday evening and told the distraught father they'd be taking his little boy.
Confused by what was happening, the worried father asked what was going on.
He said:"I was upset, I just felt so sad - they took my baby.
"The guards came to my house, he was knocking. Then they asked me to go to the garda station.
"I said of course, you know me, I know you. We don't make trouble.
"Then he tells my me after two hours that they are taking my son. I said why are you taking my child?
"I ask them {The HSE} too why did you take my child?"
"He was crying for his mother and we were both so worried, but they told us he would be safe.
"That is all I care about. That he was okay."
The worried dad described how he had no idea where his son was as he stressed all night, thinking of ways to get him back.
The father, who moved to Ireland with his extended family from Romania nearly a decade ago, said they had been living in Athlone for five years.
He said his son had been born in nearby Ballinasloe.
The couple, who have another child, said she was confused and cried for her brother.
They said: "They play together all the time, and my son, he loves to play with his little cars. I just wanted to get him home."
The father said neither he nor his family had heard about the seven-year-old girl who was taken from her home in Dublin because they do not watch Irish TV or listen to the news.
He said: "The guard said something to me about a girl in Tallaght but I did not know what he was talking about.
"We watch Romanian TV. Irish people don't watch Romanian TV and we don't watch Irish TV so we didn't know what happened."
The father said he was not angry with gardai - just glad to have his boy back home.
The child's grandparents, who live with the family, said no one should have to experience such an ordeal.
"Imagine someone taking your wallet, or your coat or something like that, you worry about it," the grandfather said.
"But for someone to take away a child, it is very bad."
Justice Minister Alan Shatter said that he had asked for a full background report on each of the two cases in Athlone and Dublin.
He said: "An Garda Síochana and the HSE have to deal with very difficult situations and have to make very difficult decisions when dealing with issues of child protection. 
"They can be open to criticism for either doing something or doing nothing. 
"In the past, for example, the authorities have been criticised for not intervening to protect children at risk. 
"In each of these cases, the Gardaí responded in good faith to concerns expressed to them.
"The Gardaí keep their practices under continuous review in the light of their experiences in this very complex area.
"Everybody should be assured that their entire motivation is to ensure that the best interests of a child are treated as paramount and that is as it should be.
"It is important that no group or minority community is singled out for unwarranted attention, or, indeed, suspicion in relation to child protection issues."
Meanwhile, calls were made today into why the two Roma children were "abducted" from their families.
Martin Collins of Pavee Point, which works on behalf of Irish travellers and the Roma community, claimed the pair were "literally abducted from their families".
The group claimed both cases bore all the hallmarks of racial profiling and warned gardai and health chiefs to examine the facts before assuming a child with fair features does not belong to a Roma couple.
Mr Collins said: "We are extremely concerned and worried about these developments.
"We hope it is not the beginning of some sort of pattern where children of Roma parents who are not dark skinned and have brown eyes are taken away one after the other for DNA test after DNA test.
"It's outrageous. It's quite despicable.
"We are calling for an independent transparent inquiry in to the events that led to these children being taken in to care."
Mr Collins said while gardai must react to all reports of child protection allegations, their reaction must be evidence based, proportionate and given due process.
Mr Collins said that there were no grounds to believe that there was an immediate and serious risk to the welfare of the children in either case, as required by law for the removal of a child from their home.
He said: "They were both cared for, had adequate shelter, clothing and food. They were well loved.
"At no point at all was there an issue of an immediate and serious risk.
"These are quite clearly cases of racial profiling.
"Not every Roma has brown eyes and dark skin, the same as not every Spanish person does."
The Immigrant Council of Ireland also said the Irish Government should immediately outline what procedures are in place across all public services to prevent racial profiling.
It said the two high-profile cases have raised questions over whether minorities are being subjected to excessive attention from gardai.
Chief Executive Denise Charlton said: "Ireland has already been warned by a Council of Europe report in February about the need to prevent racial profiling, and the events of the past week have done little to reassure migrants that this has taken place.
"The placing of two children from the Roma community into care comes just one week after the Government announced that people from abroad would account for a disproportionate 50% of social welfare checks as part of a new crackdown on fraud.
"Any targeting of members of an individual community for such scrutiny, on the basis of unfounded perceptions that they are more likely than others to break the law, is wrong."
Ms Charlton said robust anti-racism policies and procedures are key to ensure fair access to and delivery of our public services.
She added: "It is time for the Government to outline what procedures are in place to reassure people, both Irish and migrant, that no one need fear being targeted because of their background, belief or colour of their skin."
Gardai confirmed that the children in both cases in Athlone and Dublin have been returned to their families.

source: http://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/roma-girl-carried-home-fathers-2483694