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Monday, 4 November 2013


Orwellian Ireland




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Is Satanic Ritual Abuse for real? The Case of Sarah Bland

I list two historical examples of satanic cults, to explain what they are, then I look at the modern allegations surrounding satanic activity and finally I relate the experiences of Sarah Bland at the hands of such a cult in Laois and her mothers shocking allegations about the Irish legal system's response to her family's plight.
The first detailed account of such a cult in the modern age comes to us from the France of Louis XIV and in particular from an investigation that the King ordered in response to a scandalous court case in the year 1676. The king, trying to stem the tide of scandalous rumour and gossip which linked the Court to the story of poisoning and immorality thrown up by the trial of the Marquise de Brinvilliers, ordered his Chief of Police, the famous Gabriel Nicolas de la Reynie, to conduct a widespread investigation into these poisonings. This has resulted in 4 large volumes of the 'Archives de la Bastille' full off the most incredible insights into the French elite of that time as explained here by Joseph McCabe, who quotes many of these documents in his "Testament of Christian Civilization":
"There is no need to quote passages on the morals of Louis XIV...and his appalling Court, but the Satanism that was mixed up with the epidemic of murder and adultery is now much misrepresented...The idea that we depend on Parisian gossip purveyed by scandal-writers of the time is quite wrong. The verbatim official records of the examinations and trials were - except for the parts exposing the highest persons of his court, which Louis burned - published ('Archives de la Bastille', 17 vols.) in 1873 by F. Ravaisson, and though some of the witnesses were grossly ignorant and coarse women who made absurd statements occasionally, the general picture afforded by several years of trials - it is false that the evidence was got by torture - is appalling. Every class, lower, middle, and noble, is involved, a dozen of the highest ladies of the Court employing priests to say Black Masses...
[On July 18, 1680 Lesage testified]:-
"Guibourge said mass on the belly of many women, one an actress [to get influence with the King], all naked....on the belly of a lady of quality [Mme. de Montespan, then the greatest lady in France]...and on after-births, from which La Voisin afterwards distilled a liquid....He said other masses in a cellar in the presence of women and children who chanted invocations to the devil....The priest Rebours also said mass on the belly of a woman. She would not employ [the priest] Davot because he was a drunkard.....Mme. de Vivonne told me that Filastre gave one of her own children as a sacrifice to the devil for the success of her affairs, and this was done by her parish priest and Mme. de Vivonne was present....The priest Tournet also said masses on the bellies of naked women. He ordered one woman to offer her daughter, a fine girl of 14 or 15, to the devil...He said three masses on her and raped her during one of them."
Guibourg's mistress, as foul and ugly as he, was examined on August 9:-
"She said that she had had seven children by Guibourg, and he had taken charge of each after birth [and, she hints, killed them]....one was born under a hedge in the country...."
On October 9 she [Voisin's daughter] testified:-

"She saw her mother burn three or four infants [sacrificially killed by Guibourg, who was always careful to baptize them] in her baking furnace [the police found this]. At the mass of Mme. de Montespan [the King's famous mistress] a prematurely born child was put in a basin, and Guibourg cut its throat and poured blood in the chalice and consecrated it....and her mother took away its entrails to be distilled [for drugs] and the blood and host in a glass vessel that Mme. de Montespan had brought...she spoke of the fouling of the chalice by Guibourg, Des Oeillets [chief maid of Mme. de Montespan] and an English Lord."
I must be content to say that four large volumes of the Archives, covering a dozen years of life in Paris under Louis XIV, are full of this sort of thing. It is an academic scandal that some historians still speak of the "glory" of the age of that gluttonous reprobate."
So that is the type of activity that is alleged to occur among satanic cults, activities ranging from burning circles and chants and robes etc all the way to human sacrifices. The latter, it is claimed, involves the murder of children - in modern times it is said unregistered - deliberately conceived for such purpose among members of the cult and less commonly the killing of strangers. Serious allegations I know but that is obviously what happened in France and that is what some say happens now.

In any case there is a slightly less lurid example of a satanic cult which comes to us from history, this time from England in the 18th century. It is related here by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn in an admittedly polemic manner but most people I think accept that this group did include a remarkable who's who of Georgian England, and did involve some degree of satanic ritual:

"As we have noted, a number of Satanic cults grew to such a degree and achieved such tremendous wealth and power that in time they began to wield mighty political influence in Europe. Such was the case with a Satanic organization, created in 1748 in England, which in later years virtually ran the British Empire.

Founded under the name, "The Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe", in honor of its creator and leader Sir Francis Dashwood, a wealthy member of parliament, it became known as "The Hell-Fire Club" because of its similarity to a "defunct" Satanist group which had operated in London some years earlier. According to Daniel P. Mannix's history of that organization, 'The Hell-fire Club'(Ballantine Books, New York, 1959), it was "an association dedicated to Black Magic, sexual orgies, and political conspiracies..." ...

The members of the Hell-fire Club were nearly all closely connected with the government and included such influential persons as Sir Francis Dashwood, the Chancellor of the Exchequer; The Earl of Sandwich, First Lord of the Admiralty (one of the most important men of the time, whose control of the English Navy and friendship with the King "exerted a profound influence on the destiny of the British Empire"); the Earl of Bute, the Prime Minister of England (he played a large part in training the boy who became King George III); Thomas Potter, son of the Archbishop of Canterbury ("an ardent Satanist [who] wrote psalms for the Black Mass ceremonies"); and, Paul Whitehead, the "Atheist Chaplain" and Secretary of the Club who acted as a sexton during the Black Masses (a composer of blasphemous "hymns," he was its brains and backbone")...

Other Hell-Fire Club members included the Lord Mayor of London, the Prince of Wales, several of England's greatest artists (Hogarth) and poets...

At its headquarters on Dashwood's estate at West Wycombe, some thirty-three miles northwest of London, the members of the Hell-Fire Club engaged in depraved sexual rites carried out over a span of more than twenty years. Having outfitted a network of underground grottos for the purpose, Dashwood often presided over Black Masses where the body of a naked woman was used as an altar and the unholy congregation "drank the sacrificial wine from her navel." During these ceremonies, "The crucifix was inverted and black candles were burned [while]....lamps of lewd design were used." To summon up the forces of evil, herbs were burned in braziers: "belladonna, hemlock, henbane, verbena, and mandrake - all powerful narcotics."

Upon the death of King George II in 1760, and after the 21-year-old son of Prince Fritz had ascended the throne as George III, members of the Hell-Fire Club became all-powerful in Britain...

In 1781, after an incredible life of wanton debauchery and Satanist perversion, Sir Francis Dashwood died at the age of seventy-three. The immoral activites and conspiracies of Dashwood and the Hell-Fire Club had polluted an empire."
There are two remarkable aspects to this group I think. First while it was involved in 'political conspiracies' its membership included politicians from a wide political spectrum who in fact in public life were nominally opposed to one another. So for example the greatest popular radical of the day, John Wilkes, was known for his vicious attacks on the Earl of Bute and later the Earl of Sandwich who were at the same time both secretly his colleagues in this cult. This political controversy, which culminated in Sandwich reading a lewd poem of Wilkes' into the record of the House of Lords, dominated the political discourse of the day and now some historians who have looked at the Club's activities in detail feel it was all along some kind of sham operation.3 Presumably they felt that by opposing each other in this way, as the extreme ends of an artificially polarised political climate, they could dominate the political life of the country and drown out their real critics.

The other thing to note about this cult is that the members seemed to control the intelligence apparatus of the UK at this time. Two key government positions in the intelligence system at this time were probably First Lord of the Admiralty - in the UK and later the US the origins of the modern intelligence system are usually traced to groups under the control of the navy - and Postmaster General - because of its role in the interception of mail - and both sinecures were held by members of the Club for most of these years.
That they were interested in the espionage game we can see from this quote from a history of cryptology:
"The next cryptologist of note (not to say downright notoriety) was Sir Francis Dashwood (1708-1781; from 1763, Lord le Despencer), a larger than life character, who managed to combine his spying and cryptology with diversions such as gambling, devil worship, and debauchery...As to the cryptology, Dashwood has been reported as both Crown and Jacobite agent in the 1740s, but was in truth probably a double agent for the Crown (Deacon, 1980). Certainly, by catering to the lusts of powerful people he made powerful friends, serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer for a few months in 1762, and as Postmaster General - de facto controller of the British black chambers [an intelligence term], remember - from 1766 to 1781, and it was in this latter role that he was visited in 1773 by the American Deputy Postmaster General, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790).
"Four members of [Dashwood's Hell-Fire Club] were undoubtedly mixed up in espionage and gained much of their intelligence through belonging to it. Almost certainly several of the other members were at one time or another working for British Intelligence. The four were John Wilkes , the Chevalier D'Eon de Beaumont, a French diplomat, Sir Francis Dashwood himself, and, surprisingly enough, Benjamin Franklin, the statesman and philosopher." (Deacon, 1980, p100.)"
Enough of this 18th century smoke and mirrors we now come to the question of satanic cults in modern times. In 1980 the publication of a book called 'Michelle Remembers' for some heralds the dawn of public recognition of satanic activity in recent times, and for others is the beginning of the satanic 'panic' of the 80s. This book which became a best seller and recounts the life of one person in such a cult in Canada kick started a whole wave of accusations of satanic abuse activity in Canada, the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.6 The authorities set up special satanic abuse task forces in places like L.A.7 and in the UK huge numbers of arrests were made in major investigators across the country. To give you some idea of the sort of statements made at this time I will quote two speeches made by Conservative MPs in the House of Commons. Here is Mr. David Wilshire (Spelthorne) MP speaking in the House of Commons in 1988:
"My second example is satanism. All too often, its mention produces giggles and images of witches on broomsticks, but satanism is not the same thing as witchcraft. It is about the ritual mutilation and torture of people, particularly children, human and animal sacrifice and cannibalism. I shall quote from an article in Style magazine, published in January of this year, which states :

"Sam Hoyer's nightmare began at birth. Sam spent the first 16 years of her life in an orphanage in New England ... When Sam was 9 years old, cult leaders designated her and a handful of other children as candidates for the role of high priestess Testing the children's powers, the religious impostors strapped six of the candidates' to crosses and burned them. Sam alone survived As part of her grooming, Sam was required to watch other children being sacrificed ; then she was forced to witness and participate in cannibalism."

In case any of my colleagues are tempted to dismiss that report as the exaggerated ramblings of American journalists, I must tell hon. Members that I have a list of 30 recent satanic murderers who have been brought before United States courts. If any of my colleagues are tempted to believe that those things do not happen here, I must tell them that only 10 days ago one of my local newspapers, the Egham and Staines News, carried a headline stating:

"Baby in satanic killing. Throat cut by coven members."

I hope that I have said enough to prove that cults do not consist of eccentric people who wear black robes and funny pointed hats. All too often they involve the deliberate abuse of children and young people. We cannot afford to laugh cults off. The time has now come to take them much more seriously than we have in the past. We must warn the public about them and the real dangers that they represent. We must act against the organisers of such depravity and cruelty."
His comments were echoed by a fellow Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens (Littleborough and Saddleworth) on 19 Dec 1988:
"I have resisted the temptation to dwell on the growth of the occult and groups practising black witchcraft, devil worship, black magic and satanism, but work to deal with this growth is going on behind the scenes, and it is proceeding very well. Children are being delivered from the hands of such groups. It is evil, it is spreading, but many of us are fighting. I will not mar my speech by moving down that road today, but I shall return to that subject because it is worse than any hon. Member would dream.9
...and from the same 10 May 1990:
"Will my right hon. and learned Friend consider arranging a debate on the spread of satanism and devil worship in the United Kingdom and the involvement of children? [Interruption.] I well remember the reaction in the House 10 years ago, when I warned of the spread of child abuse. I was greeted with disbelief, but we now know differently. Two years ago, I warned of the spread of devil worship, satanism and black witchcraft.....We now know that that is true because of the NSPCC report. Such a debate would help me to identify others in this House who are willing to stand up to those people." 10
This wave of media interest and police activity surrounding satanic abuse faltered somewhat though in the early 90s as some scepticism began to emerge about these cases. It was felt that some of the allegations were just too much of a 'conspiracy theory' because in some cases they involved allegations against some very powerful but highly respected public figures (like in the case of 'Jane' from Leeds in 1989 11 and Derry Mainwaring Knight in 1986 12) and also because some of the claims were made against what was considered to be an implausibly large number of people in places like Rochdale near Manchester, Nottingham and Orkney. Hence some new thinking began to appear which attributed a lot of the allegations to over zealous social workers asking leading questions of the victims ('false memories') and also to a kind of mass psychosis where people make allegations as a kind of peer pressure in response to the widely publicised satanic 'panic'. This backlash, so to speak, culminated in two reports , one a handbook for the FBI prepared in 1992 by Kenneth V. Lanning,13 and the other a report for the UK Dept. of Health by the LSE professor Jean La Fontaine 14 which have often been said to have ended any official recognition of the instance of satanic abuse in the US and the UK respectively.

But this state of affairs now seems to have changed and there appears currently to be a quiet recognition in official circles in places like Italy, the UK and Ireland that Satanic Abuse is a very real and serious problem. In Italy for example the local police are now investigating the possibility that a number of horrific murders initially attributed to one 'Monster of Florence' might in fact be the work of a satanic cult, as reported in the Sunday Times:

"In one search warrant, prosecutors wrote that "a group of people who celebrated black masses and magical rites put the weapon in their hands." A lawyer an entrepreneur, an artist and a former university medical professor were all suspects for a time.
...Michele Giutari, the former head of the Florence flying squad, who has investigated the case for more than 10 years, has argued that the mastermind behind the Monster were "respectable citizens above suspicion" who formed "a satanic sect"."
The changed climate in the UK can be seen I think in the fact that the Dept. of Health commissioned a new report on Satanic Abuse in 2000 which found that the problem does exist as detailed here in an article in the 'Independent on Sunday' entitled 'Satanic Abuse no Myth say Experts':
"A specially commissioned government report will this week conclude that satanic abuse does take place in Britain. It will say that its victims have suffered actual abuse and are not suffering from "false memory syndrome".

The report, ordered by the Department of Health, focuses on the experiences of 50 "survivors". Compiled by Dr John Hale [sic], director of the Portman Clinic in London, and psychotherapist Valerie Sinason, it will reopen the debate which started a decade ago with testimonies from children in Nottingham, Rochdale and Orkney.

Its findings contradict the claims of a report ordered by the Conservative government in 1994, which concluded that satanic abuse was a "myth". It follows the growing concern of child protection agencies, and the Government, over organised child abuse.
The latest report was welcomed by Dr Joan Coleman, a Surrey psychiatrist who has spent 14 years treating victims. "A lot of children are born into satanic families who indulge in this ritual abuse," she said. "It's only now that child sexual abuse is being exposed that people are beginning to believe ritual abuse exists.""
One of the authors of that report, Valerie Sinason, formerly a consultant child psychologist at the Tavistock Clinic in London and now the Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies in Harley Street 17 and consultant at St George's Hospital Medical School in London, is probably the leading academic working in this area (you can read her impressive list of academic publications here http://www.valeriesinason.com/PublicationsVSinason.htm%22). She has been interviewed by the BBC on this question where she tells of the horrific experiences related to her by her patients and passed onto her by the over "40 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts" that she liaises with.18 You can see the seriousness of what she has uncovered from this report in the Express 2/10/00 :
"…..Psychotherapist Valerie Sinason, who has been paid by the Department of Health to study adult survivors of alleged organised ritual abuse, said yesterday she was "completely convinced" Satanic abuse does occur. She claimed to have evidence about children whose births were not officially registered being reared for abuse and sacrifice. The scientist, who edited a clinical textbook on Satanist abuse after the controversies in Rochdale, the Orkneys and Nottingham in the early 1990s, has claimed previously to have evidence of at least 100 murders. Her study of cases from nearly 40 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts will claim that she has seen evidence of physical injuries in adult survivors, who tell of seeing people drugged and killed. She said that out of 76 patients she has seen at her London clinic, 46 claimed that they had witnessed the murder of children or adults." 19
Scotland Yard have launched a major investigation based on these reports, in close liaison with Ms Sinason, which in 2006 was reported to have swelled to investigating the claims of over 200 victims.20 Just to clarify btw, we are definitely talking about satanic rituals among Caucasians native to the US, UK etc. not involving the African or Haitian communities as some people spin it.

In Ireland meanwhile the quiet official acceptance of the reality of this abuse is illustrated by the special satanic abuse helplines that have been set up by the Rape Crisis Centre. Fiona Neary, the national coordinator of the Rape Crisis centres, has explained that she took this step because they were already dealing with such abuse cases, with 5 cases been handled by one of their centres for example.
21 The full details of what those victims are saying are I guess unknown but she has hinted that: "We could be talking about high levels of organised abuse which could almost be beyond the belief of many of the agencies tasked with dealing with this problem." 22
She explained this in an article in the Irish Mirror of the 24 Oct 1999 which included an amazing story by 'Kate' of this abuse in the outskirts of Dublin. Another victim quoted in the article was:
"Sarah Bland from County Laois has battled for years to make the authorities investigate her claims that she was subjected to ritual satanic abuse by an Irish paedophile ring.
She believes her alleged abusers are still on the loose.
The 22-year-old student says she can recall being repeatedly gang-raped from the age of four.
"It went on for two years before my mother took me to Canada. But I had nightmares throughout my childhood.
"I remember lying naked on a dining table surrounded by candles. They would smear blood and then the men would rape me. There was usually about six of them and they were all dressed in suits.
"I remember a younger one very well and I think I could recognise him if I came face-to-face with him now.""
Sarah Bland, with the exception of this article, has faced the familiar blackout of her case in the Irish media and been ignored as well by the Irish political and justice system. So much so that in desperation her mother has tried to get Northern Irish politicians to raise the case in order to break this wall of silence, as Ian Paisley junr related in the Northern Ireland Assembly 10/9/01:
"Mr Paisley Jnr:

I beg to move

That this Assembly notes with concern the failure of the Irish justice system to resolve the rape/incest case of the daughter of British citizen Sarah Bland.

I bring the motion before the House because I believe that the rights of a British woman and her daughter, who lived in Dublin, were trampled underfoot in a most appalling manner by the authorities there.

The matter should have been debated in Dáil Éireann; it should have been processed by an Irish court. It is on today’s Order Paper because of the failure of successive Dublin Governments and the Dublin courts to face up to their responsibilities. The case is a political message to all those in the political establishment of the South and, as long as the gross injustice, known as the Bland case, remains unresolved, anything that the Irish authorities may say about rights, equality, justice, honour and truth should be treated with contempt. If the Bland case is a lesson in how the Dublin authorities would treat one of its own, the political significance of that should never be lost on Unionists in the House and outside.

The case concerns a young Roman Catholic woman, Sarah Bland, living in the midlands of the Republic from 1980 to 1982 and the 20-year fight by her resilient mother, Patricia Bland, to right the crimes visited on that family. The case continues to this day, but I want the Assembly to note it because of the rape, incest and abuse that occurred during the early 1980s when Sarah Bland was a child.

The case is the only example that I can find in which a child suffered rape and incest as a result of being placed, by a High Court order, into the hands of the abuser. Instead of rescuing and protecting the child from abuse by a court order, the courts in the Irish Republic lent themselves to that abuse. We must publicly ask the Irish courts and the political establishment why a four-year-old girl was sent back to her abusing father by a court order after he had admitted in open court to being an abuser, a wife beater and an alcoholic. The child was subjected to incest, torture, drugging and rape by a number of men in a stately home, which, by Christmas 1980, was run down, filthy and chaotic. Had common sense prevailed in the Irish Republic’s legal establishment, Sarah Bland would never have been placed in the care of her father.

For two years, Sarah Bland exhibited signs of extreme trauma. She endured hundreds of hypnotic comas and revealed to her mother the extent of the hedonistic torture and debauchery to which she had been subjected. However, no solicitor would act to defend the rights of this child or her mother. When the mother tried to get help, she was also made a victim. Sneering allegations and threats were made against her. In this case, a child was raped and a family was robbed of its rights and, later, of its finances.

The case has been brought to the attention of five former Taoiseachs and the serving Taoiseach. It has also been brought to the attention of several TDs, including the current Minister of Foreign Affairs in the South of Ireland, Mr Brian Cowen. They have done absolutely nothing to investigate this terrible case of abuse. Why did the Dublin Government do nothing? The authorities know that to deal with the case in an open and transparent way would be to expose the hideous cover-up by the court system in the Republic of Ireland, where justice appears to be possible only when it will not damage a certain Dublin elite.

Mr and Mrs Bland lived in Rath House from 1971 until 1980. The family was given legal advice by a firm of solicitors called Gerrard, Scallan and O’Brien. Mrs Bland approached the family solicitor to get help for her husband, who was already suicidal, in a state of depression and involved in domestic violence. She sought to have him made a ward of court for his own and his family’s protection until his suicide attempts had ceased and he had received psychiatric help. Because of this action, increasing domestic violence was visited on Patricia Bland by her husband, and she had to flee the family home. She was amazed that the same company of solicitors — Gerrard, Scallan and O’Brien — then began action on behalf of her husband. They did so in the knowledge that he was unable to manage his own financial affairs and that, if their legal action were successful, the children would be placed back into the care of the abusive father. Despite the conflict of interest, the company chased Mrs Bland and her children and had them brought to Dublin for that very purpose.

In an attempt to protect her children, Mrs Bland fled to England on the advice of another solicitor, Mr Guy French of Fred Sutton and Company. He gave her bad advice, but his intentions appeared to be good. However, despite a hearing in England at which her husband admitted in open court to wife-beating, alcoholism, catatonic collapse and psychiatric problems, Gerrard, Scallan and O’Brien fought to have Mrs Bland returned to Dublin with her children. That duly happened, and her flight to England to seek justice in a British court was used continually against her in Irish courts to prevent her from having full custody of her children.

Once she was back in Dublin, Mrs Bland paid £1,600 to McCann, Fitzgerald, Roach and Dudley to fight her case. However, that company came to a private deal with the first company, Gerrard, Scallon and O’Brien, to ditch this "troublesome British woman". The agreed action resulted in a court order to place her children in the care of their father, even though they both knew of the evidence that he had committed rape and incest against his children. I hope that the case would have had a different outcome if that evidence had been brought to the attention of the Dublin courts. Not only is the fact that the evidence was never allowed to be brought to their attention alarming, but it shows that impropriety, greed and cover-up ruled the day.

Patricia Bland then turned to Dublin’s leading family law expert, Mr Alan Shatter, who is known as "Mr Family Law" because of the many books that he has published and written on the subject. She paid him £2,000 and hoped that he could rescue her children from degrading torture. Mr Shatter had just commenced his political career in Fine Gael. In order for him to act in the interests of his new client, young Sarah Bland, he would have had to sue the previous solicitor, Mr Michael O’Mahoney, for negligence. Mr O’Mahoney just happened to be the legal adviser to Fine Gael, the political party of which Alan Shatter was a member. That aspiring TD, "Mr Family Law," did nothing. Later, he became the shadow Justice Minister in the South of Ireland. He still did nothing. It was only later when Patricia Bland recovered her legal files from his office that she discovered that her calls had been treated with contempt and that "Mr Family Law" had suppressed the evidence of seven witnesses, including a leading psychiatrist and a senior social worker.

The handling of this case by the legal and political elite of Dublin makes Charles Haughey look squeaky clean. Every legal and ethical code has been trampled, tattered and debased. Every attempt that the mother made to protect and get justice for her children in the courts — or with the help of politicians — and regain her good name were met with indifference, obstruction and malice.

Her child was finally rescued when Judge McWilliam reversed a court order and sent the mother and children to Canada in 1983. They lived there in hiding, under police protection. However, after the rape came the robbery. Her estate was sold, and legal expenses of over £432,000 were claimed by and paid from that estate to Gerrard, Scallan and O’Brien, the original solicitors who should have declared their conflict of interest and refused to act.

In the following 15 years, Patricia Bland contacted five Taoiseachs, numerous TDs and MEPs — the list reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of Irish politics — all of whom did nothing. Only in the North was her case considered, first, by the Northern Ireland Forum for Political Dialogue and today by the Assembly. It is an indictment of the Irish Republic and its establishment that it did not at least consider this case and the matters raised by it. I hope that this debate will prompt someone with integrity in the South to come forward and say that enough is enough and seek an inquiry or tribunal into a sorry nightmare that could have been avoided if appropriate action had been taken in the first place. The evidence for the allegations is well- documented, and the documentation, tape recordings and video cassette can be made available to any Member who wishes to see them.

Sarah Bland is now 24 years of age. She is in the Building today. She has had a difficult life and has experienced fear and post-traumatic stress. From an early age, she has known little but abuse, exile and poverty, but at long last she can see her case put forward. Today’s vindication does not come from a Southern courtroom or the Irish state or any of its statutory bodies. Sarah Bland is willing to meet MLAs and tell them about her plight. She is also willing to be an advocate for victims of child sex abuse. I hope that the House can lend its full support to the motion and show that we want to see justice and honour in the case.

....I hope that no flimsy excuse will be used by any Member to avoid taking a decision that others have been too frightened to take because of fear of the elite — legal or political — whom they wish to protect."
Its not just Peter Preston that have harsh words to say about the Irish legal and political establishment!


1. Joseph McCabe "Testament of Christian Civilization" (1946) p.237
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You can see that Wilkes didn't really believe what he was writing against Bute from his reply to Bute's daughter in later years denying that he ever hated Bute: "Hate him?" he said. "No such thing. I had no dislike to him as a man, and I thought him a good Minister. But 'twas my game to abuse him."
Mind you these arguments were not without their humour as when the Earl of Sandwich told Wilkes that he "will die either on the gallows, or of the pox," Wilkes replied, "That must depend on whether I embrace your lordship's principles or your mistress."
(both references from
4. Dashwood was Postmaster General 1766-81, and the Earl of Sandwich was First Lord of the Admiralty 1748-51 and 1771-82, while later he was joint Postmaster in 1768. Their friend Benjamin Franklin also worked in the Post office at this time and was Postmaster General in the American Colonies 1775-6.
5. Derek J. Smith "Codes and Ciphers in History, Part 1 - To 1852". As regards Benjamin Franklin the article goes on to point out:
"Franklin was a regular visitor at Dashwood's home, West Wycombe House, where he stayed in the summers of 1773 and 1774. In the papers of one John Norris, of Hughendon Manor, Buckinghamshire, there is the enigmatic comment: '3 June 1778. Did this day heliograph intelligence from Dr Franklin in Paris to Wycombe'. Norris had built a 100-ft tower on a hill at Camberley, Surrey, from the top of which he used to signal and place bets by heliograph with Lord le Descencer at West Wycombe. // Franklin refers to a sixteen-day visit at Dashwood's home, West Wycombe House, in July 1772 which is significant in that it was in the months of June and July that the Chapters of the Brotherhood were held." (Deacon, 1980, pp112-113.)" (
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19. http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3962cb2c7e2f.htm .
20. http://www.valeriesinason.com/newss.htm , where she replies to a recent article in Private Eye. That magazine had written:
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"This is incorrect. 51 children and adults were part of the original study funded by the DOH. 76 children and adults formed part of later clinical material, and now it is sadly over 200. Due to the difficulties found in investigating these cases the Clinic was privileged to be given a Scotland Yard link."
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22. Irish Mirror 24 Oct 1999 (http://www.hiddenmysteries.org/news/europe/ireland/022800a.html) . Incidentally Fred Holroyd mentions a Patrick Duffy from Portadown who was said to have been murdered in this kind of 'ritualistic' way in 1974 - the case also involved rape etc. He said that Wilfie Cummings (presumably the author of "The Dark Corner"(2001)) and a Mr Clarke were wrongly convicted of the murder in 1975 and served 14 years in jail.( Fred Holroyd with Nick Burbridge "War Without Honour"(Hull, 1989)p.82 )
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--- Comment 162554 ---
Title : Satanism in the Royal Navy
Author : Anton Le Vey
Organisation :
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Related Link :
Time Posted : Tuesday, Aug 8 2006, 3:55pm
--- Comment Content ---
Well the Royal Navy allow Devil Worship in the form of The Church of Satan so perhaps the person above claiming ritual abuse is in fact herself guilty of religious discrimination?

--- Comment 162591 ---
Title : Horrible
Author : DennisL
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Time Posted : Tuesday, Aug 8 2006, 6:34pm
--- Comment Content ---
If what you say is true then why is there not coverage in the media? Surely a story like that would fly off the news stands? RTE/TV3 are not so under the cosh that they would back down from a story like this, plus every newspaper in the country? Perhaps these allegations are delusions?
--- Comment 162621 ---
Title : its pretty mad right enough
Author : Barry
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Time Posted : Tuesday, Aug 8 2006, 9:38pm
--- Comment Content ---
However I was amazed years ago to hear young people in Dolphins barn seriously discussing the disappearances of drug addicted homeless children who were earning money to survive as child prostitutes in and around the Phoenix park . According to them rich couples would pull up in fancy cars , the kids would get in and that was that , never seen again . Who knows , anyone sick enough to exploit kids in that way is sick in the head enough to be into that sort of stuff too .
--- Comment 162651 --- Title : FACT
Author : number 6
Organisation : legalize freedom campaign
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Time Posted : Wednesday, Aug 9 2006, 3:53am
--- Comment Content ---
Satanic ritual abuse is alive in holy Ireland. The Judiciary.Cops,Polititians and well known 'People' are all involved. Why do you think an order was refused to exhume...
--- Comment 162688 ---
Title : what are you talking about?
Author : rodney
Organisation :
Email :
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Related Link :
Time Posted : Wednesday, Aug 9 2006, 1:28pm
--- Comment Content ---
exhume who?
--- Comment 162796 ---
Title : Thanks a lot Brian
Author : Jimmy Steele
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Time Posted : Wednesday, Aug 9 2006, 8:36pm
--- Comment Content ---
That was a shocking and sourced piece by the author. I can only presume the refusal of an exhumation order by a contributor to this thread referred to the current Minister for justice Michael McDowell, it was about two months back he refused such order even though the relevant legal authority had wanted one. It concerns the exhumation of the body of a baby whose mother claimed it was murdered and she was raped, it was her rape that produced the child, back in the early 70s, the alleged rapist was a "respected member "of society,we ll connected etc, the woman was poor and isolated. CROMWELL alive and well in these parts.
--- Comment 162814 ---
Title : mcdowells statement
Author : Barry
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Time Posted : Wednesday, Aug 9 2006, 9:40pm
--- Comment Content ---
http://www.justice.ie/80256E01003A02CF/vWeb/pcJUSQ6QQNLD-en --- Comment 162916 ---
Title : .
Author : rodney
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Time Posted : Thursday, Aug 10 2006, 3:42pm
--- Comment Content ---
I don't doubt for one minute that this kind of thing goes on throughout ireland and the rest of Europe but in saying that I have to point out that I don't think an exhumation in those circumstances would have been the correct thing to do. It would have only disturbed the hundreds of other bodies that are in the Angels Plot in Glasnevin. If the baby had been in an individual grave I would definitely be in favour of an exhumation.
I don't think the refusal for the exhumation IN THAT CASE was based on some well-connected person who didn't want their dirty little secrets getting out......
--- Comment 162955 ---
Title : Satanic Ireland
Author : mary
Organisation : Love the Constitution
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Time Posted : Thursday, Aug 10 2006, 7:39pm
--- Comment Content ---
I am afraid that the above Articles are dancing around what really goes on in this Country.
What has been suggested is that this Baby was the result of a rape by very close friend of the most senior Garda at the time.This baby was murdered in a House ,dumped in a skip and then later in a laneway.It had may many stab wounds.
A special unit in the rape crisis centre was set up some years ago by some brave People.This unit is known as the SRA unit, Satanic ritual abuse. Many People who 'go missing' are actually victims of ritual sarcrifice.Many well known People are involved in this.Judges,Politicians,T.V. etc the list is varied. Young People who have been caught up in Prostitution etc. who have been picked up by expensive cars at the Pheonix Park were never ever seen again.
Some People who will read this may refuse to believe it.(understandable so). Some victims are killed with terrible methods.This terror induces the release of endorphins to the blood which is then consumed by Satanists to achieve a 'high'. Check this info. and search sites for this.
This topic must get more exposure.People who are involved are threatened not to devulge anything on this.
The remains of Some Children who have 'gone missing' are encased in concrete in the foundations of Buildings.
--- Comment 163276 ---
Title : Genuinely GUBU! Replying to comments...
Author : Brian
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Time Posted : Monday, Aug 14 2006, 1:58am
--- Comment Content ---
It certainly is horrible Denis, no disagreement there, but there are so many examples of the media not reporting important stories for whatever reason that really I don't think the silence here is too surprising. After all you now have all the details of the Bland case written into the public record, so that any media outlet who wishes to report it would not be liable for libel proceedings, and yet that case isn't exactly on every talk show? Another example of that happening was an incredible speech by Senator Bill Heffernan in the Federal Senate in Australia which although then free from libel problems got hardly any coverage:"Apart from a brief mention on a radio station, it has not been reported in the media." (
http://www.gaiaguys.net/vic.qldopp29.7.03.htm) Here is some of it:
"Recently I made a speech in which I highlighted the code of silence which protects worldwide child sex networks, in particular, Australian paedophile networks. These networks include people in the judiciary, parliament, clergy and the Public Service. Many of these people live in an abhorrent culture in which is included, as a spoils of office, the right to have sex with children."(29 May 1998
http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/senate/dailys/ds290598.pdf )
In the few cases where these kind of allegations get publicity its often twisted in the media by powerfull government spin doctoring, as you can see in this resignation speech of Peter Lewis as Speaker of the South Australian Parliament on the 4th April 2005:
"That information coming into my office from a few of the very many people claiming knowledge about the activities of paedophiles in general was of concern to me because, of the few people who spoke about parliament's problem, more than half had been killed. ...
I never had any intention of allowing the same [paedophile rings to operate, like what happened to the church] to occur on my watch here in parliament and was quietly, and as quickly as possible, bringing some of the people who had made the allegations to the point where they might pluck up enough courage and confidence and swear the truth of those allegations, enabling them to be more carefully investigated.
But they were being `bumped off'—that is, murdered and viciously assaulted—quicker than I or the people who were helping me could get them to write down their allegations and then swear that what they were saying was true. Of course, I told Nigel Hunt that they should be protected from murderous acts. At no time have I ever said that they were being murdered or violently bashed into serious long-term mental dysfunction at the hands or the instigation of any MP. That was an improper speculation made by government ministers and their specialist spin doctors to the press across the length and breadth of the state to try to show me in a bad light. In retrospect, I believe it was another deliberate red herring contrived by them, just like the one about homosexuals and their haunts, to discredit me.
The most outrageous thing of all, which disturbs me most about the information which has come in to my office is not the matter of paedophiles in South Australia's parliament but what appears to be the related and organised activities of those paedophiles in high public office—that is, the judiciary, the senior ranks of human services portfolios, some police, and MPs, across the nation, especially within the ranks of the Labor Party. Yet you only have to recall in recent years the investi­gat­ions, charges and successful convictions against such people as Darcy, Liddy, Wright, Wells, a former senator, and other current and past MPs in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria to understand my concern. They have not acted alone or in isolation, it seems to me.
It is not surprising that we find them [Paedophiles] in the jobs and roles of leadership....The victims are the least powerful of all victims of crime in our society." (
This website:
http://www.gaiaguys.net/aus.childabuse2005.htm links this paedophile ring to the activities of a satanic cult which includes all the other gory and shocking allegations that surround those cults. The fact that the Australian allegations actually involve senior people in the media out there might explain things a lot better than libel problems! But to be fair libel issues seem to genuinely restrain some journalists.e.g. Kevin Maguire, the political editor of the Mirror in 1999, highlights many stories in the UK that he seems to believe are true but cannot be reported because of the threat of libel , they include the allegation:
"that three prominent politicians are paedophiles. The first, often in the papers and on TV when he was in Thatcher's cabinet, was even investigated by the security services and was kicked out of government when it was feared the allegations were about to surface in the public prints. Apparently, he seduced the son of a friend. The second risked being linked to a children's home abuse scandal after a nasty court case. And the third is in Tony's government."( New Statesman 20 Sept 1999
http://www.newstatesman.com/199909200008 )
Depressingly I think you just cannot rely on the mass media to report the really serious allegations against powerfull people, as opposed to going on and on about pointless things like hair salons and Bertie's yellow trousers!
Anton Le Vey
You know thats what happened to a group of people trying to highlight this stuff in Australia, when they complained about these satanic rituals involving one group they were sued for religious discrimination.(see the Herald Sun 31 May 2005
http://www.gaiaguys.net/aus.childabuse2005.htm ) Mary and Number 6
I guess if there are people out there with a specific detailed story about what happened say to the Rape Crisis Centre enquiries then maybe it would be a good thing to write it up and put it on indymedia? Of course Mary you are right there is a lot of public incredulity about stuff like this but maybe you would have a chance now to put it in the public domain? There is a great personal story on the net about what happened to Dr. Reina Michaelson when she started to enquire into child abuse in the school system in Australia and ended up finding out about satanic networks, so if she can do it then maybe anybody in Ireland who has the same experiences could scribble it up? Its at
http://www.gaiaguys.net/victoria.htm . Many thanks for your kind comments, mind you I don't think they do irony where you are !!!lol Rodney
You have a point alright but if past experience is anything to go by I would guess that the Minister is deliberately exaggerating the problems of any exhumation.
Its mad alright but there is such a definite pattern to these things all across the world that you'd have to wonder that there is something behind all this. e.g. this is an interview with Alex Constantine who is a journalist with Z Magazine and the LA Weekly in California:
http://www.freewebtown.com/alexconstantine/classic/constantine_interview.html and in Nebraska here is a few pages from a book by a Republican State Senator in that state http://www.gaiaguys.net/Franklincoverup.htm .(Btw many thanks for your comments too on another thread, sorry that I am such a layabout when it comes to replying!) And if any of those guys did disappear then they would just become one of the many missing persons in Ireland and probably not the subject of any massive garda investigation or anything like that. Incidentally the families of the missing persons have been badly affected by the poster ban and the decision of the Minister to drop funding for their website. ( http://www.indymedia.ie/article/77441 and http://www.indymedia.ie/article/77547 )
The thing as well about that exhumation decision is that we are not talking about some long term loose investigation because it involves a baby that was conceived when the mother (who knows her abuser) was about 13. Hence if they find the body they can match the DNA and somebody out there could face a very short and unpleasant trial! The Herald actually described one of this victims abusers as a 'Top Garda' (July 4th 2005) and in other articles in the Sunday Independent they openly accuse the powers that be of impeding any enquiries in this case. So the Minister's decision is a bit ominous. In case anybody out there dosen't know the details I should say that we are talking about the case involving the Murphy family of Dalkey and specifically the child born to Cynthia Owen - she came forward and gave her name some time ago, before that she used the name Niamh. Here is a few quotes from the Sunday Indo articles:
"A decade-long quest for justice after a childhood of unimaginable horror" by John Cusack : " Her most regular client, she says, was a garda who paid a pound or two to have sex with her in her grandmother's house on a regular basis in the years around 1974-1975. She says she was also abused by another garda who did not have intercourse with her. Her quest for justice has led her on a seemingly interminable round of letter-writing and petitioning of the Taoiseach, Ministers for Justice, Garda Commissioners, politicians and official bodies dealing with abuse. The quest, she wrote after eight years of pleading, was "killing" her. She had met what she believes was a wall of official indifference and incompetence.
The night that she and her mother walked into Dun Laoghaire, Niamh says they met and spoke to two gardai who knew her mother and family. She says it is incredible that the gardai had not noted that her mother was carrying a shopping bag similar to the bag in which the body of a baby was found the following day. She asks to this day why the Garda investigation of 1973 had not immediately centred on her family and on her. She was never medically examined and neither of her parents arrested.
Niamh says she was told by gardai that half of the original file into the murder of her daughter disappeared. No blood or tissue samples were kept and she has never received an adequate explanation for this.
Niamh has become deeply exasperated by what she perceives as a failure to gather evidence. She has complained to Ministers for Justice, the Taoiseach and Garda Commissioner's office that it was no surprise there has been no prosecution if the files being sent to DPP contain insufficient evidence. Disturbingly, Niamh has complained that throughout the process of the "investigation" of her father, she gained the impression that one garda was openly showing signs of friendliness to her father. Privately, some gardai are known to have expressed skepticism about aspects of Niamh's story. At least one senior figure is known to have had doubts about her story, pointing to the fact that certain therapy used to treat abuse victims has resulted in 'false memories' emerging." (Sunday Independent July 3 2005
http://www.unison.ie/irish_independent/stories.php3?ca=36&si=1427193&issue_id=12701 ) Then "A beautiful life lost to utter hell" by Brighid McLaughlin :
"She was increasingly convinced that gardai and some local people had covered up the abuse.
The uncle who abused him was a convicted paedophile sent home from the UK on licence and allowed to live freely in the community of Dalkey. He was just one of a known group of paedophiles living there.
"I remember the parents were drinking in the town hall the night that Martin hung himself in the house. The father, being the caretaker, had several sets of keys for the town hall, as had his friends. God knows what went on there. One source has told me that when Niamh made allegations to the gardai in 1995, her father was seen taking two 'small friends' of the family to the Town Hall every Saturday morning."
Theresa's friends have lost faith in the gardai and the DPP who rejected Niamh's case for the fifth time, citing "the length of time and the difficulty of securing a conviction as a result". The DPP decided not to prosecute Niamh and Theresa's parents either for murder or sex abuse. Other reasons included "the lack of independent evidence and any admission of guilt". I, like many others, find it incredible that no prosecution of any nature had been deemed appropriate.
I know Niamh personally, I know that she has never had regression therapy and has willingly handed over her medical notes to gardai. I know that gardai are also aware that she has never had regression therapy and I know that the recent coverage in the media, reporting that she has had regression therapy, is a huge effort to discredit her. It is also a huge lie. ....The gardai need to do a bit of regression therapy and get their facts right.
It is a known fact that some members of the gardai in Dalkey were friends of Peter Murphy, who had told them years previously that Theresa and Niamh were mad. They believed him and liked him. They drank with him in the Queen's bar and the town hall several times a week for years. These victims have not received justice." ( Sunday Independent 24 July 2005
http://www.unison.ie/irish_independent/stories.php3?ca=36&si=1438454&issue_id=12779 ) It would be nice to think none of this was possible but it seems we live 'in interesting times' and all that :-) --- Comment 163350 ---
Title : re
Author : nerraw
Organisation :
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Time Posted : Monday, Aug 14 2006, 4:20pm
--- Comment Content ---
This story has been knocking around for years. The Irish Times and Irish daily and Sunday mirror all ran stories about it back starting in 1999.
Last year, The Belfast Newsletter ran the following story that mentioned the case. "THE DUP has voiced its objection to the man appointed to oversee the public inquiry in the Republic into the IRA murder of RUC men Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan.
MLA Ian Paisley Jnr said Judge Peter Smithwick's appointment to chair the tribunal into claims of collusion between the Garda and the IRA was "unacceptable". He said he was aware of Justice Smithwick's involvement in another case, the Trish Bland and Sarah Bland rape-incest investigation in the south. The Blands were from a Protestant landed gentry family from Co Laois.
Sarah Bland has for years been trying to have her allegations of Satanic ritual and sexual abuse at the hands of Irish gentry heard in the Republic's courts.
The case has been blocked amid allegations by Mr Paisley and others of a cover-up.
Irish authorities have denied this, but the DUP MLA said Judge Smithwick's association with that case made him unacceptable.
He also alleged that the judge had interfered in the political process of Northern Ireland in 2001 when he contacted the Assembly as it was debating the Bland rape-incest case.
Mr Paisley said: "I would appeal to Judge Corry [the Canadian whose report instigated the Breen and Buchanan inquiry] to insist that the Irish government remove Justice Smithwick as his appointment does not encourage support from the unionist community."
Chief Supt Harry Breen and Supt Bob Buchanan were shot dead on the south Armagh-Louth border on March 20, 1989.
Police on both sides of the border are believed to have known an IRA mole was operating inside the Garda before he set up the officers for murder."
--- Comment 169146 ---
Title : Ritual abuse exists
Author : B
Organisation :
Email :
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Related Link :
Time Posted : Thursday, Sep 28 2006, 4:52am
--- Comment Content ---
Just to say contragulations to the author for having the guts to come out and write about ritual abuse.
The media generally avoids graphic sexual abuse cases - there just isn't an angle to draw people in. It's sad that a number of cases of intergenerational ritual abuse have been succesfully prosecuted in the UK and Ireland, but with barely a mention in the popular press. There's a bit of a brain freeze in general around this form of organised crime - people expect "paedophile rings" to look like a nancy version of the Mafia, but this isn't a Godfather film. Organised paedophilia is enacted by people who are mentally ill and their behaviour is bizarre, but child porn and prostitution is an international black market bonanza and it generates a whole lot of money. Ritual abuse is about control - from a young age, perpetrators use it to alter the child's personality and prepare them for sexual slavery. It might have all the trappings but it isn't about "Satanists" and it'd be great if the pagan community in the UK and elsewhere could move beyond their treasured persecution complex about "satanic panics". If you actually look at ritual abuse allegations, the majority of alleged perpetrators are fundamentalist Christians. This accords with other findings on sadistic sexual abuse, in which the most violent sexual perpetrators exhibit extreme forms of religiosity. I'm glad to see that ritual abuse is moving towards official recognition in the UK and Ireland. Perhaps this can serve as a blue print for other countries in tackling this atrocity. ------------------

Editorial List Discussion

What follows is from the editorial mailing list of the Irish indymedia. These lists are public and online at the link mentioned below:
Date : Friday, Sep 29 2006, 4:03pm
Action : hide story 77697 performed by Terence
Reason : Infactual or obviously false posts; Libelous or slanderous posts; Articles which consist entirely of unsubstantiated opinions or personal musings without any supporting evidence or other content. Claims Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has a Satinc Abuse line. The irish rape crisis center does not have a satanic abuse line.
11 March 2007
I was just hoping to respond to Terry's comment that I came across a while ago here:
http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-ireland-newswire/2006-September/1027-1u.html . As pointed out my source is the Sunday Times. If you do a search on the Sunday Times archive page for 11 July 1999 and type in any of this heading here: "Irish rape centres defend satanic abuse helpline" ( its on page 13, an article by Phelim McAleer.) then you should be able to see the heading come up. The Times archive is at http://www.newsint-archive.co.uk/pages/free.asp. I think the heading of the article clearly shows my source?
Btw Jim Cairns and Fiona Neary are the subject of a recent low-budget documentary ('Satanic Theories: Satanism in Ireland') in which the director, Richard Mullen, thinks that some of what Jim says might be true:
"His [Jim Cairns']  'proof' however could be convincing. Cairns claimed he met Born Again Christian Dick Moore on moving to the Kilkenny area. Moore allegedly confided in Cairns details relating to the abduction of Cairns and Dollard for the purpose of sarifice. Alarmed by this, Cairns illegally taped conversations between himself and Moore in the hope he would repeat his confessions. The quality of these tapes is poor, however some interesting statements can be heard."(
http://homepage.eircom.net/~netportfolio/satthist.htmAlthough that website seems to be down right now for some reason.)
I do appreciate that it is a weird subject and all that but it is clearly something taken quite seriously internationally as you can see from the following links:

South Africa

The police there have set up a special Occult-Related Crime Unit to deal with these kind of cases in South Africa. This is from 'Servamus' which 'is the official policing magazine for the South African Police Services.': "In South Africa more than 60 statutory Acts concerning the occult, have been and are still being violated. These crimes include murder, attempted murder, rape, attempted rape, sodomy, bestiality, drug abuse, weapon smuggling, kidnapping people (to cruelly torture and sacrifice them to Satan, for example street children, the homeless and prostitutes), abortion (of unwanted babies usually fathered by other Satanists, who are then sacrificed to Satan), cruelty to animals (to torture them and sacrifice them to Satan), desecration of graves, etc."(http://www.servamus.co.za/serv_bundel/bund_myst.htm) Bear in mind that they are referring here to satanism as basically a problem among the white population in South Africa (http://www.pfsa.org.za/expression.html) which in turn takes it inspiration from european sources, although the native 'muti' practises are also a problem for the police.

Here they are said to be about to set up a similar police unit in the wake of some well publicised satanic murders (

Here the government instituted  a Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the question of devil worship in Kenya. Chaired by a Catholic Archbishop its report was published in 1999 (partially released a few years earlier) and called for the setting up of a special police force to tackle the problem. It said that "the allegations of devil worship [ "very true and very serious,"] should be taken seriously because they emanated from a cross-section of the society including pastors, senior administration and education officials, senior politicians, civic leaders, heads of institutions and students." It "found devil worship at every level of society but mostly among the elite", that the cultists were often "rich, educated and powerful people," and that recruitment was frequently through Masonic lodges, golf clubs and groups like that which clearly show that they aren't by any means referring to native African animist beliefs. The shocking range of allegations were noted by the President of Kenya, Daniel arap Moi, who issued a statement noting some of the evidence given to the commission : "According to the testimonies, satanic cult include the following in their rituals: human sacrifice, drinking of human blood, eating of human flesh, black Mass, wine, nudity of the participants in the ritual, incantation in unintelligible language, sexual abuse and rape, especially of children and minors, black magic, narcotic drugs, presence of snakes." It also warned of 'abetting or getting involved in devil worship which is in its formative stages in our country.'" From that last comment you can see that they are referring to satanism that is coming into the country - it was felt mainly in the guise of some of the new age or 'born again' religious groups which the commission found often act as "doorways" to satanism. (
http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1058/is_32_116/ai_57893312/pg_1, http://www.rickross.com/reference/satanism/satanism58.html , http://www.skepticfiles.org/american/aane1163.htm, http://www.nationaudio.com/News/DailyNation/130899/Comment/Comment3.html )
PolandAccording to the BBC "there have been a series of high profile violent crimes associated with Satanism in Poland over the past couple of years." (http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/audio_video/programmes/correspondent/transcripts/772870.txt) . This story is particularly about 2 murders in a military bunker.

ABC, the second largest daily newspaper in Spain, examined the issue in 1998 and came to some disturbing conclusions: "The Spanish bishops' conference offered a higher estimate: 250,000 people engaged in devil-worship, associated with 40 major cult groups. Father Manuel Guerra Gomez, a theologian and specialist in cult activities, said that there was substantial evidence to support the belief that some of these cults had engaged in human sacrifice; he mentioned an incident in Barcelona, in which a young gypsy girl was apparently killed at a black mass. The ABC article also cited statistics from the international law-enforcement consortium, Interpol, suggesting that the number of such ritual sacrifices is on the rise across Europe. Interpol reported that there were at least 100 human sacrifices in Europe in the years 1989 and 1990."

There is obviously the well known Constanzo group in Mexico unearthed in 1988 and investigated, and accepted as a case of satanic human sacrifices, by both the Mexican and Texan police. Quite a number of important people were associated with the cult including Florentino Ventura, the head of Interpol in Mexico, and Salvador Garcia, the head of Narcotics investigations for the Mexican Federal Judicial Police. (Described here
http://www.angelfire.com/electronic2/kc_jones/004.HTM and you can read 1988 newspaper accounts of the case at http://www.holysmoke.org/wb/wb0188.htm .)

I hope this helps in any case. Weird but true, is my guess!
iosaf macdiarmada
13 March 2007
I was under the impression that most of what appears to be "satanic abuse" is in fact the usual work of psychopathic perverts, rapists and paedophiles. I am loath to accept as motivation any act of child abuse as manifesting a "sexual orientation" - likewise I am loath to accept at face value the number of mutilated victims and paraphernalia associated in christian circles or local video-clubs with satanic or any other occult belief as genuine.
The highest rates of disappearance of women and girls in the world is on the Mexican US border. It is there you will also find consistent "clues" to human sacrifice - these crime scenes hit a chord in the local communities who are for the most part deeply religious, and  thus tend to take them at face value.  It  was "satan" who took our girl not a paedophile snuff ring. The difference is quite small to some :: but very important to me.
Brian! Satan belongs to a christian concept and world view. any attempt to organise worship of such a being must derive from christian practise if not it becomes a form of gnosticism which proscribe sacrifice or symbols of death such as the cross - the other "paedophile snuff rings"  may be prosecuted and judged in this world without fear of supernatural involvement or protection or needing to brave the world of secret brotherhoods and oaths.
In addition the Spanish newspaper ABC is not a worthy source for such information, you might as well quote the Sun or Daily Mail. As attendance at mass falls in rural and southern Spain, disaffected youth who increasingly alienated from their parents and grandparents (considering the extended family is still a standing structure in much of southern Spain) spiritual and other rebellion as anywhere in the "christian world" sometimes finds ground in psychic fantasy. Thus some teenagers or pubescents play at being Lord of the Ring characters, and others fueled by the apocalyptic mainstays of Hollywood nurse typical delusions of Satanic influence. Pentacles are painted often in red paint - some poor dead cat left on a makeshift alter - & the local parish priest when informed may rally his remaining faithful, ABC and radio COPE  to the crusade.  If it were protestant the south of spain would seem so like Alabama - isn't that where the kkk got their costume from? As an example of the constant recurrence of such things - last night on TV5 which is the lowest common denominator telly station for the peninsula - the weekly alloted religious time devoted itself in the company of 2 priests and one psychiatrist (all from the south) to discussing  instances of  "speaking in tongues", both of recent times and historical cases. There has been no rise or diminishing in the cases of those who speak in tongues - neither has their profile changed much - nor especially interesting to cognitive specialists has their linguistic range improved. We all mCight expect after watching the movies for a little lad or more usually first time menstrual girl with difficult and demanding parents (one of whom has failed a vocation to holy orders or religious ministry) to speak the whole range of classical biblical greek or hebrew, Cervantes spanish and the aramaic of the Christ or Mel Gibson and at least a smattering of yankee english. But what is significant is that they do not speak chinese. Nor do they speak japanese or drividian. In short they produce sounds at random which may be interpreted as occidental languages of related structure, sound and syntax. Because as of yet no boy or girl has spoken basque in tongues either.

Did god or satan overlook the basque? do they reall have it so bad? I'm sure many would bleat as one of the priests on telly last night  that neither god nor satan would use chinese. Of course there aren't enough christians in china speaking the world's dominant tongue. (the most probably first contact message from an alien civlisation would be in mandarin if they were polite) And as long as there aren't enough christians in China to persuade God to send in the Holy Spirit and tongues phenomona - satan can't be bothered either. I was intrigued to see how blandly the priests could get through the historical cases - children and adolescents who quite probably had nothing more diabolical in their mind than an aphasia, speech disorder, akin to speaking asleep - or at worst tourets syndrome (which mozart might have had). Those children of course got tortured and murdered by the holy inquisition.

So Brian, you will find psychopaths, rapists, paedophiles and murderers in every generation. But you do not allow them "spiritual" or "supernatural" power or excuse or motivation.

finally i really wish you'd stop blaming masons or if you did - you do it somewhere else. I can't help taking offense.
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